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  1. I really think the stylists did a great job with KJW's image in HPL. Watched voice and some snippets of temperature of love, I must say the curly wavy hair really suits him!!!
  2. I felt that the ending was fitting for the how the whole show has evolved. It was sweet. It was perfect.
  3. Watched it raw. Is it just me or do I feel like there are too many scenes in this episode? Kept switching scenarios and I found it swinging from scene to scene without much closure/continuity.
  4. I'm beginning to think this is possible! They were separated through unfortunate circumstances. Ryan was found by DM's mum. But she could not afford to keep another child at home and hence she placed him in the orphanage.
  5. Has anyone wondered why they are in the lift at Ryan's home in the same outfit (ending of episode 12)? Wasn't it late at work already then?? They didnt go home? Heh
  6. Lol that is true... but I can't feel that kind of readiness to settle down between the both of them yet. Dating is definitely more fun than planning a wedding! Haha enjoy it first!!!
  7. I think having a wedding in the next 2 weeks' episode is a bit of a stretch. They have only started dating/known each other recently! Would feel the ending is rushed out if a wedding takes place. Maybe at best a proposal? Or showing them on more dates and getting along well. My opinion!
  8. Hi! First post here... Agree that the other 2 co workers have something going on. Wondering if the wrap up party is open to public or there would be anymore media events for the show? Or fan meet?
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