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  1. From what I know, only the close up shots in this scene were taken on the last day of filming, the rest was filmed earlier in Switzerland. You can notice Seri's slightly different hairstyle. BTW, although there were not much information about BinJin's parents, however I always think they are really good, if not outstanding parents to bring up their children with such integrity, confident, independent & remain so grounded. This talented, smart couple worked hard to get where they are but they never let fame, money change who they are. I'm sure they are totally capable of maintaining a lovely, strong relationship.
  2. Guys, I have been thinking about this since watching BTS. There are 2 kisses that I want to analyse with you all. 1. The 2nd panic kiss on the boat. Why did Binssi have to cover themselves with the hat while his other hand trying to hold on to the box. Perhaps Jinssi pulled him too close to her? Were they really kissing that passionate that they need to hide from the crews or was it simple acting? Were Binssi’s ears red because of that? Is that why they laugh so hard afterward? 2. The kiss on the hill when they found each other again. When the director said cut. Both of them let go and both looked so shy. Binssi actually touched his eye. Was his body language showed he was embarrassed or it actually had different meaning? I don’t think he embarrassed while kissing other actresses. Was he acting like that because they had to show their intimacy in front of the people? I feel at that moment they were actually HB & SYJ. I wish I can kidnap the director and question him why they need to retake the kissing scene on the last day of filming. This guy hold all the secrets that we need to clear of. Anyway, whatever the reason I’m thankful for it.
  3. Uh oh, true or not it is still entertaining. My apologies for posting quite often lately. The Covid19 quarantine gives me so much time on my hand. Nothing to do but entertaining you all I really like this IG account. He/She has the best caption for each post.
  4. I have to agree with you. Some of SYJ’s outfits are not that flattering. SYJ’s stylist needs to improve her skills. I feel the clothes she wore on several occasions didn’t emphasise her beauty enough. On the other hand, HB’s stylist did such a good job on him. I hope they can share the stylist so she can match the same level as him. Oh well, they shared the bodyguard may as well share the stylist eh?
  5. HB: OMO, these shippers are unbelievable. Apart from checking where my hands go, now I need to monitor my tongue. Life is tough, it is impossible to control parts of my body while I’m near her. I’m in big trouble.
  6. I agree - IMO I think SYJ nudged HB’s arm and told him “Stop that” when he tried to move the chicken wing. He reacted by grabbed her hand without thinking much. Anyway, they denied this so let’s not bring this back. We should respect their wishes which is dating in privacy and let’s not dwelling into too much details. The best we can do is support their work and love them, give them as much space as they can. Imagine if you are BinJin and anything you do you will get report by fans or the press. If I were them, I wouldn’t want to public my relationship either. Too much attention, too much scrutiny.
  7. @LoverboyBin @loveintheair I’m surprised that no one from CLOY’s production team spills the beans on BinJin yet. I feel like kidnapping the CLOY director and make him confirm about them and release all the uncut BTS Just kidding. We are responsible shippers and very smart ones. We know our limit right?
  8. Number ONE on the list of all shippers is this TN director - we are just the following numbers. He is the Cupid.
  9. Thank you for posting. The more I read about SYJ the more I love her. Such a talented and so professional actress. I was hoping my addiction to BinJin will cease after a while but it seems impossible. Lucky you guys kept posting interesting things so my “social distance” days are not that boring. I was laughing so hard when I saw the bodyguard story. I don’t know if you guys having the same behaviour like me but I still rewatching CLOY’s BTS everyday & asking friends to watch the series so we can chat about. I even went back and watch their old movies. I have to tell you, who ever to be partners with Bin Jin in the next movies/TV series will have a hard time to match the chemistry that these two shared. I watched April Snow (including BTS) to compare to CLOY and although there were some hot scenes in the movie I didn’t feel the love like what I witnessed in CLOY. All I can hope is receiving good news (the news that all of us longing for) from BinJin in the near future. Hope you all are safe in this uncertain time. Pls take care. PS. My favourite song from CLOY is Flower. I found the English version and really feel it. Beautiful lyrics.
  10. Thank you all for posting so many interesting things in this thread. Each of you - your posts, your videos, your sharing gave me so many happy moments. It wasn’t easy for me in the last two week as I went from busy working to staying at home without pay for the time being. I’m not sure when this pandemic virus ended however reading all of your posts everyday lifted my spirit up. I wish you all good health and please stay safe wherever you are. I don’t know if BinJin couple know how much their lovely journey affects all of us in a positive way but I’m thankful for them and for the CLOY series. It was something good for all of us to watch, to laugh and cry with this couple. @Helena I think you are a BinJin dictionary. I think there is nothing you don’t know. Thank you so much for your input. I wish I know what’s in SJY’s head in the gif image (3rd image - the press conference day) you posted above. I think they were up to something on that day.
  11. Wow, thank you for posting this. Thanks to the person who put everything together in this video. I wish SYJ & HB could watch this. Such an amazing journey with so many lovely memories. Shippers: only time will tell...
  12. One thing for sure their relationship developed after the TN movie, and it is based on their mutual respect for each other (talents, sharing same core values, perspectives...) not because they were playing lovers. So when they started CLOY, they are already a pair, hence we were bonus with that amazing chemistry. If a relationship started in a realistic environment then I’m sure it will last long. Usually actors needed time to get out of the characters after filming - I don’t think BinJin needed this. I found it’s funny when they tried to act cool during the CLOY press conference but with all other interviews & BTS afterwards, they could not hide their closeness.
  13. I watched Master in the House (thanks to a member post the full video link here) and saw SYJ provided BBQ dinner & breakfast for the boys. I can see she can cook and cook very well. No wonder they decided to do grocery shopping in the US instead of ending up at a restaurant. I'm sure "BFF" or BF, SYJ must cook for him in several occasions. Also, in the Karaotalk, when the host asked what HB prepared for the RJH role, he said he built his muscles up & SYJ mentioned HB eats a lot... PS. I really like watching SYJ in MITH - I can see she is a very competitive person but also a really considerate, smart, well organise & witty woman... Oh boy, HB is in trouble if he wants to handle her, at the same time I think he is the luckiest guy on Earth, his days will never be boring
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