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  1. As HPL is coming to an end, I'm so glad that I pick this drama up early (I started watching since ep 4) and join this amazing thread despite the fact that the drama did not have any buzz at that time. I really feel that I need to say "thank you" and "you did well" to myself haha. I'm usually a binge-watcher (not sure if it's a word lol) because I get irritated and lose interest in a drama because of the wait, but everything is worth the wait with HPL. I don't even remember why I decided to watch this drama, maybe because I'm also a fan-girl of an idol group I'm not as hardcore as Deok-Mi who basically decorates her apartment into a Shi-An paradise, but I still collect merchandises and attend concerts of my idol, so Deok-Mi is quite relatable to me lol. I have watched 1 1/2 of PMY's dramas (SKKS and 1/2 of WWWSK haha) and I knew KJW's name but haven't watched any of his works before, so I have almost no expectation before watching this drama. But I'm so glad every one prove me wrong, from actors, writers, directors... It has not really been a roller coaster ride emotionally, but the calm and mature vibe of the drama has made me follow it until the end and leave such a great impression about a rom-com. Hope that the last episode will give us a little bit of Little Lion (I prefer Little Lion more than Little Rabbit mostly due to the cuteness of little Geon-Woo and little Deok-Su, blame them on that haha, but little Deok-Mi is also very cuteee) and his interactions with our LaBit couple. That would be an ideal ending for this drama imo
  2. Judging from what the writer has been giving us so far, he/she will use like 30 mins of ep 15 for the revelation and solving of Deok Mi's mom's problems (like how they spend 30 mins for the Latte/Sinagil revelation and 30 mins for Ryan's mom's story in respective eps) and the rest of the ep for side stories. Unless he/she wants to destroy what he/she has built for the drama so far (which I hope won't happen lol), the drama will flow well in the last 2 eps. But writers have a tendency to go with noble idiocy when they run out of ideas so we won't know either And KJW's outfits go back to the more conventional styles (instead of 'artist' styles with those ahjumma pants haha) compared to the first eps and he looks A LOT MORE HANDSOME. Please please please keep this style till the end of the drama!!! PMY also has the best office attire in all the dramas that I've seen so far. Both their hair stylists and coordi did such a wonderful job.
  3. Wow our Lion looks hella fine in that suit He knows what we want and he delivers!! Seriously the new stills are already heart-fluttering enough, he even dares to post a pic on his insta with that pose, my poor heart can't handle this... And Kim Jaewook has been posting pic on Instagram with "Lion" captions Almost every post since the drama started he includes the word "saja" in the caption, even it's a pic of his pet. I think it's super cute! Suit saja is the best saja so far!! Looking forward to swooning scenes in new episode tonight
  4. Hello everyone, first time posting here I have been lurking here since we were at page 40-ish and now it's already 145. It's a pleasure to read through all the insights and have a community to share our feelings about this amazing drama!! I have a few episodes on my favorite and I thought the later episodes cannot top them, but I'm so glad that this drama prove me wrong. K dramas usually get draggy and boring with nonsense logic and hella slow pace towards the end of the drama so I'm not having high hopes while watching ep 11, but the plot is moving at a great pace and there are great moments in it. One of the plot lines I like the most is how they solve Deok Mi's fangirl secret together with the grand revelation of Latte nim very quickly (in less than 30 mins). For other dramas this secret alone can be dragged for 2-3 episodes with male and female lead get unreasonably angry and being childish towards each other. I'm happy that our drama is not like that, they solve it in a mature way (communication!!) and add the extra bit of cuteness (bantering). If Cindy is not there and we might even get a hot scene after that About the last bit of ep 11 when Ryan drove to DM's house to seek comfort, without letting DM knows the reason why he was so broken at that moment, I really felt that DM is a sensitive girlfriend with very high EQ. When Ryan called, it was already 2 am and DM was already asleep at that time, but she was immediately awake and so happy to have a conversation with Ryan when he called, and she was ready to continue the conversation with Ryan when she sensed something was off in Ryan's tone by turning on the lights (communication wins again). Usually people will tell you to go to sleep as it's already late bla bla, but DM's willing to give up her sleep to talk with Ryan at 2 am. We as viewers know why Ryan needs comfort at that time, but DM does not, but she still does what we, who understand the context fully, would do in that situation. She also tried to encourage Ryan to talk about his issue by asking him again whether he just came by to see her, and didn't force him anymore when he didn't want to talk but just hugging him instead. I teared up a bit in that scene mostly due to Ryan's sadness, but part of it was because DM's action was so touching. As this drama has surpassed many viewers' expectations of a rom-com, I sincerely hope that the writer can continue with what he/she's been doing so far and avoid all the noble idiocy at all cost. There can be separation at some point as long as it's reasonable and necessary for the characters to grow further. But if there's separation then please give us more skinship when they reconcile as well
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