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  1. oh it's a new week again. the new pmy youtube, she is so cute and bubbly trying to introduce every part of her office like a kid lmao. she's so bouncy there.. haha and when she's cooking the hotdog and complaining about the weather, she almost left her onions in the rooftop hahahahahhaa..... please tell me why do i love her so much
  2. her new vlog photoshoot she looks like a doll >__< so pretty.... and her bag sounds so heavy when she plop it down but it doesn't have much stuffs in it hahahahhaa...
  3. omggg.... is this some special day for the parks... why are they doing this to us..... out of so many days in june.... 10 june....... who are u what are you....
  4. i also want to mention did any one noticed at the end when PMY happily showing various of her pics and then Leon photo on her phone but she got a little cautious and retreated her phone back to see if anything else is amiss in that photo then relief that its correct. OH GOD SHE UPLOADED A NEW VIDEO!!!!!! I want to sleep with you too lol.
  5. YESSSSSSSSSSSS~~~~~ YOUTUBER RACHELPARK~!!! finally it's out... been waiting since the day she uploaded that camera pic during her Tods trip................ ㅠㅠ everyone please subscribe like and switch on the notifications for her channel~~ pretty please
  6. OMG YEAH SHE DID. JUST PARKMINYOUNG Ahn Bohyun commented : I am subscribing now. PMY replied: "Like" is part of the set. I learnt that.
  7. YES PLEASEEEE... Currently the only actress to hit 1m subscribers on Youtube is IU (well technically she's an idol but she counts as an actress too i guess...... if only considering solely actresses, close to 1m is Shin Se-kyung at 970++k subs right now... means we have to bulk up the subscribers real quick if we want to be the first korean actress to hit 1m subs xD
  8. PMY also looks very similar to her best friend Jessica lol.... There is sometimes i see Jessica in PMY pictorial photos and im like is my eye doing a trick on me. AAA leon recent ig photos are so cute..... it makes me want to own a bishon but knowing the place im living in its too hot for bishon to be groom that way.......... that fluff ball~~
  9. HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY TO WWWSK!! came back to this forum because its anniversary day~~ haven't been reading much but hey PPC are still ongoing anws why rush to read everything xD so.... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY EVERYONE HERE
  10. Park Jinjoo has opened her YouTube Channel~~ who knows maybe we will get Park Seojoon and maybe Park Minyoung appearing her channel as guest since they are friends Record Park,Park Jinjoo and our future MYLOG YT Collabs contentㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  11. she mentioned she gonna make 1 soon but who knows when xD namoo.... please give her that mylog..........
  12. hello~~ her private life romance scenes are slightly less intense compared to WWWSK but fret not it's still very very romantic in its ways~~ and park minyoung is still very captivating in her own ways too
  13. @Matilda_Anne watching mukbang is always satisfying thats why i am waiting for MY's YT Channel and she can start doing some mukbang + cooking content too == might be a little random but recently due to virus outbreak i've rewatched busted again since MY is shooting S3 right now, im actually really curious why would lee seunggi be part of it since at the end of s2 he is revealed to not belong to the detective team. of course that part of the story is not yet completed since they lost to his tactics but how is it he is still part of the main cast?
  14. hello~ im back after disappearing for almost a year lmao. hmm was there a difference in the japanese dvd and korean? i have the korean ones but i didn't buy the japanese ones since i thought it gonna be the same but japanese subtitled
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