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  1. happy 1000th page ^^ i havent found time to continue watching the dvd but im reading glimpse of it here.. excited much ahhaha
  2. I just came back from korea >__< sadly due to time constraints i didnt managed to watch TDF in theatres :’( but is it me (no fate) or there’s isn’t many PMY advertisements around...... there’s tons of PSJ everywhere, but i didn’t even managed to bump to any PMY’s advertisements in that 7days trip....
  3. omggg i found that drunk miso ice cream scene......... miso is really really darn cute when drunk omg.. why was the whole scene cut away ahahaha... maybe it was excessive to repeat the drunk action 3x but it expressed how drunk she was and that ice cream was to die for.. youngjoon was so done with her at the end hahahahaha... mannnn that whole scene.... even the start of the drunk walking scene was hella playful and cute which is opposite of what MiSo is like at work.
  4. Ikr.. each disc has so much content too..... >__< i’m definitely not regretting any part of it I realised some parts they actually shot it twice with a different set of outfit. There’s 1 scene in ep4 which pmy tied her hair in a bun but in the actual ep 4, her hair was in a ponytail.
  5. I feel like maybe when they were filming they are real... then 1 year later which is now smth happened, so became like this. But i dont want to believe that situation. So i am giving the benefit of doubt that those scenes are too over for fans eyes to see... so i’m replaying those precious moments on the disc.. such adorable interactions, both psj and pmy is so comfortable there... even the staffs are enjoying their presence...
  6. Right!!! I feel like some scenes in the disc were cut suddenly... then skipped.. and a lot of the scenes were already repeated too..
  7. Hahaha i do believe such things thats why i’m still here and praying... hahaha even the bts in the disc is very juicy
  8. Hahhaa i managed to watch finish just 1 disc as of now... i started from the more exciting cd of course... now im just really really curious what is the 77mins of deleted footage when the disc has some really interesting interactions.......... i was talking to my another friend that isn’t a ppc fan about some scenes in the dvd, but she just mentioned maybe the otp didnt sail so the 77mins were cut away. But whatever it is, i’ll believe for now that they are sailing until proven wrong (marriage or a legit dating news from either of them)
  9. Whoohoo my dvd arrived today~ sadly i’m at work so i could only open them up tonight~~ for those who havent received their dvd, it should be receiving them in a couple of days i guess.. ems ships fairly fast tbh
  10. I have been wanting to ask.. how to watch the show>__< i’ve open the wetv app but it says not available in my country >__<
  11. Agreed. There was so much influx the moment the grp chat was mentioned hahaha.. back to topic.. hmm idk if i want them to get married so early tho considering the suspicious level is still so high for them to go public known that they got married... maybe another 3-5years later..?
  12. oh..? actually i'm from singapore ... lol i'm pretty sure there's more fans from sg here too
  13. i'm excited for this show as i'm a huge fan of the anime series
  14. yeah i did order the dvd.. I just checked the tracking, seems like still in korea.. can't wait for it to be here soon and i'll be on the screen for a few hours starring at it
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