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  1. Yes! Why was that? CLOY was such a massive hit that I thought there would be a lot more interviews/media coverage with them afterwards. They don't need to seek out coverage given their status as well established actors, but I still expected some coverage. I get that normally there is more press when you have something to promote, but still, I would have thought the media/their agencies would have capitalised on the massive success of CLOY to some extent. I came to CLOY late so I could be faulty in my recollection, but it felt like they laid low after CLOY finished airing in SK? I'm sure
  2. Not a fan of leopard print or that hair, but the interview with W Korea was a lot of fun to watch! Yejin is very charming. And okay, yes, the couple outfit with Kitty (lol) is cute. Fingers crossed for news about her next project soon.
  3. Lovely to see some good content from both SYJ and HB this week. The W Korea content was such fun and it was nice (and smart heh) of them to add English subtitles! As beautiful as they look in CFs, it's always more interesting to me when we get to hear them speak and see glimmers of their personality. SYJ is often asked to portray a very elegant and feminine image in CFs, but I feel the cheeky/funny/sincere/down to earth SYJ we see glimpses of in the W Korea video interview is more like the real her. Her reaction to the Kakao interruption was so funny. I would like to see more savage humou
  4. That's a nice look for SYJ in the YL CF. Elegant and sophisticated. The lighting was good. And I wouldn't mind that house lol. An interior design CF is a good match for SYJ and it seems to be something she's very interested in herself too. But I'm still waiting for some brand to think beyond the usual realms of SYJ's image, capitalise on her athletic side, sense of humour, actual personality and not just looking pretty with a product (though she does that very well). It would be nice to see SYJ and friends chill together, should they choose to share. But I think fans should g
  5. Random question, but I saw some posts about the Kakao Talk session Binjin did while promoting CLOY. The one where they are holding phones to read the messages in a live chat room. They text on the phones a bit and there's a host asking them questions. Think it was quite a long session around an hour. I didn't watch the whole thing. But my question is, how did fans know what nicknames Binjin used in the live chat to identify that they texted to each other and what they texted? So I can know whether those assumed text convos were legit lol. Hope everyone is well and staying he
  6. Ditto. Hopefully she'll be feeling refreshed and reenergised after her extended break. But whatever break she takes between projects, I'm confident she'll keep acting for a long time given her passion for it. Yes. Forgot this key point hehe. So we can contribute to its viewership. :P I think the impact and reach of CLOY exceeded SYJ and her team's expectations and being on Netflix was key to that, so hopefully there will be access on international platforms for her next projects. It seems Netflix and other platforms are also investing in content produced locally in SK.
  7. Excited to see some potential casting news for SYJ at last! Nothing but Thirty is on my list of dramas to watch as I've heard lots of good comments about it, and if SYJ takes on a Korean adaptation, I'll definitely be interested to see what they do with it. Female centric/slice of life/themes of womanhood approaching a certain age milestone are all subjects that interest me. Nothing but Thirty was a big hit in Asia so I am guessing its potential adaptation is also a hot script in SK. Haven't watched any of the writer/director's previous works but hopefully they will
  8. Watched some of Uhm Ji Won's yt videos from her channel. The one with her and Gong Hyo Jin and friend doing an impromptu shopping trip at the market was fun and funny. Then I saw that their mutual friend Oh Yoon Ah also has her own yt channel. They all seem like really down to earth ladies with a good sense of humour so I can see why SYJ is good friends with them. And they all seem to love plates and flowers lol. It would be fun to see SYJ featured in her friends' videos some time, but no pressure, I understand it's not for everybody. Not every actor wants to share their private life on
  9. I stopped about halfway. Not because I disliked it or anything, I just went through a busy period and haven't picked it up again yet. CLOY and SITR are two very different kind of dramas of course, and I actually do like more realistic life dramas as well, but I didn't feel as compelled to go straight to the next episode with SITR as I did with CLOY. Even though I relate on some levels to Jinah in SITR, Seri is more my speed. That said, I haven't watched Jinah's journey to the end and presumably she'll have her journey of growth. I will finish SITR for sure as I do like SYJ in this role an
  10. No, she is not wearing UA shoes. I did not expect it but I can finally say SYJ and I share something from our closets lol. She has good taste. She is wearing shoes from On (a Swiss brand, also endorsed by Roger Federer). They look good but I always prioritize functionality and comfort over style and they are very comfortable and lightweight. Recommended for runners. Also very comfortable to wear if you have to be on your feet all day long. Even my non runner friends who don't usually wear sneakers were won over because they look stylish lol. Unfortunately not cheap but running shoes ar
  11. I love that a brand finally had SYJ portray a bolder, fiercer image. SYJ's image in advertising usually tends towards the soft and feminine (is that the case for most female celebs? I have no idea as I don't follow others), and that's fine and safe, which is perhaps what most brands want, but it's so much more interesting to see her presented as something bolder and different. I remember SYJ once said she didn't think she could portray a femme fatale well (is it cause of Open City? have not watched that yet), but I would love to see her give it another try sometime with a good scr
  12. As I said in the other thread, I wish they or SYJ, whoever made the picks, had also included a photo of her with her signature eye smile in the black and white photo series. I think that is a very charismatic look of hers. Think it would have been a great addition and contrast to the more soulful look she's going for here. The smiling look in the video is still a bit restrained for me and doesn't show the full power and charm of her eye smiles imo. The film clips chosen are fine. The Incredibly Vigorous at the end was a bit strange lol. I wonder if they are rushing to releas
  13. One comment I would make about the Korean 200 video/profile pics for SYJ is I wish she/they'd included at least one pic where she was full on smiling and showing off her dazzling eye smile. I think SYJ unreservedly laughing and eye smiling is one of her most charming and beautiful looks. (I bet HB would agree! :P) And it would be a good contrast to the soulful, vulnerable, kind of sad, expressive look she showcases in the other pics. I wonder if it was MSteam and/or the media studio in charge of the Korean 200 campaign who selected the clips and put together the video. I though
  14. Didn't that IG post also say something like "let's go a bit further"? IG translation is so bad I don't know what it means half the time. Instead of a tomato plant, SYJ gets an orange plant. Classy gift, whomever it's from. If you were to use one word to describe the photos of SYJ in the Korea Actors 200 Campaign, what would it be? I think it's very interesting to see what kinds of expressions/what aspect as an actor each chooses to showcase through the photos. For SYJ, I would describe the first photo as "vulnerable". The second one, "contemplative". I do personally prefer mo
  15. Whoever's in charge of the materials for this website as well as MSteam really have to learn to use spell check. ;) Another spelling error again just looks really sloppy. I hope The Cross happens of course, with Sam Worthington.
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