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[Drama 2019-2020] Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful, 사랑은 뷰티풀 인생은 원더풀

The love wrectangle and the kiss prediction  

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  1. 1. Who will Seol Ah end up with ?

    • Tae Rang ! The poster says it all . TR is a complete sweetheart, he made her a better person and the feelings are mutual.
    • Jin Woo ! 10 years of marriage , deep remorse & repentance, 200% effort . Deep down SA just needed to realise she loves him too.
    • Men ? Who needs them ? She should just focus on her career... ( please don't kill me dear male viewers :D)
    • Let's not waste their chemistry - I think Jin Woo and Tae Rang should be the end game.
  2. 2. How many more kisses will we get from Jun Hwi and Chung Ah?

    • This is a family drama...so we will be lucky to get one more...
    • What ?! With their chemistry , there would be at least two more.
    • The power of positive thinking - one every weekend! :D

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Lololo this place so empty with all of this going down  here is the kiss  

I am so happy I wouldn’t  complain about zooming out        @triplem I told you I have feeling they will kiss yesterday, who would know it was day later Kiss   

@dramaninja  we need to send some characters to trash  so we get more time screen for our OTP    1- judge for Beginning crazy evil person  2- TR  for beginning dull & without any orig

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I really think the only villains here are xx, the judge and HR 


In the first episodes, some of you regarded CA's father as a bad person. I thought of him as useless, and I didn't like his reaction about CA's attempted suicide. Also SA was so nasty in the first episodes, but I never considered them villains, plus they changed later on.


JW isn't a villain at all. I just felt disappointed at his scene in the elevator with HR, but otherwise I never thought of him as evil. HR is the bad person here. It is quite clear he never cared about her, he left the house as soon as she moved in.

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CA dad and Sw wiping spoons at the restaurant...the two bickering as usual... a bunch of athletes and a coach came in...dad went to take his order...and the coach was his friend..lol...did dad pretend this was his restaurant...but manager came in and told him to throw rubbish......he looked at SW..SW , god bless him...help dad save face by pretending he'd do it  ...dad gave him the thumbs up later...


handsome is having meeting with his team ( he looks great in his suit) ...two phone calls came in -one from XX and one from JW...the staff wondering why both would want to see him. a nobody  ..ahahaha....this as per preview where the staff talking about what is his background...royal family and all ...:lol:...wait till they find out


So XX talks to JH first...think she asking him if he knew about removing JW , is she trying to get JH on her side???...she asked him what he thought he was like I am not sure...needs to think...she got annoyed...did she promised more budget for his department...

JH meets JW now...lol...both mother and son are trying to get him on their side...JH says why did you call me...JW said I missed you...ahahahah but anyway I think they talk about Intermarket's future ...I think JH gets that JW wants to remove his mum...JH feels JW cannot do this to his mum...looks like JH is caught in the middle..


HR comes  up to look for JW looking for something...he cuts to the point and ask her how long she plans to stay at his place...she says till he returns..he told her she needs to leave ASAP



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8 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:


I nearly get my shipping back :joy:

the spark undeniable :ph34r:


OMS insists on charming everyone, not only the viewers, but the cast too :D


He interacts with almost all the actors/actresses 


we just need some JW scenes with SW, he is the only one left out :)

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Okay now JW and mum major showdown about the company's future...very long argument ( wait for subs) but both gave ultimatum to each other...JW promises either one will leave...all out war to take each other down...


TR watering his plant in his restaurant...TR thinking of both SA and sis...this is still he's greatest inner conflict...he sits on the floor sad...JW walks in ( lol..these two actually are cute together) ...JW asked what is wrong with you...TR says take a seat here on the floor with me...JW does it....they then both have heart to heart...TR wants to know what to do with HR...JW feels this isn't his fault or something...but then TR starts getting mad ...and brings up both HR and SA ...think he feels this all started with JW first..


HR still unpacking her stuff in JW's room...she took out the dollar note from SW..and thinks of how he gave her the cash when she was hungry...she decided to call him and wanted to return it...they are already bickering like siblings...anyway I think brings up he met her brother and dad..she was shocked...he mentioned their names to show her he was not bluffing. She goes downstairs - she was going to go out..XX stopped her where are you going...HR to meet a friend ...XX says some more stuff which caused HR to look downcast


HR goes to SW apartment...SW was busy eating his bowl of ramen...she calls him...told him she is downstairs...he was like what do you want.....SW told her off over some stuff and hung up the phone..she goes to his place, his door was open...and leaves the money on the floor ...he was like alright thanks then...anyway he says she was not sincere or something...she was affected and took the money  and gave it to him properly...they talk about real parents etc..then she saw the photo of them when they were young. Anyway he asked her if she remembers her real parents..she says no but mentioned about having a brother...she left ..he looks at the photo..and I think he is suspicious...he takes his jacket...


HR back in XX house wanting to text her dad...but was hesitant...


SW rides his bike to the Moon 's apartment downstairs..he was on his bike and TR saw him...TR approached and asked him what he was doing there....He asked about HR...then he showed the photo and asked TR if this looks like HR when she was young...TR was surprised he recognise the face...SW said is your sister my sister too....


episode ends

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I guess i really only need to watch the first half and the JW XX showdown (+JH)  when the ep is subbed.  


5 minutes ago, dramaninja said:

Yeah not a bit interested in the brother sister storyline so thats an odd end to the EP. :weary:


I dont care for any content involving HR. Less screentime the better. 

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14 minutes ago, dramaninja said:

Yeah not a bit interested in the brother sister storyline so thats an odd end to the EP to me. :weary:


As much as HR make it hard caring for this lost siblings plot line. This do give SW a motivation outside of the hit and run case and his one sided crush on CA. Also if this make HR change her way of thinking I do not mind. She is in need for some reality check and meeting her twin brother maybe a catalyst for a start on her changing into a better person. I hope. I think it also gonna represent moving forward for both SW and HR :) 

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@stroppyse Trouble you for these translations...thanks...I am particularly interested in the dinner scene btwn Judge , CA and JH.. if time is limited.











I loved how JH went to sit next to CA...this man has guts...love him.








Today's episode was tad slow for me as my main investment is in JH - CA...but I do think it was necessary to start revealing the connection btwn SW and HR for the story to tie up nicely towards the end. They are still dragging JH vs his mum because that would be the climax of the show. 

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2019-2020] Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful, 사랑은 뷰티풀 인생은 원더풀

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