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  1. I just saw ep. 3 and 4 but the way that the story is going with how the people have been killed, is it similar to GH's webtoon? I know that some have mentioned the delivery guy as being the possible killer, but is that the first person who died? Also, I had a few questions, as I was a bit distracted during some scenes, but how did GH and the detective bug Mr. Bae, the gambler's phone? Also, what was the relationship between the stockbroker and Mr. Bae? So those two knew each other before the reset? But Mr. Bae is also the one who got rid of YS's husband's car right? Also, how did GH have Mr. Bae's pictures of the other characters? (Sorry for all the questions.... I was very distracted.) Thank you!!!
  2. @icemaid CA- Seol In Ah is very pretty!!! It's only been almost 2 weeks, have they rested enough? I am anxious to see what new roles all of our BLWL casts will get for the next time. I hope they are good dramas and have really good writers and directors for their next drama/ film project. That would have been interesting. Would she have liked both JW and JH? @celebrianna I am the opposite... i had no idea who KJY was until this drama then watched 100 days... and now watching secret boutique. I forgot how Jo Yoon Hee spoke or sounded like in the Gentleman tailor drama, I will have to check it out.
  3. I think I like the farmer/ Gu Jun Hwi giving the bouquet look myself. Not sure about that official fan club look. hahahahah!!!
  4. It's a good video! I love all the fan made videos. I wish there were more. I think JH and CA has made a strong impression and many as I saw some more IG pages started with kjy and ca or more kjy pages pop up. I miss them too! I can't believe that it's coming on 2 weeks since we last saw BLWL.
  5. So I know that we are talking about CA and JH but since I have been trying to watch Secret Boutique to see some other dramas and films that KJY has done, I happened to be looking through the soompi forum for Secret Boutique and found this clip of Go Min Si giving her thank you speech for winning the new actress award. And in her speech, I really , really loved that along with saying thank you to her fellow acting colleagues, she even said thank you to Jae Young Oppa. I feel like it was in this scene or maybe the one where JW had called JH over and JW was telling him how he and SA had lied to JH and his mom about SA's family and how CA was SA's sister. Actually, it might have been the conversation right before JH goes to pick up CA in his new car. I feel like JH said don't tell CA because he wanted to be the one to tell her. (But I would have to rewatch it to find out for sure if that was the scene. ) I wish the writer hadn't made JH to lead CA on in that way. Although, it was cute to see him thinking about her and falling for her but I wish that the writer had made it so that he would have been honest with her from the start. This is so true @corey ! I loved how different of a character JH was from the typical rich guy. And for CA, I felt like she was like a cinderella character and that JH was her prince charming. I liked that about CA too that she never asked how wealthy JH was. KJY oppa was so skinny! I like that he has either gained more muscles or put on some more weight. I know the girl should have gone to KJY instead!
  6. That was a sweet drama. I was rooting for Jo Yoon Hee but my other favorite characters was the wife with the chicken restaurant and her husband and the musician. They were so funny! @celebrianna @ende Yes, that would have been fun to have Jun Hwi helping out in the restaurant too. I wish we could have had 1 more episode to see more of the interaction between the dad, jun hwi and jin woo. And I always wanted to see SW helping out at TR's restaurant too!! I've grown to love this cast and miss them too!!! I saw only a few scenes here and there of Special Labor Inspector Jo and I thought it was really fun. I never got to finish it but I think I will check it out again. I remember the episode where SIA is in it but I didn't realize that she was SIA. She looks so different. I just saw Money and Derailed as I wanted to see KJY in other roles. But I will check out Black too. I am currently trying to watch Secret Boutique as well. But with Black, since he has a minor role do you remember around what episodes he may show up. I'm a little scared that the drama has a grim reaper. @ende i don't think they ever made it clear.... what the judge's punishment was and even if SW's name got cleared or not. And all the scenes you mentioned, I loved too!!! And Baek Rim- He is the best. He's actually a really good singer in real life. I will include some posts of his singing. Hope everyone is staying safe!!!
  7. That's right, JH did tell JW that he wanted to tell CA. He really should have. I think that would have been more refreshing to see what would have happened in their relationship if he had just told her himself . Then people wouldn't have been so upset with Jun Hwi and then shipping her with Si Wol. (Sorry, I'm still bitter about it that people shipped CA with SW.) And also , in some ways the reasoning of why he broke up with her didn't really make sense. I feel like there were a lot of unnecessary secrets and lies in this drama. Episode 31 was wonderful when they finally realized that they had already met. That was also the episode where he grabs her hand again right? My favorite CA and JH scenes are probably before the break up.... where JH is falling for CA. .... One of my favorites is when he calls her for tea and will wait 6 hours for her. @triplem I just loved their adorableness before all the messiness of their breakup and CA finding out who JH was, etc. I loved the early episodes the best as well. Thank you also for answering my questions about Secret Boutique. I just finished episode 2. I like Sun Woo / KJY with the baduk girl. They look cute together. But I'm sure there must have been a lot of discussion about this on the Secret Boutique forum. I miss the CA of the first half of the drama. In the beginning, she was always really straightforward and a dreamer but then in the 2nd half of the drama, i feel like her character didn't become as straightforward . I liked that Cheong Ah who was spunky and a dreamer and wanting to get kissed by Jun Hwi. The slow discovery of each other... that was the best. (I blame the writer!!) I totally get it!!! I look through all the IG's of our OTP. I love that OSt- Destiny. I think that is the perfect song for them. I hope that KJY or SIA will get casted in some really good dramas and will get really good roles!! @lalalaelala CA and JH are my favorite too!! But I wonder though, how did they become our favorites? Is it because they are both good looking actors or is it because of the way their story was written and presented? Because there are a lot of good looking actors and many of them have love stories too. Or is it just cuz it was KJY and SIA and how they portrayed their characters? BTW, Have you all seen his movies Derailed and Money? I just saw it and I liked it. =) In Derailed... he is kind of crazy but I couldn't help but think, is this our Gu Jun Hwi? He had his signature smile but it wasn't the cute sweet Gu Jun Hwi smile but a crazy, psycopath kind of smile. Money was good too. He looks so much younger in Money though... than how he looked in BLWL. I just wanted to see our KJY acting in other shows. I miss seeing KJY too!! I think the other thread mentioned to watch him in the drama Black. But for those who saw it, do you happen to remember around what episodes he was in? I saw on youtube there was a scene where he is helping a girl who is hanging from the roof top of a building. Hope you are all staying safe... 6 feet away....
  8. @celebrianna @Fabbo- I kind of like their "bickering". It sounds like normal bickering that all couples do. I liked the 2nd episode as well... to me it seems like it's a lot of things.... conflict with mom in law where it feels like maybe the son is always on the side of his mom. The mom is a bit eccentric, depending on her son but maybe that dependency might cause the wife and husband to butt heads or the wife and the mother in law. I feel like that's something common in all marriage relationships where maybe it feels like the husband seems to be siding with his mom more than the wife, etc. Then when they brought up the miscarriage. She was already probably feeling a lot of pain over what happened but when her husband brought up how she should have listened to him and rested more instead of going to the conference, that was very insensitive. But even though her ex-sister in law said that "she didn't have to hate him anymore". I hope that Na Hee will reconsider and I hope that even that ex- sister in law will reconsider as well. Yes, I hope that Na Hee and her husband will take some time to talk. Have you watched Gentleman Tailor of Wolgeysu? That was a KBS weekend drama. Also, I just finished watching Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life. I watched Mother of Mine too, but I didn't finish that one. That was a weekend drama too.
  9. @icemaid How is everyone doing? =) I am still in withdrawal too and still think about the last scene of farmer junwhi and police officer cheong ah in the village as well. I have been watching once again the new kbs weekend drama, house of marrieds and 365. But I think a few of us are watching these as well. Any thing different? Once Again- So far, really heart warming House of Marrieds- Intense 365- Also Intense and suspenseful All has been good. In the other thread, someone wrote that JTBC makes good dramas. I hope that our SIA and KJY can be in dramas with that channel. Maybe either as couple or individually!! Btw, @triplem or @icemaid I was watching the 1st episode of secret boutique. But I wasn't totally paying attention to it. So the girl whose mom was killed on the boat, who is she? And then the girl who is the sister of the man that jenny jang will marry is she a villain? And is the man's mom a villain too? Thank you!!
  10. KBS World's video. I have withdrawals still too of BLWL and Cheong Ah and Jun Hwi!!! @wildcherry That would have been fun to see! Especially since it would have been nice to see Cheong Ah's dad's reaction to them being related. =) I saw the drama that Jo Yoon Hee was in but I've never seen Seol In Ah in SIA. I will have to check it out. @wildcherry
  11. @corey @icemaid Sounds like she is being type cast as the mistress, just like Moon Hae Rang or Jo Woori. I had major BLWL withdrawals but getting better each day. @icemaid @corey I think I am only used to watching KBS dramas but what are the other drama stations like. So sounds like JTBC produces good dramas. This one doesn't seem as conservative like KBS with all the kissing scenes! Yes, that will be good to see that and definitely make it more exciting and suspenseful!! It's my first time seeing her act. I was reading up on her and seems like she is a very prolific and seasoned actress. I will have to check out those dramas. Same here! I'm excited to see what Sun Woo will do.
  12. I just saw it with subtitles but sounds like they are having problems because of the lack of communication and just a lot of pent up hurt and disappointment. Whether it is because of the miscarriage or the mother in law ... but I think Na Hee might be feeling that the spark that they used to have between them isn't there like what they had in their beginning years of marriage. I hope that they can work it out. It was funny how when it was the day of her ovulation how she wanted the husband to be intimate with her but he was trying to get away from her. That seems kind of weird if Da Hee will date the brother in law. But I guess anything can happen in the korean dramas.
  13. Hi @icemaid ! I was curious about this one because of Han So Hee. Was she also a mistress in Abyss? At first I thought it was going to be the secretary or the rich man's wife.... or Han So Hee's characters mom. @Ameera Ali So True! Alright, I'm ready. At least it is 16 episodes. @Fabbo Who is JTBC?
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