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  1. i like how those three women said HB-Yejin genuinely like each other... and we can see how excited they are when they talking about HB & Yejin..
  2. i personally think SJS-Yejin insterview more like KNG&Yejin interview... Both SJS & KNG always tease her and she doesnt seems uncomfortable with them.. While with HB Yejin is the one that playful but still look like she kinda “behave”..
  3. isn’t he always like that.. i mean he smile a bit,and calm.. maybe he just tired.. SK - HK - Interview - FM - HK- SK some HK fans said he look sooo happy during his fm... people still mention yejin on twitter.. they really expect sjs and yejin to date each other.. funny comment : “now hyun bin & son ye jin in peace”
  4. yeah,i think her last interview was on Oct 2018 for The Fact.. She did mention that marriage is her dream goal. And when she meet a good man before 40,she will get married right away... She’s not only quiet during travelling this time,but also no pic of her birthday celebration as well like she always did in the past..
  5. hope so too since HB already done with his fm.. so should be no problem to announce it.. Althought seems like they will accept it or have accepted it.. i need official statement from both side.. Yejin keep hiding since Feb. Its been 3 months since her last updated.
  6. i read a comment regarding the mediheal event. it was because hb and that girl in white dress are the presenter for mediheal while yejin is for manyo.. thats why he stand next to that girl instead of yejin.
  7. Ha Ji Won will be the presenter at Baeksang for drama category.. so the presenter not based on last year winner?? or did her drama won something last yr. As i remember Best Actress was Kim Namjoo from Misty. if its not based on last yr winner,i wish Yejin will be the presenter too..
  8. once the confirmation news out,i read all the comment on each post and im a bit surprise because its different.. i mean they received a lot of negatives response when the news about they might reunite came out.. i guess knetz are really unpredictable. one moment they hate,and the other moment they like..
  9. the tweet about HJW mention Yejin as the female lead in his fm.. Not sure its true or not.. But the other guy that will be in this movie too (Im Siwan? - sorry,not familiar with him),currently in talk to be in the same drama with lee dong wook.. What i mean is,even if this project is true,it will not affect yejin’s schedule right..
  10. True! They are such a beautiful couple onscreen. And MLFAS was one of my favourite kdrama.. I seriously cant wait for the confirmation. When they said its confirmed on 21st,that is enough for me.. I dont really care about the title,the plot,the shooting location,the other cast etc... thats how desperate i am to see them together in this drama.
  11. About both met writer in LA. Correct me if im wrong. On March,when there a news HB got an offer,isn’t the writer want to meet him personally to discuss about this drama but they haven’t meet each other yet. And the writer just check his schedule with his agency. So,i guess they never meet each other before that. I really want to see them in this drama too. Like i said before,it is not because of the rumor i want them to pair up. But because Negotiation is not enough for me. And both didn’t have any upcoming project. Pirates got delayed. Boston 1947 : not sure its true or not but i think the other guy also accept drama offer. And moreover,both said they really want to act together in different genre. And HB clearly said he want Yejin to be his leading lady for his next project. So,this will be their only opportunity to act together as per their wish.
  12. thanks @kynnngsoonim wahhh...goshhh...yejin soooooo beautiful..
  13. can u give the link.. found hb pic but didnt found yejin..
  14. what i understand is the news about their confirmation was from someone related to the drama (crew?),while the news about unconfirmed was from tvn & both agency.. . i assume that they have accepted it but its not the time to reveal it yet since everything is still in secret.
  15. Both agency clarified BinJin still consider and not confirm yet?!
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