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  1. Happy Monthsary to this huge clue before we got into cloud9. Anyone still remember this? When i saw this,i got a mixed feeling. 1. That sillhouette is just a clickbait 2. Part of me want BJ to admit their relationship not thru dispatch just like Heechul. 3. Some part of me say this "Dispatch,if u gonna leak their picture,please leak an intimate one. Not going in,going out from the apartment. That is so cliche" Thank God,my no 3 wish was granted. Dispatch released super intimate pic. The boyfriend inside the car. The girlfriend outside the car
  2. More than 1 yr ago,someone told me this:- - Hyun Bin won't get nominated for Best Actor for any award show. - His role as RJH is too easy,not strong. And now,BOOM! Daesang and President Award for his role as Ri Jung Hyuk. - Virtual condolence hugs for that person. Congratulations Hyun Bin,Son Ye Jin, and the other cast for tonight.
  3. Hi again. Just want to drop a short comment in this unpopular forum with 5.8m views. Maybe SOME,but not MANY expect a letter from HB. The truth is MANY BJ shipper are still surprise and happy when his girlfriend give us New Year present. ** It is like when hater dm Vast with the words..... "SO MANY unhappy fans and fans-turn-haters towards HB" The truth is we can count that "SO MANY" just on one hand. Sorry but not sorry, that MANY should be apply to the other shipper,not BJ shipper. Just because Jung Woo Sung wrote a message
  4. Halo chingus. OMG OMG! So,they are officially dating??! How come i didnt know about this.. 8 months means they start on May 2020. All this time,i thought they are just a co star. He praised her soooo many time because she is his co star. He look at her without blink for 0.19 because she is his co star. He take a good care of her because she is his co star. All swoon clips are media play. He was cold during BAA. He was forced to attend BAA. He look so bother and want to avoid her at BAA. The truth is that
  5. I compiled all the news about our POWER COUPLE here from SYJ's thread (from page 601). Lets our ship keep sailing until it reach the destination. Credit : fchopin / thi2018 / Binnie Jinnie Facebook Page. News| 2019•01•10 Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin Are Rumored To Be Dating and Go Together For A Vacation, Agencies Respond Son Yejin and Hyun Bin's agencies responded to the rumors. On January 10th, the two were wrapped up in dating rumors, claimed to have a vacation together in Los Angeles, California. There were also reports said that the t
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