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[OFFICIAL] Hyun Bin ❤️ Son Ye Jin (BinJin Couple)


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25 minutes ago, TotoroSY said:

Is everyone still alive? I am still walking on cloud 9, feeling that it's a dream that Binjin confirmed their relationship today and YJ posted and confirmed on her IG with the cutest and most heartfelt, sincere words ever. She is SO REAL and her simple "I am grateful to meet a good person" just melts my heart.


Thank you @celest1al for translating YJ's IG post and also thanks to everyone who has been updating, translating and just wishing the best for our couple who is so loved!!


Remember the famous HK veteran actress/ MC/ radio DJ Carol Cheng? I translated a few of her radio program before where she talked about CLOY and a lot about Binjin cuz she is a big Binjin shipper. I was wondering if she will say anything and she DID!! On her IG account. Here is her post :


Her caption says : 
"I think the year 2021 will be a good one! Woke up in the morning with good news! 
Happy New Year everyone!"

Beanhandhk (a Binjin IG account) replied:
"Feel that must really let you know (the news)". Can you express your feelings at your program "Saliva XXX" today?" 

Note: Can't recall the name of the radio program which is in cantonese, and auto translate don't translate cantonese well


I have sooo much to say about BinJin but let me just reply to you real quick, @TotoroSY. The radio show is called When I was Young I Listen to the Radio, but in Cantonese it is literally "saliva more than spray." The meaning is that because they talk bunch of random things on the radio show, there is a lot of saliva spray going around. :D I believe you brilliantly translated the correct meaning to English once but I forgot if was it here or when we talked elsewhere. 


I'm soo happy because that post is Carol Cheng's FIRST NEW YEAR post! Can't wait for her to talk more about BinJin on her radio show. Fans are begging :D:lol:

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Woah! At last, They are OFFICIAL! 

I was shocked when I read it on Facebook, and my parents thought I am going crazy! I am punching pillows to release the excitement that I'm feeling! So good to start the Year... I felt like I am the one who have a love life now! 

And when YJ said "Be Healthy, Ppyong" kinilig ako ng grabehan!!! Real name basis!

Fighting uri BinJin! :elated:

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With a smile from ear to ear that can't seem to fade away any time soon.... I hope they both know how "love" makes everyone so happy!

In contemplation of the big news and wishing more and more love for both and for BinJin family the world over.

Thank you, for being together sincerely ❤ What a bright start for 2021! Happy, healthy, and prosperous new year, everyone! With love

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Felt like Hyun Bin wanted to tell the world he was dating her since Metro Style slip lol.. Of course they couldnt show off more on Baeksang - everyone is watching them and they are also in front of colleagues. If they want to keep their relationship private, they wouldnt let their relationship status overshadow the show. That was why I always thought February denial was for privacy and for people to stop looking at what they were doing while they were acting in the drama. Looking at their behind the scene interviews and stuff etc are fine. If they really did just date post CLOY, that is fine. If it really isn't, they can just keep their actual timeline to themselves. We know they started out as friends first and of course this blossom for them realizing they loved each other more than friends. 


I really don't think HB has to say more besides the statement which I already felt was full of love. He has no problem talking about her and he talked about her most of his Esquire interview /plus the Esquire video of questions which I felt like every single answer could go back to her lol


I recently reread his Esquire interview the other day and it really does sound like he is planning on taking a break before working on his next project. Since it still just sounded like he was reading scripts when he did that interview. Plus the interviewer kept saying how he hasnt taken an actual long break since he was in military LOL. Yes his usual breaks are 6 months or less but does he want to almost a year break again lol. I mean he did say he wanted a long leisure break/trip before he was 40 in his August Japan interview lol. Also in the Esquire interview, he had mentioned that he also weight training while he is on break besides hanging out with friends. I mean clearly he lost weight - I just thought they were hiking and doing mountaineering activities lol. 


We have Son Ye Jin's birthday coming up and later APAN Star Awards (that they should both be attending?) Glad the award show got pushed now I guess lol..


By next Baeksang later in the year, they get to both present popularity award together :) 

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Actually I am also glad the stuff we said about golf tans, eye smile and weight gain (From food, ice cream?) as our evidence that they are dating ended up being true :lol:


Glad we dont need to look at luggage or other random things we had looked at :lol:



Now we can listen to the OST again and this time we will cry? lol



They both love Noh Hee Kyung dramas lol - Son Ye Jin wants to do Dear My Friends drama version with Cinderella 7 later when they get older lol. Also just knowing again that It's Okay That Is Love aired post PIFAN 2014 :) July 23 and this song was on her memo for Masters in The House (filmed November 2018)


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Good morning and evening BinJin all over the world!!! I wanna say the Queen has spoken! I found out about the news few hours ago and checking soompi and tapa is the first thing I did! My heart is still full!!! Oh my goshh, it's sooo loud here in Soompi! What a beautiful fireworks to greet 2021 we got from our lovebirds!!! 


I remember when we all started in this ship, it wasn't easy, there were pirates trying to wrecked this ship and have even tried to stop this from mooring by making fake news, dissent all the receipts BJ hinted to us all and now it is finally confirmed that this ship is sailing for real! Thank you so much guys for keeping on board this ship and never stopped fighting. They were already obvious from the get go but they managed to keep things professional. Such smart these two...:gangnamstyle:Thank you for making our 2020 a reason to smile and now you opened 2021 for us with another big smile couple with a dance!!!





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