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[Drama 2019] Her Private Life 그녀의 사생활

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15 hours ago, cenching said:

Some people are just salty/bitter when they compared WWWSK with HPL in a bad light :joy: Which romcom aren't cheesy and cliche? I like HPL because of the rare scorching chemistry between the leads while I dropped WWWSK on episode 3, the moment I saw VP Lee "lured" her to amusement park..:skull: Not that WWWSK is that BAD but Cinderella Story isn't my cup of tea. WWWSK is like a paid vacation for PMY, the story is light and pretty. WWWSK appealed to much younger audiences who love Cinderella Story and PSJ, the reason why the ratings were high. Younger customers are known for their zealous. In C drama land, WWWSK is considered a idol drama. While HPL's viewers were more subdued because mostly are matured ones. TYH also didn't get high ratings even though is a stars studded drama because of the old school type approached on the love story....:persevere:


In the few previous episodes, both KJW and PYM's eyes were swollen due to the crying heart wrenching scenes. They had to repeat many scenes. Both leads work very hard for the drama. At least they enjoy working together, obviously....I noticed also in the last few episodes sexy scenes, PD leave it to their own devices, all adlibs. It takes a high level of trust, understanding, comfort and professionalism to be able to do that, especially this is the first work of them together....:heart:


Overall, I enjoy HPL especially KJW who set a gold standard for a male lead in K dram land....:glasses:






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FINALE KISSES                                    THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!   

Before we move on, I just want to appreciate their first kiss again:     Sorry it's night time at my place so can't find more proper lighting for the painting. Anyway, an art direc

My First Real Fangirl Experience   Since we all don't have BTS today, I thought I'd share with all my fangirl buddies here what happened to me last night as yall were going wild watching ep

1 hour ago, kdramaQ said:

Not sure if anyone noticed, what happened to KJW's lower lips? Slight blister it seems. Over kissing?  ;)

I notice it and had the same thought :phew:

But I shall pretend I'm all pure and it's due to...insect bites? :phew:


1 hour ago, mmac80 said:


Viki.com. They have a feature called Learn Mode. Unfortunately for me, it doesn't work on my Roku streaming TV device as I like watching on a bigger screen. It only works on the web and iOs. 


AH VIKI~! Loved their subtitles...

There were days I'd rip their subtitles to watch with raw files... HAHA


1 hour ago, Ramenqueen19 said:

Just curious why do you think PSJ is by far the bigger star than PMY and KJW? I would agree if you say popular but IMHO  PSJ IS not the bigger star...


Bigger star = more popular. PSJ popularity is a Hallyu-level. He's known to wider audiences, especially overseas fans.

KJW is admittedly unknown overseas and probably even in Korea. Even as a long-time drama watcher, he fell under my radar for so many years after Coffee Prince...then after Hedwig... ((im sorry but he always picked genres I dislike  T_T)). Moreover, he's not the type that picks "popular" or even "sales-worthy" projects (K-drama makes money from exporting dramas abroad). So yes...KJW might be a more critically-acclaimed and well-established actor...but he isn't a 'star' as in popular one with the mainstream audience. I think this project can be a turning point of his 'mainstream career'...get all the love and recognition, KJW!!

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We need to do party tonight:wub: may be some candys and drinks as celebrate this drama..


Why I feel so lonely right now.. May be because we know we will missed Ryan Gold:tears:

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As a fan of Min Young, love all her acting & characters of Healer/ Q7D/ WWWSK, and I love Deok-mi the most, she’s very shining at HPL.


HPL is my favourite drama, not equal to I don’t like WWWSK/ Healer etc, just because I like mature love, top level chemistry & excellent communication between this lovely couple more. For me, WWWSK is more fairy tale, but I still enjoyed to watch it, no conflict for me.


I think PSJ is a very talented actor and he did very well at WWWKS, JCW is a very good actor too, while I have no motivation to watch other Kdramas from them.


I like Hyun Bin at Secret Garden, watched his movies "Late Autumn" with Tang Wei & "Come Rain, Come Shine" with Im Soo-jung. still not following his other Kdramas. [not sure if I will watch Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin coming tvN, because the movie "Classic" is my top 10 movie, I bought DVD & soundtrack, watched the movie almost 5 times.]   


KJW……………… I saw a forum said he's charming likes a red wine, YES, EXACTLY!!!! :love: A Hundred Year of Fine Wine!!!! I didn’t have special feeling when I watched Coffee Prince/ Antique 10+ years ago. Years after, I can't control myself falling in love & become his fan after HPL. I save tons of your gif pictures at my mobile phone, mainly are Deok-mi & Ryan pictures, [Very sorry Min Young, this is my 1st time, I save more KJW individual pictures than yours, please forgive me!!!!! But I still love you till I die] no Faith telling my hubby that I’m crazy not only for Min Young but now I'm tempting to both of them.


After tonight EP16, I’ll re-watch HPL until I can remember all beautiful scenes of these 2. Then start a new chapter, will  start watching KJW’s movies & dramas!


[As said I’ll support their future works, no matter they’ll become a real couple or not.]     


PS: I’m annoying still have some of the shippers keep saying HPL’s rating is low, denied the successful of HPL which gain high attention from International audiences & fans. [esp denied KJW's good acting]. Most of the worldwide movies won the Best Movie Award at Oscar, Berlin or Cannes Film Festival, their box office is not too high. And I totally don’t understand why saying Deok-mi & Ryan have too many skinship????? If you’re in love with your boyfriend, especially  at the very beginning, you definitely want to be with Him 24 hours whole day or more, can’t control yourself to touch or kiss him, Deok-mi & Ryan confirm their love, they’re 33 adult, why they need to hide their love, skinship showing their love. [WWWSK is a fairy tale, ridiculously for me that a man can hide his love for 9 years & a woman in 30s who doesn’t date or have a relationship a man, as said I still watch it because of Min Young, the story line is like this so I won't feel bad on PSJ, he acted so well here.]   


So just ignore these comments, too narrow or too focus on their ships.


Excited for tonight's last EP (a bit upset I won't see this couple next week).

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My opinion KJW make perfect casting as Ryan and more advance hero than others hero Korea.I want he humble just like this and continue some indie projects or villain actually.. If he want to do rom com continue it will give extra my eyes.. Lol.. 


I love the Japanese look in KJW make me feel fresh and miss all hero Japanese.So  good luck to my oppa for new project. I am so lucky know oppa in this drama.. 


Thank you become Ryan Gold:wub:

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Hi @annie1234 I love you profile pic.. sorry forgot the new term for it hahaahha..


So yeah.. I have been in kdrama slump for a loooooong time now.. I've focused more on kvariety shows so this is sooooo exciting for me. 

I love this drama.. I mean I have a rule that I will only watch a drama after it's completed but HPL is on a different level

. I even stream just to watch it , I love the characters and I just became a fan of KJW.. I have watched some of PMY's drama but I enjoy her character here. I have a lot to say but I will do slowly to organize my thoughts..

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3 hours ago, kdramaQ said:

Not sure if anyone noticed, what happened to KJW's lower lips? Slight blister it seems. Over kissing?  ;)


I didn't notice that...:huh:@Ameera Ali, please captures and blows it up here....:phew: But I did notice that the kissing in episode 15 wasn't as "rough" as previous episodes, kinda slower and more gentle?? :ph34r: Due to blistered lips?? :lol:

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1 hour ago, Reggiee8 said:

I actually also think that WWWSK had a lot more viewership because PSJ is very popular. Did you see the number of Instagram followers he has?? 8mil??? That's a LOT. I never knew he's THAT popular. 


Comparatively, HPL is more down to earth and sincere. Enjoyed it a lot more :)


PSJ popularity increased greatly after Ssam My Way. Right after the drama ended his first movie ever released with Kang Haneul before his military duty. The movie was a big success which was screened in many countries, hence along with this popularity he held first ever asian fan meeting (6 countries), then joined Youn's Kitchen which achieved the highest rating ever for tvN's variety show. until he took WWWSK; the story itself was based on popular webtoon. no wonder the show gained high ratings because he himself is that popular. I like PSJ as an actor and person, but too bad some shippers of him are immature if i can say honestly. They keep saying they are not being salty a bit to HPL but it clearly shows by how they keep saying like PMY chose wrong drama, she is unhappy or tired doing HPL, the skinship too much, copying WWWSK and so on, even the worst some of them have given uncredited KJW as an actor and a person. like seriously, they take shipping world too much and delusional :rolleyes:


Okay, so sorry if this would be out of topic but i can't control for not saying this subject.

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I love that HPL posts on TVN's official Instagram and YouTube channel always gets the most views and "likes" among its contemporaries.  The TVN YouTube channel even put the show in the center of the banner along with SJK's new show. It used to be on the left side when Abyss premiered. I just thought it was cool they did that even when HPL was close to approaching its end.







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3 hours ago, luvcrabbieshinhwa said:


11 hours ago, jaeuckismylife said:

Hello! Is that true that Studio Dragon has decided not to launch HPL PD cut DVD? 


p.s I am so totally into this drama and fall so deep for this couple. And since this drama will end soon, I need some place to hold on, thats why I created an account :sweatingbullets:

whaat noooo TT__TT

Hopefully it isn't true... the poll is still ongoing



I read it at ppc shipper forum. They seems happy about it. I dont know wheter it’s pd cut or bluray, she just mentioned it as “dvd”. Am a lil bit upset if it’s real. :tears:


I know I shouldn’t visit them and read all those, promise my self won’t do it again. 

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As HPL is coming to an end, I'm so glad that I pick this drama up early (I started watching since ep 4) and join this amazing thread despite the fact that the drama did not have any buzz at that time. I really feel that I need to say "thank you" and "you did well" to myself haha. I'm usually a binge-watcher (not sure if it's a word lol) because I get irritated and lose interest in a drama because of the wait, but everything is worth the wait with HPL.


I don't even remember why I decided to watch this drama, maybe because I'm also a fan-girl of an idol group :) I'm not as hardcore as Deok-Mi who basically decorates her apartment into a Shi-An paradise, but I still collect merchandises and attend concerts of my idol, so Deok-Mi is quite relatable to me lol. I have watched 1 1/2 of PMY's dramas (SKKS and 1/2 of WWWSK haha) and I knew KJW's name but haven't watched any of his works before, so I have almost no expectation before watching this drama. But I'm so glad every one prove me wrong, from actors, writers, directors... It has not really been a roller coaster ride emotionally, but the calm and mature vibe of the drama has made me follow it until the end and leave such a great impression about a rom-com.


Hope that the last episode will give us a little bit of Little Lion (I prefer Little Lion more than Little Rabbit mostly due to the cuteness of little Geon-Woo and little Deok-Su, blame them on that haha, but little Deok-Mi is also very cuteee) and his interactions with our LaBit couple. That would be an ideal ending for this drama imo :wub:

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9 minutes ago, Cara said:

hence along with this popularity he held first ever asian fan meeting (6 countries),


I am sorry correct me if I am wrong but I don't think he was the first??? Lee Dong Wook did 7 countries before him....

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Hi Chingus, 

I came late to the game! I have been in a Kdrama rom com slump until last Tuesday. I binge watched HPL and caught up with the episodes over night to Wednesday. I skipped the points when the secondary leads were interrupting the OTP moments too much. Otherwise, I enjoy the other typical Kdrama tropes. Yes, I quietly lurked around the posts last week. I love everyone's comments and the gifs of the OTP kissing. A++ Chingus! hahaha


Episode 15 was by far my favorite because of how they were wrapping up the story and fully emphasizing the connection of all the characters. It was interesting how Deok Mi reacted to her mother's doing of Heo Jae. Throughout the drama, she was consistently happy, supportive and positive. But I realized that her relationship with her mother was rocky in terms of her liking Shi An, wanting to pursue art and working with a terrible boss (referring to the earlier episodes). Her fangirl relationship with Shi An parallels her relationship with her brother Deok Soo. Unreachable in another world. She (subconsciously) hid her memories of Deok Soo like how she (consciously) hid her admiration over Shi An. And when she marries Heo Jae, Shi An would literally be her brother in-law!


On the other hand, I love the character arc of Heo Jae. His memory of Deok Mi's mom abandoning him was so poignant because he was pushed away and he felt the coldness of the floor. There's a shot of his hand touching the floor. That happened during the night time so I infer that the floor is cold. I emphasize the feeling of coldness because as a kid, that memory filled with emotions intensified with the cold sensation in his mind.


He's able to accept and understand Deok Mi's mom because that memory is no longer important to him. He found his biological mom and also truly loves Deok Mi. Love beats everything! Hence, he's able to hold Deok Mi's mom's hand and call her with respect. It was a great gesture full of meaning because he did the same with his own biological mom! Holding hands are definitely a thing in this show and it all started with Deok Mi grabbing Heo Jae's hand to play! 


And we know he had fun living with Deok Mi and her family. We see shots of them playing, running around and also painting on each other's faces! This is why Heo Jae as an artist always painted with his hands! He was expressing himself and coping with his trauma. 





The last scene of episode 15 brought the story back into a full circle. His mom's bubble paintings made him have a creative block and also forced him to go soul searching. Who knew..the soul searching led him to Deok Mi! And as  @Ramenqueen19 mentions, he says “Come to think about it, for the time when I couldn’t draw, perhaps it was meant for me to find something that was more precious. To me, it was you that I found.” By the way, love the analysis you pulled up! 


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