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  1. Hi BinJIN Nation, I hope this link works. https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/hollywood/crash-landing-you-2-hyun-bin-and-son-ye-jin-starrer-has-found-locations-new-season-548800 Is this really possible? Is this even reliable? The news reads fan mails and fan forums! Then it broadcasts it. ! Anyway, as i have said, what is Good is that because CLOY is always being discussed everywhere, there might be an enlightened INVESTOR to do the next project for our OTP. Be well everybody and let us trigger a new project for them. Pray desperately, please!
  2. I find that sometimes journalism is just reading each others report. I first saw this selection in YT done by narrating the selection but did not identify the sources. I just took it out from my data list because i have seen her other works and it is not authenticated. Then a report from Google under pink villa again picked it up . Also now CLOY 2 is being discussed because of so many request from fans. I do not pick this up as truth. What is good is that nobody has gotten over CLOY ; everybody is clamouring for another HB/SYJ project; CLOY is being reviewed in most continents ..... sooooo WHO KNOWS , REALLY THERE MAY BE AN OPPORTUNITY OF A NEW PROJECT TOGETHER. I keep my fingers crossed and pray desperately.................!
  3. This is not to contradict what @lovelyz said about this scene where SYJ and HB said they cannot do the scene and quit .... and after successfully doing it, SYJ continued to cry and said "this is hard". It is nice to present here also some insights from a different perspective and since this is drought times, i want to share my beautiful feeling on this scene. I did this in March but would like to share now that i am reminded of. This is one of my favorite scenes because it proved to me how they feel for each other. When i saw this scene in the series, i really wanted to see if there was a BTS about it and lo and behold, there was. I was trained to analyze situations in my career so i applied the techniques and see what conclusion i can come up with. I did step by step review the before and after scenarios ; listened to the dialogues carefully and observed the expressions displayed. My conclusion why this scene was difficult for them..... because they LOVE each other! Going back to @lovelyz, people who are together will have difficulty carrying scenes with eye to eye contact. This scene in CLOY was the first time that HB acting as RJH showed harsh expressions both in body language and verbal . When he was shot and expected YS to have gone out of North Korea as a member of a Running Team participating in Europe and seeing YS was still with him in the hospital room, he was angry because all the efforts done to help her out were futile. Remember, he pushed YS (SYJ) a little too strong and with his disappointed facial expression said a very harsh sentence . I felt it during my viewing of the episode so i immediately looked for a BTS. YS (SYJ)cried a lot on this scene even after the shoot and even HB as RJH admitted it was difficult to shoot the next scene and that was the kissing scene outside of his hospital room. SYJ being a very sensitive actress felt it and was hurt emotionally . This is when it is difficult to separate acting from reality. Even HB felt it. They are in LOVE! Fellow shippers, review that scene and be sensitive . Then you can witness what was seen.... it is no longer the RiRI couple but BinJin.
  4. And so with me. I take these as receipts. These are the people that read fora for their own personal indulgence and since having our OTP as client or boss, they are fans too so when they can contribute, they give hints so as not to violate any requirement of confidentiality. There has to be an outlet for their expression and being like us, they give us hints. Hopefully, in my "cross my finger state", the message is " be patient, it is COMING".
  5. Ha ha ha i like that scene too and agree with your statement. Please also observe the hug in that scene. It is more visible in episode 16 compared to the selection as presented on the second kiss. The other hand of HB is too low. My husband is also 6 ft tall. The placement of his hands indicate the pressure needed for the body of SYJ to be close against his body.
  6. Thank you , @RiRiGaGa FOR THE BEAUTIFUL POEM capturing Jinnie's perspective. I read it in between work but today as i have my breakfast in my terrace amidst early sunrise with blooming vandas and polynopsis, i find it very Romantic and appreciate the effort put into it. I also like the write-up that followed. I will DM you for the poem on Binnie's perspective as i missed it. I myself is considered having a strong character and personality as i grew up being the only girl in a military family . Then i took up a technical discipiline in Engineering and became a CEO amidst the male dominated environment especially working for a Giant european company. I can relate very well with SYJ . What made her strong were her experiences of going against some expectations and being bold in her decisions regarding the path she wants to take. Again, HB took the same bold decision amidst his success being in rom-com by entering the military service to give time for himself to re-think and then returned doing action films. When you do such decisions... yeah... you can be alone and feel lonely as expressed by both. But the UNIVERSE has a plan and that is Destiny. I remember a quote saying...."Do not worry about your children because they have their own DESTINY." They found each other! Sometimes, i wonder if we (BinJin Nation) are part of that destiny? I have a feeling , WE ARE!
  7. Please bear with me as i have read in a tweet describing HB as manly but soft-hearted and cannot hide his feelings while SYJ is described as a strong woman who makes decisions with her heart and mind and they balance each other. Sometimes when i come across such statements, i take it that it seems to make HB weak and SYJ strong so much like + and - equals neutral. My analysis and personal judgement is that HB AND SYJ are both having STRONG GOOD CHARACTERS. Thus, they click . They complement each other. They strengthen each other. Their PERSONALITIES DIFFER as HB has a QUIET one (as he says so) while SYJ has a SUNNY and ENGAGING personality. Often , strong personalities refer to stubborness and intimidating . SYJ can be intimidating to most men not because of how she behaves but because of her attainment and success. She is also thorough and meticulous but so is HB. You see them review their acts together keenly because they share the same passion - ACTING. HB is known for being soft spoken but his words are direct and honest. He said that he finds SYJ grateful and comfortable to be with. She speaks her mind but not obtrusive. HB is comfortable with SYJ. In the Three K astrology corner, it was explained that they are both leaders but because they are also both grounded, they will come as one. My leadership training reminds me of SHARED LEADERSHIP. So, HB and SYJ .... They are A-LISTERS , THEY COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER AND TAKE DECISIONS. No one less than the other.
  8. I want to express my experience here. I have not watched any K-drama before CLOY and i am basically into Hollywood movies. I watched CLOY when it premiered in NETFLIX last February because my circle were into it and i could not cope. Everytime we met, they discussed the events; how good looking were the 4 leads and the fun of watching the NK Ajummas and the 4 NK soldiers. Everytime, they would show HB's picture and how he made it into the display screen of their cellphones. They are all married and have distinguished careers. CLOY even penetrated the Congress of my country. ( i have close kins there). After the 4th episode of CLOY, i got interested in the leads. While watching CLOY in the evening, i would research on the persons and past works of HB and SYJ. It just happened but if you do this simultaneously, you will experience the story of RJH and YSR equals HB and SYJ. It was like the love story of HB/SYJ unfolding before my eyes and heart. Then because of my insatiable reading, i came across the pre-CLOY negative comments. I was taken aback by the negative comments and ridicule of the story writer; why the leads are A-listers who were caught in a dating rumour;. NK vs SK subject was a taboo in S. Korea... that it was too expensive to shoot ... etc. AND I STOPPED READING. Instead, i continued to watch CLOY and forecasted it to succeed. WHY?? How can it capture the hearts of so many educated people in my country including me when i am not into rom-com but Technology. Normally we talk of the new features of phones coming out- foldable phones or AI technology. What happened? Even at Starbucks, you can hear people talked about CLOY first before the real subject matter of discussion. Ask yourself as i have read some of us here, .... to me it was like a magic charm have swept through me and i am still analyzing why i am in a shippers forum ! I can understand therefore why CLOY won the hearts of many people around the world! One author from Paris commented that although the story was very simple, it uplifted her from depression and recommends CLOY to people who are feeling down. Remember ..... CLOY is the story of BinJin! If people will go deeper beyond the GREAT chemistry of the OTP, then they will experience the MAGIC!
  9. I captured two lines only but these were also discussed by @ElectricHearts; @elizza and @TotoroSY. Let me just add that in 2011 , there was an interview where SYJ mentioned that she did not want to date men having the same job as hers but she accepted that it is hard and may not be true anymore. My take is that like HB's interview also, they both want their love one to understand the demands of their work and passion but many will fail here. HB is more open and expresses it so well that really he is GENUINE! He said that many (maybe based on past experience) can seem to handle the irregular pattern but there are some part that they( again maybe based on his past) cannot handle and he is just waiting for someone who is able to handle the uncertainty. He implicated too that to be able to do this, she maybe in the same discipline. SYJ on the otherhand mentioned in one on the spot interview where the reporter was so insistent that she finds a boyfriend and she said she tried hard but maybe they avoid her because she is famous. The sweet part was that SYJ mentioned that while filming The Negotiation, they had to meet with Dir. Lee Jong Suk to discuss the different scenes and during these meetings she found out that she and HB had similar experiences in the past about their careers. She is very smart in constructing her words during interviews because she is guarding her reputation . Do not call me on these statement because i have basis. In so doing, she expresses the truth but very subtle and because she has learned her lessons from past experiences. What drew them to each other is first, a natural physical attaction. I believe they admired each other even as young celebrities. They watched each other's work and in so doing, you can observe the person physically. I am pretty sure they read the news; celebrity feedbacks, internet so from SYJ, she was a fan and will always support and cheer for HB. Second, HB is a perfectionist in his acting. The reason that he was caught in SYJ's web is the unpredictable acting displayed by SYJ in a critical scene in TN. Here as HB described it, you will see clearly how he is passionate also about acting. His vocabulary is soooo Romantic! I do not know if he realizes it. I went past back his interviews but did not see this way of expression from HB. The so called "unexpectedness... " from SYJ was what made our HB fall in love. He said, SYJ is grateful ; comfortable to be with ; they have similar energy and passion preparing for a role but what made him want to work with her again is the joyful energy and enthusiasm that SYJ has and her eyesmiles. SYJ expresses her desire to be with HB differently. Her girly and loving gazes and looks betray her . I have observed all videos with them again and again and try to catch those loving looks and your heart will flutter! To conclude, the excitement in their relationship continues as HB discovers the wealth of good qualities his woman has. In the Master of the House , was a revelation for SYJ on keeping herself fit and attaining good stamina as most of her partners commented about her. Also, IF HB is organized and neat, also SYJ coming from the comment of the crew in Master of the House. I think, SYJ fell for HB not only because that guy showed her how to be loved but HB's handsomeness is "MANLY". Funny, i was watching a video where he was telling the audience that he is indeed very MANLY! Why? A strong woman needs a manly male then she gladly surrender . HB can be classified as a risk taker whereas SYJ is guarded and cautious . They balance each other. SYJ WANTS A KIND HEARTED MAN SHE IS COMFORTABLE WITH TO HAVE DISCUSSIONS WITH WIT - HB HB WANTS A KINDHEARTED WOMAN WHO CAN COOK AND IS FUN TO BE WITH - SYJ They both understand their passions; they both swim and play golf; they can both Travel. However, there is a CAVEAT to the above: HB IS VERY HANDSOME; GGW AND IS VERY ATTRACTIVE . Hmmmm.... SYJ said handsome men are BURDENSOME (comment on JWS) Irony: SYJ ROCKS THE WHOLE of KOREA ...... so Jinnie.... be fair. Love HB . So many women are envious of you!
  10. Let me re-iterate too that i support your statement and i admire your candidness for putting on the table a valid fact. i also ship them because they both mentioned to desire having a family. I also understand that we are in 2020 and technology can enable a lot of things. Since i have personal experience on this, i will prefer and pray that they set up their family in the natural way of pro-creation. I just firmly believe that when a woman reaches 30, she understands her biological clock and what it means. SYJ is no exception. In an interview she said that she dated a lot and wanted to get married in her early thirties because that was the expectation. It did not happen then she said maybe another 3 years. In the last interview in 2018, she said she was not worried so she is not desperate and she mentioned that if she gets married with the right person coming along, it must be before 40. It also worried me like the others but then i had to re-read the interviews. HB really is a man who wants to have a family and have dreams of having children and how they will be brought up. I remember in an interview in 2019 i guess, he mentioned that he may not be a public figure any longer. This was the interview when the reporter said that he was the 4th actor where the fans did not like them to be married. I am not quite sure with the word description but that was the meaning of what was discussed. He is very open about marriage and having a family. Funny thing, he planned it in his mid-thirties but did not also happen so in 2019 interview, he said "before 40". We are in this sail because we want it to dock. We will not be in a shipping forum if we do not discuss what we have in mind for our OTP. True, we have "delulu times" but that is a privelege we have . However, being in this BinJin nation for sometime, i am very PROUD TO SAY WE are a Great Team!!!
  11. I am with you all the way! I got married at 39 too because of my career so i understand I believe she knows the consequences. Our OTP , if we believe they are together, they. have discussed this. I do believe that they will get married before 40 as they have both expressed in interviews. They both want to have a family and SYJ said that if she had one, she will be too involved. She is also aware of the fact that it can affect her career. Let us trust that they know the direction they have to take! For me, since both of them were laughing when reporters asked why they are still single, and they both answered they hope to be married before 40, I BELIEVE THEM. When the news 2 to 3 months ago that SYJ was carefully choosing her next project after the success of CLOY and that there were international offers, i also believed it. How can she ran out of projects when she was labelled as "COW Ye Jin" and that some actors even envy her because she can select what role to portray. Let us be happy for SYJ, she deserves it! HB will always support her partner as he knows the passion of SYJ about acting and because he shares it too. I go with the others....i enjoy the discussions here be it trivial like the luggages; and the interesting timeperiods; travels; ...relating past interviews to the present.... these are what makes this forum interesting We have shippers who come out from lurking because of the diversity of topics ! It is just fun during the drought periods! TIMELINES: I am also interested here as with @Intuition1 because if we know and we can re-create what happened, the more we can appreciate the love story of our One True Pair! We just have to be careful though because I BELIEVE A LOT of people are interested to read what we post here! Let us support and continue our love for BinJin . Do not forget to pray desperately and WAIT! ( The Captain speaking)
  12. So true. I have a lot of techy young Korean friends from 26 to 40 yrs old and they always laugh at me being a shipper. They said that i should be very Happy because they believe these two (HB/SYJ) are engaged to be married.
  13. Isn't this very revealing from HB? I have been reading about him in his thread even as far as 2005 and he is very consistent. He may use other words now that he is more mature but his trustworthiness is just unbelievable for a popular ,GGW, shy and oozing with charms person to be sooooo open and honest. Isn't SYJ fitting in that description of ....." admire her from the bottom of my heart, and even fall in love with her."? There are soooo many criteria of HB for a woman he wants to be with where SYJ fits exactly. Is this destiny? You are correct @ElectricHearts that sometimes we wonder if they ever discussed their answers. However, these interviews were 2015/2016 and they have not met as partners in the K-ent yet and even before 2010. Remember that interview with HB regarding " eating variety of food"? Really, the coincidences are so many that one wonders, why they only found each other now. SYJ is successful, independent and her passion for acting is admired by everyone else in K-ent. Even the reporters say so about her works. Sure, she has close friends and family but i remember an interview with her friends where Um Jeewon said that SYJ would ask her to go travel together and she would answer why me ? Why not a man? Then GHJ answered " If SYJ will hear you, she would say.. There you are again mentioning this( about travelling with a man)". GHJ said maybe she will join SYJ again in one of her travels. She needs someone to share her life with and i believe it is HB. This is Destiny. She believes in Fate. I am just overjoyed when i read such because it may take time before we see them together again!
  14. I,too, miss @cybertron. Thank you for creating the BinJin Thread in Soompi. I chose the BinJin thread because i love these two beautiful people. But , i want to say that my admiration for SYJ is the same as most of you state here. I find her humble, sincere and independent. However, what most attracts me to her is her FAITH . Because she uses it in her language, to me, i read her as believing what her Faith teaches her. She uses the words.. " I am ordinary"... I am Blessed....My dog went to heaven". Her status right now is quite a challenge to reach for actresses in Korea but as you have also known already, many admire he and many describe her as hard working and very modest of her attainment. I wish her happiness and love .
  15. I have been looking also into this and i come out in the open since we seem to think that they were close already prior to the Press Conference of TN. Some basis: 1.) During the Press Con, the MC called " Who is HB to SYJ? The director laughed loud. Hmmm .. he knew something. 2.) Both SYJ and HB said they met together with the director before the shoot. 3.) The Director said that they met many times over alcoholic drinks which means near evening. 4.) A report was made that HB is known always to go home after shoot but the staff observed that he was waiting for SYJ. To eat together? To share and exchange stories? To drink together???? 5.) In the Vogue photo shoot, after teasing with HB, SYJ was so comfortable putting her knuckles on HB's back. 6.)On Sept.03,2018, during the Entertainment weekly interview, HB said that in real life , he is close to SYJ. Wow, only one month after the press con? No way. 7.) SYJ said after the shoot of TN, she met HB while filming SITR (MARCH) the re-shoot in April. My conclusion, they were already close friends before the promotion of TN. Also in the recording of the TN shoots, HB would always joke SYJ about the scene where his heart "shuddered" seeing SYJ deviate from the script. SYJ uttered "psycho" so everytime they meet, HB would tease her with that. HB even teased her about what would a woman do when a man enters her apartment room? The scene was intimidating because SYJ's senior colleague entered the room and SYJ was in shorts and just finished taking a bath. HB was teasing SYJ. My heart says, they were already attracted to each other even during the TN shoots.
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