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  1. I think someone hacked it to put her there for some reason. I was confused too but from the next episode preview they did that to put her in danger and perhaps reveal something ? Maybe it’s connected w the actor that committed suicide? My favorite quote : BTM : when I drinking and clubbing, you haven’t graduated from elementary school. PMG: when I was doing worksheets, you were falling in love LOL
  2. I love this show! My favorite part is when BTM owned a walk of shame like a boss, new make up and a scarf should fix the repeating outfit haha. Were they at a hotel or his place, I couldn’t tell? The dialogue and the focus on women are amazing. Although I’m disappointed about the slap, come on it’s 2019, it’s no longer acceptable to go around slapping people...right? Or is it ok in korean society to do this? Feel a little backward for such a forward looking script.
  3. Me too about the crying. PMY cried so much during 7 day queen. I wonder how she did it....She looked Pretty crying too; tears just falling out of her eyes while she’s talking. Whenever have snot running down her nose like I would have haha
  4. I love this tweet : Now we know why he (KJW) has been putting off romcoms. Because he knows we wouldn't be able to handle him!!!! Foxy bastard i think we can all agree that KJW is underrated and has been wasted as second leads in so many dramas but hopefully this one will bring him into mainstream popularity!!
  5. Love this list!! Adding one more 17. RG and DM playfully smearing chalk pain on each other face when younger w. Playing with flour when making food 18. DM saying RG face is her canvas to paint w. Her applying lipstick by kissing him! 19. HJ told her mom she has no other wish if she died now, the exact line DM said after meeting SA in person
  6. I really want to travel to Korea to visit the iconic kiss wall. I didn’t understand why DM and SJ wanted to check into SA hotel at the beginning and take pics of them doing the same things he does but NOW I understand. I want to go to Korea, find the museum, find the wall, find my own Ryan Gold and recreate the kisses!! Call me crazy fan girl
  7. Did anyone notice him wearing sneakers in the final kiss scene instead of his normally formal shoes? Looks cool and comfy! KJW makes anything look sexy and cool and effortless , even wearing sneakers...
  8. Don’t CRY because it’s over, SMILE because it happened!! Thank you DramaGod for answering our years of prayer and cast KJW in a PERFECT lead role. Please don’t wait too long until giving him another one!
  9. She’s wearing the necklace he gave her in the PROPOSAL scene!!
  10. Just curious why do you think PSJ is by far the bigger star than PMY and KJW? I would agree if you say popular but IMHO PSJ IS not the bigger star...
  11. Love the analysis below, credit to OP on tumblr https://lovingquotesthatspeakmymind.tumblr.com/post/185226309324/thoughts-on-ep-15-come-to-think-about-it-for-the “Come to think about it, for the time when I couldn’t draw, perhaps it was meant for me to find something that was more precious. To me, it was you that I found.” - Ryan Gold to Deok Mi I think most of us would have anticipated this “childhood stories” concept quite early into the drama. I suspected it too. But what Ep 15 did well was that it kinda made this “childhood concept” less cliché. It’s true that Deok Mi and Ryan knew each other from young. However, at the age of 7 both of them had a bad experience that traumatised them for the rest of their life. For Deok Mi, the loss of her younger brother due to car accident caused her to forget most of her childhood even the happy moments. Because of the vague memories she have, she gets nightmare too but she can’t remember it well. For Ryan, as we all know, he was abandoned at orphanage by someone (as expected was Deok Mi’s mom). This rather vivid memory constantly gave him nightmare and was part of the reason why he couldn’t draw. Tbh, the concept of childhood friends for Ryan and Deok Mi in this drama is not main focus (at least from my POV). Rather it was the fact that in the process of finding out his childhood trauma and overcoming his inability to draw, Ryan got to meet Deok Mi who was the total opposite of Ryan even though both of them can no longer draw. While Ryan suffered due to his inability to draw again, Deok Mi made use of her talents to live as a fansite master and remained cheerful. And even though they might have known each other when they were younger, that wasn’t the main reason why they chose to stay with each other despite knowing the truth. They stayed with each other because Deok Mi has been a constant pillar of support for Ryan. She was there when he needed someone to hug and tell him everything will be alright. She was there when he had doubts about his mom. She was there when everyone, including himself, knew that he can no longer draw but she encouraged him bit by bit. To Deok Mi, Ryan was someone who embraced her “idol/fandom/fansite master” side without any judgments. And indeed Her Private Life really showed us what a mature relationship is all about - COMMUNICATION. Without that, relationship is really as fragile as you can see in any other kdrama with lots of misunderstanding and childish arguments (oops but it’s true)
  12. No matter how boring the tropes or how they overdid PPL in this drama, my love for it and the couple doesn’t change!!
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