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[OFFICIAL] Hyun Bin ❤️ Son Ye Jin (BinJin Couple)


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8 hours ago, cybertron said:

Halo chingus.






So,they are officially dating??!

How come i didnt know about this..

8 months means they start on May 2020.

All this time,i thought they are just a co star.

He praised her soooo many time because she is his co star.

He look at her without blink for 0.19 because she is his co star.

He take a good care of her because she is his co star.

All swoon clips are media play.

He was cold during BAA.

He was forced to attend BAA.

He look so bother and want to avoid her at BAA.

The truth is that time they are already in relationship for 1 month.

So fresh and in honeymoon phase.

They are so brilliant that they can make me believe they are just a co star.


ronald mcdonald whatever GIF by McDonald's CZ/SK

special thanks to you @cybertronfor creating this amazing thread that’s full of positive people who are here only to wish nothing but happiness ever after for our binnie and jinnie and here for the longest ride till hb officially propose and starts taking caring of a dimpled twins or something :elated: 
tbh I’m still so high and it’s been 2days I’m still scared that this is a dream and I’m gonna wake up but seriously I’m so happy yejin finally found the ‘good person’ she deserves after staying out of dating scandals for 20 all thanks to our good person HB for coming thru to break down her walls and taking this relationship forward together  :biubiu:

prayer circle we get more and more updates i cant stop checking the news every couple minutes I can never have enough of them  :highonflowers:


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Yes, like the majority here, until this moment, am not yet over  since the affirmation of binjin revealed.


Like other heres too, i went back to rewatch binjin promos, conferences, interviews during TN era up to CLOY. 


I reread again those comments about their romoured gf/bf and analized their differences with binjin.


Though am a SYJ stan  so  i focused more on jinnie.


There were two speculations rumored with SYJ. KNG and JHI though denied directly by jin.


Honestly, I like KNG and JHI. Both are good looking too and gentlemen like Binnie. 


The 3 were all singles during the time they were linked to jinnie. Though my favorate most is HYun Bin. 


While the Three men are all gentlemen and good looking, i cant deny the fact that Hyun Bin has that one factor that could melted jinnie to liking him the best and opened her arms accepting the love Hyun Bin offered.


That factor is Hyun Bin's Voice . That manly voice but so soft to hear at and soften ones heart that could tingle the feeling of excitement. I myself can get easily attached to men who are aside from being good looking single  and gentlemen, their voices are sweet and soft. 


So I kept on listening "That Man" by Hyun Bin . His Voice? Oh my! I cant resist to play the music over and over again. Am sure, jinnie does too and memorized even the Lyrics hehe..



This is me and that is only my opinion.

We all Love BinJin. 

To Binjin- With the power of God that vested in me, Bloosom your love deeply with trust and respect. 


Cheers to all of us!!


In Dispatch We Trust....




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People I'm happy!  Our ship really sailed, now everything fits me even more, everything is more special, everything is even more romantic, I can't stop imagining how beautiful they are.  I hope with my soul that in the upcoming awards they can enter hand in hand in manifestation of their love, I wait for the other ship (or titanic as I call it, sorry to be cruel hahaha) can respect our queen and perhaps one day our ships  can always support binnie to take him where he deserves as a good actor and person that he is.  Happy that our couple is real and we hope that this eternal love is tattooed in their hearts and thus break the stereotypes of a fleeting love.  I love you binjin family!:highonflowers:

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My mind at the moment is a mess!


Grocery shopping/Dating rumor DENIALS : you can't fool us. There's no way that HB and SYJ are not dating.


01 jan 2021 Dispatch article/vast&msteam statements/SYJ IG post : I still couldn't believe it. I am now in DENIAL of their CONFIRMATION



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On 1/1/2021 at 9:01 PM, Kari said:

I have sooo much to say about BinJin but let me just reply to you real quick, @TotoroSY. The radio show is called When I was Young I Listen to the Radio, but in Cantonese it is literally "saliva more than spray." The meaning is that because they talk bunch of random things on the radio show, there is a lot of saliva spray going around. :D I believe you brilliantly translated the correct meaning to English once but I forgot if was it here or when we talked elsewhere. 


I'm soo happy because that post is Carol Cheng's FIRST NEW YEAR post! Can't wait for her to talk more about BinJin on her radio show. Fans are begging :D:lol:


Hi Kari

Was reading thru so many posts and enjoying all the excitement before I have the chance to reply your reply. Thanks for translating Carol Cheng's radio show. I can't even recall my previous translation now, as I translated while listening to the program. Can understand verbal cantonese but can't read the characters esp the complex ones (simple ones are OK). 


Reading Carol Cheng's IG new year post is pretty funny cuz I can just imagine her saying it out loud in her sassy and funny way. I am sure she is super happy and excited that Binjin finally confirmed their relationship. Reminded me of the many times she discussed about Binjin in her program.


I hope that you will watch out for Carol's radio show and IF she does talk about Binjin, that you will update us here. Always enjoy the funny Binjin and CLOY chats that she and her fellow MCs have on that show.






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as we still in over the moon-cant sleep well-do know how to move on bcs of the confirmation mode...allow me to bring this back.


jinnie's tiptoed, their soft peck n head bump, binnie's natural gestures...a sight to remember :heart:a good woman for a good man and vice versa. good night, binjin :heart:



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Yeah.. Ye Jin is used to being around working or being paired onscreen with some of the most handsome actors in Korea.. Everything just fell into place for her and Binnie - they clicked and moved forward slowly, wisely, steadily.. it was really just a matter of time.

2021, fresh new year and beginning :heart:


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@Seriyathis is the "No jam" video.  Thay lady felt silly afterwards when she realized HB and SYJ are probably a couple and she dissed him like that in front of her :facepalm:


The video cuts off, but mentions how hard SYJ laughed after she said that comment. 




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@ElectricHearts I agree that song fits them


5 hours ago, PetiteYeoja said:

It's been a while since I left this forum due to my wedding and a load of work. But I've promise myself to come back here when I heard a godd news from our lovely couple BinJin. 




Never thought the beginning of new year, they gave us such sweet and soft confession about their relationship.


Since I read the article until now I can't stop smiling and sometimes feel like I want to cryy . So happy for them.


Have a happy new year everyone and happy shipping 

belated best wishes on your wedding.  God bless.

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