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[OFFICIAL] Hyun Bin ❤️ Son Ye Jin (BinJin Couple)


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I got the news yesterday I just can't contain my happiness such a very goodnews to start a year for us dispite of this pandemic.

This is the first time for me to ship two actors!!..  I am not fan to any facade of entertainment industry  about actors'love relationship matters. ...


BUT Honestly BinJiN is an exception!! They have this awra of destiny,serendipity and genuinely in them that it was hard not to ship them I don't know somethings magical, I myself drawn in that enigmatic thing they have?!!.


And we all knew shippers that their love story is not the typical love story of actors who developed their feelings after a romcom romatic drama.. Which were all over the news worldwide...  But for their protection let it be stay in that way haha. 


This is the moment I and we are all waiting for eventhough we all knew in our hearts that they were true still it gives different meaning when they conferm it themselves!.. A true victorious fights for us to our ships finally here!! 

 All good things indeed to those who waits :)


I am just Glad I stood up for them.  .

It is just a bonus for me, the first couple I Ship indeed really sailed:).


Congrats to the two beautiful and humble lovers Son Eon Jin and Kim Tae Pyung:) 


Thank you for creating this forum guys it serves as my happy pill during the months of pandemic:)


PS.. I slept last night with smile on my face  ..... I still can't belive this is really happening :)

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It took me 1 day to process everything. I started shipping when there were only 34 pages but I remained silent most of the year. I was reading this everyday though, just not posting for a while. 2020 was tough and I had COVID too :( so this was a very pleasant surprise. Really changed my disposition and made me genuinely happy. We all knew all along that they were together but it is a very wise and calculated move for them to do this. I’m so proud of them how they handled it. They are professionals after all so we have to respect their privacy. I’m smiling every time I see posts on Instagram about them. It’s a dream come true for all of us! I wish them the best and I hope they stay together forever! 

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7 hours ago, Cream_Moki said:

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

What a news to start the new year :hooray2:

I think the news is a great surprise to all of us

Their relationship must be really serious by now if not SYJ would never agree to confirm....and that's really sweet of her to personally write on her IG too. Really appreciate her for doing that :wub:

Thank you Binjin for sharing the news with us even though you don't have to...It really brings happiness to all of us amidst this difficult time 

Couldn't wait for many more Binjin great news to come in the future!

Right. As i know, SYJ not the type to reveal her relationship so much


I hope we can see them get married asap :wub:

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2 minutes ago, fangirl101 said:

oh so sorry to hear you got covid. but i presume you re well now?  

Yes. I’m happy to be alive to witness this! ❤️

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So the cat is finally out in the bag. My first ship confirmed have 3 other more to also confirm LOL! I know everybody is happy and this is just a start. Happy New Year to all! 

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