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  1. I came across an old interview of SYJ's where I think she said WN was difficult for her because the character was so awful and it wasn't one where she could really act a lot with her facial expressions. If anyone has more interviews from SYJ on WN I would be interested to read. I like reading about SYJ's thoughts on a piece of work after I've watched it. I'm sure they don't. Even for CLOY. It's hard for some nuance/cultural context not to be lost in translation. E.g. I watched that video where two Korean fans gave their reaction on Binjin's dating reveal and they comm
  2. I think Binjin are too old to send any messages through wardrobe. And I don't think they are the type to do so at any age lol. OK, Ralph Lauren may or may not have been a message , but if so, I think it was more of a fun and nice thing to do rather than anything dead serious. Binjin are mature adults, people! If they have something to say to each other, they will just communicate with each other directly and not talk through wardrobe or third parties or social media posts. There's no need. Now, fashion that gets grammar wrong bothers me. That's a fashion terrorist.
  3. Nice to see SYJ's agency post a bts of her cf. And even include English captions. But they made another spelling error after correcting the first one! Appreciate their efforts but hope they can check their work more carefully before sending it out to the world. SYJ always looks serious and professional during her work and checks the monitor carefully.
  4. Looks like SYJ made lots of fans happy with her liking spree. Some of the posts she liked are hilarious, re HB etc lol. Great that she takes the time to connect with fans and has a sense of humour about things too. Looking good in Valentino. Any kind of collaboration with them would be cool. Just watched White Night. Whoa that was a dark movie. Just as dark or maybe even darker than What Lies Beneath. Purposely went into it not knowing anything about it. Just seem to recall SYJ saying it was one of the more difficult characters she'd played, so I was intrigued.
  5. Part 2 of the CF and Ms. SYJ is still laughing hard.... even while looking at a blank screen lol. Thanks to her we are getting to see HB's delectable dimples more and more often. Have I seen 2 happier people in a phone ad? Never have I rewatched a phone ad. The things Binjin make me do lol. I can imagine SYJ showing ahjussi HB all kinds of funny fandom things on her phone and having a good laugh about it together. Perfect caption! I'm optimistic that we'll get another joint CF sometime in the future now that we know they are open to the idea. Though of cours
  6. I don't know what they are finding so funny, especially Ms SYJ, but their laughter = our smiles. If they wanted an eye catching moment with the TVC, they got it with that full on laughter and chest touching, scripted or not. Though we really don't know what's so funny in the TVC/with Binjin lol. It's OK, it's enough to see them being so happy and having such a good energy together. That's never changed since TN days. Thanks for the Eng translated interview with HB for UA. I like learning about actors' workout routines as they manage to stay in such good shape! And this pa
  7. Oh I kind of like the trope of a woman cross dressing as a man in a historical piece. Is that the only role where SYJ has played a "man"? I've still got many of her works left to watch. I want to watch Blood & Ties, Spellbound and White Night next. Does anyone know where I can find them? Thanks. Which of her works is your favourite? Or do you have any favourite scenes? Even though The Classic is not my favourite of her works, the scene of her running in the rain is really a classic one. Along with the drinking scene in AMTR. Same. I also li
  8. @BinJinshipperfromIndia(love India and can't wait to visit again!), you sharing such a personal post made me want to share something too. Over lunar new year, I received the news that an auntie I know had passed away from cancer. We didn't know she was ill as she didn't share the news beyond her immediate family. So it was very shocking and sad news and she was quite young, only in her 60s. I had exchanged emails with her over Christmas to give her my best regards and to stay safe from covid. She had replied that she was staying in and enjoyed watching CLOY with her daughter and teaching
  9. I never really expected a joint commercial from Binjin at this stage, but wow, a joint endorsement just speaks to the strength and security of their relationship. I also think the fact that it was an overseas endorsement made it a good choice for them to test the waters. It may mean they are open to the idea of future joint CFs even at home if it's a good fit. As nice as it is to see them in any kind of joint project together, I hope we'll still get the chance to see them work together or be interviewed together again down the road in a non CF context because their chemistry together is jus
  10. @tncloy1819,I'm with you. I came across some interviews where SYJ talked about the MeToo movement in SK some time ago when I was discovering more about her, and I really appreciated her response on this issue too. Glad to know I am admiring a strong feminist who isn't afraid to speak up on such important issues. From what I've read in the news, the MeToo movement has definitely created waves in SK society. And controversy, too, in what is still a conservative and patriarchal society in many ways. It's a subject that's ripe for film imo. SYJ's SITR dealt with sexual harassment somewhat but
  11. SYJ seems like a mature, level headed person. So hopefully she's handling the unprecedented level of interest in her private life well, but yes, it's got to be overwhelming, especially for such a private individual. But she's got a supportive partner, team, family and friends to be there for her as she navigates this new reality of her celebrity. Hopefully they can still maintain their privacy, the interest from media will be less in due course and fans can be respectful and not be intrusive. I just hope people can continue to appreciate SYJ as her own person, serious actress, and not just
  12. @QueenieBeeyep, the fact that SYJ and her girlfriends stopped posting pics (or without faces) of their gatherings together was already a hint that she/they preferred to keep those private. I don't know if fans were asking about them or not. I can imagine that probably every second comment on SYJ's IG these days no matter what she posts about will be about Binjin... most fans may mean well, but that's got to be overwhelming and a big change. Binjin are both super private people as we can guess from HB not even bothering with social media, and SYJ never once making public any rela
  13. If there's one thing I find tiresome, it's p-rumours. And it always happens in every fandom I've been in where there are actresses involved. Focus on an actress' weight is bad enough, but this additional speculation becomes part of every photo; every part seen or not seen dissected. *eye roll* First of all, that's something that is super private and personal and none.of.our.business. Secondly, it's super annoying to me that there's this hyper focus on the woman's potential marriage and babies once a relationship is acknowledged as if she's reduced to the role of potential wife and babymake
  14. It seems she has had a weibo account for a long time but had trouble logging in/posting so it's been dormant for a while. So she/her agency just went with a newer, hipper social media platform instead. I'm not on either so don't know what she posted in the past or how active her Mainland Chinese fanbase is, but would guess it's substantial. I think she and HB and other Korean stars are massive in Mainland China. I think I read that the CLOY finale even broke the mainland streaming platform due to overcapacity. In terms of sheer numbers, I would guess that mainland fans are n
  15. I have no idea if it's an old pic or a current pic. Maybe it's her at home look plus filters? I find she tends to look older with more make up and I prefer her with less. Either way, it's nice she made the effort to connect with fans through another app. I think she was maybe genuinely surprised and shocked by the scale of the birthday efforts for her this year from ardent fans. Read some translated news on twitter that suggests SYJ may be reviewing new projects since Cross is delayed (and may be delayed beyond Sept even?). Not sure how legit it is. But I feel SYJ will do a n
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