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  1. @Felizak@t Thank you for your post. Like you I've been investing in this HIGH RISK stock but I have faith in GREAT RETURN. Can't wait for that day. About FM last night, I'm happy to see YJ healthy and happy. She is glowing and so beautiful. That's enough for me. On the other hand, IF I was YJ, and IF I'm just friend with HB, I don't have problems mentioning him at all. I even address the rumour if I want to. Like "Oh, because people loving our chemistry in CLOY so much so they are hoping we are couple but the fact is we are not." There, it's so simple. But YJ DID NOT DENIAL HER REL
  2. #HAPPYBINDAY Jinnie's slow version: . https://streamable.com/4qijt1 Jinnie's upbeat version:
  3. My dear shipper friends, have you recovered from sugar overdose in the last few days? I can't help but put them all together in words & pictures again. All these made our hearts sing and we're jumping for joy. Thanks to our wonderful BinJin couple. "...I've never been caught up in a hug scandal or committed anything wrong that required me do discipline/ restrain myself. I am a very thorough person. For example, if someone says that they'll set up a blind date for me, I'll first be concerned/ worried about whether the other person will spread rumours about meeting me. My f
  4. This, ladies & gentlemen, is an example of a GREAT, SINCERE fan service. No hidden messages, no cryptic symbols, just a simply sincere thank you from the heart of a Queen to her fans. That's why we love her and proud to be her fans. Bonus: the word BinJin appeared on both cakes & that amazing HB & YJ hugging photo. ICBM.
  5. @TotoroSY Thank you so much about the Carol Cheng post. I read it and thinking CC is not simply a radio host but a shipper. She is a very successful actor herself so she understands how the industry work. Her views are really valuable. She helped us to see BinJin acting skills & relationship via a clearer lens. Like when she analysed the scene where YSR was alone in RJH home. YJ’s acting skills are superb, but CLOY was so good with so many great scenes that we may missing out a couple of good acting scenes. CC views about BinJin as well, she is whipped about BinJin like all of us but at th
  6. Ring ring honey! babe. What’s wrong? Oh, today my Cinderella friends told me out there people are circulating news that made me upset. Talk to me babe. Don’t be too upset ? I know it’s not true honey. But I hate it when people talking about things that are completely untrue. They said I’m dating a businessman. Yeap, that’s me. What else? Well, at one point they even said I’m dating a singer. That’s me too. What else? Oh yes, there is also a supermodel. Ah
  7. Ring ring babe honey! How are you feeling today? I feel great. Don’t worry babe. My first test is negative, for sure it will be . I know honey. Knowing you are back and if I want to see you it’s only few minutes drive. That feeling is really good. be patient Mrs Kim to be. Now we can see each other at a distance. Breathing the same air, waking up at the same time zone is a wonderful feeling. Let’s be safe than be sorry OK? I know honey. If it was up to me then we are probably cuddling each other and watching movie right n
  8. Kari, thank God you didn’t jump the ship otherwise I’ll have to call you KSHMWTF and the #InTwoFacedPeopleWeDontTrust will have to stay much longer in my emoji stories.
  9. Ring Ring babe honey! How are you doing babe? Not that great honey. I miss you, a lot. It has been 2 years since we started... everyday there is this memory of us together during The Negotiation coming up here and there on IG. Our fans have been celebrating for us & that made me miss you even more. Awww thanks to our fans, I miss you too babe. I wish the filming ended earlier so that I can come back and celebrate with you. But Covid made it harder for all of us. It doesn't help when oppa HJM came back before you. But I know you are working hard
  10. @Syj4ever I think I may misunderstood you for a troll since I read your first post. My apologies if I did offended you in anyway. The reason for me to have this doubt is because in the past, there were so many trolls visiting this forum with accounts that opened ages ago but there is no activities in it similar like yours. While there are some people don’t feel comfortable posting here but they’re still giving out appreciation points and because of that I’m still able to see they are actively supporting this thread. Also on your first post, you mentioned competition while I’
  11. As you all know I’m into books and last time so many of you really love my book recommendation he he. Thank you for such genuine interest from all of you. Today, I have another recommendation, just so we can all have a bit of fun together.
  12. Facts: there are plenty of time BinJin shippers posts have been captured and reposted on SocMed (IG, Twitter and even made it into a video on Youtube). The majority of us - especially ones that got their posts exposed felt uncomfortable and worried that the media may take it in the wrong way. Is it too hard for us binJin shippers to know our limit to write about BinJin? We can support BinJin as much as possible. We can have fun sharing news and finding lovely evidences, connecting the dots here and there but there is a fine line between exposing BinJin’s private life with so much d
  13. Hi Chingus, I went to a bookshop today and found some really good books. Highly recommended. Since I'm a member of this ship so I've decided to share them here exclusively. Enjoy! .
  14. Ring Ring Hello Hi babe, how are you doing? Oh hi honey, I’m good. I’m about to call you. , we are really telepathy... Yes, sometimes I wonder why. There are so many coincidences between us. We are mean to be babe. Yes, I believe you. So how is your filming? Anything too difficult for you? Uhm, . A bit physical but it was great to act in a foreign country. The weather is getting hotter and it wasn’t easy to film in a middle of a desert but we managed. Yes, I know that feeling honey. We were so lu
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