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[Drama 2019] Her Private Life 그녀의 사생활

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FINALE KISSES                                    THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!   

Before we move on, I just want to appreciate their first kiss again:     Sorry it's night time at my place so can't find more proper lighting for the painting. Anyway, an art direc

My First Real Fangirl Experience   Since we all don't have BTS today, I thought I'd share with all my fangirl buddies here what happened to me last night as yall were going wild watching ep

I would be sad too if my boo was spending all his time painting if he looked like RG....lol

but on a serious note..she probably wants him to make a comeback since he was supposed to be a genius artist...

but she could always go to the states or he could inject some New York style into the k art world...lol



just get to a scene with our OTP surrounded by cute babies already...:w00t:

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There is a time skip.

Director DramaQueen is picking up her hubby at the prison.

Sindy is at work "teaching" a new intern how to make coffee. DK came back and if I am not mistaken will be the new gallery director.

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At SJ cafe

They talk about DM going to the US to take care of Ahn's exhibition as a curator...for 6 months until 1 year.

They are betting whether she'd go or not, cuz Ryan is in Korea LOLOL. Even Joohyuk wants to join.


Ryan asks why DM hasn't told him about her being requested in New York

DM wonders if Ryan has something to do with it (Ryan was the former director of the gallery).

He denies it and asks whether DM has decided to go or not.

DM cheerfully she did...and Ryan guesses correctly that she'll go and that she made the right choice.

But he wonders if they'll be having a long-distance relationship.

DM asks him to go together, him as Ryan Gold. "Trust me as a curator."

Ryan tells her that he believes her as a curator and ask a person.

But "I'll be unemployed if I come back to NY...how will I live...

DM excitedly offers herself to take care of him. Ryan: "But I'll eat steak every day." lol


They then meet their parents to say goodbye.

They first meet DM parents who send them off with a smile, relieved that YJ is going with them.

YJ says they'll call often...but DM mom says he should call his mom more often cuz she just found her son but now he has to go. YJ says he'll call both moms often. 

Then they visit his mom and Sian.

SiAn looks extremely sad that his hyung and noona will be gone, asking his mom not to go.

Mom says that Sian is actually sad about something else. SiAn is sad cuz Shi-Na-Gil is resting.

DM almost slips that it's her, "Resting is only a while.. I....I'm sure she'll be back soon" ...Ryan tries hard to hold his laugh and she hits him LMAO. He then assures his brother that they'll be back soon. DM looks at SiAn so adoringly lol.


They say goodbye to the employees

DM "I'll be back."

Ryan: "Who gives you permission?"

DM: *winks

Then he introduces a new director with an ominous tone, "I'm afraid I can't stop this."

Director Eom.So.Hye comes back dramatically lol.


At SJ cafe.

SJ is so sad cuz DM will be gone...asking Ryan to take care of DM, "She likes a handsome, pretty, and cute man." 

Ryan, "I got it, I'll do it all." EG is like, "I remember you being SHY when you were a kid..." Ryan is baffled LOL. 


DM and Ryan go to her house ((when did they film this why I didn;t know T_T)).

Ryan asks her not to call him "Director" again. DM: "Saja-ya~" Ryan: "Not LION, but RYAN"  DM gives him some choice, "Saja, Ryan, Yoon Je." Ryan: "Will you call me by the name I pick?" DM agrees..

Ryan, "then please listen to me. You told me that my artwork has improved. I didn't know that there were many things I wanted to paint..."

He reaches out her hand and hands her a ring, "I want to draw the warmth of the woman I love."

OMG HE PROPOSES TO HER..."I know it's sudden and you're surprised...but please bear with me...cuz I feel this is the right time. i'm telling this because I don't wanna wait."



"SDM, in this world, more than anyone, I wish to paint happiness together with you. Will you marry me?"

DM cries, "I'm a fangirl..so I'll answer in my language. I'll be your best and foremost. Will you be one for me, too?"

Ryan, "Forever..."

Ryan puts the ring on her and they hug each other tightly.



At a CD store, there's SiAn's fansign event. JooHyuk album has also been released.

Cheum Gallery is busy as usual with a string of exhibition.


Fast forward a year later.

Eom So-Hye hubby is released from the prison. SHe runs to hug him dramatically...and gives him tofu to eat HAHAHHAHA (Korean tradition to eat tofu after being released from jail).


Hyojin is still working at the gallery, supervising a new intern in making coffee.

Her mom looks at her so proudly.


They then have a meeting cuz Director Eom has something to announce.

It's Deokmi who comes back as vice-director. They all greet her happily.

Yu-Gyu and Yuseop are dating, to Hyojin's annoyance. She asks if RYAN is also coming back.


DM mom and dad cutely read an English article about Ryan's splendid comeback, calling him son-in-law.

DM returns home happily so her mom cooks her a feast. DM: "Is it my bday?" lol.

DM mom asks if Ryan is coming back soon...DM says he's so busy so he isn't sure.

Her mom is saying something about her wedding ceremony, but DM diverts attention to EG, "EG should be first." spilling the beans that EG and DaIn are getting closer. EG says he has someone else.


DM and EG return to DM house and meet SJ there. SJ is pregnant with her second child and tells her she's got a project with Joohyuk and Sian.

EG is then getting teased by them both for having "women" haha.


Hyojin and EG seem to get closer as they make judo practice together.

Cute oppa-dongsaeng relationship lol


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