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  1. The thing with KJW is that he is so assured and so effortless! He does not have to try to be sexy. Most actors have to take their shirts off and flex their abs to be called hot. KJW just to open a button and take off his watch...and he is 100X times hotter! Re the Heirs kissing scene, I believe the director was also in on it. But in all fairness, PSH is not eaxctly known for her prowess in kissing scenes. Yet, no matter what the reason is, it was wrong to film a kissing scene without prior notification.
  2. In my opinion, regardless of how comfortable the two actors are, they generally do not adlib skin ship moments. In the west, every moment in intimate scenes, is described in detail in the script. I remember there was this huge fiasco during Heirs filming because LMH kissed PSH without informing her because they wanted to capture her reaction as such. If I were an actress, I would take offense to being touched without permission, no matter how hot my co-star might be. But the again, if PMY and KJW and the director share a really friendly relationship amongst them, maybe they are comfortable winging it.
  3. Hello everyone, Its so lovely to hear everybody's thoughts on HPL. This is by far one of the best Kdramas I have watched, especially in the genre of romantic comedies. The characters are realistic, performances are amazing and the production quality also seems pretty good. Re the relationship between Ryan Gold and Sung Deok Mi, one thing that really struck me (besides all that has been previously discussed at length) was the significant difference in the experience levels of RG and DM, especially in the field of romance and relationships. RG is a man of the world. He has had a western, liberal upbringing and he has experienced what most men his age in western countries experience. He has been in multiple relationships and it seems that none of them have lasted for too long. I am definitely interested in finding out why. I am probably over-analyzing here, but he told DM during their first date that they should do everything that can be done in Seoul. So, does he not see this relationship in a space outside of Seoul? I have no doubt that RG truly cares for DM, but he still remains mysterious. In contrast, DM is rather inexperienced in matters of the heart. She is an ardent fangirl and is used to loving from a distance. DM is someone for whom it is enough to be in a fake relationship. As Seon Joo said, now that DM is actually dating, she has finally grown up. It leads me to believe that DM has not had any serious relationships in the past. When they kissed for the first time, DM just gave into her instincts and followed Ryan's lead. She might seem confident and even bold to some, but she is actually rather naive in my opinion. So when it comes to skinship, she cannot match pace with RG just as of yet. She is aware of her desires, but it is definitely up to RG to make the first move. I think RG understands that DM is not as experienced as he is. Overall, RG adores her and all her goofiness and thats what I really love about this couple. RG is perfect for DM. Can't wait for the next episodes!
  4. Agree 100%. Either KJW is taken or PMY is. In fact, I read somewhere that KJW only dates Japanese women. So we can sit back and relax! No threat to our ship!
  5. Hello everyone....how is it going? I've been watching HPL and enjoying it too! I'm such a PMY fan-gurl!!! My two cents on PMY-KJW chemistry - I've rarely seen PMY so carefree and happy. She seems to be very comfortable around KJW. She teases him, goofs around with him and laughs a lot! That makes me happy...just to see her smile! But it seems to me that PMY is so relaxed with KJW (as compared to PSJ) because as if nothing can ever happen between them. For a moment I was curious if KJW is gay (nothing wrong with that)! I don't want to call them bro-sis coz it will really spoil the show for me. As a PMY fan, I want the show to do well and for that the two leads need to have good chemistry. But I will be very surprised if they are anything more than colleagues. On the other hand, PMY-PSJ relationship definitely is more mysterious...there is scope for a lot more! So I hope you continue to enjoy this ship without spoiling HPL for people like me, who are a part of this ship but want to enjoy HPL too! Peace!!!
  6. how did you see the video? I have created a log in but not sure how to navigate to the actual video. I keep seeing this message : Pre-financing is in progress. Please check the notice!
  7. Voted for PSJ again...feel like he needs it more than PMY! I had no idea that Jung Hae-In was so popular!!!
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