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[Drama 2019-2020] Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful, 사랑은 뷰티풀 인생은 원더풀

The love wrectangle and the kiss prediction  

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  1. 1. Who will Seol Ah end up with ?

    • Tae Rang ! The poster says it all . TR is a complete sweetheart, he made her a better person and the feelings are mutual.
    • Jin Woo ! 10 years of marriage , deep remorse & repentance, 200% effort . Deep down SA just needed to realise she loves him too.
    • Men ? Who needs them ? She should just focus on her career... ( please don't kill me dear male viewers :D)
    • Let's not waste their chemistry - I think Jin Woo and Tae Rang should be the end game.
  2. 2. How many more kisses will we get from Jun Hwi and Chung Ah?

    • This is a family drama...so we will be lucky to get one more...
    • What ?! With their chemistry , there would be at least two more.
    • The power of positive thinking - one every weekend! :D

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3 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:



just a random thing i noticed here which i found really sweet :) YA giving CA some meat


2 hours ago, ck1Oz said:

Then the mother in the SA-CA household. I watched her a few dramas ago where she acted the same. Is that actress good? Have you guys seen her elsewhere before? Where she is different? I wonder what she looked like been she was younger.


the only drama i remember CA mom (Kim Mi Sook) from is Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy where she played an evil stepmom :Dyou'll probably hate her character, but it's a good drama hehe

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Lololo this place so empty with all of this going down  here is the kiss  

I am so happy I wouldn’t  complain about zooming out        @triplem I told you I have feeling they will kiss yesterday, who would know it was day later Kiss   

@dramaninja  we need to send some characters to trash  so we get more time screen for our OTP    1- judge for Beginning crazy evil person  2- TR  for beginning dull & without any orig

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2 hours ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:


Correction, JW left the seat of the second lead and moved to the seat of the main lead :joy: 


Don't let the poster deceive you :naughty:


I can't say I mind though.... he's more interesting than TR

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Just watched with (chi) sub. 


Do y’all think that the reporter from the top of the ep will show up again? I feel like she will be digging up more dirt since this interview with Judge not giving her enough good material. *rubbing hands* If so, i’d waiting for the public humiliation!  Judge today still makes me mad so I’m showing no sympathy for her. 

That dinner was so tense and she was still playing defense. :thumbsdown:


Ill watch with English sub tonight for any trans discrepancies. I skipped about 40% off the ep just now and looks like I can skip more when watching with Eng sub. 


Edit to add-

@stroppyse I 500% agree to your commentary in the confrontation post, especially the last paragraph. HR truly is the worst and she does not deserve any happy ending whatsoever. Definitely does not need her to ruin SW’s life too. Can you imagine how she will resent SW once she knows the truth? 

It made lol when XX put her in her place today and basically told her not to get too comfortable. 


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Wow, so much info going on in this thread.  That's great!  Waiting to watch the latest episode in full sub in a few more hours and can't help noticing @ck1Oz questions here





I have mentally disassociated myself from the drama. I am just waiting for it to end. Did someone mention OMS in a different drama? I might want to see him if he has a good role. Does he? 


Has Yoon Park been in a different drama where I might watch it?



Your question made me recall their dramas I realised that I have watched both actors in another family dramas before and both coincidently played the "bad son" of the family.  OMS was in "All About My Mom" and YP was in "What Happens to My Family"  But I recall YP's character in "Radio Romance" the most.  Oh by the way he was also in the drama "Itaewon Class" as cameo recently for the earlier episode.


Well, I'm still watching TR - SA - JW relationship and waiting whether my earlier prediction will come true as in the poll.  I'm going to watch and wait in silence :glasses: for now.

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I say potato , you say  potahto,
I say tomato , you say tomahto

SA , JW relationship :D




their Past :joy:

#  when Prince Charming meet gold digger with the face of Cinderella :tounge_wink:


his genius plan change what she hate about him  :mrgreen:



how we see the plan unfolding  :ph34r::D

JW: :mrgreen:




SA: :naughty:





.. to be continued :D:D

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1 hour ago, lalalaelala said:

Do y’all think that the reporter from the top of the ep will show up again? I feel like she will be digging up more dirt since this interview with Judge not giving her enough good material. *rubbing hands*

Definitely!  both sons going against their moms will make public news cuz of their Elite status.   though it’s weird what the Judge has up her sleeve. Judge is harder to read/predict compared to her Looney sis chairwoman. 

Just finished with sub..kinda slow weekend other than JH finding out the truth of why JG died.... CA is really stuck emotionally right now.  her heart is very :heartbreak:.   CA trying to Helping SW and telling JH the truth...

  hmmm maybe this where HR redemption comes into play. HR Being truthful to what the Blonde Witch is doing and somehow lessen the emotional Burden CA’s holding down right now.  When HR discovers Who SW really is.  Cuz Family Dramas like Kumbaya endings despite having despicable villains not being punished enough that the audience has come to hate.  

I wonder what JW play is.  Suprised he confronted his mother.  I recall randomly in another drama where the company  shares were given to the employees so there was a balance in power... I can’t remember what drama that was.. But it broke the drawn line of Chaebols power. Anyway

its just a normal thing in Kdramas with the Chaebols holding the power and unbalanced abuse of power, so sometimes it’s too easy read between the lines what will happen. 


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@stroppyse Thank you for translating that video.  I just got excited when I heard Tae Rang call Jin Woo a, "Na Pun Ja Shik". =) (I would write it in Korean if I had Korean character keys.)  


I always wish for more CA and JH scenes but I really like the scenes with the co-workers in the sports marketing department .  I used to wonder why the older worker seemed a little too loud and obnoxious but I've grown fond of him and all of them.  I really liked how they were trying to figure out why the vice president and the chairwoman would both call for Jun Hwi and how they were suggesting that maybe he might be a royal. :lol:


But it was different from the preview.  I didn't hear Baek Rim saying that Jun Hwi lived in Hana Village.  Did he say it during the episode? 






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Thanks everyone. I will go check out their dramas.


@stroppyse my question- the off topic one- why are there so many good looking men in Korean dramas? Since we had the 2 tall guys sitting together on Sunday's episodes.


I am feeling chilled. Since what I do each time I visit here- is to look at the survey- and the JW ending keeps increasing. I think it's hilarious.


At this point, I don't believe the writer will make SA end up conclusively with anyone. But JW and TR might end up BFFs since they have no one else to talk to. The 2 men have had more honest conversations between them than with all those understanding conversations with SA.

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@Ameera Ali I noticed that there were a lot of cars behind her too. :lol:


This is an instagram update that is random. But it is of OMS' hair stylist who is showing how he does JW's hair.  (Just an fyi, if any guys you know would like to have his hairstyle.) :grin:


And this one is a behind the scenes of CA and JH eating dinner with the judge.  If you notice CA and JH's outfit it is the same one that they wore when they had coffee with CA's mom and YA. (A different instagram post from Seorina's instagram page.)



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This part here inst  coming to fruition like at all she isn't  even warm up to him with so few eps to go and alot to get through with other characters 


 As the very definition of “marrying up,” she feels accomplished but somewhat hallowed. She finds a possibility for a change when she meets Tae-rang, a down-to-earth chef. Through him, Sul-ah gradually realizes what the true love is.


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47 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

However, the show of emotion, even if it's anger, on SA's part actually looked promising versus the utter disinterest that I thought she had been showing previously.

I felt her disinterest was a way for him not to like her so he can break up with her cleanly.  The writer really keeping us guessing to the end.  I would prefer her with no one. They may have an open end  ...who knows


I thought  today JH would know for sure his mother framed SW but he still trying to put this together.  I think he knows but want proof to be sure.

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So based on the subbed ep and @stroppyse's trans from this morning, did CA basically say she loves JH without saying so many words? JH had a reaction here. 


Today's ep is such a filler so I'm just rewatching scenes of these two. 



This is so satisfying! Thanks, KBS World editor. 








@Ameera Ali who is CAs dad fooling when he said he was an adored SIL? :joy:

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