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  1. Haha I also wanted to know whos that male model who look like Gong Yoo
  2. AHEMMM Belma was watching YJ project and she did not just post 1 clip but THREE clips with caption smth about memories. Belma has been posting our CLOY Dooly couple in her ig which I guess some ppl choose to ignore. She also posted HB MOTA mainly his solo pics and dont see her posting HB other past projects. Infact Belma also posted HB VOGUE 2018 pictorials with YJ and their The Negotiation promo events. She dont seem to post anything on Rampant & Fatal Encounter. Lol, she is a supporter of our BJ projects
  3. Remember back in OCTOBER, our BJ tweeters have came up with this CLOYTOBER event led by tweeter Cloysauce whereby they hv a daily theme like coffee, ramyeon, candles to tweet. Cloysauce and her few cloytober creators were approached by Japan NHK TV Station staff to feature their Cloytober tweets in an education program abt teaching English. This episode is abt CLOY and they going to have HB speaking English in the show. There’s no guarantee that the tweets will show in the prog but I still feel proud for them!!! Haha are we gg to see HB speaking English in this Japan education
  4. COINCIDENT AGAIN!!! Our POWER COUPLE ~ BinJin appear in 2020 Olive Young Awards & Festa vids for their hair products endorsement and both vids release at the same time!!! • HB for Dr.For Hair • YJ for Jennyhouse Hair Translation (crd twt: yejinxhyunbin) Hello, I am actor Hyunbin Congratulations Dr.forHair for winning 1st on Olive Young Awards 2020 for the shampoo section. Q: The secret to scalp and hair care? HB: Ehmm~ Using it regularly will help to maintain a stronger and elastic hair. Q: A message to the fans/customers who ha
  5. ELLE Korea Dec issue also published an article on HB as OMEGA Global Ambassador and its just next page to YJ pictorial interview. Haha so MEANT TO BE and Elle Korea IG last week deleted and reposted HB Omega post to sync all his photos in the same frame mode & color theme as YJ post.
  6. Hi hi you can post ur pic or gif fm this website by creating an acct (free) https://postimages.org/ 1) click “Choose Images” & “Photo Library” to upload ur photos fm ur iphone gallery. You can select photos fm “recent album” ”favourites” etc fm ur iphone 2) Once PHOTO UPLOADED click the “Direct Link” copy and paste it over this soompi create post section and ur lovely BinJin will be ready to show us. It shld be quite easy to play around with the app function
  7. A peep of YJ in ELLE KOREA December issue I seen YJ in heels, boots and sport shoes but this is my first time seeing her wearing VANS sneakers to go along with her BAU dress and it look so matchy with HB Bench pictorial both in greyish outfit & sneakers
  8. The video OP confirmed sighting was on 3/28/2019 which was just fresh fm their LA grocery rumours on 1/22/2019 HB steal glance on YJ never changed...
  9. OMGGG, more new photos of our OMEGA MAN HB OMEGA Global Ambassador news not only uploaded in Korea Fashion magazines IG but also covered in CNA & Spore Tatler. Vast & MSteam posted IG on HB & YJ updates at the same time with similiar color theme outfits were ft in HK & Taiwan tablorids. BinJin news in HK & Taiwan media
  10. Our POWERFUL BinJin news & photos were plastered everywhere today 11/18 from Naver, Esquire Korea, Elle Korea, Soompi, Allkpop, Update Kdrama news and not forgetting VAST & MSteam plus all socmed. Elle Korea has deleted their earlier post of HB just to change the order of his photos. And the reposted HB photos are now sync with YJ post with first 2 vertical photos and a horizontal photo Its a crazy day raining with candies and most of us need a dental checkout soon lol. Looking forward to YJ BAU offical cf release on 11/23; BinJin walki
  11. 11/18 ~ MSteam posted IG on YJ BAU photoshoot & VAST post IG on HB selected as Korea Global Ambassador for OMEGA !!! BOTH posts consist of 2 vertical and 1 horizontal photos in matchy colour outfit Another coincident?!? No kidding, even their articles are put side by side!!!! Waiting for more from Soompi & Koreaboo!! crd: tweeter ~ yourbae925 They really look soooo GOOOD & COMPATIBLE together
  12. yes I think so too. BAU replied a shipper that they gg to release YJ cf on 11/23. I guess what we see today is only a partial fm ELLE photoshoot. Ayooo, she is soooooo beautiful & demure & Binnie damn handsome & hot
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