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  1. There are things I want to write here, lets just start with this one. Yesss. The interview for IWFY drama was out! And the first thing that comes to my mind is NO NEWS IS A GOOD NEWS. Because, wae wae waeeee JU MY Mnet interview for HPL never release untill now??? LOL. Suspicious at the highest level. Haters can say that MY really hates everything about HPL but we clearly see that’s not the case. She’s really happy during HPL filming, this is the fact. She also said by her self in one of her interview that she doesn’t want to hurt someone else. Hating someone or somethi
  2. Hi @Jayfeather4life @NaYouSabi? I was talking about this scene If you see more details on the BTS and still that scattered around the labitS IG accounts (too bad I don’t have time to dig it out n put the link here sowreeeeey girls), you will see that minyoung actually fell asleep for real. And also her legs position between JU’s thigh shows how comfortable she is with JU.
  3. Talking about this “not happy” statement from haters just because she’s look like about to cry in Namoo video was soo hilarious. But yeah the way PMY’s eyes spoke in that goodbye video indeed SUSPICIOUS . Why suspicious? 1. Because she was soooo happy during HPL filming proses that’s the fact! They’re like touch and laugh and touch and laugh and touch and lough LOL 2. She even fell asleep for real on KJW chest. (I wouldn’t fall asleep on someone chest but my lover’s chest) 3. Both PMY KJU soo caring each other. 4. Those lovey dovey steamy ADLIBS wouldn’t be pe
  4. I can’t stop grinning because of Tukta3495’s IG posts. PMY was teasing KJU and vice versa. Omoooo park min you shiiii, you’re really like what you always say, honest and always sincere. For me, the way PMY behaves during HPL was not the behavior of woman who having a lover. And I cannot with the behavior of some people who think she’s lying just because they want to force their imagination to be right LOL! NO MEANS NO. YES MEANS YES. WHICH PART OF IT THAT HARD TO UNDERSTAND??? We hope our LABIT always happy and everlastingly loving each other. Ah, I was ri
  5. BTS will be included in DVD box 2, but I’m not really sure the woodshop kisses will be there. You know, the scene that aired was definitely hot, imagine what was happening at behind the scene lol. Based on HPL history, behind the scenes were always more surprising than the scenes that aired, so I doubt it hiks, but let’s just hope for it
  6. That’s not even BTS, I wonder what’s happened at behind the scene lol. Btw dvd box vol. 1 doesn’t give us BTS of HPL, let’s hope for it in DVD box vol. 2 that released this June. Aaand I really like to scroll down tukta3495 feed when I miss them. Just to cheer you up, look how PMY admiring KJW since the beginning Pmy is a straightforward person, she’s honest about her feeling, that’s why she always say that KJW is reeeeaaaally handsome and she like him!
  7. There are some, you can find it by search using hashtag on asianfanfics and wattpad. I’ll share you my fav fic and put the link as the spoiler. Enjoy <3
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