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  1. @bin-jin Thanks for posting/sharing. This is so nice of Hyun Bin and Smart to give this message of hope. I am a Filipino based in Sydney, my family is back home so this message of hope in these trying times touched my heart. In spite of HyunBin’s busy schedule, he finds time to send this message. Thank you Hyun Bin. We are grateful.
  2. @bin-jin thanks for posting Ye Jin’s IG update. She looks happy and even with the mask, it cannot hide her beauty, happiness and glow. She seems contented and at peace. She is even prettier than the sunset.
  3. Hello everyone! Topic: My Emotional Status on BinJin Before Jan 1, 2021- emotional and anxious with every crumbs and CFs updates JANUARY 1, 2021 - emotional wreck, highly emotional, emotions sky rocketed, emotionally crazy After Jan 1, 2021 - still emotional with every updates, emotionally happy Last year, my thoughts were, if and when BinJjn will confirm their relationship, I can move on with my normal life. But nope... not moving on after 3 months. I am still In a Relationship with BinJin Relationship. BinJin Forever
  4. Thanks @KimDdalgi, I will watch that The Kthree Channel you suggested. @Kimchified, you’re most welcome
  5. Hi guys, I saw this on You Tube and had to share. To be honest, I don’t believe in Tarot Card reading but the lady here was on point mostly. It just made me smile and made my day Apologies and sorry if you find this offensive to BinJin and to some other religious or cultural beliefs... But I was swooning and my heart was melting while watching
  6. Most of us here in this forum are living overseas, what I mean is, we are not from South Korea. We love Son Ye Jin very much and we can only love her from a distance as we are continents away from her. Hyun Bin is truly fortunate and blessed to be able to love Ye Jin privately, closely and affectionately. Same thing for Ye Jin, the freedom to let the whole world know that she is grateful to meet and love a good person. BinJin Forever
  7. @bin-jin Thank you for posting Ye Jin’s Valentino video! She is so gorgeous!!! So proud of her!!! I can watch her all day! Love it!!!
  8. After I watched CLOY last March 2020, I started to become a Hyun Bin fan first and watched his previous movies and dramas. Then I watched Son Ye Jin’s previous movies and dramas, read articles about her and watched her interviews. All the more I appreciated and admired Ye Jin’s talent, beauty and personality. She is a role model. She is an epitome of elegance, kindness and class. When haters/antis says negative things about her, the more blessings e.g. CFs, product endorsement and adulation she receives, both from her country and international recognition. She has a good heart and
  9. Here in Sydney, it’s been pouring rain and flood since last week. In our BinJin fandom, soompi TL and FB, it’s been pouring with Ye Jin’s beautiful and angelic face with her Valentino’s and Glass photos and MSTeams’ Smart BTS. "The DI.VA’s campaign launched by Pielpaolo Picouli this season is ideal and challenge that Valentino pursues. It includes an attitude of accepting free self-expression in order to admit differences and seek truth, and an intellectual attitude that is both romantic and empathetic." - this is truly and perfectly represented by Son Ye Jin. She is Valentino’s
  10. Watching Hyun Bin’s Bodyluv photos and CF, I asked myself “Is this the face Ye Jin sees every day?” Or maybe “This is the face Ye Jin wakes up to or says Goodnight to?” Again, I am googling now on “how to be a Son Ye Jin”
  11. Synchronised updates again Hyun Bin’s Bodyluv and Son Ye Jin’s Glass China Magazine. After the confirmation, they are still so consistent in their same day updates. This is their way of telling their fans/followers, that they are so much TOGETHER. They are a Couple, they are a Team, they support each other. BinJin Forever
  12. “Ye Jin is very pretty. She’s pretty and good at acting. Harmony with the partner is more important than anything else for the actor. There are few actors who have actually influenced me. If I have a personal wish, I want to have a daughter like Ye Jin” - Kam Woo Sung , Alone in Love The social media has posted comments and praises to So Ye Jin from different actors she has worked before. Of all the comments and praises, this one from Kam Woo Sung is my favorite - it’s the sweetest compliment ever. For a male actor to personally wish to have a daughter to be like Ye Jin, it only means
  13. Son Ye Jin is so elegantly beautiful in her BAU Bride and You photos and videos. She is gorgeous, attractive, pretty, pleasing, alluring, lovely, stunning, lovely, glamorous, exquisite, easy on the eye, comely, fair, heavenly and charming. I am thankful for these 3: First- God, for wonderfully creating Ye Jin Second - Ye Jin’s parents, for their genes - beautiful Mom and handsome Dad. And in raising her well to have a beautiful and kind heart. Third - Hyun Bin, for loving and taking care of Ye Jin. His love made Ye Jin even more charming and lovelier. Their love is
  14. Again, for the nth time, same day update. Hyun Bin for BodyLuv and Son Ye Jin for Bau Bride and You. My grandma used to say... The couple that updates together stays together BinJin Forever
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