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  1. 현빈 . Hyun Bin . 玄彬 [ March 2022 | cr: VAST Entertainment, TomFord ] PROFILE
 Name: Hyun Bin [현빈 | 玄彬]
 BirthName: Kim Tae-pyung [김태평 | 金泰坪]
 Born: 1982.09.25 | Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea 
Body: 185cm | 74kg | Type B Religion: Irreligion
 Family: Parents, elder brother | spouse Son Ye-jin (2022.03.31~)
, son (2022.11.27) Education: Seoul Sincheon Elementary School > Jamsin Middle School > Youngdong High School > Chung-Ang University College of Arts (Theater and Film / Bachelor) > Chung-Ang University Graduate School of Arts (Performance & Visual Media / Master) Military Service: Republic of Korea Marine Corps (ROKMC) - 6th Marine Brigade (group 1137) | Rank: Sergeant (March 7, 2011 ~ December 6, 2012) Debut: 2003 KBS drama ‘Bodyguard | 보디가드' Hobbies: Swimming, basketball, baseball, golf, snowboarding, photography Nicknames: Kim Hyunbin, Hyun Taeil, Binnie Agency: VAST Entertainment & Media [ Homepage | Facebook | Instagram | Post.naver | Vlive.tv | YouTube | Weibo ]
 Official SNS: [ Homepage@VAST | The Space | Weibo (c) ]
 Links: [ DC | Namu ] (more below) [ 2008-2019 | cr: pickcon ] [ kofic ] Born in 1982, Hyun Bin, known for his finely chiselled features, started his career in 2003 with a minor part in the TV rom-com series <Bodyguard>. He gained recognition playing a laconic bodyguard in <Ireland> (2004) and an egocentric restaurant owner in <My Lovely Sam-soon> (2004-2005), thus earning the nickname of “prince of melodramas” and becoming the embodiment of urban chic to the eyes of many. After his movie debut in the martial arts comedy <Spin Kick> (2004), he enjoyed tremendous success in 2006 with his first lead role in <A Millionaire’s First Love>, playing an arrogant kid born with a silver spoon in his mouth who can claim his grandfather’s inheritance only if he graduates from a public high school in the countryside. Later that year, he won the popularity award at the Baeksang Arts Awards. Not content to be known only for his look, Hyun made it a point to diversify his career by taking on more challenging roles. His standout turn as a gangster in Kwak Kyungtaek’s <Friend, Our Legend> (2009), the TV series adaptation of the director’s hit crime drama <Friend> (2001), was instrumental in proving that he was also an acting talent to keep an eye on. After starring in the smash hit romantic fantasy series <Secret Garden> (2010-2011), thanks to which he received the Grand Prize in the television category of the Baeksang Arts Awards, Hyun landed his first international project in the Seattle-set <Late Autumn> (2010), co-starring Chinese actress Tang Wei. After Lee Joonki’s <Come Rain, Come Shine> (2011), a film in which he was paired with Lim Soojung, Hyun was conscripted into the Marine Corps to perform military service. Following his discharge, the star chose <The Fatal Encounter> (2014) as his comeback project. The big budget period film, which saw the idol take on the role of the famed King Jeongjo of Joseon Dynasty, had a respectable run with more than 3 million admissions but Hyun’s impassive performance failed to impress moviegoers. He experienced a career resurgence since 2017 thanks to the buddy cop film <Confidential Assignment> (2016), in which the laughs come from the contrast between Hyun’s strict demeanor and neat appearance as an elite North Korean detective and Yoo Haejin’s idiosyncratic clumsiness and franticness as a South Korean detective. The film attracted 7.8 million viewers to become one of the most successful releases that year. After playing a hostage taker confronting Son Yejin’s police officer in <THE NEGOCIATION> (2018), it was in a totally different context that he reunited with Son in the smash hit melodrama series <Crash Landing on You> (2019-2020), which saw him portray once again a North Korean character, but this time helping and eventually falling in love with a South Korean businesswoman who crash-landed on the other side of the Military Demarcation Line. In 2022, Hyun was back on the big screen, reprising his role in <Confidential Assignment 2: International> (2021), as well as being once again an actor in a hostage situation, this time as a top negociator, in Yim Soonrye’s <The Point Men> (2021). [ Hyun Bin | theactorispresent | 현빈 ] [ photo by Kim Jungnam] From a romantic in a TV series to an action hero in film industry. Hyun Bin’s reputation, which always makes the public excited, shows no sign of slowing down A star is a coordinate of the desire and daydream of the time, reflecting the trend and era with constantly changing power. The cycle is getting faster. In other words, it is not easy to stay as a steady seller for a long time under the current star system, where a star is quickly replaced. Hyun Bin is a rare actor in this regard. The actor has already experienced three heydays in his career, unlike many other actors who would be lucky to have it just once. What’s more, he did that even in the changing times. The actor’s first heyday came early. After debuting with the weekend series Bodyguard (2003), Hyun was recognized for his potential as an actor in Ireland (2004) and rose to stardom with My Lovely Sam-Soon (2005) when he was only 24. Five years later, he drew huge attention again by playing Kim Joowon in Secret Garden (2010), who hides his traumas and warmth in his bluffness. Also, in Crash Landing on You (2020), Hyun showed a model of a reliable man and hit his third home run. After the series was released on Netflix, Hyun has risen again as the main character of the K-wave. But the reason the actor is highly valued as a star is not simply because he became a sensation three times. It is because he is steadily showing his unique identity as an actor while showcasing his unique identity as an actor while showing his star quality. The low budget film I Am Happy (2009) that the actor played a megalomaniac, and the art film Come Rain, Come Shine (2011) that he played free of charge reflected Hyun Bin’s faith, that he doesn’t want to be consumed as a good-looking nine-day wonder. Late Autumn (2011), where the actor performed with Tang Wei, is a good example that shows Hyun’s passion for acting. What about Hyun Bin in the series Worlds Within (2008), which is still being talked about? He stirred up great empathy from us with the vivid image of a very ordinary young man. There are many stars in the film world, and many of them can be called professional actors. However, not many of them have both. In that sense, Hyun Bin is a rare and unusual actor. It has not been changed, and that’s why Hyun Bin is unique. Countless actors are pouring into the film world every year, but no one seems to replace the vibe Hyun Bin has. Who can be the second Hyun Bin anyway? After filming The Point Men with Hwang Jungmin recently, Hyun Bin is filming Confidential Assignment 2 now. Recording 7.8 million viewers, Confidential Assignment (2016) gave him great success. Hyun Bin is a living drama himself who has made independent choices and constantly expanded his spectrum. [Written by Jung Siwoo . Published in April 2021] FILMOGRAPHY 
MOVIE (Src: kobis)
 Opening Date | Title | Role | Total Admissions (people) TBA ‘Harbin | 하얼빈’ // Woo Min-ho 2023 ‘The Point Men | 교섭’ as Dae-sik 대식 // Yim Soon-rye 2022-09-07 ‘Confidential Assignment: International | 공조: 인터내셔날’ as Im Chul-ryung 림철령 [6,982,295] // Lee Seok-hoon 2018-10-25 ‘Rampant | 창궐’ as Lee Chung 이청 [1,599,621] // Kim Sung-hoon 2018-09-19 ’The Negotiation | 협상’ as Min Tae-goo 민태구 [1,967,750] // Lee Jong-seok 2017-11-22 ‘The Swindlers | 꾼’ as Hwang Ji-sung 황지성 [4,018,341] // Jang Chang-won 2017-01-18 ‘Confidential Assignment | 공조’ as Im Chul-ryung 림철령 [7,817,654] // Kim Sung-hoon 2014-04-30 ‘The Fatal Encounter | 역린‘ as King Jeongjo 정조 [3,849,700] // Lee Jae-gyu 2011-03-24 ‘Tears of Africa | 아프리카의 눈물’ {narration} [3,824] 2011-03-03 ‘Come Rain, Come Shine | 사랑한다, 사랑하지 않는다’ as Kim Ji-seok 김지석 [66,680] // Lee Yoon-ki 2011-02-17 ‘Late Autumn | 만추’ as Park Hoon 박 훈 [850,494] // Kim Tae-yong 2009-11-26 ‘I Am Happy | 나는 행복합니다’ as Jo Man-soo 조만수 [7,457] // Yoon Jong-chan 2006-02-09 ‘A Millionaire's First Love | 백만장자의 첫사랑’ as Kang Jae-kyung 강재경 [563,023] // Kim Tae-gyun 2005-11-13 ‘Daddy-Long-Legs | 키다리 아저씨’ as Hyung-joon 형준 {special appearance} [440,850] // Kong Kung-sik 2004-07-23 ‘Spin Kick | 돌려차기’ as Lee Min-gyu 이민규 [41,401] // Nam Sang-guk 2002 ‘Shower | 샤워’ as Hong-gyu 홍규 DRAMA Year | Network | Title | Role | Rating (highest rated episode) 2019~2020 tvN ‘Crash Landing on You | 사랑의 불시착’ as Ri Jung-hyuk 리정혁 [21.683%] // Park Ji-eun 2018~2019 tvN ‘Memories of the Alhambra | 알함브라 궁전의 추억’ as Yoo Jin-woo 유진우 [10.025%] 2015 SBS ‘Hyde, Jekyll, Me | 하이드 지킬, 나’ as Koo Seo-jin 구서진 / Robin 로빈 [8.6%] 2010~2011 SBS ‘Secret Garden | 시크릿 가든’ as Kim Joo-won 김주원 [35.2%] // Kim Eun-sook 2009 MBC ‘Friend, Our Legend | 친구, 우리들의 전설’ as Han Dong-su 한동수 [8.9%] // Kwak Kyung-taek 2008 KBS ‘The World in Which They Live | 그들이 사는 세상’ as Jung Ji-oh 정지오 [7.7%] // No Hee-kyung 2006~2007 KBS ‘Snow Queen | 눈의 여왕’ as Han Tae-woong 한태웅 / Han Deuk-gyu 한득구 [10.5%] // Lee Hyung-min 2005 MBC ‘Nonstop 5 | 논스톱5’ as Hyun Bin 현빈 {special appearance} 2005 MBC ‘My Name is Kim Sam-soon | 내 이름은 김삼순’ as Hyun Jin-hun 현진헌 [49.1%] // Kim Yun-cheol 2004 MBC ‘Ireland | 아일랜드’ as Kang-guk 강국 // Kim Jin-man + In Jung-ok 2003 MBC ‘Nonstop 4 | 논스톱4’ as Hyun Bin 현빈 2003 KBS2 ‘Bodyguard | 보디가드’ as stalker 스토커 {debut, small role} BROADCAST Year | Broadcaster | Broadcast Name (editing process…long list of shows left…) 2012 - MBC ‘Tears of the Earth - From the North Pole to the South Pole | 지구의 눈물 - 북극에서 남극까지’ {narration} 2011 - tvN ‘on-site talk show TAXI | 현장 토크쇼 택시’ ep 175-177 2011 - SBS ‘Good Morning - Exclusive Interview | 좋은아침 - 독점 인터뷰’ ep 3556 2010 - MBC ‘Changsha 49th Anniversary Special <Tears in Africa> | 창사 49주년 특집 <아프리카의 눈물>’ {narration} 2005 - MBC ‘2005 Samsoon Competition | 2005 삼순이 선발대회’ {Chuseok Special} 2005 - MBC ‘Docu Special - Korea Kim Sam-soon | 다큐스페셜 - 대한민국김삼순’ ep 270 2004 - MBC ‘Shim Shim Puri - Love Survival | 심심풀이 - 러브서바이벌 두근두근’ ep 17-18 2004 - MBC ‘Comedy House: No Brain Survival | 코미디하우스 - 노브레인 서바이버’ ep 171 2004 - MBC ‘Sunday Sunday Night - Brain Survival | 일요일 일요일 밤에 - 브레인 서바이버’ ep 777 2004 - MBC ‘Comedy House - Gollum | 코미디하우스 - 골룸이 간다’ ep 159 2004 - KBS ‘Sunday 101% - Hot-Blood Boy | 일요일 101%- 열혈남아’ ep 29-30 2002 - SBS ‘Surprise Storyland | 깜짝스토리랜드’ (Kim Sung-goo / husband) RADIO Year / Broadcaster / Broadcast Name 2011 - SBS Power FM ‘Radio Secret Garden | 라디오 시크릿 가든’ as Kim Joo-won 2010 - SBS Power FM ‘Gong Hyung-jin's Cinetown | 공형진의 씨네타운’ 2005 - MBC FM4U ‘Yoon Jong-shin's two o'clock date | 윤종신의 두시의 데이트’ [ x ] 2004 - SBS Power FM ‘Jang Geun-suk's Young Street | 장근석의 영스트리트’ ALBUM Year | Album Name | Song Name [2011-03-07] MBC drama <Friend, Our Legend OST | 친구, 우리들의 전설> (‘Can’t Have You | 가질 수 없는 너’) {remake} [ cover | song ] [2011-01-07] SBS drama <Secret Garden OST Part.5> (‘That Man | 그 남자’) [ cover | song ] [2009] AMOREPACIFIC <Aritaum CM Song | 아리따움 CM송> featuring Dynamic Duo [2005] SK <CASPI CONUS CM Song | 카스피코너스 CM송> [2004-05-24] <Nonstop 4 OST> (‘Nonband Song’, ‘Sky High’, ‘Happy! Happy Birthday’, ‘We are here’) MUSIC VIDEO Year | Artist | Song Name 2018 Kim Dong-ryul 김동률 ‘Reply | 답장’ (starring: Hyun Bin & Lee Sul) 2005 Kim Bum-soo 김범수 ‘Memory’ (starring: Hyun Bin & Lee Da-hae) 2005 Lemon Tree 레몬트리 ‘Hey U’ (starring: Hyun Bin) 2003 Herb 허브 ‘It’s My Fault | 내탓이죠’ (starring: Hyun Bin & Chae Young-in) ETC... [2019-12-09] ‘<CrashLandingOnYou> ProductionPresentation | <사랑의 불시착> 제작발표회’ || [ PressConf | Kakao | ForeignPress(Cosmo.ph | Spot.ph | Sudsapda.th | Netflix.tw | ShhStar.tw | SuperK.ph) ] [2019-08-14] ‘Drama <CrashLandingOnYou>’ || [ ScriptReading | PosterShoot(MSTeam) | tvNterview ] [2018-10-04] 'Rampant VLIVE | 창궐 V라이브’ [ x ] [2018-10-02] ‘Rampant MovieTalk | 창궐 무비토크라이브’ [ x ] [2018-09-18] '<TheNegotiation> StarLiveTalk’ || [ c | e ] [2018-09-10] '<TheNegotiation> VLIVE | <협상> V 라이브’ (blackout) || [ x | c | e ] [2018-09-10] '<TheNegotiation> MediaPreview’ || [ (u | c) ] [2018-09-03] '<TheNegotiation> Showcase’ (90vs100) || [ (u | c) | Jokes+Laughs | Prank ] [2018-08-09] '<TheNegotiation> ProductionReport’ || [ (u | c) | Highlights | ItemTalk | Motive&PhotoTime ] [2018-09-28] OllehTV ‘BaekEunha's ActorReport | 백은하의 배우보고서’ || [ x ] (editing process) AWARDS [2021-01-29] HongKong’s Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2020: Popular Korean Artist (Crash Landing on You) [2021-01-23] 7th (2020) APAN Star Awards: Grand Prize (Crash Landing on You) [2020-10-28] 11th Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards: President’s Commendation (Crash Landing on You) [2020-06-05] 56th Baeksang Arts Awards: TikTok Popularity Award (Crash Landing on You) [2019-08-05] 2019 Watsons HWB (Health Wellness Beauty) Awards: Unchanging sculptural handsome man [2017-12-28] 6th Korean Film Actors Association Awards: Korea Top Star Award (Confidential Assignment, The Swindlers) [2014-07-17] 18th Pucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan): Producer’s Choice Award [2013-10-29] 50th Savings Day: President's Commendation [2012] Marine Corps: Commendation [2012] Minister of Defense: Commendation [2011-05-26] 47th Paeksang Arts Awards: TV section’s Grand Prize (Secret Garden) [2010-12-31] 2010 SBS Drama Awards: Best Actor, Netizen Top Popularity, Top 10 Star, Best Couple (Secret Garden) [2006-12-31] 2006 KBS Drama Awards: Netizen, Popularity, Best Couple (Snow Queen) [2006-04-14] 42nd Paeksang Arts Awards: Film section’s Popularity (A Millionaire’s First Love) [2005-12-30] 2005 MBC Drama Awards: Best Actor, Popularity, Best Couple (My Name is Kim Sam-soon) [2004-12-29] 2004 MBC Entertainment Awards: Special Award for a Talent (Nonstop 4) [2004-12-30] 2004 MBC Drama Awards: Best New Actor (Ireland) ACHIEVEMENTS tbd AMBASSADOR tbd ENDORSEMENTS 2022: ‘OMEGA | 오메가’ (misc: 20220104-making) || ‘TOM FORD BEAUTY: Tom Ford Private Blend Fragrance <Bitter Peach> / Private Rose Garden’ (misc: 20220209-making) || ‘73hours’ (misc: 20220218-making) || ‘ECOVACS ROBOTICS: ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 | 에코백스 로보틱스: 에코백스 디봇 X1’ (misc: 20220324-making) || ‘SimInvest’ (20220129-bts) || ‘Humajor: Dr.FORHAIR | 휴메이저: 닥터포헤어’ (tvcf: 20220301) || ‘DawnField: Crocodile for Men | 던필드: 크로커다일‘ (tvcf: 20220301 // 20220307. misc: 20220312-making ) || ‘Loro Piana | 로로피아나’ (misc: 20220308, 20220321, 20220324) || ‘TIRTIR | 티르티르‘ (tvcf: 20220506-15s, 20220512-30s, 20220310-making, 20220425-int) || ‘GOSPHERES | 고스피어’ (20220424-30s, 20220428-15s, 20220510-60s) || 2021: ‘Humajor: Dr.FORHAIR | 휴메이저: 닥터포헤어’ (tvcf: 20210101, 20210112-making, 20210222-making-v2 // 20210124-pick, 20210905-15s, 20210914) || ‘OMEGA | 오메가’ (misc: 20210204-making, 20210214-making2, 20211117-making) || ‘UNDER ARMOUR | 언더아머’ (misc: 20210209, 20210222, 20210930, 20211104-making, 20211025, 20111102) || ‘Blank Corp: BODYLUV | 블랭크코퍼레이션: 바디럽’ (tvcf: 20210311-making, 20210317, 20210319-making, 20210324, 20200612-making, 20211018-15s, 20211018-29s, 20211018-full) || ‘ECOVACS ROBOTICS: ECOVACS DEEBOT T9 | 에코백스 로보틱스: 에코백스 디봇 T9’ (20210412, 20210413, 20210830-PLF-30s, 20210830-PLF-15s, 20210830-OAF-30s, 20210830-OAF-15s) || ‘CHOW TAI FOOK: Hyun Bin 925 Collection | 周大福: 玄彬925 系列’ (20210606; misc: 20210602-making, 20210609-making2) || ‘TOM FORD BEAUTY: Tom Ford Private Blend Fragrance <Soleil Brulant/Blanc/Neige + OudWood>’ (20210729, 20210830; misc: 20210812-making, 20210903-making) || ‘Bench | 벤치’ (PH) || ‘SimInvest’ (ID. tvcf: 20210729, 20210906, 20211014, 20211115) || ‘DawnField: Crocodile for Men | 던필드: 크로커다일‘ (20210729-making) || ‘LazMall’ (20210813, 20210815, 20210820-bts, 20210829) || ‘Loro Piana | 로로피아나’ (misc: 20210909, 20210923) || ‘HL Science | 에이치엘사이언스’ (tvcf: 20211108; misc: 20211220-making) || ‘73hours’ (CN. misc: 20211124-making, 20211201-making2, 20211208-making3) || 2020: ‘L&P Cosmetics: MEDIHEAL | 엘엔피코스메틱: 메디힐’ (misc: 20200429-making, 20200508-making2, 20200520-making3) || ‘Blank Corp: BODYLUV | 블랭크코퍼레이션: 바디럽’ (tvcf: 20200401-making, 20200401-making-unbox, 20200509, 20200520-unbox) || ‘Smart Communications | 스마트’ (PH; with Son Ye-jin. tvcf: 20200529, 20200531-bts, 20200620-gigalife; 20210213-inevitable, 20210221-bts, 20210226-livelarge) || ‘HL Science | 에이치엘사이언스’ (tvcf: 20200603) || ‘Bench | 벤치’ (PH. 20200704-teaser, 20200719, 20201007-bts) || ‘Amado: amado H-COLLAGEN’ (TH. 20200722, news, ) || ‘PEOPLELIFE: Bohum Clinic | 피플라이프: 보험클리닉’ (tvcf: 20201024-v1, 20201024-v2) || ‘Humajor: Dr.FORHAIR | 휴메이저: 닥터포헤어’ (20201124) || ‘OMEGA | 오메가’ (misc: 20201126, 20201128, 20201206, 20201215, 20201229) || 2019: ‘PEOPLELIFE: Bohum Clinic | 피플라이프: 보험클리닉’ (tvcf: 20190401-v1, 20190401-v2, 20190901-v1, 20190901-v2) || ‘PEOPLELIFE: People Clinic CEO Clinic | 피플라이프: 피플클리닉 CEO클리닉’ (tvcf: 20190911) || ‘L&P Cosmetics: MEDIHEAL | 엘엔피코스메틱: 메디힐’ (20190731) || ‘Humajor: Dr.FORHAIR | 휴메이저: 닥터포헤어’ (tvcf: 20191014-30s, 20191014-15s) || 2018: ‘Toyota Motor Korea Co., Ltd.: Lexus ES 300h | 한국토요타자동차: 렉서스 ES 300h’ (tvcf: 20181008) || ‘TLX: TLX PASS | 티엘엑스: 티엘엑스패스’ (tvcf: 20181210-30s, 20181210-60s, 20181210-making; 20190108_30s, 20190108-15s; 20190122, 20190126) || 2017: ‘KT: KT 5G’ (tvcf: 20170318-v1, 20170318-v2; 20170401; 20171103, 20171111) || ‘KT: KT’ (tvcf: 20170913, 20170929, 20171007) || ‘SK Magic: SK Magic Super S Edition Super Ice | SK매직: SK매직 슈퍼 S에디션 슈퍼 아이스’ (tvcf: 20170324) || ‘L&P Cosmetics: MEDIHEAL Seconderm Mask | 엘엔피코스메틱: 메디힐 세컨덤 마스크’ (with Kim Ji-won. tvcf: 20170701-15s, 20170701-30s, 20170703-30s) || ‘L&P Cosmetics: MEDIHEAL Proatin Mask | 엘엔피코스메틱: 메디힐 프로아틴 마스크’ (with Ji-woo, Gong Myung. tvcf: 20171001-v1, 20171001-v2; 20171102; 20171129) || ‘W Signature 12 by Windsor | 윈저 W 시그니처 12‘ (misc: 20171124) || 2016: ‘K2 Korea: K2 flywalk | K2코리아: K2 플라이워크’ (tvcf: 20160301, 20160302, 20160401) || ‘K2 Korea: K2 COOL 360 | K2코리아: K2 쿨360’ (tvcf: 20160501-15s, 20160501-30s) || ‘K2 Korea: K2 GHOST | K2코리아: K2 고스트’ (tvcf: 20161013-15s, 20161013-30s, 20161015) || ‘Samsung C&T: ROGATIS | 삼성물산: 로가디스’ (tvcf: 20160414, 20160830) || ‘Dongyang Magic: Dongyang Magic Super S Water Purifier | 동양매직: 동양매직 슈퍼S정수기’ (tvcf: 20160416, 20160902, 20160906) || ‘CJ Foodville: A TWOSOME PLACE | CJ푸드빌: 투썸플레이스’ (tvcf: 20160604, 20160606) || ‘L&P Cosmetics: MEDIHEAL | 엘엔피코스메틱: 메디힐’ (with miss A Fei. tvcf: 20161001-30s, 20161001-15s, 20161001-10s) || 2015: ‘Bullsone: Bullsoneshot | 불스원: 불스원샷’ (tvcf: 20150206) || ‘Bullsone: Bullsone Mirror | 불스원: 불스원 미러’ (tvcf: 20150506) || ‘FRL Korea: UNIQLO Slim Fit Stretch Selvedge Jeans | 에프알엘코리아: 유니클로 슬림피트 스트레치 셀비지 진’ (tvcf: 20150218) || ‘FRL Korea: UNIQLO Chester Coat | 에프알엘코리아: 유니클로 체스터 코트’ (with Lee Jong-hyuk. tvcf: 20150924; 20151102) || ‘FRL Korea: UNIQLO Heat Tech | 에프알엘코리아: 유니클로 히트텍’ (tvcf: 20151008) || ‘Cheil Industries: ROGATIS SMART SUIT | 제일모직: 로가디스 스마트 슈트’ (tvcf: 20150314, 20150315) || ‘K2 Korea: K2 flywalk | K2코리아: K2 플라이 워크’ (tvcf: 20150401-15s, 20150401-30s; 20150904-15s, 20150904-30s) || ‘K2 Korea: K2 COOL 360 | K2코리아: K2 쿨360’ (tvcf: 20150501) || ‘K2 Korea: K2 | K2코리아: K2’ (tvcf: 20151101-15s, 20151101-30s, 20151101-60s) || ‘Samsung Life: Samsung Life Gold Balance | 삼성생명: 삼성생명 골든밸런스’ (with Lee Sung-min. tvcf: 20150401-15s, 20150401-30s; 20150401-92s, 20150401-making; 20150608-v1, 20150608-v2; 20150608-v3, 20150608-making) || ‘Samsung Life: Samsung Life Consultant | 삼성생명: 삼성생명 컨설턴트’ (tvcf: 20150415-30s; 20150415-65s, 20150415-making) || ‘Samsung Life: Samsung Life National Asset Diagnosis Campaign | 삼성생명: 삼성생명 전국민 자산진단 캠페인’ (with Lee Sung-min, Yeom Jung-ah. tvcf: 20150912) || ‘Dongyang Magic: Dongyang Magic Super Water Purifier | 동양매직: 동양매직 슈퍼 정수기’ (tvcf: 20150410, 20150501, 20150922) || ‘HiteJinro: hite | 하이트진로: 하이트’ (tvcf: 20150703-v1, 20150703-v2, 20150703-v3; 20151023-30s, 20151023-15s, 20151023-v2-30s, 20151023-v2-15s; 20151102) || ‘L&P Cosmetics: MEDIHEAL | 엘엔피코스메틱: 메디힐’ (tvcf: 20151101-15s, 20151101-10s, 20151214) || ‘CJ Foodville: A TWOSOME PLACE | CJ푸드빌: 투썸플레이스’ (tvcf: ) || 2014: ‘Samsung Life: Samsung Life Gold Balance | 삼성생명: 삼성생명 골든밸런스’ (tvcf: 20140130-v1, 20140130-v2, 20140206, 20140209-making; 20140301, 20140301-making; 20140421, 20140421-making; 20140818, 20140818-making) || ‘K2 Korea: K2 | K2코리아: K2’ (tvcf: 20140301) || ‘K2 Korea: K2 flywalk | K2코리아: K2 플라이워크’ (tvcf: 20140401, 20140519, 20140906) || ‘K2 Korea: K2 LARTIS | K2코리아: K2 라르티스’ (tvcf: 20141101) || ‘BSK Corp: THE BODY SHOP White Musk Body Lotion | 비에스케이코퍼레이션: 더바디샵 화이트 머스크 바디로션’ (tvcf: 20140403) || ‘BSK Corp: THE BODY SHOP Tea Tree Oil | 비에스케이코퍼레이션: 더바디샵 티트리 오일’ (tvcf: 20140707-how2use) || ‘BSK Corp: THE BODY SHOP Drops of Youth | 비에스케이코퍼레이션: 더바디샵 DOY’ (tvcf: 20141006) || ‘HiteJinro: hite | 하이트진로: 하이트’ (tvcf: 20140405-15s, 20140405-30s; 20140614, 20140704) || ‘Cheil Industries: ROGATIS SMART SUIT | 제일모직: 로가디스 스마트 슈트’ (with Rose Motel’s Yook Joong-wan. tvcf: 20140915-v1-15s, 20140915-v1-30s; 20140915-v2; 20140915-v3-15s, 20140915-v3-30s, 20140915-v3-60s) || ‘EASTERN CAMEL | 이스턴카멜’ || 2013: ‘Samsung Electronics: Samsung Smart TV | 삼성전자: 삼성 스마트TV’ (tvcf: 20130119, 20130301, 20130420) || ‘K2 Korea: K2 | K2코리아: K2’ (tvcf: 20130201, 20130226-32s, 20130226-15s, 20131003, 20131101) || ‘K2 Korea: K2 flywalk | K2코리아: K2 플라이워크’ (tvcf: 20130411, 20130424, 20130501, 20130523, 20130913) || ‘Lotte Chilsung: Cantata | 롯데칠성음료: 칸타타’ (tvcf: 20130223-30s, 20130223-15s) || ‘Lotte Department Store | 롯데백화점’ (with Girls’ Generation. ad: 0405, 0412, 0419, 0423, 0426, …, 0824, 0830, 0922, 1002, 20140207) || ‘Lotte Department Store: LOEL | 롯데백화점: 로엘비’ (ad: 20130830, 20130927, 20131101, 20131129, 20140102) || ‘Kia Motors: K5 | 기아자동차: K5’ (tvcf: 20130531-30s, 20130531-15s, 20130624) || ‘CJ CheilJedang: Freshian | CJ제일제당: 프레시안’ (tvcf: 20130604, 20130703) || ‘Cheil Industries: ROGATIS | 제일모직: 로가디스’ (tvcf: 20130905, 20130912, 20130924) || ‘HiteJinro: hite | 하이트진로: 하이트’ (tvcf: 20131217) || ‘EASTERN CAMEL | 이스턴카멜’ || 2011: ‘Amorepacific Corp: Laneige Homme Aqua Active Essence | 아모레퍼시픽: 라네즈옴므 아쿠아 액티브 에센스’ (tvcf: 20110119; ad: ) || ‘Amorepacific Corp: Laneige Homme Sun BB Lotion | 아모레퍼시픽: 라네즈옴므 선BB 로션’ (tvcf: 20110320; ad: 20110312, 20110413) || ‘Amorepacific Corp: Laneige Homme Sun BB | 아모레퍼시픽: 라네즈옴므 선선BB’ (ad: 20120619) || ‘Amorepacific Corp: Laneige Homme Active Water Cream | 아모레퍼시픽: 라네즈옴므 액티브 워터크림 (ad: 20121122) || ‘Kwang Dong Pharmaceutical: V Line Corn Silk Tea | 광동제약: V라인 얼굴 옥수수수염차‘ (tvcf: 20110217, 20110430, 20110709) || ‘Korea Eunda: VITAFLEX | 고려은단: 비타플렉스’ (tvcf: 20110221, 20110301) || ‘K2: K2’ (tvcf: 20110226, 20110301, 20110319-29s, 20110319-14s, 20110319-30s, 20110319-14s) || ‘Samsung Electronics: Samsung Smart TV | 삼성전자: 삼성 스마트TV’ (with Kim Sung-oh, Tang Wei. tvcf: 20110226-30s, 20110226-14s, 20110420; 20110226-v1, 20110226-v2, 20110226-v3; 20110601-14s, 20110601-20s, 20110603, 20110608) || ‘Amorepacific Corp: Aritaum | 아모레퍼시픽: 아리따움’ (tvcf: 20110308) || ‘HiteJinro: hite | 하이트진로: 하이트’ (with Lee Yeon-hee. tvcf: 20110311-19s, 20110311-29s, 20110423, 20110504, 20110603, 20110611-14s, 20110611-29s, 20110629) || ‘Lotte Duty Free | 롯데면세점’ || 2010: ‘Amorepacific Corp: Laneige Homme Sun BB Lotion | 아모레퍼시픽: 라네즈옴므 선BB 로션’ (ad: 20100325) || ‘Philips: Philips SensoTouch 3D | 필립스: 필립스 센소터치3D’. (tvcf: 20110201, ad: 20111209) || 2009: ‘OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE | 아웃백스테이크하우스’ (with Seo Hyo-rim. tvcf: 20090101, 20090401, 20090701, 20091101) || ‘garden5 LIFE: garden 5 | 가든파이브: 가든5’ (with Son Dam-bi. tvcf: 20090301, 20090612) || ‘Amorepacific Corp: Mise-en-scène Red Essential Damage Care | 아모레퍼시픽: 미쟝센 레드 에센셜 데미지케어’ (with Shin Min-ah. tvcf: 20090305, 20091004) || ‘BASIC HOUSE | 베이직하우스’ (with Yoon Eun-hye. ad: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) || ‘Amorepacific Corp: Laneige Homme Sunblock Lotion | 아모레퍼시픽: 라네즈옴므 선블록 로션’ (tvcf: 20090503) || ‘Amorepacific Corp: Laneige Homme Aqua Active Essence | 아모레퍼시픽: 라네즈옴므 아쿠아 액티브 에센스’ (ad: 20090922, 20091223) || ‘Woosung I&C: BON | 우성 I&C: 본’ (ad: 20090401) || ‘Amorepacific Corp: Aritaum | 아모레퍼시픽: 아리따움’ (with Song Hye-kyo. tvcf: 20090610, 20090610; ad: 20090615) || ‘Good Downloader | 굿 다운로더’ || 2008: ‘Hannuri BIZ: Nurian X20 | 한누리비즈: 누리안 X20’ (tvcf: 20080101) || ‘OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE | 아웃백스테이크하우스’ (with Seo Hyo-rim. tvcf: 20080301, 20080701) || ‘Woori Bank: Woori V Card | 우리은행: 우리V카드’ (tvcf: 20080206) || ‘LG Electronics: XNOTE | LG전자: XNOTE’ (with Ryoo Seung-bum, Shin Min-ah. tvcf: 20080716; 20080707-1, 20080712-2, 20080716-3, 20080721-4, 20080728-5, 20080731-6, 20080811-7) || 2007: ‘Somang Cosmetics: Flor de Man Mousse Pack | 소망화장품: 꽃을든남자 황토무스팩’ (with Goo Hye-sun. tvcf: 20070201) || ‘NURIAN: Nurian X9 | 누리안: 누리안 X9’ (tvcf: 20070201) || ‘NURIAN: Nurian Z1 | 누리안: 누리안 Z1’ (tvcf: 20070306; ad: 20070725) || ‘Woongjin Foods: Haneul Barley Tea | 웅진식품: 하늘보리’ (tvcf: 20070308); ad: 20070910, 20070913) || ‘SK Networks: CONUS | SK네트웍스: 코너스’ (ad: 20070507, 20070604, 20070612) || ‘LG Electronics: CYON Shine | LG전자: 싸이언 샤인’ (with Kim Tae-hee. tvcf: 20070520) || ‘licom international: BLUE CLUB | 리컴인터내셔널: 블루클럽’ (ad: 20070803) || ‘Winiamando: Dimchae | 위니아만도: 딤채’ (with Ji Jin-hee, Yoo Jae-eun. tvcf: 20070820, 20070915, 20071110; ad: 20071130, 20071227) || 2006: ‘Somang Cosmetics: Flor de Man Powder Pact | 소망화장품: 꽃을든남자 파우더팩트’ (tvcf: 20060107-15s, 20060107-31s) || ‘Somang Cosmetics: Flor de Man Coenzyme Q10 | 소망화장품: 꽃을든남자 코엔자임Q10’ (with Ahn Jung-hwan, Kim Hye-soo. tvcf: 20060216, 20060216-making; 20060412) || ‘Somang Cosmetics: Metaclear | 소망화장품: 멜라클리어’ (with Kim Hye-soo. ad: 20060718) || ‘Somang Cosmetics: Acupure | 소망화장품: 아크퓨어’ (with Lee Sung-min. ad: 20061012) || ‘SK Networks: CONUS | SK네트웍스: 코너스’ (with Yoo In-young. ad: 20060823, x) || ‘Paris-Croissant Food Company: PARIS BAGUETTE | 파리크라상: 파리바게뜨’ (tvcf: 20060901, 20060916, 20061009, 20061118) || ‘SUPER ACTION | 슈퍼액션‘ (ad: 20060404, 20060404) || 2005: ‘Interpark | 인터파크’ (tvcf: 20050301) || ‘KT: Megapass | KT: 메가패스’ (tvcf: 20050303-20s, 20050303-30s; 20050806-21s, 20050806-31s) || ‘Somang Cosmetics: Flor de Man Coenzyme Q10 | 소망화장품: 꽃을든남자 코엔자임Q10’ (with Lee Sung-min. tvcf: 20050901) || ‘Lotte Chilsung: Jiri Mountain Green Tea | 롯데칠성음료: 지리산 생녹차’ (with Jung Yu-mi. tvcf: 20050903-20s, 20050903-15s, 20060211) || ‘SK Networks: CASPI CONUS | SK네트웍스: 카스피 코너스’ (with Kim Hyo-jin. tvcf: 20050905; ad: x) || ‘LG Electronics: CYON idea | LG전자: 싸이언 아이디어’ (tvcf: 20050924-20s, 20050924-61s, 20051126-15s, 20051126-61s, 20060125, 20060602) || ‘LG Electronics: CYON idea | LG전자: 싸이언 아이디어’ (with Kim Tae-hee, Daniel Henney. tvcf: 20051105-15s, 20051105-61s, 20051105-v2-15s; 20060208-15s, 20060208-20s, 20060208-30s; 20060812-20s, 20060812-30s) || ‘Shinwon Fashion: SIEG | 신원패션: 지이크’ || 2004: ‘Lotte Chilsung: Pine bud Drink | 롯데칠성음료: 솔의 눈’ (tvcf: 20040510) || ‘CJ CheilJedang: Hetbahn | CJ제일제당: 햇반’ (tvcf: 20040605) || ‘RADIO GARDEN | 라디오가든’ (with Kim Min-hee. ad: 20041008, x, x) || ‘KFC: KFC Red Hot Chicken | KFC: KFC 레드핫치킨’ (tvcf: 20041029-21s, 20041029-31s) || ‘KTF: Na New Couple Rate Plan | KTF: Na 뉴커플 요금제’ (with Kim Byul. tvcf: 20041106-21s, 20041106-31s) || 2003: ‘HANG TEN | 행텐’ (with Kim Yoon-ah. ad: 20030214) || ‘HanaFOS | 하나포스’ || ‘Dreamcast: 707-1515 | 드림캐스트: 707-1515’ (tvcf: 20030602) || ‘FUJIFILM: FUJIFILM X-TRA 400 | 후지필름: 후지필름 오토오토 엑스트라 400’ (with Kim Min-hee. tvcf: 20030717) || ‘Haitai Confectionery: Friend | 해태제과: 프랜드’ (with Jeon Ji-hyun. tvcf: 20030910) || 2002: ‘Namyang Dairy: Salad Drink | 남양유업: 마시는 샐러드 여우야’ (with Kim Jung-hwa. tvcf: 20020629) 2001: ‘Lotte Confectionery: World Cone | 롯데제과: 월드콘’ [ March 2022 | cr: TomFordBeauty ] PHOTOS VIDEOS FASHION LINKS Agency: VAST Entertainment & Media [ Homepage | Facebook | Instagram | Post.naver | Vlive.tv | YouTube | Weibo ]
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  2. I compiled all the news about our POWER COUPLE here from SYJ's thread (from page 601). Lets our ship keep sailing until it reach the destination. Credit : fchopin / thi2018 / Binnie Jinnie Facebook Page. News| 2019•01•10 Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin Are Rumored To Be Dating and Go Together For A Vacation, Agencies Respond Son Yejin and Hyun Bin's agencies responded to the rumors. On January 10th, the two were wrapped up in dating rumors, claimed to have a vacation together in Los Angeles, California. There were also reports said that the two are meeting Son Yejin's parents, talking about their serious relationship. However, soon after the rumors spread, both agencies of the two actors quickly denied it. Son Yejin's label MSTeam Entertainment said, "Son Yejin is currently traveling alone in the U.S. She likes to travel alone. Son Yejin's parents are currently in Korea." Similarly, Hyun Bin's label VAST Entertainment also denied the rumors, "Hyun Bin is currently overseas for his promotions and works." The rumors started as the two have recently starred in box office 'The Negotiation.' Source (1) ....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... |News| 2019•01•21 Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin are Spotted Together at the Suppermarket in LA One of the netizens on the afternoon of the 21st posted a post with a titled "Hyun Bin - Son Ye Jin Photo". In the post, Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin, who are looking at the groceries together, have a picture taken. Hyun Bin pushes the cart while Son Ye-jin looks at things. On January 9th, an online community claimed Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are dating by traveling together to United States and eating at a restaurant with Son Ye Jin's parents.However, the two sides denied that it was "absolutely not". "The contents are not true," a member of the MS team told Sports Korea, "and the parents of Son Ye-jin are present in Korea and denying that it is ridiculous to present in the United States." Hyun Bin's agency, VAST Entertainment, also said, "He is currently working abroad on a schedule"After the supermarket photo released, Sonye-jin's side said, "We will confirm with her," and Hyun Bin said, "We are confirming the facts now, and we will announce our position soon." Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were colaborated in the movie 'Negotiations', which was released last year. In the process of publicity, the netizens 'opinion that the two people fit well together.lunamoon @ sportschosun. .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Let's reminisce Hyun Bin's type of woman for the past couple of years! Hyun Bin's interview after KSS drama "My ideal type is a kind person, eats well and could understand the fact that I'm an actor." Hyun Bin: The girl I like, she'd have to understand the nature of my job, and she'd have to have a healthy appetite. Age doesn't matter, as long as she's not older than my mother. Would you fall in love with a 30-year-old woman in reality? Hyun Bin's answer "If I really like her, if my mother doesn't disagree, why not?" When I set the first look on a girl, and when I'm speaking to them, I do not look at her face. The first thing I'd look is her hands. I think I could see whether a girl is capable of becoming a good wife through her hands. He said, "Actually, I don't care much about the appearance, the most important thing is having a kind heart." If I really like a girl, I'd want to be a man who could understand her and take care of her. Don't all girls like this type of guys? Relationship that my parents disapprove of is an absolute NO. Actually, I'm the MOST realistic person ever. Regarding what kind of husband he'd want to be, Hyun Bin already has a very specific thought, "Whether a woman is considered pretty depends on her cooking skill, the way she dresses and her husband. Which means, when a woman cooks well, wears sexy clothes, and there is a charming husband standing beside her, she'd look exceptionally pretty. I hope I could satisfy one of the three requirements in order to make my woman prettier. The first two requirements she'd have to work hard on her own, I'd be responsible for the last one." .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... For the Chinese (original) version by Yi Soon Translated by Soah-Bin of soompi Hyun Bin's interview after SeGa dramaQ: What type of woman is your ideal?HYUN BIN: Well, the woman I'm waiting for is someone who would understand and respect my job as an actor. Because of my job, I have an irregular life pattern. And I just want someone to be here for me and to understand that and stay with me. There have been women who seem to understand this part of my life and respect it, but I think they will actually have to live the part when they aren't able to handle it. So I'm just currently waiting for the woman who can do that for me. He later stated that he wishes to get married before he turns 40 years old. He stated, “I wish to be married before I turn 40. Just like everyone else, I believe a marriage is one of the most important moments in one’s life. It changes your life in many ways. I envy my friends who are married and have a family (although they may envy my freedom in life).” .................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Translation for the very top post (From Binnie Jinnie FB Page) They said: This dating rumour is really a hot topic in SK. There are hundreds of articles talking about them that is impossible to read them all. They don't know whether these are real or assumption - 1. One post has a title "I have a clip showing hb and yj hand in hand". The owner claimed the clip is in his/her phone but don't know how to upload. Many people commented how to upload it but the owner never did and disappeared. 2. One post said "I saw hb in person." The writer claimed seeing hb at a very close distance. His face is not big. He's very handsome, just like looking at an art work. I also saw Son Ye Jin." No one knew where or when the writer saw her and no one asked those questions in the comment section. This was posted on January 22. 3. Another post "Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin is rumored they got married since September 2018". There was a picture captured from some blogs posted by someone who has fortune-telling ability. The picture has the post as follows : ● On September 12: "I have posted about Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin recently". I kept getting questions if these 2 have a dating rumor, what would be their horoscopes. Both of them will surely have good news. They will not like friends, best friends, acquaintance or dating. They will get married. I'm happy for the handsome man and the beautiful lady. If you ever hear a dating rumor of these 2, please come back to me. ● On January 10 (1st dating rumor) "Did I not tell you? Son Ye Jin Hyun Bin". Definitely there will be news about marriage. If not, I will stop here. Comments at the bottom : -arrggg..goosebumps -very good to have captured these pictures -Did Son Ye Jin write this? -the end 4. Another post "Hyun Bin looks exactly like Son Ye Jin's dad". See picture Comments -yes very alike -Son Ye Jin picks lover who has to look like her dad -same from being in marines to having dimples. Exactly alike -this is definitely destiny No wonder they look alike. She looks like her dad and Bin has many beautiful features like her dad. SK news started to discover this and some began to write about it. Source (1) According to the same FB account, the above is the original post on January 9 from an anonymous person started the rumor ●right now Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are in LA, with Lee Jin Woo ●why are they there, any events? Who is Lee Jin Woo? ●really? are they really close? If not, are there any events? After researching, fb owner said Lee Jin Woo is HB's senior served in Marines. Also, when they were spotted last year (on August 11, 2018) at the golf course, the name of the golf course was blacked out...so meaning someone actually saw them there at that particular golf course. There was one comment on YJ's IG "I saw you in LA" and another one "wife Son goes vacation to US with Hyun Bin?" Son Ye Jin's ideal type is the same: she wanted someone who understands her job. **Skip the greetings part** Not only people saw Yejjn and Hyunbin in US at the beginning of January like the news were talking about, some actually also saw them in SK around November 2018. Then the supermarket pictures revealed. At that time, reporters believed they will admit dating because of the pictures, but they still denied firmly. The reporters have tried to find out why they were in US but their agencies only stated personal trip. They also asked about the relationship of the acquaintances who were with them but only got the silence from their agencies. The reporters are very suspicious based on these vague responses. Some said it would be better to meet the acquaintances at the restaurant rather than at the supermarket. So their conclusion is leaning more towards the two people went to supermarket to get daily supplies + snacks + cooking ingredients for both, rather than for a whole group. Hong Seok-chon (a bald guy who has wide relations) said celebrities usually meet their friends through SNS communication. So this can possibly happen, especially they went to the supermarket without covering their face. Aren't they too confidence (not afraid to be exposed if someone see them together )? Another reporter said maybe because this is not the first time and they probably came to the same supermarket several times with no obvious threats so they felt somewhat comfortable without using masks. One female dancer or singer said she also met her colleague in US. They also met their acquaintances and all of them went to eat and then to the supermarket just like yj-hb's case. Both weren't dating. Another female reporter responded based on her personal experience. If 2 famous celebrities who already had dating rumor had their pictures taken together outside the country like that, the chances of them dating is really high. Then she talked about how everyone supports them being together as a couple. Then they talked about the movie "Negotiation". Yj-hb are enemies in the movie but they look very close during the promotion period. The reporters also mentioned that during an interview last year, YJ honestly said I'm not always working without dating. Her ideal type is someone who she's comfortable with, reliable, and gives her good attention, also someone who is hard working, enthusiastic, and take good care of himself. In conclusion, this is yj-hb's privacy so even if they are dating or not, they are currently denying so we just have to believe that. The celebrities say it's possible for friends to meet abroad in the supermarket. On the other hand, the reporters are not convinced and continued to keep their suspicious. The writer's opinion : Hong Seok Chon said 2 celebrity friends from the same city can communicate through SNS to meet outside of the country is possible ~ this part doesn't make sense because hb doesn't have SNS, it's even more impossible for hb to find where yj is through the 1st dating rumor and then met her there with a few acquaintances to talk about the "nonsense" dating rumor about them.....etc... ..................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Chris Chan is the hostage taker in The Negotiation. The one that killed Min Tae Gu's sister. ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin in talks to reunite in a new drama by scriptwriter of 'You Who Came From the Stars’ According to reports on April 3, same-age actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are currently in talks to work together again in a new tvN dram by scriptwriter Park Ji Eun!Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, who are close 1982-line friends, worked together for film 'The Negotiation' last year and received such rave reviews about their chemistry, that they even became involved in dating rumors. Meanwhile, scriptwriter Park Ji Eun is considered a star in the romantic-comedy genre of K-dramas, being the master mind behind 'Queen of Housewives', 'My Husband Got A Family', 'You Who Came From The Stars', 'Producer', 'The Legend of the Blue Sea', and more. She is currently working on her new tvN romantic comedy in top secret, traveling back and forth from Korea to the U.S. The new series is expected to premiere some time in the latter half of 2019. Source (1) .................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. Hyun Bin And Son Ye Jin Confirm For New Drama From Writer Of “The Legend Of The Blue Sea” TV/FILM May 22, 2019 by R. Jun Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin have both confirmed for the drama “Crash Landing of Love” (tentative title) from writer Park Ji Eun, who penned “My Love From the Star” and “The Legend of the Blue Sea.” The drama is about a wealthy heiress named Yoon Se Ri (played by Son Ye Jin), who, while paragliding, is forced to land in North Korea due to high winds. A North Korean officer named Ri Jung Hyuk (played by Hyun Bin) hides and protects her, and in doing so, comes to love her. In addition to the unique story from the hit drama writer, the casting of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin — who previously worked together in the 2018 film “The Negotiation” — already has viewers excited. Hyun Bin will have no shortage of heart-pounding, charismatic scenes as an elite officer, and Son Ye Jin will be putting her rom-com sensibilities on full display. Joining the drama is director Lee Jung Hyo of “Good Wife,” “Life on Mars,” and “Romance Is a Bonus Book.” “Crash Landing of Love” is set to air sometime in the second half of this year on tvN. Source (1) Pics leaked : 21st Jan Drama confirmation : 22nd May Release date : 23rd Nov Nice date
  3. tvN Drama Crash Landing on you Network: tvN Genre: Romance Episodes: 16 Airdate: December 14th, 2019 - Airtime: Sat & Sun @ 22:55 KST Director: Lee Jung Hyo, (Romance is a bonus book) Writer: Park Ji Eun (My love from aother star) Story: The drama is about a wealthy heiress named Yoon Se Ri, who, while paragliding, is forced to land in North Korea due to high winds. A North Korean officer named Ri Jung Hyuk hides and protects her, and in doing so, comes to love her. Cast: Hyu Bin as Ri Jung Hyuk Son Ye Jin as Yoon Se Ri Kim Jung Hyun as Goo Jun Hee Seo Jin Hye as Seo Dan Oh Man Seok Teasers: Press conf OST 01.Soompi code of conduct | SOOMPI RULES FOR KDRAMA | MOVIES | ACTORS' & ACTRESS' SECTION Don't post any requests for subs! Anything unrelated to the drama plot is considered spamming. Don't quote images. 01.Due to the copyright/legal problems, no illegal streaming links will/should be posted on this thread as there had been major crackdowns going on lately.02.Any complaints about any streaming links will be counted as spam and will be reported to the mods.03.Any complaints of the respective companies such as Viki, youtube, Etc.. should be report to the respective companies instead of posting your complaints here.04.Those who are caught breaking the soompi posting rules more than 5 times will have their Id/IDs reported the mods. 05.Those who are caught promoting/posting illegal streaming links with subs ( those without permission from the orginal subbers and doesn't have copyrights like, Viki, Dramafever, Kdrama.com or Crunchyroll) will have their ID's reported to the mods for endangering Soompi to legal issues for illegal streaming sites promotions. PLEASE GIVE CREDIT TO WHERE CREDIT IS DUE
  4. Presents Director: Ahn Gil Ho (Secret Forest, Mrs. Cop) Writer: Song Jae Jung (Queen In Hyun's Man, Nine: Nine Times Travel, W) Producers : Green Snake Media | Studio Dragon | Netflix Episodes: 16 (Tentative) Release Date: December 1, 2018 -- Runtime: Sat-Sun. 22:00 Website : tvN Memories of Alhambra Palace About the Show Jin-Woo runs a company that specializes in optical devices designed to take AR technology to the next level. He travels to Spain in search of Se-Ju, a genius game developer of a groundbreaking AR game about medieval battles in Alhambra. This game, if coupled with Jin-Woo’s technology, will bring a fortune. But Se-Ju has gone missing and Jin-Woo stumbles across Hee-Ju, Se-Ju’s sister who runs an old hostel in Spain. Jin-Woo gets involved in strange affairs with Hee-Ju, and the border between the real world and the AR world built by Se-Ju begins to blur. (Netflix) A thriller about the mysteries surrounding an augmented reality (AR). The owner of an investment company travels to Spain and stays in cheap hotel run by an ex-guitarist. (Hancinema) ~~ Yoo Jin-Woo (Hyun-Bin) is the CEO of an investment company. He has good sense at his work, a strong adventurous spirit and a strong desire for winning. Yoo Jin-Woo is going through a hard time emotionally due to things like betrayal from his friends. He visits Granada, Spain on business and stays at an old hostel run by Jung Hee-Joo. There, Yoo Jin-Woo gets involved in a strange affair. (Asianwiki) ~~ “Memories of the Alhambra” is a fantasy melodrama about investment company CEO Yoo Jin Woo who visits Spain and stays at a hostel run by Jung Hee Joo. (Soompi) ~~ After suffering a setback following his friend's betrayal, Yoo Jin-woo travels to Spain for a business trip. There, he stays at a hostel owned by a former guitarist named Jung Hee-joo; and both get entangled in an mysterious incident. (Wikipedia) Cast of Characters (click to enlarge/source: wikipedia) Hyun Bin as Yoo Jin-woo A doctor of engineering who becomes the chief executive officer of an investment company. He is adventurous and competitive, and talented in developing games. Park Shin-hye as Jung Hee-joo Owner of a hostel. A former classic guitarist who came to Spain to further her studies, but took on several jobs there to sustain livelihood following the death of her parents in Korea. Park Hoon as Cha Hyung-seok Jin-woo's college friend turned rival, and Cha Byung-jun's son. He has a competitive and egoistical personality, causing him to clash with Jin-woo, and later betrays him. CEO of an investment company who is a proud and competitive man. He is Jin-woo's college friend turned rival, and his betrayal causes the greatest setback in Jin-woo's life. Park Chan-yeol as Jung Se-joo Hee-joo's younger brother who is a genius programmer. After suffering from a childhood trauma, he shuts himself up and only communicates with his sister. Supporting People around Jin-woo Han Bo-reum as Ko Yoo-ra Jin-woo's second wife who is a former celebrity, and is currently divorcing him. She is vain and impulsive. Kim Eui-sung as Cha Byung-jun A professor at the University of Alhambra, who is wealthy and well-educated. Hyung-seok's father. He has an intricate relationship with Jin-woo and gets entangled with him in the mysterious incident. Min Jin-woong as Seo Jung-hoon Jin-woo's secretary, who has a bright and amiable personality. Lee Seung-joon Jin-woo's college senior and the strategy director of the investment company. Lee Shi Won as Lee Soo Jin Jin-woo's first wife who divorced with him. A pediatrician who is intelligent and innocent. Ryu Abel as Lee Soo-kyung Soo Jin's sister. A florist. Jo Hyun-chul as Choi Yang-joo An engineer at Jin-woo's company. A computer genius. People around Hee-joo Kim Yong Rim as Oh Young-shim Hee Joo's grandmother Lee Hak-joo as Kim Sang-bum A classic guitarist who is close to Hee-joo and cares for her. Lee Re as Jung Min-joo Hee-joo's younger sister who dreams of becoming a girl group member. Kim Do-yeon A medical student that stays at Hee-joo's hostel and becomes involved in the mysterious accident Others Lee Jae-wook as Marco Han A Spanish international student who becomes involved with Se-joo. Kim Do-yeon A medical student that stays at Hee-joo's hostel and becomes involved in the mysterious accident Ryu Soon-young Han Da-sol Bae Kang-min as Ko Yoo-ra's manager Pre-Production Overseas filming will take place in Granada and Barcelona, Spain. Filming in Granada will take place from 28 May to 1 June; featuring locations such as Caldelería, San Miguel Alto, Correo Viejo, el Colegio Ave María o la Alhambra, Espinosa Bridge, Carrera del Darro and Fuente de las Granadas. Filming in Terrassa took place from 12 to 16 June; mainly in Catalonia Audiovisual Park. Filming in Girona tookplace from 18 to 22 June; featuring locations such as Barri Vell, Pont de Pedra, Ballesteries Street and Nou del Teatre and Peixateries Velles Bridge[Wikipedia] In early August, the cast started filming in Budapest, Hungary and Slovenia. First Script Reading photos released - Sept 27 2018 (Click Photos to enlarge) | First Script Reading Video released - October 8 2018 Teasers 9.21.18- 30 Second Teaser 10.21.18 Hyun Bin Teaser | Park Shin Hye Teaser 10.28.18 Hyun Bin Teaser | Park Shin Hye Teaser 11.8.18 4th Teaser | Hyun Bin | Park Shin Hye 11.23.18 Official Netflix Teaser Original Soundtrack PART 1 : "Star (Little Prince)" 별 (Little Prince) by Loco & U Sung-eun PART 2: "Daydream" (백일몽) by Elaine PART 3: "Is You" by Ailee 01.Soompi code of conduct | SOOMPI RULES FOR KDRAMA | MOVIES | ACTORS' & ACTRESS' SECTION Don't post any requests for subs! Anything unrelated to the drama plot is considered spamming. Don't quote images. 01.Due to the copyright/legal problems, no illegal streaming links will/should be posted on this thread as there had been major crackdowns going on lately.02.Any complaints about any streaming links will be counted as spam and will be reported to the mods.03.Any complaints of the respective companies such as Viki, youtube, Etc.. should be reported to the respective companies instead of posting your complaints here.04.Those who are caught breaking the Soompi posting rules more than 5 times will have their Id/IDs reported the mods. 05.Those who are caught promoting/posting illegal streaming links with subs ( those without permission from the original subbers and doesn't have copyrights like Viki, Viu,Dramafever, ) will have their ID's reported to the mods for endangering Soompi to legal issues for illegal streaming sites promotions. PLEASE GIVE CREDIT TO WHERE CREDIT IS DUE
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