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[Drama 2019] Her Private Life 그녀의 사생활

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More videos of the cast arriving at the wrap party! The 1st video includes the super adorable Gun Woo-ah :lol:  And KJW is totally swag walking down the path like it's a runway.



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FINALE KISSES                                    THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!   

Before we move on, I just want to appreciate their first kiss again:     Sorry it's night time at my place so can't find more proper lighting for the painting. Anyway, an art direc

My First Real Fangirl Experience   Since we all don't have BTS today, I thought I'd share with all my fangirl buddies here what happened to me last night as yall were going wild watching ep

Im ready to live streaming in here.. This is my gift to you guyss:wub:


Still commercial break and episode 15.. Ready to watching finale tonight. 

Its already started... Ryan draw in bed scene.. Lol

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17 minutes ago, Sky8lue said:

Więcej filmów z obsadą przybywających na imprezę wrap! Pierwszy film zawiera super uroczego Gun Woo-ah :lol:



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Pls don’t quote videos , try to ensure that future posts hv at least 20characters
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Ryan really found a muse in DM. He is sketching her in bed while she is sleeping. And when she wakes up he teases her and they talk ... how adorably domestic.


Well, that turned from cute to rawww. Too bad the bed cover hid it from us viewers...

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Started with childhood scene, similar to one in episode 1.

4 kids were playing together. EG teases DM, and DM hits him in the head. EG cries, calling their mom.

DM ended up being scolded. They played with water now (Deok-soo is so cute lol).

They splattered paints over each other's faces happily.


Ryan and Deokmi on bed.

Ryan with his sketchbook and white shirt omg so hot. DM is waking up slowly, smiling to him.

Ryan asks if she has a good dream. DM tells him that she dreamed about their childhood, "it's happy, but sad"

Ryan is patting her head and telling her he's drawing. She cheekily says, "am I pretty?" He teases her using the line she used to describe Sian's beauty before ("SiAn's beauty is so out of this world it's hard to put on drawing") and she hits him lol.


She then tells him that in her dream, they were painting together and how it becomes true that they are working in art field now. Though she cannot hang her own paint on the gallery as an artist, at least she's working as a curator that hangs painting on the gallery. Ryan argues that curator is also an artist.

DM climbs on top of him, telling him she likes his current face the most and wants to draw on it... #rawr

More sexxyyy timee under the blanket??


The employees are busy preparing and checking everything about the upcoming exhibition.

Hyojin looks so proud with her merchandise XD

They already displayed Lee Seol's puzzle painting. It looks so good.

They are now having the meeting about the exhibition.

Hyojin says she flutters so much. Yu Curator teases her if it's because of SiAn, she admits hahaha.


The exhibition starts!

As expected, SiAn receives much attention...his fans are also lining up.

Eom So Hye, "Oh.My.God. Is he SiAn? Very handsome." then she takes pics of him.

Deokmi hands over Hyojin's merchandise to SiAn.



Ryan and Deokmi stand together to see the fruit of their works. 

Flashback to the time when DM told Ryan in episode 2 that humans will be more precious than art.

Flashback to what she said about Jung Taehwan photo, which starts Deokmi and Ryan's 'real story'.

Flashback to what she told Ryan about what the bubbles on Lee Seol's paintings might mean.

Ryan puts his hand on the small of her back.


Ryan, Sian, their mom look at the 9 paintings of Lee Seol together.

Ryan smiles at his mom.

SiAn congratulates his mom for her debut. Mom also thanks YoonJe and Deokmi. 

Mom held her sons hands and DM offers to take pics.

Ryan teases her by telling them DM is good at taking pics.


At SJ cafe.

Ryan and his mom having same drink. While Sian says he has the same drink with "curator noona"

SJ can barely contain her excitement of seeing SiAn lol.

SiAn asks about the music played in the cafe, so she introduces Joohyuk to him, telling him that she'll PERSONALLY DELIVER the album to him lmao.


They then go to Deoksu's resting place together, including YJ mom and EG mom.

YJ mom greets DM mom.

DM mom says she's been thinking about what to say to her...but now she cannot say anything but sorry. YJ mom thanks her for taking care of YJ even only for a while. 

They all pay respect to Deok-su. DM, "So my Deok-su is resting here."

DM mom tells her that she used to bring DM, DS,and EG together to the temple.


DM mom gives something to YJ mom.

It's YJ childhood pictures. YJ mom notes that YJ looked happy and comfortable.

DM mom says that he got along well with DM, EG, and DS.

DM mom reveals that once she collected herself together, she went back to the orphanage to look for YJ, but YJ was adopted already. YJ mom tells her about her story after she lost YJ. She met SiAn's father after a while...then she talks about something so touching about parents-kids relationship ("there's no word to call 'a parent who lost a child' because the pain is unbearable'). SHe tells DM mom not to regret anything anymore, since it's all resolved. DM and Ryan peek their moms interaction from outside. Ryan wonders what are they talking about.

DM teases him, "maybe my mom asks about your birth time" LOL.


They then approach DM dad, who's picking up a rock... He tells her why he started collecting rocks. It was because he accidentally picked up a rock when he laid Deok-su to rest there and it felt warm, "just like Deoksu's hand." DM then reaches out to the rock, saying that she wants to hold her brother's hand too.


EG is talking to his mom, proposing that they should start living together until he gets married.

His mom is like, "I'll get married faster than you" LMAO. She then describes such a high standard of man she wants and EG teases her, "I thought you arent getting married because of me, but because you hv such high standard aka fussy."  =)))


They end the visit to the temple.



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This thread is moving sooo fast, it's hard to keep up haha


I just watched ep 15 finally and in true RG/DM fashion, they overcome all obstacles in such an honest encouraging manner. I love how they both acknowledged their past and accepted that it was heartbreaking but knew they would rather struggle through the highs and lows together rather than apart. As if I couldn't love RG anymore, his first bday pressie to DM (Si An) was the sweetest thing ever! It's literally every fangirls dream haha I absolutely love the part where DM is jamming to her White Ocean song in the car and RG is singing along too. This is actually something I do to my partner regularly, pump kpop in the car and then the songs get stuck in his head too haha


It was a very emotional episode and it was heartbreaking to watch the flashbacks. Poor RG really suffered a lot and couldn't catch a break.. the scene where he was crying on the doorstep at the orphanage had me bawling.. and knowing what happened to little DS was awful.. no wonder why DM blocked out her memories, because she blamed herself for paying for them both to go on a ride in the van. Side note but how adorable was the little actor who played DS!!


Wouldn't it be a bit of a plot twist if EG and HJ end up together instead. I thought the drama was going down the EG/DI road but then this episode made me think othewise. HJ has grown on me so much and I enjoy watching her scenes, her facial expressions and mannerisms are so fitting for the role. Director Eom made me laugh so much when she went to win her daughter back haha whenever she says "oh my god", I end up laughing out loud without realising!


RG will either go with DM while she studies abroad or let her accomplish it on her own while they mantain a long distance relationship I imagine, if DM does decide to study abroad. I don't see why her going overseas will cause drama in their relationship given everything else they've overcome together! I'm just glad the drama stuck to it's roots of being fast paced and straight to the point because now we can have a last episode full of romantic moments I hope! Really sad the drama is ending but glad KJW and PMY found eachother. I think it's safe to say that they'll be great friends after this even if they don't officially date but that's good enough for my delulu shipper mind haha

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Cofee house scene... best friend excited to look Sian..ahaha...the face of Ryan when look fangirling.. Sian want love song from coffee house and ask who that song.. 

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