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  1. Same I've never been so invested in a drama before. And today's episode...... There wasn't a single second of dullness It's so unbelievably good
  2. I think what they mean in today's preview is that DO isn't meant to change the writer's storyboard. Jinmichae finds Haru's drawings, and asks him to stop DO from going against it. That's probably why he attends her party
  3. You know, I was wondering this: Haru draws so well, so what if he had been the writer of the historical webtoon of which Jinmichae was originally a part of? And the way he keeps drawing Dan Oh.... What if Dan Oh was a character he himself created and then fell in love with. He tried to make her real, but Jinmichae messed it up, and the present situation arose.... What do you guys think?
  4. Has anyone read the novel? If so, please add some spoilers.
  5. I can't find the episodes from 20. Could someone please send me the link?
  6. Ok So the show is done, all the loose ends got tied up pretty neatly. Da Hee's case remains the only thing that stood out badly. First, it doesn't make sense for Oh Jin Pyo's character to do something like that. He's all about staying out of unnecessary trouble, and if he really were such a person, then he would have committed other such vile acts before. But the locker of evidence only had this one thing which showed him to be a sexual predator. All his other acts of villainity were related to the school, which is basically all he cares about. I think the writers just wanted to show how parents deal with the possibility that their child might be a rapist, and it was very beautifully portrayed. But I feel that it would have made a lot more sense, if the other three involved in the bullying had somehow scared Da Hee(not actually assaulted her) for making fissures in the friendship between Joon Seok and Seon Ho. They just wanted to finish it up quickly and neatly, by making Oh Jin Pyo out to be the evil incarnate. I'm not saying that he isn't evil, because yes he is(he murdered a living, breathing person). But he's also someone who makes completely business oriented decisions. It doesn't make sense for him to forget all that upon seeing Da Hee. Another thing I didn't like was how Eun Joo gets off scot free. Joon Seok was a kid, he made a mistake. But Eun Joo,...she made an informed, calculated decision in not calling for an ambulance, and instead staging the scene to make it appear like a suicide. She is directly responsible for Seon Ho staying in a coma. It's a drama, so he woke up. But in reality, it is very likely that he would have stayed in the coma forever. She might live in guilt for the rest of her life, and lost all her former standing in society. But she doesn't really get punished, nor does she actually repent. Aside from all that, and being the eternal romantic that I am, I have a feeling that if these characters were real, then there is a very strong possibility for Joon Seok and Soo Ha to end up together, (after they've adults). He needs a no nonsense person like Soo Ha. (I loved the way she'd kneed him) If this were a story, that is. And I think that would be lovely and complicated. Anyone up for writing a fanfic?
  7. Ok... So lesson to learn from this drama: It's good to listen to your old man occasionally Wu You could have saved himself, Rong Le and the General a lot of heartbreak if he'd just married her in the first place.
  8. I absolutely loved the novel. It was adorable. Yan Mo is exactly how I always pictured Mr.F Lots of great cdramas right now. Goodbye my Princess, Put your head on my shoulder, and now this
  9. I know there were a lot of discrepancies. But I loved it. I loved the ost, and the otp and the side characters. I know he's dead, but in my ideal future, Hyeon Jin has enough of being a cop, and leaves with Su Hyeon in the country side with new identities. He'll be just a vet(albeit a hot one), and she'll be his assistant. Seul Gi is the little sister, and the cool aunt to their kids. Kinda like the ending of Song Joong-ki and Moon Chae-won in Innocent Man I want them happy They all deserve to be happy
  10. I had this weird and creepy thought. What if Seulgi is So Hyeon's daughter?
  11. I just began watching it yesterday. And OMG, I freaking love it. It's on par with I Remember You. I know, that most of them are going to die, and yet I cannot help but root for them
  12. Am I the only one who's watching the show for Kim Kwon? I want him to end up with JI..
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