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  1. Wow!! MBC is re-airing Non-Stop 4, which HB appears in (his first drama starring role?). Everyone's trying to catch the CLOY wave! Can we also have SYJ's first drama "Delicious Proposal" re-air too? It's also from MBC! (another Binjin parallel - 1st drama from MBC)
  2. Hahaha!! I think you are too deeply attached to CLOY hence any other Kdrama just don't appeal to you. Esp if this is your first Kdrama. No worries, what's worth rewatching is worth repeating countless times. In terms of Best Drama, I really think CLOY has a fighting chance vs the others and I really hope it will win! WTCB is good but it doesn't have that same impact as CLOY. If you ask my POV, the closer competitor to CLOY (based on plot, storyline) is Hot Stove League (caveat - I've watched all the best drama nominees except Kingdom - this one's got good acclaim too).
  3. Yes Tik Tok is the only place. They have an officla tie-up with Baeksang this year. You can cast 3 votes each, and then add another 2 votes each when you share. Happy voting! Good catch!! I actually thot he was going to select Green Forest but he ended up picking Pacific Ocean, SYJ's favorite vacation place.:D Good boyfriend vibes hahaha!! Also, for a shower head ad, how come he's dressed in sweatshirts?? Not even a hint of skin lol!! I think Binnie must have built-in a clause in all his work agreements that he won't show any skin (unless crucial to the plot or character) lol! Notice there's no obligatory upper body reveal in CLOY (that was taken up by 2nd ML). He has the clout to choose not to do that now.
  4. I also went back to both the BMW ad and Smart ad to look at the cars. Even paused the video frame esp the tire rims. And they are different cars! Even the shape of the car is different. So @Siti Masithah brother is correct! Trust a guy to notice it. All I saw was a sports car, dark background and I thot it’s the same car Lol! Also the BMW teaser ad was very very clear that it’s a BMW new launch ad, not any other brand or joint CF. Last voting count I checked - HB at 619,568 leading by approx.98k, SYJ at 657,315 leading by 52k !! Way to go Binjin fans! But don’t rest on your laurels cuz as many fans pointed out, idol fans has a tactic to cast huge votes last minute. Keep voting but keep it fair and square and friendly! No fan wars please!
  5. All these techkie talks about EMULATOR and AUTOCLICK..... LOL!! I just know how to click and vote 5 time a day each for Binjin, with 2 accounts. HB is really raining a LOT of goodies on us today! Here's the latest BodyLuv video - he looks really good here, and I want to buy that filtered-scented shower head too! Now when YJ going to give us goodies too?? Really haven't seen her for a LOONG time except for the challenge she posted on her Insta....
  6. YAY!! So happy that both Binjin are leading the Popularity Votes this morning!! Way to go Binjin fans!! Oh wow really? Two separate CFs? I thot maybe it's part of Smart Telecom campaign about lifestyle and digital impacts (as per latest update in previous page from Smart), so there might be a joint-CF between Smart and BMW. But if your car-expert son says those are 2 different cars, that's even better! More CFs from Binnie!! This was the last update from Smart Telco on their campaign with HB. Sounds exciting!! I laughed how everyone started planning Binjin's honeymoon already But wait, what?? HB owns a private island in Thailand? What??? Is he that rich? Well, if it's true, then they can have their private wedding there too, followed by honeymoon. If Tik Tok announced the red carper/ backstage interview, then it should be true. And then VLive will cover the award event itself inside the main hall. I hope it really happens!!
  7. I love the 100 days before Christmas Eve theory! I seem to vaguely remember hearing this from another Kdrama ..... which one? But isn’t 100 Days pre Christmas backtrack to Sept 2019 which is when they were in Mongolia? Or is it at least 100 days before Christmas so then its Aug 2019 when they are in Switzerland lol!
  8. Brilliant!! I totally CONCUR with your whole analysis. It really makes a lot of sense to me, and also seems very in line with Binjin's personality and serious professional attitude towards their work. The only correction is that, the CLOY wrap-up party was on Feb 16, so they would have spent Valentine's Day 2 days before that - I think by Feb 14 they have already completed filming for sure. In SK, the girl will give chocolates to the guy on Valentine's Day. And then the guy will return the gift on White Valentine's Day on March 14. So we can just imagine that YJ gave chocs to HB on Feb 14, and HB gifted her the Tangerine Plant on March 14, and she posted the picture on March 16. I will go to bed happily dreaming about your Binjin analysis above.
  9. Oh yes you are right! I kept thinking Pyo Chi So (Yang Kyung Won) was nominated for Best New Actor instead of Best Supporting Actor.
  10. I was squinting my eyes in the first picture, trying to find YJ lol!! And I am still squinting my eyes at the zoomed in photo to find her hand? Oh gosh, can the director or brand owner release some pictures of YJ already!! Don't tease us like this. Latest vote count : - HB #1 335,583 vs 307,405 Gap: 28k - SYJ #2 306,279 vs 312,521 Gap: 6k => it has reduced!! Keep VOTING!! @cheesenb Reply in hidden spoiler :
  11. You're welcome! I found out through test-and-trial too. Plus it's more tricky to post via phone - I usually use my notebook. I think the writer, director and actors did a very good job to convey the unique personalities, skills/ talents and other idiosyncrasies of the characters ie YSR and RJH. Even from the first 2 episodes, their distinct characteristics are very evident, which is credit to the strong writing of characters, good directing and actors performance. Even the 4 ducklings personalities are also well conveyed and each stand out on their own. That's why each of the drama characters are so engaging and we feel like we know them well, and so we are heavily invested on what happens to them. Happy TikToking!! All the CLOY, HB, SYJ, Binjin fans are going crazy voting non-stop the last 2 days! Good news is that HB is now leading at #1 and SYJ at close #2 (but she's facing a much stronger contender in the female nominees). So keep voting!! This market candle scene is probably the most quoted when fans are asked about their favorite scene in CLOY. What's really so beautiful about it is how Captain Ri doesn't start reacting in a panic when he finally saw SR, and nor does she ran over to him, and we get this over-dramatic scene. But instead it was this calm reunion of the OTP, and then instead of asking SR if she's OK or where did she disappear too etc, Captain Ri just said "This time it's a scented candle". They didn't have to say much to each other, but their eyes and smile say it all. THAT was fantastic writing, directing and acting!! Oh good! You've already finished Stranger. Hope you enjoyed it. One of my favorite TV shows. Many times I go back and watch certain scenes cuz the writer was so good at dropping clues which you only realise later in another scene. And yes, I did recommend Healer. It's a fun and light-hearted watch, with good OTP chemistry. ML was indeed llike a superhero LOL!! When The Camelia Blooms - it appeals to some but not to others. I enjoyed it quite a lot, cuz of the slice-of-life element. There's also a thriller/ mystery element built into the storyline, but mostly its about an underdog finding value in herself. Try a few episodes to see if you'd like it. The drama has one extra nomination for Best New Actress category vs CLOY (if I recall correctly).
  12. Ah no wonder Ma:nyo sounds familiar! She appeared in an event together with HB around earlier 2019 (after the Grocery-LA pictures). Now that I watch this teaser again, it does look like it's promoting BMW!! I am so confused now. Could it be that SMART Telecom is giving away a BMW for a contest or something, and HB is the main spokesperson for that event? LOL!! Pure speculation cuz I have no idea how to connect the two teasers. HB is still in the lead with a gap of 25K, but SYJ is having it tougher. Her votes were leading earlier (small lead) but now she is #2 with a gap of 15K. Need more votes for YJ....
  13. Oh gosh, so it was not for a BMW ad? Was wondering then how it can be a car brand since I thot HB was still endorsing Lexus. This makes more sense now. Though I cannot connect how HB can promote SMART Philippines which is a telecom company. So it;s confirmed that YJ shot a new CF today? I am not familiar of the brand Ma:nyo so I googled and found the previous CF that YJ shot for it, from April 2020. Looks like it's skincare? YJ looks really natural and gorgeous here. Hope you don't get too affected by the article from Koreaboo. They are not a korean media, but an english online tabloid news reporting on mostly on K-pop news, gossips etc. They are well known for publishing unconfirmed news, gossips etc to get clicks. Most k-pop, kdrama fans really hate them for that - at least that's what I observe from the comment section.
  14. WOW!! So happy there is gonna be a Red Carpet and Backstage interview for Baeksang!! Drama gods, please make sure Binjin appears TOGETHER and are interview TOGETHER! Can we watch Tik Tok via notebook? Want to watch this thru the biggest screen possible. Here's the tweet about red carpet, backstage interview and also the rule of 1 device, 1 account for voting. Another endorsement!! I saw the BENCH CEO posting the hint during Mother's Day but didn't think much about it. But it's really happening! I also hope it will have both Binnie and YJ. Will they have a fan event since there's still travel restrictions everywhere. So yeah, might be a Zoom event first?
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