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  1. ➽Basic InfoName: A Pink | 에이핑크Nickname: Fairy IdolsLabel: A Cube EntertainmentOfficial Debut: April 19, 2011Debut Stage: April 21, 2011 (M! Countdown)Official Fanclub Name: Pink PandaOfficial Color: Pastel PinkOfficial Sites: A Pink Site | A Cube Ent. Site | A Pink Fancafe | YouTube Channel | A Cube Twitter | A Pink International Forums | A Pink Me2day | FacebookA Pink is a South Korean girl group under A Cube Entertainment formed in 2011. The group consists of Park Chorong, Yoon Bomi, Jung Eunji, Son Naeun, Kim Namjoo & Oh Hayoung. Hong Yookyung left the group in April 2013. They debuted on April 21, 2011, on M! Countdown with the EP 'Seven Springs of A Pink' . A Pink was awarded the Best New Female Artist award at the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards. Their first win on music programs was Mnet M! Countdown on January 5 2012 with 'MY MY' that came from their second mini-album 'Snow Pink'. ➽Members ❥Chorong | 초롱Full Name: Park Chorong | 박초롱Nickname(s): Rongrongie, Mama rong, Rong leadah, RongchoDate of Birth: 3rd of March, 1991Height: 162cmWeight: 46kgBlood Type: OPosition: Leader, Sub-Vocalist, Main RapperSpecialty: Dancing, Japanese, Hapkido, Cooking, Writing lyrics, Organising what is in front of her eyesTwitter | Wagle | Official ThreadFacts: ❥Bomi | 보미Full Name: Yoon Bomi | 윤보미Nickname(s): Bbomi, Bbom, Rillayoon, Angry bird bbom, Sparkling bomi, Banggu-dol (Fart idol; given by Infinite’s Sungyeol)Date of Birth: 13th of August, 1993Height: 163cmWeight: 47kgBlood Type: OPosition: Main Dancer, Lead VocalistSpecialty: Cheerleading, Taekwondo, Dancing, Singing, Gorilla Imitation, ExerciseTwitter | Wagle | Official ThreadFacts: ❥ Eunji | 은지Full Name: Jung Eunji | 정은지 ; Born Jung Hyerim | 정혜림 Nickname(s): Happy virus, Hyerim, Busan ajhumma, Satoori idol, Mother-in-law Date of Birth: 18th of August, 1993 Height: 163cm Weight: 46kg Blood Type: B Position: Main Vocalist, Face of the group Specialty: Piano, Guitar, Spokeperson, Singing, Acting, Caricature art, Cooking, Knitting; Taekwondo, Eyesmile, Trot music, Boxing, Composing songs, Writing lyrics Twitter | Wagle | Official Thread Facts: ❥ Naeun | 나은Full Name: Son Naeun | 손나은Nickname(s): Manyeo (witch), Gotonyeo (potato girl), Son Yeoshin, HeodangDate of Birth: 10th of February, 1994Height: 167cmWeight: 46kgBlood Type: BPosition: Sub-Vocalist, Lead Dancer, VisualSpecialty: Dancing, Acting, Fine Arts, Chinese, EnglishTwitter | Wagle | Official ThreadFacts: ❥ Namjoo | 남주Full Name: Kim Namjoo | 김남주Nickname(s): ShikshinDate of Birth: 15th of April, 1995Height: 165cmWeight: 46kgBlood Type: BPosition: Lead Vocalist ,Lead RapperSpecialty: Singing, Voice Imitation, Narrating, English, DancingTwitter | Wagle | Official ThreadFacts: ❥ Hayoung | 하영Full Name: Oh Hayoung | 오하영Nickname(s): Indian princess, phychicDate of Birth: 19th of July, 1996Height: 169cmWeight: 45kgBlood Type: BPosition: Maknae, VocalistSpecialty: Dancing, Psychic Power, Writing lyricsTwitter | Wagle| Official ThreadFacts: ➽Former member ❥ Yookyung | 유경Full name: Hong Yoo Kyung|홍유경Nickname(s): Francheska, Wooyu (Milk), TofuDate of birth: 22nd of September, 1994Height: 167cmWeight: 51kgBlood type: ABPosition: Former vocalist, rapper and english speakerSpecialty: Piano, Viola, EnglishTwitter➽Discography ❉ Mini Albums ❉ Albums ❉ Digital Singles ➽Miscellaneous ➽Music Videos
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