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  1. To our dearest Queen! Happiest birthday! Best wishes to you - our Chungmuro Queen, Hallyu Icon and the Queen of Melodrama! May your life always fill with love, happiness and success! May this year and many years afterward you can celebrate with your other half and anything you wish for in your life will come true.
  2. DAY 5 How is everyone's heart? My heart is still beating with full of BinJin love. Let's look back on this journey together & be proud of ourselves. We've been through a lot during this shipping business. From few days locked down to constantly fighting with the antis from other ships (yeah, not just one but few ships). We were upset with the 2faced people and at the same time trying to hold the force believing in BinJin. We fight endlessly to protect BinJin's reputation when there were rumour about Bin or Jin dating other people, or wh
  3. Someone please telling me I’m not dreaming. My heart is full with love for BinJin and as I woke up today. I’m still feeling like this is unreal. I’m lost in BinJin world. My fav video from bcwinces. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CJgwF3THp9F/?igshid=1crduy7h5c9k5 Another favourite video: Watching all these videos and I felt so different since it’s real. Thank you Aunty @CartPusherInLA & @Meant2B for your kind words. I’m so happy to boarding our ship with so many wonderful people and friends.
  4. 1/1/2021 BREAKING NEWS HYUN BIN & SON YE JIN OFFICIALLY OFF THE MARKET!!! That's it. That's the news for today folks!
  5. VOGUE CHRISTMAS EDITION Special Interview: Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin - The Two of Us It was first day of snow in Seoul and we sat down with the famous couple Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin at their newly bought penthouse. The place is warm and so beautiful with views to the mountains and Han river. The whole place is filled with Christmas decorations, fresh flowers and memorable souvenirs collected from the couple's overseas trips. Paintings on the wall, lovely award trophies display next to the heater. Ye Jin's dog running around playing with his toys. Ye Jin offered u
  6. YJ in people's perspectives. She is not only a good actor, with diverse acting skills but also is a role model for many people. They like her not only because of her beautiful appearance but because of her acting ability, able to transforming into many different roles and her great work ethic. They either want to work with her or be like her. That say something about what a fine human being/ a great actress she is. HB is a smart man, I'm sure what attracted him to her is far beyond her beauty. Perhaps it's her talent, her cheerful, easy going personality and the dedication to her w
  7. Reading HB's Esquire interview, I can't help but see the similarities in some answers. Both BinJin admitted that they have a lot in common, no wonder the answer is similar too. YJ's Esquire interview on her birthday (Feb 2018 issue): "It can be scary when we realize that we're lacking, but on the other hand, this can also be something that gives us hope to further also ourselves" It motivates you. There were things I lost too as my fresh rookie years passed by. Whether it was because I was lacking in terms of skills or emotionally, it was these aspects that mat
  8. HAPPY CRASH LANDING ONE YOU! The reason to join BinJin ship for some of us... This time last year, probably some of us didn't know about BinJin & would never know how much CLOY will make an impact in our lives. One year later and here we are, still unable to get over CLOY & BinJin. Big thanks @cybertron for creating this thread and THANK YOU ALL for staying in this shipping business and continuing to support Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin in many ways. and I totally agree to this: Happy shipping everyone, may our ship will arr
  9. Welcome to our ship where there is no way out Regarding your question, I don't know the exact answer but in my delulu mind, HB married to YJ since 2018. Hope this will make you happy! Why don't you enjoy reading some of our most popular posts that listed here for a start? These posts sure will make your BinJin heart beats faster. Have a wonderful day!
  10. Dear friends, If you still don't know what to wear during Xmas, why not shop for clothes here? Seri's choice fashion range, legitimate website & the price... well, really really special https://eenk.co.kr/serischoice If you can pull this look off, then it's US$920 Check out other pieces in the lookbook: May your choice is as unique as Seri's choice
  11. IF YJ went to uni and not working during this period then there is no Lover's Concerto (2002), The Classic (2003) & A Moment to Remember (2004). In the Entertainment industry, TALENT is more important than any qualification. Does YJ needs a degree to establish herself as a Chungmuro? No, it's her talent, her work ethic and her kind heart brought her to the top and made her who she is today. I'm her fan because I love YJ's acting and her kind spirit. YJ is someone smart enough to pick work that is challenging and giving her different range of acting and keep on giving us wonderf
  12. Hi all, I know with all the voting lately we all are suffering a bit... There were sleepless night, skipping bath and showers to make time to vote. But since we are in the mood of continuously voting and now considering it as a SPORT then here, another good place to vote. Happy voting my friends, my thumb is still sore but hey why not for our beautiful couple! Please click on the link below and look into the IG story. Voting starts in few hours and open from today until Dec 20th. HAPPY VOTING!!! https://www.instagram.com/theswoonnetflix/
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