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  1. As i remember she wore the same brand (different model) during SiTR wrap up party. And Jung Hae In also wore the same brand ( during his fm). Funny at that time,i thought it was a couple watch with JHI. And tbvh,i dont want to believe someone is dating based on watch,leaf,tree,grass,chair,table,aircond,air fryer,crocodile,monkey,or any animal in the zoo.. ps : i dont like that site.
  2. @Jbelr together with my 3 favourite girls @thi2018 @firstaid @peggygordon... I dont have anything to update . I am glad sooooooooo many people join this thread and we can depend on all of u gals to update this thread.
  3. Do u mean on Baeksang KHA won,so high chance for her to win this one too?? Baeksang 2018 : Kim Namjoo won Best Actress.Although YJ didnt nominated at that time,but i guess KNJ role stronger than YJ in SiTR.She also won over YJ in The Seoul Award. But in Seoul Drama Award,YJ won for SiTR.KNJ also got nominated that time. So i personally think,both have a chance to win Hallyu Category eventhough if Baeksang winner get nominated too. Let just pray the best for them.
  4. Halloooo... Thanks @PRNforhappiness for let me know about this. @ElectricHearts,congrats dear. My English is limited. Hahaha so i just drop a short comment. Btw,remember this will be our reaction once BinJin announce something.
  5. Happy 1st Anniversary shoppers!!! Didn't expect we go this far.. 1089 pages,3.3 millions views & 22k replies... Thank you to all the shoppers that make this thread alive! Special thanks to @thi2018, @peggygordon & @firstaid ... We have been this together since the very beginning.. I love u gals!! Keep shipping shoppers! #InGroceryWeTrust #InPinkBubbleWeTrust #InSmartXDota2WeTrust #InPeachesWeTrust #In2FacedPeopleWeDontTrust
  6. Its aired in Malaysia but i forgot on what year. I remember my mom keep telling me to watch it with her because it was good. I refuse to watch it because i can’t stand SSH’s hairstyle and his sleeveless shirt. That time i only know him as a smart man after watch Autumn In My Heart. So his style in SS kinda weird for me..
  7. This is one of the part in Something In The Rain.
  8. I compiled all the news about our POWER COUPLE here from SYJ's thread (from page 601). Lets our ship keep sailing until it reach the destination. Credit : fchopin / thi2018 / Binnie Jinnie Facebook Page. News| 2019•01•10 Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin Are Rumored To Be Dating and Go Together For A Vacation, Agencies Respond Son Yejin and Hyun Bin's agencies responded to the rumors. On January 10th, the two were wrapped up in dating rumors, claimed to have a vacation together in Los Angeles, California. There were also reports said that the t
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