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  1. Binged all the episodes released so far in one sitting this Saturday while staying in. I am so glad I chose this. I didnt really have any kind of expectation. It is definitely interesting enough for me to not stop. That's a good sign right? There's a high chance I will finish til the end unless they eff up big time in the middle to make me drop it. I know the leads have a huge age gap in real life but it didn't bother me on the show. Unlike Touch, I got so uncomfortable that I dropped it fairly early on. OK. I'm going back to read all the posts. I'm on page 4.
  2. I remember seeing that shorts look a while ago and proceeded to spend the next 10 min laughing. But not before i shared to a friend, who is always on the look out for boys in shorts. LOLOLOL.
  3. @cococahpi never watched Black. not the kind of plot I'm into. But is this our boy? I like the hair. I'll be back tmr cos I have more to add but I'm barely keeping my eyes open now.
  4. I was reading the new posts on here this afternoon as I was re-watching ep 31, when our OTP finally remembered each other. I forgot how good the 16th hour of this show was. I think that may be one of my fav episodes. So does anyone else remember JH told JW he was gonna tell CA who he really is? When did he abort that idea and became I hope she never finds out? What did i miss? I think, that was why i was so mad when he broke up with her at the beach. The BS reason. Just tell her who you are! I thought CA's fake breakup was funny. Maybe I have a messed up sense of humor. I, however, 500% agree with you that she is being real mean to him with that beanie!! Ugh don't remind me!! I am very grateful for KBS, JH's company, and CA's company for giving us these 100 eps (50) of them. Didn't someone clock it at 6min of OTP scenes per ep or something? LOL that's still 300 min. I wasn't sure before but after a week of mulling it over, I think I can say CA and JH are one of my fav kdrama couples! I am dealing with this withdrawal by rewatching clips daily. Partly they help me forget the craziness that is around the world now. Also, i don't wanna let them go yet. Not until I find another couple to stan.
  5. Glad some of yall are keeping this thread alive. I can't remember who started these topics. Sorry I have been speed reading cos life! I think I'm ready to give some post-show thoughts.... sort of. Favorite scenes... ok i dunno if yall meant OTP scenes or not so here are my OTP scenes: - everything from the ep when CA and JH ran into each other investigating BR's case. - when CA and JH remembered each other. how can we forget that hand grab? - when CA and JH met again after Spain. - book cafe date - the breakup scene (the real one, in the car). so heart breaking and they are so good in it. - JH encouraging CA to face her colleagues at the restaurant . - JH grabbing CA's hands and she did the same before JH said his I love you. - the charnel house scene - JH's third proposal Favorite scenes of other characters: - pretty much all of JW and JH's scenes with just the two of them. - Every time JH handles his aunt - each time when TR and JW were flirting with each other - anytime anyone makes XX throws a fit I am also unsure of what Judge's punishment was. Just losing her reputation? The ultimate disgrace for her? Whatever, by the end, I really didn't care anymore. I just wanted all JH/CA scenes. To be honest, the ending of this show (last 2 eps) was a rush. I reallllly don't care about HR but I guess she owed CA and us an apology still. But I would love it if they ended it there. I don't need to see the Moon family welcoming her back. I still feel bad that SW is related to her! So are we assuming SW's name got cleared and no longer has the criminal label? Of all the people on this show, he deserves happiness the most, I say this as a CA/JH stan. Last but definitely not least, hope everyone has a BR in your lives. What a great friend!
  6. Another weekender? More power to you, my friend. Personally Im good for a few years. Hope everyone is doing well. (from 6 ft away)
  7. @cococahpi that house tour is cute. Thanks for sharing. Also, I second @Rufus's rec. I mentioned that drama in the other thread a few times. i havent had this big of a withdrawal since JBL. I think I may just rewatch it.
  8. "Weather" is SOOOOOO slow. I can only do one ep a day. I wish it started around the holidays since it is snowy and SLOW (Have i emphasized it enough?) with pretty scenary. I like SKJ but come on give me more LJW. Im just rewatching our OTP scenes. Not sure if it helps withdrawal or making it worse. SIA and KJY can take as long as they need to come back. This has been a looooong shoot. And KJY had SB to juggle in the beginning of BLWL too. Not to mention it must have taken so much out of them playing those characters. They need to take care of themselves so we can see them for a long long time in the future. Sucks for us right now but it's a win win for everyone in the long run.
  9. But are there actually rumors? I dont seek those out so im clueless. Thats too bad she had to delete the pix, whatever the reason(s) is. However, the internet doesnt forget. Im sure those pix still floating around.
  10. They deprived us of 6 months of BTS. But a 7min vid from OUI is better than nothing and I was so afraid they were gonna cover up KJYs face. So glad they didnt, cos rude! Yeah i still think it's super strange that neither of them posted much, but the entire cast is pretty much like that. OMS posted the most and still not much. Wonder if that was a KBS order? Not so much agencies'? I'm still hungry for more! This withdraw is gonna be as bad as the one I had after Just Between Lovers. I'm usually pretty good at separating fiction and reality but this couple did me in. I wish they could be an item irl too. What's happening to me? I blame their good acting, charm and our current state of lives. Is this another symptom for cabin fever? That you become full blown delulu? Send help.
  11. While we were blessed with seeing KJY every week for 6 months, we were also screwed over by the fact it was a family drama. He and his body are under utilized!!! Oh @cococahpi our puppy became a big cat and I wish he would pounce! That scene is so hilarious like why is she like that?
  12. I cried a little when I was watching it live this morning. I cried a lot just now after watching with sub. The ending definitely seems rush. I really wish the pacing of this series was better. Is this a normal weekender thing? I wouldn't know as this is my first one. I am so happy the people I care all get their happy endings. Super happy for SW. It's too bad JW didn't end up with his true love TR. Everything else I am okay with. JH rejected CA three times and it took him proposing three times for her to say yes! I like that. LOL. I personally don't care if we never get a wedding scene. I'm perfectly fine knowing that they are married and living a life without all that baggage. Oh, speaking of CA, SIA looks so pretty in this final hour of BLWL. One of my favorite scenes - CA scoots back as JH running to her so they can get to the boars. I, too, joined the board because I have no one to talk to about BLWL. I am so glad I joined here. You guys make watching the show enjoyable even though if at times it is frustrating. This has been a long journey and thank you for everyone who has contributed. (I don't wanna miss tagging anyone cos i know i will. just know i mean all of you.) special thanks to @triplem, who tirelessly live capping; @Ameera Ali for her gifs, @stroppyse and @cococahpi for the translation; @mizv for posting the vids. Hope to see you guys in other threads although I can't say when another show like BLWL will come by, one that touches my heart this much, one that actually makes me want to share my thoughts with the internet. The cast should take a well-deserved break! And you know who/what would be happy? XX's hair and scalp. No more subject to all that bleaching.
  13. @cococahpi HAHAH the contrast! Aww Those Sports Marketing goons make me laugh. I agree it is hard to let go. We spent so much time with these characters. I just finished watching it with sub and i may just be typing now with teary eyes and blurry vision. I'll share my general thought and in the main thread and i'll come back here with KYJ centric comments later. LOL @corey I am watching Weather too. I finally started while I waited for BLWL sub. I kinda got the idea there wasn't much to discuss since there only 6 pages since ep 1. But i know why now. OMG it is SO slow paced. That's me coming from BLWL. LOL. I understand all shows seem to have slow build up so I'm not giving up yet. This makes me laugh. How innocent do they want us to think they are?
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