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  1. @MOA PHILIPPINES? And another one: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CJ5tSAYJymW/?igshid=qr9nvfqtj6it
  2. To beautiful Son Ye Jin, The true love of handsome HYUN BIN You're such an amazing woman. May happiness Indulge into you and to your good man and that good man may cherish you the most. Let you celebrate your day with full of joy and love and enjoy these moments with great warm and experiences. Long live. To Hyun Bin , take care of your woman, there's no other such like Son Ye Jin. To Son Ye Jin, take care of your man, there's no other such like Hyun Bin.
  3. Its almost SYJ's birthday, the Better Half of Hyun Bin. So Hongkong fans prepared this for Mrs. Kim Tae Pyung.
  4. I find this video so sweet. Cant imagine how Korean community is embracing and accepting binjin as a couple...it indicates that koreans are giving a highly approval of their relationship and even encouraging the two to get married. Wow! What a loving couple .. Binjin all the way!.
  5. I just learned that there are some hateful comments against Hyun Bin by some frustrated people out there. Anyways, Son Ye Jin and Binjin stans are deeply caring and loving Hyun Bin No matter What No matter How No matter When! Hyun Bin never did wrong to anyone except falling inlove to his current Girlfriend. Is loving Son Ye Jin a sin? Of course not but a blessing. That love from Hyun Bin to Son Ye Jin comes from him innately and naturally. No one dictated him to pursue her but him. Him alone. Nevetheless, it seems Binji
  6. Yes, like the majority here, until this moment, am not yet over since the affirmation of binjin revealed. Like other heres too, i went back to rewatch binjin promos, conferences, interviews during TN era up to CLOY. I reread again those comments about their romoured gf/bf and analized their differences with binjin. Though am a SYJ stan so i focused more on jinnie. There were two speculations rumored with SYJ. KNG and JHI though denied directly by jin. Honestly, I like KNG and JHI. Both are good looking too and gentlemen like Binni
  7. Biiiiiinnnnnnjiiiiinnnn Eeeeeeeeeeehhhhh Am now aliiiiiiveeee 'n kickiiiiiiin The other ship is now bleeeeeediiiiiiinnng They are noooooww cryiiiiiing Dead! Belllaaat haha
  8. As we should enjoy all the accomplishments of Cloy to the world, Everybody is talking how a CEO Yoon Se Ri of South Korea accidentally crash landed into the Arms of a North Korean Hunk Elite Soldier Captain RJH and both were fell inlove when their adventures went on. Relating to their real life, How tWo Hearts molded as one when adventuring the filming of The Negotiation movie to Cloy drama. I just finished Syj Open City movie and i like her bad-RickRoll'D character. Am now watching HB The Swindler.. I love Hyun Bin in hard action thriller. Lets watch their previos
  9. https://www.facebook.com/dustyroadcountry/videos/235275444002571/ Yejin from Neuramis https://mobile.twitter.com/yej1nhand_/status/1342257729042219009/photo/1 Hyun Bin from Vast https://mobile.twitter.com/jesbinjin/status/1342275075425226752/photo/1
  10. Am trully a huge fan of Son Ye jin. But i really really love Hyun Bin for her. For me, no other man could fits yejin's allureness than Bin. If ever the two wouldnt work out, am sure ill suffer too much pain and disappoints. Although I did accept that to myself and ready since that's perhaps one of the consequences for liking them too much . I did ship yejin too to Actor GoSoo deeply but it didnt work and i suffered depression when Actor Go Soo announced his marriage to another gal. But When i saw Hyun Bin in The Negotiation, what a manly look HB for Jin since Hb look in that movie was my
  11. @RiRiGaGayou rocked it again . your poem again is so amazing. I woke- up today amazingly when i read that poem . trully excellent. We missed you. Merry Christmas.
  12. With what's the recent issue in Instagram, I only have few words to say, It's almost Christmas, just fill our hearts and minds with joy & positive vibes! I'll just shout out loud that "Hello!!! ICBM....." https://mobile.twitter.com/sonyejintingz/status/1339142352900788224/photo/2
  13. BINJIN Forever! Amen! God Bless Binjin Shippers! God Bless Binjin Doubters! God Bless Binjin Antis ICBM
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