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  1. I've asked similar question about post interview last week. I was just curious because KJW had his interview a week after The Guest ended. In addition, the writers and director of The Guest also had their own post interview a week after. WWWSK main casts and supporting casts had their interview right after the drama ended. But other user said post interview is arranged by the agency. As for PMY, I'm sure we will get to know her thoughts on HPL at least from her Marie-Claire photoshoot (HOPEFULLY!). Regarding the bad rating and buzzworthy, HPL average rating is slightly better than other Tvn's drama, He Is Pyschometric. Even the main cast of He Is Pyschometric, Jinyoung and Shin Ye Eun had their post interview (probably arranged by their own agency, JYP Ent.) Actors usually will have seperate interview. So KJW's interview has nothing to do with PMY's busy schedule. I'm guessing KJW is probably taking his time for the interview. I checked his post interview after Voice. He had his interview 2 weeks after Voice. At that time,he was still at the stage of getting over his Mo Tae Gu's character. Who knows, KJW is probably still getting over his Ryan Gold character too . It's been 2 week already. I no longer have high hope for his interview. We might not get one from him. LOL . He's always staying low after his project. Btw, Kim Dong Wook, KJW's fellow co-star in The Guest had confirmed he received the script for The Guest movie but he has yet to read and decide the offer. We can expect KJW has received the script too. We might hear good news from him soon if he accepts the offer for The Guest movie because the production of the movie will start around June-September. The movie sets to air next year.
  2. @sillygal Hi. Have you watched The Guest? i would like to suggest you watch that drama but I know horror genre is not everyone's cup of tea. The Guest is definitely a dark and heavy drama but I would say it's less heavy than OCN's Save Me. I'm a fan of horror genre and I always watch horror movies. Hence, The Guest is normal for me, it's not that scary for me. Heheheh. Or try to watch his cameo scene in C'est Si Bon. I was frightened seeing him slapped Han Hyo Joo. I watched The Guest with low expectation and was captivated by his acting when he performed his first exorcism in ep 2. I don't know how to describe it, the way he recited prayer and his gaze at the possessed is enough to draw me into that drama. And I was also like "Damn, why does he look hot when he is actually just reciting the prayer" Then, I decided to watched Voice when The Guest was still airing. I was blown away by his acting as Mo Tae Gu. He picked Temperature of Love after Voice and HPL after The Guest. So I have a feeling that his next project might be a dark and heavy role again.
  3. @luvcrabbieshinhwa how long a musical theatre will run? Does it take weeks or months? What I only know is that they will have few actors playing the same role right? Btw, I actually expected that he will take rom-com or lighter role after I read his post-interview for The Guest. When the reported asked whether he is interested for rom-com role and he said "of course, he would like to". It's as if he was giving a hint that he's ready for such role. So when Tvn announced two new dramas in 2019, Abyss with Park Bo Young and HPL with Park Min Young, KJW's name has crossed my mind at that time. I was thinking "what if KJW was offered for the male lead role because he said he's interested for rom-com role". I was hoping him to be paired up with Park Bo Young but I knew he doesn't fit the description of the male lead as flower boy. I was still happy yet worried at the same time when he was cast for HPL. It's because I was afraid he will be getting hate and compared a lot with PMY's previous co-stars. Things that I'm concerned the most did happen but I'm glad he has proven to k-fans and I-fans how worthy he is as an actor. @namjiho KJW has mentioned it in his The Guest post-interview. He went there with the Content Director to learn about exorcism. That's why I'm more impressed with the whole team of The Guest after I learned how dedicated they were with the drama. They really came all the way from Korea to Philippines to meet the real exorcist priests. @NaYouSabi? This is why we need his post-interbiew for HPL. We need to know how he prepared for his role in HPL. So now, WHERE IS THE POST INTERVIEWS WITH THE CASTS AND THE DIRECTOR?? Are the reporters sleeping on HPL despite this drama has been receiving much love internationally? Tomorrow is already June 7th. Eerrrghhh
  4. I seriously have a difficult time to move on from HPL . I keep checking any posts related to HPL and the casts. I'm now listening to Lee Hae-Ri's Maybe while typing this. I was hoping to see the casts and the director to do post-drama interview but I guess we won't be getting it since now is already Thursday. I'm eager to know who is the one who thought of pairing KJW and PMY together because she/he shall be blessed for that good idea . PMY is definitely the first choice of the female lead because she was cast first in December while KJW was cast at the end of January. For KJW's previous role as a priest in The Guest, the director already decided the role is definitely for HIM since beginning which means he never had other actor in mind except KJW. Hence, I was curious to know whether HPL team already decided to choose him at the first place or did it after consideration of few actors for the male lead. Hope KJW won't take too long to come back with a new project. As for PMY, she will be back with Busted season 2 so it's good to see her again soon.
  5. Yep. One of her videos was missing/taken down by IG because it was reported. Thats why she makes the account private now. Anyway, it's also good to stay private. We all can stay delusional and fangirling without causing trouble to the actors and other fans who are not the shippers.
  6. KJW also has updated his IG. Good to know he's awake now. I thought he's still hibernating.
  7. Maybe PMY can do cameo as a possessed. Hence, KJW as the priest will surely has to exorcise her. Some of KJW's exorcism scene in The Guest required him to be on top of the possessed, so it looks sensual. LOL LOL. It might be true. To think that this is KJW's first rom-com and he never done kiss scene as many as in HPL. Even his kiss scenes in the movies only lasts for 1-2 mins only. Anyway, he did well for the kiss scenes. Good job KJW! @jeonghyang I enjoy your gifs! Btw, do you have Tumblr acc?
  8. It's from tonight's wrap party. He changed to that jacket after that.
  9. I couldn't find the video but @annie1234 has explained this : "Yes that scene was his first day of shooting. I also noticed PMY seemed a bit “surprised” when he fixed her coat. Maybe because of the camera around? But when they shot the fake photoshoot scene, he even helped her to wear her coat and she looks comfortable with his action already. She realized that he is an OPPA." It's just that the haters made a fuss about this when the drama hasn't not started airing. They just wanted to downgrade KJW.
  10. I actually think Ryan Gold's character reflects certain part of KJW's himself : 1 . Ryan Gold was raised in the USA, while KJW himself was raised in Japan until he was 7 years old. Except the difference is that Ryan is still able to speak korean despite living in the USA while KJW can't speak korean at all, he only learned korean when he returned back to Korea at age 7. I'm still wondering how did his family communicate,LOL . because KJW said both his father and his brother are fluent in Japanese while his mother is not, so her mother and him communicated in a weird way. 2. Ryan Gold is okay with Deok Mi's fangirling behaviour and not judgemental at all. I think same goes with KJW. KJW might understand Ryan's character because he himself is a fanboy. He's a fan of Kurt Cobain and loves rock music very much. On a side note, I wish to see PMY in a non romance drama in the future . I know dramaland always needs romantic/love line in the drama to boost viewers interest but I wish to see her shine and stand out without having a love line with her co-star because there will always be a new shipping fandom created for her every drama and she's always get caught in the shipping wars. OCN might be the best place for her because OCN always creates strong female character without the need of love line. In fact, some actresses shines well in the OCN drama. I can only name a few : Lee Hana (Voice), Go Ah Sung (Life on Mars), Jung Eun Chae (The Guest) and Seo Yeji (Save Me). Go Ah Sung even received Best Supporting Actress award for Life on Mars and Seo Yeji's performance in Save Me is her breakout role after all bad criticisms she received for her bad acting previously. As for KJW, please stay with Management Soop. He's doing well after changed to a new agency. 2018 was actually eventful year for him. He had a theater, a new drama and also promoted his Japan-Korea film too. Plus, I love to see his friendship with Gong Yoo, his labelmate. Last year he went to USA for a vacation after The Guest ended. Surprisingly, I just found out he went to watch NBA champion with Gong Yoo. Glad to know that they're still close. I'm pretty sure he will go for a vacation after HPL ends.
  11. WOW just WOW. I didn't notice this before, perhaps I overlooked this scene. I still remember haters said Pmy looks awkward with him when Kjw tried to fix her winter coat from the bts of this same place. But this scene proves that they were okay with each other.
  12. Where is the 2nd gif from? is it from WWWSK? I can't recall any of this. She looks sexy though
  13. An increase of about 400k since the start of HPL. His ig followers was aroung 300k+ before HPL. I was among his 200k followers during The Guest day, then gradually increased to 300k after The Guest. But HPL definitely did wonder to him with the surge of the followers . LOL.
  14. He ain't perfect. Nobody can be 100% perfect. Hehe. As much as I hate it, I had to accept the fact that smoking is a common habit among most Korean men when I first knew that my favourite actor, Lee Jong Suk is a smoker. Actors and idols are not exceptional. There are many actors and actress that smoke. When I watched 1N2D : Quit Smoking Projects, I was surprised that all members are smoker except Cha Tae Hyun. The difference is that KJW is being open and never hide it while some might hide to cover their image (which is good and not wrong. LOL).
  15. The so-called bed scene clip is currently trending #1 in Naver with 114k views. The comments are all asking Tvn to show the omitted scene in the next episode. Both I-fans and K-fans, WE ARE ALL THIRSTY AND NOT SATISFIED
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