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  1. KOFIC The Actor is Present x Hyun Bin x Son Yejin https://theactorispresent.kr/hyun-bin/ https://theactorispresent.kr/son-yejin/ CA2 filming ended on 6/13 and post production start today 6/15. Coincidentally “The Point Men” also finished filming in SK a year ago on 6/13/2020 with pics of drunken red faced Daesik. Will TPM release on this Chuseok, a long holiday in SK (9/20-9/22). 'CONFIDENTIAL ASSIGNMENT 2: International', crank-up on the 13th... Start of post-production [Sports TV News = Repor
  2. OMG, SMART x YJ ONLINE FM SOON.. 100% its YJ silhouettes!!!! lol we are so 010121 trained The blessed fandom are excited with 3 ONLINE FM coming up!!! 6/13 4 years ago (6/13/2017) The Negotiation Script Reading ... beginning of 2 “close friend” epic love story The Negotiation script reading took place at Pentarium Cheongdam 7th flr on 6/13/2017. The Pentarium manager gotten both HB & YJ autographs that day.
  3. [2/20 ~ 6/13] CA2 곰조 FINALLY wrapped up yesterday!!! Everyone filmed safely and hope HB have a deserved good longer rest. They gotten a SPECIAL CAKE for Im Cheol Ryung with ROK passport and written "Cheol Ryung Oppa since CA2 ended too, live with us in South Korea” The ribbon on HB’s manager written "Please let me be Hyun Bin’s manager until the release of CA2" 20 food coffee trucks support and 2 buffet feasts (from The Space & DC Gallery) from HB supportive fans all over the world over past 4 months 2/20 ~ 6/13
  4. OMG!!!! HB x BENCH Your Crush Landing Online FM SOON on 7/11 WOW, SMART vs BENCH HB Online FM, Philippines fans meet BOTH. Hope international fans will be able to join too!!! An idea of how BENCH did it for TWICE this June FM. Hahaha is HB going to sing in this BENCH Online FM? HB Filipino collection
  5. FINALLY HB x SMART ONLINE FM is coming ... we want to see his whipped shy “neigh” laughter again if he gets to talk abt his Yejinssi in FM Hope coming up next will be Yejinssi SMART online FM too Do drop your question & check out #SmartQuestionforHyunBin questions from work to personal this amazing fandom coming up for Binssi https://www.instagram.com/p/CP7SRUot0Eo/?utm_medium=copy_link Neeeighinggg HB will be back VAST Youtube channel updated HB x Chow Tai Fook Film Making 2 Th
  6. @cybertron HAPPY BELATED 1404 to our Captain of this thread. The beginning of BinJin Fandom, a place for us to seek refuge as Not A Long Time BinJin Fan HB x Chow Tai Fook x T Mark 9℃ BTS https://www.instagram.com/p/CPzePOQjMng/?utm_medium=copy_link YJ x BAU 2021 Summer Collection 2nd release on 6/11. Food Truck fm HANent (rental company for shooting equipment) to CA2 film set today...CA2 Fighting!!!
  7. 6/5 Happy Anniversary to our Ralph Lauren couple who won the well deserved Popularity Award at 56th Baeksang Art Award 2020. It also marked the 1st Anniversary of HB Guri Penthouse. Reminiscing these precious BinJin 56th Baeksang moments
  8. HB x TvnD “Making Armour” Training Uncut with his trainer Yoon Tae-shik This is TOOOO HOTTTT!!! Skinny Bean vs Thic Bean is still so HOTTTTT
  9. YJ IG update w her cutie Kitty 키티 “엄마 따라 촬영장 왔 오요 간식 만주세요 .. 계속 계속 .. 제발” “I came to the filming set with my eomma. Please just give me snack, keep going, please” Awwww, HB precious girls.... how to be HB!!! Kitty...kitty you are soooo kawaiiii in your pink hairclip today!!!! Sorry Yejin I cant help to ZOOOOM IN Kitty. She has a pair of big beautiful light brown eyes like her eomma & appa.
  10. It’s HB Taiwan FC support today to CA2 film set. “The food truck support was orginally scheduled today 6/2 morning. Due to last minute change in shooting schedule, the morning food truck support need to be adjusted. The first part of the food support arrived at noon providing 150 sets of pumpkin sandwich + fruit cup. Actor Hyun Bin said the Pumpkin Sandwich was delicious when the Taiwan FC sent food truck to “The Point Men” film set last year. FIVE set of special cater food & drink bento and gifts were prepared for Actor Hyun Bin, Yoo Haejin, Daniel, Chen Shankui and Dire
  11. Starting FIRST DAY IN JUNE with YJ x Drama “39” updates Actor Yeon Woo Jin & Lee Mu Saeng will join Yejin, Jeon Mi-do & Ahn So-hee in Drama “39”. The 12 episode drama will start filming in 2nd half of the year and broadcast has not decided yet. Cant wait to see YJ in her nee project. Lets hope the broadcast is this year end so it can make on the nomination list for Baeksang 2022. [Exclusive] Woo-jin Yeon, the male lead in 'Thirty-Nine'... Yejin Son and Breath 2021.06.01 1:53 PM [Joy News 24 Reporter Par
  12. Google translation of HB stylist that June 1 IGS “잘 부탁해 ®” ”Please be good to me ®” Whatever meaning to her IGS, its 100% sure NOT BinJin related. Her IGS are on her life, her clients like SMA,HB work & cf related!! She never had intention to mislead us in her socmed. Ppl seriously shld leave the poor stylist alone. She is a just a STYLIST, employer-employee relationship with HB and same for HB PA!! Have we not forget those fanwars on her IG, her wedding anni post and that blur pic connect to SHK rumour. “One Day In June” started fm HB handwri
  13. HB x Chow Tai Fook Cantonese greet vid on Hapers Bazaar HK IG. It has been 2 years since he does a Cantonese intro. The last time was in 2019 HK FM interview where he hinted he may not be a public property for long. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPhhGOCMyr4/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link HB x Chow Tai Fook x Luxe Style BTS CTF HB <925 series> finally launched in Hong Kong last week and HB CTF ads are everywhere at HK MTR. Earlier, the <925 series> was only available in selected China Shanghai CTF stores and CTF China online site
  14. BinJin M day soon?!? A clowning Monday for BJ fandom... sharing a netizen post here and pls take it with a pinch of salt YJ makeup artist sharing her 4 LEAF CLOVER on IG and her lottery hashtag 오늘 네잎 크로버 3 장이나 찾은 날 내 인생에서 처음 ㅋ ㅋㅋ # 로또 사야 하나 # 네잎 크로 버 # 행운아 The day I found 3 four-leaf clover today, the first time in my life ha ha ha # Want to buy a lotto # Four leaf clover # Lucky https://www.instagram.com/p/CPhb1Dstsb3/?utm_medium=copy_link HB gave CLOVER LEAF sharing Good Luck to CA2 casts & his Mana
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