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  1. Loved episode 16! It flowed so well! Who else was distracted by the handphone behind KJW's neck in the last scene? Thought could have done without it though. Haha
  2. Curious- wrap up party venue and information - how do we find out? Do fans camp outside?
  3. He's telling everybody he's breaking out of the RG role. Lol. He looks like he's 10 years younger here can.
  4. Yes! Not a pretty boy. In fact when I saw the poster, I wasn't really attracted to the show. Started watching cos of PMY. But he is the dependable, matured sort. That ladies in their 30s want and need to settle down with. Haha thus, the appeal!! Anyone also also drooling over his fingers? The bony and long fingers make him look kinda rugged. Like been through tough times. He's a man for sure. Lol! And using his left hand! Ah! The charm!!
  5. I think they went to pay their respects to Deok Su there....
  6. I actually also think that WWWSK had a lot more viewership because PSJ is very popular. Did you see the number of Instagram followers he has?? 8mil??? That's a LOT. I never knew he's THAT popular. Comparatively, HPL is more down to earth and sincere. Enjoyed it a lot more
  7. I rewatched the earlier episodes... RG told DM he would recommend for her to go to NYC to help out at Mr Anh's exhibition!
  8. Yes!!!! I watched voice and I didn't feel the same. It's the long curly hair!!!
  9. I really think the stylists did a great job with KJW's image in HPL. Watched voice and some snippets of temperature of love, I must say the curly wavy hair really suits him!!!
  10. I felt that the ending was fitting for the how the whole show has evolved. It was sweet. It was perfect.
  11. Watched it raw. Is it just me or do I feel like there are too many scenes in this episode? Kept switching scenarios and I found it swinging from scene to scene without much closure/continuity.
  12. I'm beginning to think this is possible! They were separated through unfortunate circumstances. Ryan was found by DM's mum. But she could not afford to keep another child at home and hence she placed him in the orphanage.
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