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  1. OMG! It looks like real. I imagined both are together. Lol. Who ever did these your editing was so awesome. I saw a post on Twitter and read some tweets dragging Son Ye Jin’s name again. Just a reminder for Son Ye Jin Fans or BinJin Nation. There are anti’s who were roaming around again on Twitter dragging her name to an xyz. Please be reminded on what we should do. Read down below so we can only focus on her next project let’s vice versa on Hyun Bin too let’s focus on his next work project. Those anti’s who’ve been lurking here please go away we don’t need you he
  2. [SMART Hangouts with Hyun Bin is Trending at #1 spot]: [Thank You SMART Telecommunication]: Thank You SMART Telecommunication for this BinJin Inevitable SMART CF with BinJin SMART Hallyu Hangouts Fan Meet to make it possible. We BinJin Nation are glad that these event was successfully done and we were grateful for experiencing the first and a lifetime moment with BinJin as they are both became SMART Ambassador to be remembered. More Projects to come for our BinJin Couple! Stay happy, safe and healthy! [Hyun Bin with Glenn Llamas]:
  3. [Quiz Time]: [Hyun Bin | SMART Hallyu Hangouts FM]: [Shy and Handsome]: [Happiness]: It sounds and looks fams when Hyun Bin said he doesn’t like to watch his own show just like his other half and his Best Partner Son Ye Jin when she talks about watching her own show and she answer the same on her Good Person. Both are the same they doesn’t like to watch their own show. [Golf]: [CLOY + MOTA + SEG
  4. @Jap Gonzales @JH_2722 @Aya@My$ecretLife @hyle_ eus Welcome Everyone! I already sent DM guys to the 3rd Option how you could join the FM later. Enjoy Everyone!
  5. BinJin Nation are we ready for Hyun Bin SMART Hallyu Hangouts FM later? Link: https://m.twitch.tv/binjinstreams
  6. @JH_2722I’m excited too. What a great BinJin month. [Hyun Bin | SMART FM YouTube Livestream Link from BINJIN INDONESIA Twitter]: [1st Option]: YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/749ljv3nHiM Thank you @BINJIN INDONESIA #BINJININDONESIA for sharing the link I know those BinJin Nation are so excited with FM event later. [2nd Option]: Link: https://m.twitch.tv/binjinstreams [Son Ye Jin | Mega Magazine]:
  7. Hello Chinggus! Whose Excited for tomorrow’s event? Get ready and fastened your seatbelts BinJin Nation for tomorrow! Congratulations Everyone! [Son Ye Jin | Naver Thirty-Nine & KOFIC Update]: [Hyun Bin | TOM FORD Fragrance YouTube Video Update]:
  8. Hello Chinggus! Whose Excited on Saturday’s event? Get ready BinJin Nation for Saturday’s SMART FM. [Hyun Bin | SMART Hallyu Hangouts]: [Son Ye Jin | Younglim’s 2021/2022 E-Catalog]: I came across to Twitter and watch these CLOY Animation through YouTube Channel. Who ever did these CLOY Animation Art I hope your talent in Art of Animation will be recognized. Good Job!
  9. [Son Ye Jin | SkinCeuticals Korea IG Stories Update]: [BinJin | Power Couple New Brand Ambassador]:
  10. [Son Ye Jin | Naver Articles for Skinceuticals x Marie Claire]: [Son Ye Jin | BAU Update]: [Son Ye Jin | 82 Liners for Thirty-Nine]: [BinJin Shopping Sighting Version 2.0]: Our Best Girl is carrying a Valentino Bag! Nice one! Stay safe Lovebirds!
  11. HAPPY 2ND BINJIN THREAD ANNIVERSARY! Thank you @cybertron @peggygordon @thi2018 @firstaidfor creating and been a founder of these BinJin Thread! We were lucky in these fandom that these thread became our stress reliever during these pandemic hits the World. Thank you guys because I found such a great people and friends here through DM’s on how we discuss and look forward about BinJin from the very start we joined these thread. God Bless Everyone! Enjoy BinJin Nation!
  12. Hello Chinggus! [Son Ye Jin | Trending in Twitter Singapore]: [Son Ye Jin | Saselomo Header]: Son Ye Jin must be The Queen of CF! [Son Ye Jin | Yahoo Philippines]:
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