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    “You can never win me” hahah
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  3. ah... it is as bad ahhaha... not sleeping enough is even more tiring omg.... yes i hope she is having a awesome sleep today...
  4. now... that the show has really ended........ i came in to read all the thoughts with gifs and screencaps.... aaa... that empty feeling... >__< I really love how the story did realistically cover how fangirls are and how it could help others from understanding us a little more. of course the point of falling in love with a brother of ur idol isn't that easy to be honest but i guess dramaland is always possible. during the drama was showing i was kinda watching for the way they portray the characters, now after the drama ended, I'm looking at how much was covered in the whole of 16 episodes. of course some people says the directing or writer did a bad job or whatnot but for this 16 episodes i had no complains to be honest, the backstory was covered , fangirls traits was covered. proposal for romcom (somewhat) covered. It might seems like a rush story towards the end, but I am fairly satisfied with the flow and how much it actually showed at the end which artist ryan came back. and side note..... why didn't eungi and choi dain become together................. T-T
  5. omg i hope she rest well..... >__< 4 days...... i couldn't even take it after 2 days of not sleeping.... she lasted 4...... >__<
  6. Knowing that the drama is coming to the end is really saddening. The whole ep15 was a really good episode for tying up all the loose ends. Deokmi learning about her (forgotten) trauma to knowing about her mum was the one that left YoonJae at the orphanage. YoonJae maturely understanding her family situation that lead to that situation at that point of time. We have been guessing that SDM had a car accident before due to the black car reaction which turns up to be true and the brother incident as well. Today episodes is probably gonna be a happy ending as expected haha.. I really love how Ryan has so much trust in SDM even though he was hurt himself. Kim Jaewook did a really good job in portraying this character, of course I dont deny PMY was the one that got me here from the start but Jaewook did not disappoint me at any point but got me to fall in love with his character here as well.. As someone who watched WWWSK back to back to this HPL. I do agree that when the show first started, I couldn’t remove KMS in SDM. But now it is so different that I could easily tell them apart even though the outfits are fairly similar. As a fan of PMY and I didn’t watch WWWSK when it was showing because i wasn’t a fan of romance genre drama, but I watched it afterwards because the hype was really strong and PMY was in there haha.. So now after this ends, I’m gonna watch Voice after this because i’ve heard so much about his role in there!
  7. Can’t wait for tonight!! OTP on screen chemistry is no joke hahaha i love that part when KJW revealed he is Latte to PMY the most haha.. it’s always interesting to watch that part again
  8. FINALLLLYYYY EP 15 TEASER... i have been spamming my friend via kkt to ask if TVN forgotten about our teaser... hahaha as much i anticipated it... and trying to deny that they will break up (for a short while).... my heart still hurts when it happens aaaaa @TheRoadtoPMY hahahaa i’m a female tho... >__< she’s gonna improve my welfare somehow hahahahaahaha
  9. While everyone is on KJW’s welfare... l.... PMY’s THIG- uh i meant SMILE IS MY WELFARE
  10. I'm watching HPL and a huge fan of both series and PMY, i just wanna leave it here that the chemistry between PMY & KJW vs PMY & PSJ is kinda diff and i still ship PPC more than the other couple because I believe the other couple BTS is for fanservice. //ilovethatfanservicetoo but i just support PMY whatever she acts in because just her is enough xD
  11. oh?! this makes sense if RG is older than SDM & NEG. Yeah he could have remembered his birth year wrongly since he was adopted as well. wow, if you never mentioned about the painting i wouldn't have realised there's a mother with a child in the bubble. now that you mentioned that, this theory does makes a little sense haha
  12. aaaaa i wish I'm in korea to witness them filming..... I'll probably starstruck if I can see PMY in person >__<
  13. Actually i think the redness was supposed to be the flow since PMY drank at the company dinner prior to their sketch scene.... hence it does match it up. afaik pmy usually drinks after the shoot though.. but it might be before the shoot this time round...
  14. hmm.. after watching today's episode, the lack of lovey-dovey moment was bearable since it was uncovering more stories.. I was kinda happy that Sian was the one that broke that Lee Sol was his mum unintentionally to Ryan instead of Deokmi. Coming from the Deokmi point of view, breaking that news gonna be so hard for her. from ep 14 preview, seems like eungi knows or recalls there is someone called Yoonjae before. if it is true then it's high chance confirm that Deokmi's mum abandoned Ryan at the orphanage.. Nooo >__< i dont want to see Ryan's disappointed face....
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