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[Drama 2018] The Guest, 손


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What a cliffhanger!!! :o ending scene was so creepy all those spirits entering little girl home:huh::grimace:

Hwa pyung grandfather is nice ....he is hiding something but he isn't evil....could it be something related to hwa pyung father... I think he is dead too, n maybe hwa pyung caused it, his mother n Granny death too!!! Flashback's aren't clear how his mother committed suicide... N hwa pyung was near by!!!:sweatingbullets: 


Preview is scary ...nothing should happen to mateo:(

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Look who popped up in Ghost Detective


I swear I am starting to get confused with cross-overs. LOL


Regarding the preview, looks like next episode will be about Mateo and the other two will have to be the ones to save him.

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[The Guest] Ep 8 Ghosts walk in line into Heo Yool's room, will the leads get there in time?


Article: Naver 'The Guest' A psychic who has the same fate as Kim Dong Wook, Heo Yool… 'goosebump-inducing ending' 

1. [+203,-2]
Today's was the scariest. ㅋㅋ It's fun~

2. [+145,-2]
When the ghosts walk in line to the kid's room...... 

3. [+95,-7]
The child actress' acting is really good.... I fell for her ever since she did a drama with Bo Young. Fighting. 

4. [+35,-1]
Is the grandmother sane? I would understand because her mother doesn't believe in ghosts, but the grandmother was the one who called shamans and heard Hwa Pyung's story, why would she open the door? 

5. [+27,-1]
In this drama... the actors who are possessed did so well that they gave me goosebumps.. Especially the first actor;;; and yesterday was scary too. That child.. ㅠㅠㅠ

6. [+26,-0]
The child actress is really good... I had goosebumps when she was expressionless... To think that she killed her father.... ㅜㅜ The story gave me goosebumps too... 

7. [+24,-0]
Ah.. At the scene where the ghost held a kitchen knife and chased her to the elevator, I almost fell backwards. This is teaching the public channels which are always doing predictable horror stories what real horror is. 

8. [+23,-0]
I melted at the scene where Kim Dong Wook talks to the child affectionately.
1. [+45,-0]
A sad drama..
2. [+36,-0]
Kim Jae Wook is so handsome...
3. [+30,-1]
How do the actors who are possessed by Sohn be so good at acting? It's so scary that I can't watch alone..... ㅠ
4. [+23,-0]
I've been a fan of Kim Jae Wook, I'm happy that he's doing well now. ㅎㅎ
5. [+15,-0]
Kim Jae Wook is so cool.
6. [+2,-0]
His acting is really good. He's an actor who can act in a wide variety of roles. A actor who makes people immersed.
7. [+1,-0]
Kim Jae Wook-nim is cool, Kim Dong Wook-nim is cool too. I'm enjoying this because of the both of them!!
8. [+1,-0]
I guess the horror movie producers are going to sue them.... They've raised the standard of horror so much...
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2 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

I suppose that because the drama is late at night, there are not many viewers.

But I have to say that so far I have not been disappointed by the quality of the production.


 I guess it is not for the faint hearted.


But this drama definitely stand out and bring the horror chills to the next level!

Definitely worth a shout out and recommendation for all the actors and producers hard work!

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Honestly have been listening to the two versions of the latest ost. So emotional...:bawling: 


Anyways, I’m here because people are speculating that in the next episode, when Choi Yoon gets sent to the hospital, Hwa Pyung have this guilt and it might cause him to become possessed? Tell me what do you think. 


Based on Ep 08, I could see that Hwa Pyung is starting to let lose. He starts to show his depressive side, asking his grandfather about his own self-worth, (like “why did you not just leave me, like how father did? You must have been scared of me.”)  I believe that with this and the next few episodes,more things will happen and it will cause Hwa Pyung to spiral down to the deepest he have ever been, and it might trigger the possibility of him, being our final boss(fans speculations) 


I honestly feel that, all three have a painful past. But, to me, Hwa Pyung has to be the one who carries most of the pain and guilt. So I will not be surprise, if he ever breaksdown during the duration of this drama, allowing PID to control him.

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OMG.. it was true!

I watched the press conference where Yun Kwang (actor) mentioned that at the script reading, many of the actors there introduced themselves and mentioned which episode they would die in. [4m30s point onwards]


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Just discovered this AWESOME creepy scary, literally THE BEST current drama for me, right now. The main & suppoting casts are just brilliant especially those who were possesed by the evil spirit! 





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4 hours ago, mrsj3n said:

I can't find more news about the drama. :cry:




  Reveal hidden contents

I'm just bad at searching for it. Lol


Same, it’s my source to let me wait for the next episode patiently, but hey. On the bright side we are getting the next episode tomorrow! :) The wait is almost over!:w00t:


Well, you are not bad at it @mrsj3n, it’s just sadly this drama is underrated. Therefore there isn’t really a lot of news. 


P.S. I even read recaps even though I have already watched it. Haha, I’m weird.:lol:


Found this Pretty funny haha


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On 9/28/2018 at 4:38 PM, CI0 said:


lol Kim Jae Wook I don't think Jung Eun Chae is the one who needs an exorcism:P

This scene was not there in the drama. Was he playing around in between the shots?:D

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yesss matteo and gil yoon, there is a sexual tension between them:bawling:, i want a little romance,  maybe matteo is little fall in love for her:tounge_wink::joy: our girl detective maybe will be possessed and she will want to seduce our sexy priest :scream::joy:

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