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  1. Good morning everyone! Exciting day today for HyunBin’s fanmeet by Smart Philippines. Thank you @KimDdalgi for your generosity in sharing this info. Looking forward to this event today! 6pm Manila time and it will be 8pm in my country. I better asked the husband to cook and wash the dishes as I will need my full attention watching this. I’ve learned my lesson from YeJin’s fanmeet, I was cooking and having dinner, was not 100% watching, and I have to rewatch. To all who have access to watch HyunBin, enjoy and have fun! BinJin Forever
  2. Happy 2nd year anniversary! Thank you @cybertronfor creating this forum. I joined last November 2020 and would like to share my gratefulness and thanks to @cybertron and those original members who made this forum. This forum has given me the refuge, support and happiness in my journey as BinJin fan and follower. This has kept me sane during those challenging pandemic year. We had a roller coaster of emotions last year prior to the Confimed Announcement. We held on strongly to the crumbs and believed in our hearts and in our gut feeling and in our intuition that our BinJin is
  3. As posted by @KimDdalgifrom KOFIC that says Son Ye Jin dominates CFs, movies and kdrama. This shows that in her 20 years in the film and movie industry, she is one of the top actress in SK (even though she denies in the fan meeting that she’s the top actress just a bit..yes.. she is so humble!). YeJin’s success in the films and theatres resulted with box office hits and she is a multi-awarded best actress. Her Kdramas like CLOY has been in the Top 10 most watched in Netflix for the more than a year now. Her other Kdramas has given her the best actress award also. She is the most sought after c
  4. HyunBin’s Tom Ford and Son YeJin’s Valentino Ad almost the same day. Aren’t we blessed and a fortunate fandom! BinJin Forever
  5. Thank you @KimDdalgi, so you and YeJin has greeted me. I will just imagine your tone of greeting sounds like YeJin’s high pitch “happy birthday!”
  6. @KimDdalgi Thanks for posting YeJin greeting Smart’s Jane B on her birthday. When YeJin said “Jane, happy birthday”, she was so cute and sincere. I like the post because it’s my birthday yesterday, so I will just pretend and imagine that YeJin said “Aya, happy birthday” Yay! A greeting from YeJin!
  7. From the posts of @KimDdalgi (Thanks KimDdalgi), I saw the faces of YeJin’s fans, most of them are young girls, probably in their teens or 20s. Can I just say that those young fans of YeJin has a role model to follow. I hope and pray, they would aim to be like YeJin - hardworking, committed to her craft, bookworm, wise, honest, decent, law abiding citizen, respectful to seniors, humble, down to earth, warm, approachable and most of all, she waited for the the good person to be her boyfriend and should I say fiancé. YeJin is the epitome of an amazing woman. Glad to know she is an inspiration t
  8. Thank you @KimDdalgi!!! Our Queen Son YeJin is so gorgeous, humble and down to earth. Why am I crying? Tears of joy, girl! Thank you again.
  9. So happy for the Filipino fans who got to see HyunBin’s fanmeet. They’ve got the first hand information of the fanmeet. Thank you also for sharing them on Twitter and FB, you’re so generous in sharing them. Sharing is caring. What a blessing to haVe Bench in the Philippines. Thank you Bench. Hopefully and praying desperately, Australia next time. @KimDdalgi lucky you! You’re from the Philippines! thanks for posting and for sharing the information that aside from the MC JaeJae, a Filipino female celebrity gets to ask some questions too! Hayyyy, at least we got to see the tweets and update
  10. Many endorsements from our BinJin - the Power Couple. It only shows they are trusted by these multinational companies and they know how good of an influencer BinJin are. This is because of the good testimony and reputation these power couple hold. Still, in spite of their fame, BinJin remains humble and down to earth. BinJin Forever
  11. @KimDdalgi My new name for our Queen Son Ye Jin is Domestic Goddess because of her cooking skills. I could see that she is proud of her meals. It also shows her happiness and contentment. YeJin is such a simple and down to earth person. An inspiration. HyunBin is so fortunate to have a caring and thoughtful girlfriend.
  12. Ok @Bin-Jin as you said, don’t take it seriously. I cannot promise you that, I have been praying for it seriously And yes it made me smile all day. Thank you @Bin-Jinand @KimDdalgi for sharing these posts in this fandom. Appreciate it! Thank you so much! BinJin Forever
  13. @Annie12 Hi Annie12, I have a strong feeling that a handsome man and a Good Person with dimples named HyunBin introduced golf to Son Ye Jin. And your math is correct 2018 + 3 years= 2021 BinJin Forever
  14. Son Ye Jin is an Influencer and an Icon. That’s why the golf visor, shirt and dress were all sold out. She is a role model and her followers just want to be like her. She does not need to promote or be a model of Southcape, all she need to do is wear them. For me, that’s SonYe Jin’s girl Power!
  15. On YeJin’s Golf Interview, this was quoted by Lim JinHan. "Everyone is in a good mood because she makes everyone smile." - Lim Jinhan Class I am sure, it’s YeJin’s eye smile that made everyone smile. YeJin is truly a “Happy Pill” I love Son Ye Jin
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