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  1. Actually, Lee Sang Yeob replied Lee Min Jung differently at first, but deleted the earlier reply and instead mimicked HB's APAN speech of "best partner". So that's his final reply to LMJ now haha!! It's even funnier that LMJ is obviously one of YJ's best buddy, so LSY trolling HB's speech is so on point!! * LMJ and SYJ are part of the Cinderella 7 group of close friends which includes SYJ, LMJ, SYA, Oh Yoon Ah, GHJ, Uhm Ji Won, Lee Jung Hyun. I bet Cinderella 7 teased YJ a lot about HB, and esp now after his APAN speech haha! Btw, I also love LMJ and Lee Sang Yeob's chemistry
  2. Hello Binjin shoppers! Haven't posted here for awhile but have always read and follow everyone's posts here. My heart is still warm and fluttering after APAN (despite the whole mess they made earlier). Have read so many posts about this here and also on twitter and IG. So many heartfelt comments and thoughts, and everyone is so happy for Binjin couple. Somehow their happiness became our happiness. I've read so many posts, but this particular one stood out to me. It is written in chinese and is short but so meaningful. Found it cuz of YJ's new account in xiaohongshu, as this fa
  3. YJ's APAN greetings video has been reposted with the subs stating it's 23 Jan (YJ announced it as 24 Jan). Looks like chances for YJ to attend APAN is high again! Also hope HB will be there too! And that they will both win awards (YJ's already has the Seezn one in her bag).
  4. Don't think so. It is apparently linked to a BTS event or something cuz the logo used is BTS logo (according to the fans).
  5. @KimDdalgi Thanks for sharing the news on Jiang Shuying. I actually laughed at her post cuz she was likely just joking and trying to be witty. But sorry gal, HB only belongs to SYJ and SYJ alone LOL! This actress is pretty popular currently in China and has shown her love for HB before in TV programs. But I am sure its all in good fun. A fun fact - she was the ex-girlfriend of Hu Ge, who is a top S-tier and super popular and respected actor in China. I am excited to watch KBS special feature tonight on Binjin's love story. Will we get new unseen foo
  6. It's 210111! Our dear Queen Yejin's birthday, as she crosses the significant age of 40 in korean calendar. It warms my heart to think that this is the THIRD YEAR that she is spending it with the "good person" that she is so grateful to have met and the person she is working hard with to cultivate and tend to their relationship with lots of care. Happy birthday Yejin! You are beautiful inside and out and deserve all the love and happiness this world (and Kim Tae Pyung) has to offer!! Happily imagining how Binjin is celebrating YJ's birthday!
  7. I will not go into in-depth discussion about what you think of HB or YJ or even about Soompi thread, as that is up to you. Will just say that I have different thots, and leave it as that. But I am curious of the quote you posted above that is supposed to be from a HB long time fan. It looked very familiar to me so I went checking and found it at another shipper's thread. I think it will be wise for us to be VERY CAUTIOUS about taking the words from another ship about Hyun Bin. I believe I don't have to explain why. I've screen capped the other quote below and have hidd
  8. @Blithenostalgia Thanks a million for posting the radio show link and also the summarised translation! Just listened to it and Carol Cheng is super funny and witty as usual LOL! I laughed so much listening to how she desribed Binjin and all the signs and clues. She was actually more delirious and "high" in her previous talks about Binjin, maybe cuz its the anticipation and hope yet not knowing the real deal. While in this one, she sounded so proud and confident, like how all of us feel when we know that all the receipts and crumbs we discussed were ALL TRUE! Hahaha!! Also, listening to
  9. Hi Kari Was reading thru so many posts and enjoying all the excitement before I have the chance to reply your reply. Thanks for translating Carol Cheng's radio show. I can't even recall my previous translation now, as I translated while listening to the program. Can understand verbal cantonese but can't read the characters esp the complex ones (simple ones are OK). Reading Carol Cheng's IG new year post is pretty funny cuz I can just imagine her saying it out loud in her sassy and funny way. I am sure she is super happy and excited that Binjin finally confirmed their relation
  10. Is everyone still alive? I am still walking on cloud 9, feeling that it's a dream that Binjin confirmed their relationship today and YJ posted and confirmed on her IG with the cutest and most heartfelt, sincere words ever. She is SO REAL and her simple "I am grateful to meet a good person" just melts my heart. Thank you @celest1al for translating YJ's IG post and also thanks to everyone who has been updating, translating and just wishing the best for our couple who is so loved!! Remember the famous HK veteran actress/ MC/ radio DJ Carol Cheng? I translated a few of her
  11. BINJIN CONFIRMED!!! Best New Year news ever!! 2021 is starting well!! #InGroceryWeTrust #In2FacePeopleWeDontTrust
  12. I still cannot believe that IT FINALLY HAPPENED! Was checking Dispatch news and twitter first thing in the morning SK time and as of 9.30am there was nothing. Went and checked some other stuff, came back to twitter news and BABAM!! The Dispatch news and pictures of Binjin came out, around 9.45am SK time. What a time to be alive as Binjin fans!! This tweet is so true to all the Binjin Believers here in Soompi, Twitter, IG and all over the world!! Reading the Dispatch news with auto-translate, I believe this has been checked with Binjin before it was re
  13. Happy NewYear Binjin Shoppers! Can't believe it is already another year. What a year we had before, but amidst the uncertainties and worries, I am so glad that CLOY, Binjin and this forum gave so much joy, laughter, excitement and friendship to help everyone tide over the toughest of times. May your new year ahead be filled with hope, love, joy and good health! And of course, wishing the very best to our beloved couple Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, our dear Binjin. May they have their hearts desires and always be happy and blessed! Happy New Year everyone!
  14. Thank you so much to all the Binjin shoppers here who has continuously updated this thread with Binjin goodies, news, pictures, discussions etc, keeping it alive and active and so much fun! Today we received a double gift from HB-Vast and SYJ-MSTeam. Vast IG updated with HB's Esquire Omega pictures and MSTeam IG updated with SYJ-BAU Elle pictures. This is the 2nd time this happened - the 1st time was on 18 Nov, similar updates ie Vast : HB-Omega-Esquire and MSTeam : SYJ-BAU-Elle. Not one to over-read or over-interpret things, even I feel excited about this double updates, 2 times w
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