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  1. I didn't know this was on Netflix so imagine my surprise when I was there tonight! Not what i was planning to watch and I took a detour. so far so good.
  2. Thanks for tagging me @partyon. oh my, im thinking way too hard on this subject. but to those who already posted Hemsworth. mmmmmmm *drool* Yall beat me to it. Now i must do some serious thinking on whose abs I would like to see here.
  3. oops im tardy for the party. but i am here now with a mop looking at these pix.
  4. Am I too late to give my 2c on the finale? Life happened and i'm just now around to type this up. Anyway, like I said last week, I'm not mad about the finale. Sure, it could have been better but I was SO over the tropes that were thrown at us the previous weeks and was just glad it was relatively a smooth ride to the sunset. I actually like the a time job. It works here: for the JH storyline and HK/DH relationship. Sorry if this has been discussed but I havent read any of the posts since my last one. I don't have enough time to get caught up. But are the
  5. Just finished watching. LOVE IT. It ties up everything nicely. Everyone has their closure. I am very happy for EJ. So glad to see her loosen up a bit, has a "friend" she can talk to, and I'm into this new relationship she has with TH. What a badass when she meets up with her bio dad. Even though we are still on some heavy subject, the mood of this last episode is quite light hearted. I am surprised as the # of comedic moments. JW's reaction upon seeing CH at EH's place had me lolling. When the kids don't respond to the question about going on a family tri
  6. This is the best drama i watched this year! Its actually good from beginning til the end & i was never ragey at plot. 2nd half of the year has a tough competition.
  7. Hahaha I knew it. I knew the Toronto girl was gonna take all of JWs money. We know hes not the smartest. I feel bad for him tho. One more week left yall.
  8. I'm not mad about the finale. My expectation was so low to begin with due to what we were given for the last 2 weeks. I'll come back after I watch with sub!
  9. Omo omo omo. Just watched show. That smile on CHs face after his "confession", im right there smiling with him. And that ring def something from their past! Tmr gon be insane at work and personally but i have this show to look forward to! (plus finale of my other show)
  10. Disclaimer: I havent watched ep 13 yet. After last week and seeing the preview, I had to double check that this is indeed a 16 ep series. Hope they can wrap up nicely, mostly for mom/dad and CH/EH. Lolol I know @larus this show is so good trolling us. And I love it.
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