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[Drama 2018] The Guest, 손


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Annyeong everyone


Wow Ep4 gave me the creeps and chills. Towards the end, I have suspected it was the older bro who was possessed. And the younger brother became his accomplice. 


Hi @Dramanoona @CI0 I too suspect the other priest which was the first priest that went with Mateo's brother to exorcist young Hwapyung. Now we know the possessed person can act normally just like the older brother. With the flow of the drama, I suspect there won't be any romance at all unless there's a twist.


Looking forward to next Wed and Thurs for new episodes.


The ratings are rising at each episode....

Date Episode Nielsen Korea (%) TNmS (%)
Nationwide Seoul
2018-09-12 01 1.575 1.846 2.2
2018-09-13 02 2.902 3.488 -
2018-09-19 03 2.572 2.857 -
2018-09-20 04 3.207 3.917
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[The Guest] Ep 3 Kim Dong Wook sees Park II Do in his dreams


Article: Naver 'The Guest' Kim Dong Wook sees Park II Do in his dreams...  

1. [+528,-5]
Very interesting. 

2. [+336,-6]
Time just flew by...... As of now, this is a masterpiece compared to the other recent thriller dramas. 

3. [+273,-11]
Anyone watched this? Is it interesting??
    - [+43,-0]
    It's really fun. 

4. [+175,-4]
Looks like Priest Ahn Nae Sang is controlled by Park II Do. It feels strange. 

5. [+150,-2]
Kim Dong Wook's acting is daebak though? He's leading the drama on his own. 

6. [+140,-2]
Kim Dong Wook and Kim Jae Wook used to be employees in Coffee Prince. And now they are playing as leads together. It feels like my memories are refreshed. The Guest is fun. 

7. [+101,-8]
1. It's scary but interesting. 2. Jung Eun Chae has a problem with her pronunciation. 3. Aside from Jung Eun Chae, all the other actors got me absorbed in the drama. It's really outstanding. 



Article: Naver 'The Guest' Kim Dong Wook X Jung Eun Chae investigate a taxi murder case 

1. [+399,-30]
Every time that female detective comes on, I get less immersed with the show. This is crazy. Her acting is worse than actors with minor roles.

2. [+190,-8]
Jung Eun Chae's tone.. Ugh.

3. [+98,-2]
Now that Kim Jae Wook isn't appearing a lot, it's sad. Looks like all of the murder cases are related to Park II Do. 

4. [+93,-3]
Is it Kim Dong Wook after Jung Kyung Ho..? Looking forward. 

5. [+60,-2]
Ah. It's scary every time Park II Do appears... 

6. [+42,-1]
Is Jung Eun Chae the best you can get for the female lead role? 

7. [+35,-1]
Been a while since an interesting drama. But why is the female lead's acting so awkward? 

8. [+31,-2]
The female actress looks pretty and modest.. so it feels like she doesn't fit this role... Everything she does felt kind of forced... Don't try too hard, and try to take roles that suit your image.. Her acting doesn't feel natural at all.. Loosen up a little.. 






p/s: Irdgi why knets gets so bothered with the female actress (jung eunchae), in fact she act so well smh. otherwise, im still not watch ep.4 yet, but just seeing Kim Jae Wook oppa in the preview got injured, i just hope he won't end up tragic just like in Voice drama :cry:

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Hello everyone!


After 4 episodes, I must say OCN did a good job in pioneering the exorcism genre into Kdramaland. I read that there will be another drama with similar genre but from medical perspectives is coming from OCN. The horror genre in Kdrama usually feed us with jump-scare ghosts which visualized with heavy makeup or special effect. I personally do not believe ghost (as in dead people's spirit) exists but devil, demons  and evil spirits do, which can't be seen with naked eyes but we can feel it's presence particularly when it possesses human. So, watching The Guest that deals with these entities using exorcism genre within Kdrama is kinda refreshing. I have witnessed a few exorcisms performed in real life (I live in a place where possession does happen and exorcism is a known subject ), so those portrayed in the dramas or movies might not as intense as the real one, but it well-depicts the situation happened during exorcism. I might sounds like an exorcism maniac here, but I think I've watch almost all exorcism series and films out there because I developed interest of how different religions and beliefs deals with the possessed and perform exorcism. Haha! :sweatingbullets:  So, I kinda excited when they announce this genre being introduced in Kdrama. :phew:


I want to applause all the acting of the possessed actors, particularly the one in episode 2. The older brother in episode 4 was good too but since they did not perform exorcism on him, I can't really comment, but the disabled man in episode 2 acted really well as a possessed person and his reactions during exorcism are on point. The voice modulation used in this drama was great too because having watched possessed people being exorcised, their voice really changed into indescribably creepy voice and likely to harm the person physical body. :wacko:   So tying down or a few people holding down the possessed person is a usual sight, especially if there are many of "them" possessing that person. In episode 4, when the older brother said "we", I was kinda expected to watch the voice modulation change from 1 voice to another voice excitedly (because I've witnessed this before..ahahaha :sweatingbullets:  Guess I shouldn't be greedy *cough*). 


However, the exorcism process was not as intense as I expected (or as I witnessed). The "fight" between Priest Choi and the demon inside the man was not as intense as I expecting (well, this is their first time doing this genre, I admit I should lower my expectation :P). Based on experience witnessing this real life, the demon/evil spirit doesn't surrender easily even the petty one. Although there were moments of the demon struggling in episode 2, I expect more intense Biblical recital / prayer from Priest Choi. Some stronger demon even recites together the prayer used for exorcism provoking the exorcist's faith, and mock and laugh asking do you even belief what you recite (This is real). These kind of demons are the hardest to be expelled. Perhaps they intend to save the intensive exorcism when they fight Park Il Do, I am anticipating that! :lol:


Regarding the plot, I am kinda suspicious with the older priest. His group's pamphlet was found at both place of the possessed disabled man and the older brother. At this point, I won't be surprised if he is the Park Il Do itself, who might've lurks among human for thousands of years (Okay, perhaps I am just overthinking :P). Can't wait what is going to be unfold next episode. Looks like their intertwined past revealed to each other. I hope both KGY and Priest Choi won't resent HP for too long with draggy bickering scene. 


I apologize if some words in my comment freaked you out. :sweatingbullets: 

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I feel bad for Jung Eun Chae. I don't think she is doing so badly.

I mean, at the moment, she has to be the skeptic here as she is a police officer (who tends not to believe in the supernatural but need evidence).

I agree that maybe to some, her slight build may not encourage people to see her as a proper police officer, but it's only ep 4. It looks like she has emotional break in Ep 5 when she realises who HP is and who Mateo is.

Oh well, netizens and the power of troll.

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51 minutes ago, LyraYoo said:


@ellelyana88 welcome also to the thread ! Wow , real life references are interesting to read. Me too , I expect more gripping scenarios between Mateo and demon encounters. And while I am wanting more on episode 2 's exorcism scene, the basics are there for example, reciting the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel. 

Based on my readings, and movie references, the scope of exorcism ritual is quite broad depending on what demon is present in the human 's body. 

I hope the drama will tackle more :D




@LyraYoo Thank you for the warm welcome ! :D


Although most of the exorcisms I witnessed were not from the Christianity perspectives (most were from Islamic perspectives), but I've seen 1 from Christianity and 1 from Pagan. The common thing is they always ask the demon to identify itself (themselves, if there were many). Then, just as you said, the intensity of the ritual  depends on what demon is present. The creepiest is the one who can recite the prayer along with the exorcist and mocking everyone's faith. In this case, those who are weak-willed or can't stand the mockery were asked to leave immediately. Urgghh, remembering that one still makes me shiver and get goosebumps! :wacko: 

Me too hoping they will raise the exorcism intensity more in future episode. :ph34r:

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39 minutes ago, LyraYoo said:


I didn't know there is one for Islam too !


Ah yeah. Is it surprising? Hehe :sweatingbullets: Because in Islam, believe in the existence of "the unseen" (such as angles, Satan, demon, Jinn) is part of the faith. Therefore, the practice of exorcism comes to expel the evil entities who possessed human or used for witchcraft by reciting the Quranic verse for exorcism, called Ruqyah Verse (just for basic info).  I think, any religion that believe the existence of these evil entities have their own exorcism ritual, no? 


56 minutes ago, LyraYoo said:


With those you witnessed i hope you're doing fine and not having nightmares ? 




Ah, how do I explain this. I did have nightmares and can't sleep with light off because darkness creeps me out with my head filled with flashes of  what happened at the ritual when I first witnessed it without proper knowledge of what's going on. I was young the first time (i was in elementary) I witnessed such ritual at my neighbor's house. The neighbor's daughter brought home something she shouldn't even have touched from camping in the forest and provoked the "thing". However, when you have experienced the ritual for witchcraft expulsion 3 times in your life (it was lighter than possession but modern medicine can't identify the sickness you experienced. God forbid I don't want to experience possession! Witchcraft was painful enough! :crazy:), you kinda developed immune when witnessing things like exorcism (although it does creeps me out when hearing that "thing" start talking) and just keep trying to work on to be stronger in your faith. I think that's where my interest to watch all those creepy exorcism-themed series and movies came from. LOL! 


Btw, I am just responding to the question. I am not deliberately steering the discussion to religious matter. I hope I don't offend  or make anyone uncomfortable. :sweatingbullets:

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3 minutes ago, LyraYoo said:


Another website I found about the incantation used by Mateo (versed in Korean , but  commonly used in Latin)



Yes, the text elaborate further what I meant in my previous post, where the demon recites the prayer along with the exorcist, laugh and mock everyone present who recite the prayer together - do they believe in the words? This part is the most intense fight with the demon when the demon knows better on the prayer, that it even interrupt by reversing the prayer. The exorcist must be strong-willed enough to recites the prayer to the end, because otherwise, it would be bloody and fatal to the possessed, and it highly likely to jump-possess another person in the room. Ah, one thing I learned from past experience witnessing exorcisms and the advice from the exorcist was, do not make eye contact with the possessed. Never respond when the person call you or wailing for help no matter how painful/bloody they look like (those things are really good at persuasion and pretense), especially during the process and the exorcist has yet to confirm the person is possess-free. 

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i had some question for y'all, is jung eunchae really bad in acting? frustrating and burdensome character? its so obvious that she act based on the script. what else these knets expected to see? otherwise, we're already in ep4, yet i dont see any problem with her acting.  :neutral:




[The Guest] Ep 4 Kim Dong Wook & Jung Eun Chae caught the possessed man but he bit off his hand and killed himself




1. [+205,-8]
I think the superior ghost is possessing Ahn Nae Sang.
2. [+147,-12]
The female lead is a frustrating and useless detective who pulls everyone else down. She doesn't confirm who was the one who picked up the phone and gave out information right away. She knew that the woman was threatened and went to her house, but left the kid alone at home...
3. [+135,-3]
The plot twist at the last scene with the possessed guy was the best in history. This insane drama made time flew by so quickly. ㅋㅋㅋ
4. [+119,-10]
Why is the female detective so frustrating.. She saw everything together, why is she not believing them..?
5. [+52,-0]
The older brother that's possessed looks like Jo Jung Chi.
6. [+45,-0]
Both cases where people are possessed have Ahn Nae Sang's book in their houses. They get possessed because they met Ahn Nae Sang. Ahn Nae Sang is Park II Do.
7. [+45,-1]
The ending is insane.
8. [+39,-0]
The supporting casts are fresh faces I've never seen before, but their acting is so good.
9. [+37,-0]
Anyone saw Ahn Nae Sang sweating when he was talking to Lee Dong Wook? There must be something to him. He's either Park II Do or is hiding something. 
     - [+2,-0]
     It's Kim Dong Wook. Lee Dong Wook is from Goblin. ㅋㅋ
1. [+111,-13]
The female lead is a frustrating and burdensome character. But her acting made it worse. She looks like someone who can't control her anger, she speaks informally to everyone she sees.. She didn't even listen to the voice of the person who picked up the phone and gave out information... She went to the house of the person who was threatened, and left the child alone at home while going on patrol. Ah.. this is frustrating.

2. [+61,-1]
The ending is seriously the best in history....
3. [+44,-0]
The supporting characters' good acting really shine here. They really look like ghosts..... Especially the ending written by the scriptwriter.... I don't think I can sleep. ㅋㅋㅋ
4. [+35,-0]
At the end when the criminal bit off his hand, removed the handcuffs and committed suicide was terrifying. I think it will be memorable for me. The directing is amazing..
5. [+28,-1]
This is the scariest in history... How am I going to fall asleep..
6. [+14,-6]
What's with the female lead's acting... She's awkward.. and overreacting...
7. [+8,-0]
I was on guard thinking that he will stab his eye.. I covered my eyes immediately every time something sharp appears.
8. [+5,-0] 
Shouldn't they put a 19+ restriction for this? This is seriously creepy. 




still, im going to enjoy the drama without bothering of what knets says bout her. :rolleyes:


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I would still continue watching. I also think Jung Eun Chae is in character. She is hot-headed, stubborn and of course, skeptical about HP and his ramblings about spirits.

We can see she is starting to believe especially with the latest Junkyard brothers case.

I think it will hit home for her that there is something bigger and scarier out there than criminals in next week's episode. Because that is when she has a target, like for HP and Mateo, to finally catch Park Do Il.

Do you think Mateo wants to find his brother to ask him why he did it (killed the family) or has he come to believe that an evil being has possessed his brother and hopes to exorcise it, thus saving his brother?


PS. Looks like netizens are also suspicious of the senior priest (probably because he is a famous actor and no one will believe that he has a cameo role)

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@AlexandraReid Up to episode 4, I have nothing  much against the female lead's acting. I was more focus on the plot that I don't find her that annoying and what's not. She's just a stoic, hot-tempered character who doesn't believe in the existence of supernatural thing that HP has been rambling about. Hence, the "puzzled-skeptical" face. But, as @Dramanoona said, she started to believe it. She's good at fighting & action though. 

Netizens who picked on her character still not believing HP only after 4 episodes because they are just expressing it in 3rd-person view. If they encounter it first time in real life themselves, I bet they won't easily believe it either. *rolling eyes*

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Okay, so this is turning out to be horror, psychological, supernatural genre. So now we know the abusive history of the Choi brothers and how the emotional/psychological toll and response by the abused such as extreme anger and resentment made the older brother an easy target to be possessed by Park Il Do. Yoon who witnessed the carnage by his older brother in his home when they were very young may explain why he became a priest who specialized in exorcism. First to look for and help his brother be dispossessed from Park Il Do and also help people who have been possesed. Now, Yoon realized that HP knows him from childhood. In the next episodes, maybe they will find out their shared horrific history. 


As for Kang Kil Young, she has been a police officer for many years so she must have seen and witnessed many depraved minds and acts of humans some unexplainable. Police officers nowadays use teams of investigation specialists such as forensic psychologists, forensic scientists, and other specialists to investigate a crime, so It is surprising how she fights HP and Yoon on their abilities. Even if she were skeptical, as an investigative officer' would it not help for her to listen because she could learn a clue that may lead her to what she is looking for because what she believes is not as important as what the criminal believes. She needs to get into their heads but she can't do that and do her job well if she lets her emotions get in the way and when she loses control, she behaves like the people she is arresting. However, she may not have accepted or processed her anger and grief of her mother's death and how she died and may not have accepted the idea that the killer of her mother was posessed. I could see her not wanting a murderer get away from prison time or lessened prison time because they were "possesed." She is angry and determined to get to the criminal but she has to be more open to other  people's opinions and for that to happen she needs to be less emotional. A good investigative officer is not relying and insisting on her beliefs but digging up the story, the reasons, the beliefs of why and how the crime was done, what was the criminal thinking.  However, what she last witnessed in episode 4 may change her outlook and her disposition. But how she will re act to knowing who Yoon is will be another story. 


For Yoon and HP, though it seems their shared history will bring them closer to working together. I am eager to see their meeting and conversations in the next episodes. 



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First Impressions: The Guest



Horrific and disturbing, OCN's latest drama delves into the dark depths of possessive demons and the occult world. 

A superior spirit from the Eastern sea is rumoured to possess humans, its first victim named Park Il Do. As a result, people have called it Park Il Do for centuries and give offerings to the demon in order to keep it at bay. On the night of the ritual, a man from a small town becomes possessed but the demon takes interest in Yoon Hwa-Pyung, a boy who can see spirits and born into a shaman clan. 


Yoon Hwa-Pyung (Kim Dong-Wook) uses his psychic abilities to hunt for people possessed by Park Il Do twenty years later and receives assistance from an exorcising Priest named Mateo (Kim Jae-Wook) and Kang Gil-Young (Jung Eun-Chae) a Detective who doesn't believe in the supernatural. Each of them has their own personal vendetta against this supremely demonic spirit and together, they'll search for Sohn (The Guest) a term used by Hwa-Pyung's hometown to refer to people possessed by evil spirits, especially those haunted by Park Il Do.

Any more than that and I'd be giving too much away. This series really packed a punch with its premiere and I feel proud just being able to get through the first 2 episodes! Unlike The Ghost Detective which was genuinely scary with a decent plot progression this one is genuinely horrifying, so much so that I hit mute several times for my own heart's sake. I give OCN credit, they're making The Ghost Detective feel like a walk in the park or Casper The Friendly Ghost in comparison to The Guest. 


Horror fans are finally going to get what they've longed for because this show is all about the occult, set as a dark, gritty, and oppressive thriller. And this combination of characters isn't common for K-dramas, so we're presented with something we'd normally find in a wild novel or the characters of a horror manga or anime. In this regard, the content is new and bold. 


Because I was thoroughly terrified at almost every moment, my focus was purely on the scenes meant to capture the audience's attention by means of possessive and abnormal behaviour and the blood lust and murders that follow as a result. That being the case, the premiere was decent, the pacing being fast but still containing moments where it slows down to formulate a more solid storyline and to garner more emotions and make you feel true terror even more, all the while grasping and understanding our main characters. 




The script and plot are both highly intriguing as it correlates with Chinese folklore about a water ghost or demon and is influenced by The Exorcist. It also combines traditional folklore and mythology with Catholicism, the exorcising practices and beliefs about demons stemming from a Christian perspective. 


The spirits refer to themselves as 'we' and even have names and this draws heavily from the Bible and makes me believe that the Writer has done their homework, paying attention to different religious beliefs on demons and spirits in order to deliver something new but not entirely unheard of. 


There are so many intriguing factors about the demon Park Il Do since the murders and possession occur when night falls and since it comes from the sea, the demon requires water and thirsts for it during its weakest moments. These aspects to the story really give it a movie vibe, further darkening the atmosphere of the show and questioning your sanity for thinking you'd be able to watch this in the dark. 


I can't leave out the phenomenal cast that have lived up to every bit of my expectations. After Return essentially lost its appeal, I'm glad to see Jung Eun-Chae back in a series where she's playing an entirely different role and letting everyone know just how versatile of an actress she is. Kim Dong-Wook and Kim Jae-Wook are both incredible here, making me invested into their characters of a brazen Psychic and a cold Priest.


I'd recommend this to people who aren't faint at heart and have a taste for horror




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On 9/21/2018 at 2:41 PM, ellelyana88 said:

Although most of the exorcisms I witnessed were not from the Christianity perspectives (most were from Islamic perspectives), but I've seen 1 from Christianity and 1 from Pagan. The common thing is they always ask the demon to identify itself (themselves, if there were many). Then, just as you said, the intensity of the ritual  depends on what demon is present. The creepiest is the one who can recite the prayer along with the exorcist and mocking everyone's faith. In this case, those who are weak-willed or can't stand the mockery were asked to leave immediately. Urgghh, remembering that one still makes me shiver and get goosebumps! :wacko:

Hi @ellelyana88 I'm interested in your post. Can I ask how come you are there to witness the exorcisms? Wow..you must be a very brave person to be there to witness.


Hi @LyraYoo chingu :D it's good to see you in this thread too. I have not been very active in Soompi lately but I'm back due to the many Korean dramas I was and still watching. Are you at The Ghost Detective too?

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3 hours ago, alekaonu said:

Hi @ellelyana88 I'm interested in your post. Can I ask how come you are there to witness the exorcisms? Wow..you must be a very brave person to be there to witness.


Ah, it's a long story if I am to recall each and every of it. But the first time I witnessed an exorcism which I mentioned in my previous post, I was still in elementary, about 10 years old. The younger sister of the possessed was my childhood friend, and my neighbour next 2 doors. I was already in the house in my friend's room (We always stay over at each other's house) when a group of people came into the house to perform exorcism as the parents requested for it. We peeked from behind the door curtain in her room as they performed the exorcism. It was not a demon, but a Jinn living in the forest, and their daughter brought home something belong to it (I am not sure what it was because we get scared when her sister start talking in hoarse voice and screaming when the exorcist recite the prayer as the Jinn refuse to identify itself at first and refuse to come out from the body). As far as I remember, the exorcist manage to get the Jinn out, then they returned the thing and the Jinn to its place in the forest. The Jinn just want its belonging back and return to the forest.

That was the first time I ever witness an exorcism (without any knowledge about it during that time), yet that was the lightest one among 6 exorcisms I've witnessed (As I've witnessed the one with a demon which can recite and even reverse-recite the prayer and also one with mutiple of "them")  :sweatingbullets:  I am not exactly brave even though I've witnessed the exorcism many times ,(I did have nightmares and feeling afraid before I get older and became used & know what's the deal with it), each experience was either because I happened to be there or hold some responsibility to be there or because I have experience @ some background knowledge @ know some people regarding exorcism or they need extra help (e.g., they need extra hand from a female if the possessed was female). Partly, it was because I have the willingness and interest to help and be there. This may sounds like possession and exorcism happened a lot of time, but it was not just possession only, but also some other type (I am not so sure how to address the different types in English. For example, the "thing" has been a "guardian" to a family contracted since their ancestors time, but the descendent unwilling to accept and continue such tradition, so that thing been wandering and harm others). In the place I live, exorcism practice is a known subject and as alternative to modern medicine if nothing can be done or detected at the hospital (not even psychiatric problem). 


@alekaonu I just realized you sent me a message while composing this reply. LOL! But, I guess I will just submit this post since I already ype it out and chat with you further privately. Haha! Sorry for the spam story everyone! :sweatingbullets:






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