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  1. Hello again Chinggus! Same day update again. What a great BinJin Moves! Son Ye Jin X AHC China BTS CF Part 2 update by MS Team today. https://youtu.be/88XaharZGmY Thanks @bin-jin for Hyun Bin's update!
  2. Hello Chinggus! Happy 100th Day BinJin Confirmation! It's been awhile. Just want to share one of Ye Jin's Cinderalla Friends Vlog in Youtube. Actually it was circulating in YouTube that Ye Jin's and Hyun Bin's voice are heared in Um Ji Won's Vlog as many says. You can watch these Vlog and listen to the almost ending video and you can hear BinJin voices as some who are "Tiger Ears" or "Manbok's Ears" already heard it. I thought BinJin Shippers/Stans are not just only NIS Agents they are also have the Super Power to hear and listen that's what we
  3. I think there's no news yet? Maybe they will do it on a virtual video or just like APAN Awards only those winners are the attendees?
  4. Well it's all about my curiosity if she wears it or not and If she's with Hyun Bin and they wearing a Couple thing or not it's fine. I never said anything else. But I think yes it's On-Running Cloud. After all she's back on her Selca time and if she's with Hyun Bin or with friends or anybody else it's fine and I'm glad that she's doing great and enjoying their moment. I remember one of her Cinderella Friend GYJ she mentioned in one interview that when they travel or go somewhere Jinnie asking for a discount if they buy something (I'm not sure with the exact word). I think yes Jinnie
  5. Hello Chinggus! Happy Easter Everyone! What a nice day by Ye Jin's IG Update. I was curious about the shoes she is wearing is it an Under Armour HOVR? If so, what a nice Couple shoes of brand if ever.
  6. Hi Chingus! So VAMS have same day updates. That's what we call BinJin Couple things. MS Team Ent. updated Jinnie's Korean Actors 200 and Vast Ent. [VAST MAKING] updated today Binnie's <SMART Ako>. (I don't know how to put photos here so I put the linked for IG) Jinnie's/MS Team update photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNE8U6cHD29/?igshid=f04pq6i7v8ya Binnie's/Vast Ent update photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNE-KQ9pC8W/?igshid=33qlszlpzqhv https://www.instagram.com/p/CNE-IjXp1
  7. Hello Chinggus! I'm so excited with the CLOY Musical on 2022. Hoping BinJin Couple will watch it. I saw it on Twitter about Binnie's choosing his screen name and registered it, his means Shining Brightly. I remember BinJin's TVn's Q&A when they described Yoon Se Ri's name. It's perfectly fits on him. What if he choose Do Min? Maybe we call these fandom as MinJin Thread and instead of BinJin Couple we call our OTP as MinJin Couple or SonDo/DoSon Couple or LeeSon/SonLee Couple. Hearing those couple names which perfectly suits on them and what a perfect name combinatio
  8. Hello Chinggus! I saw it on Twitter so It tried to watch what was on it. Then I came across Shinee member Min Ho's show then the baby photo of BinJin Couple are there posted on the wall. Off topic but I came across on my IG Account and Exo Member Park Chan Yeol appeared on my newsfeeds on IG. Going back to the background tiles were we used to discussed here last month ago were in some of us here speculates that BinJin are on the same studio when it happens their virtual greetings for Chinese New Year Greetings for 2021. I saw the background tiles where th
  9. Hello Chinngus! @grrly @tncloy1819 Actually in SoKor K-Ent. they have rules & regulations to follow and contracts to be signed by Agencies, the Talents/Artist and also the Producers. I posted and as many posted here before about their rules. On BinJin Respective Agencies Jinnie and Binnie is their Talent/Artist so they should only focused on what their Talent/Artist activities. As for Jinnie's Agency M$_T£@m case maybe they cut Binnie's image so we can focus on Jinnie's BTS CF's and besides he had V@$t_£nt to do it. Just like Jinnie's co-Talents/co-Artists at M$_T£@m Channel t
  10. @kyla_binjinerismm Welcome to the Club of BinJin Fandom! I hope you enjoy reading alot here on these forum about BinJin Thread. Happy BinJin Craze! BinJin Couple same day updates. Jinnie's Valentino + M$_t£@m Update SMART BTS CF. https://youtu.be/75DRRWJ3aRc Binnie's V@$T_£nt + Bodyluv Update photo CF. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMtjnIGpcKJ/?igshid=1gyy98jtqphts
  11. Hello Chinggus! These is it! Our Best Girl and Good Boy! BinJin date time last March 6, 2021 (Saturday) is trending around socmed. Whoever owns the vlog and discover their Couple time your an NIS of these fandom.
  12. Hi Chinggus! Adding up on @QueenieBee post and her 3 Cinderella Friends are included (Um Ji Won, Lee Jung Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin). Our Chungmuro Queen and Hallyu Queen is the Best! Our BinJin Power Couple are present! It was circulating on Twitter about cf and marriage of our OTP.
  13. Hello Chinggus! Binnie's CA 2 new looks there he is. And Jinnie's update on Bride and U. I'm glad that our OTP are busy on their present projects. More projects to come and more blessing to their relationship and own space of time. (Wink Wink Wink)
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