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  1. 190520 #CHEN Youtube Channel <Community> Update https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5vXjgHeenPq0lTSokouxdA
  2. 190520 #SEHUN Instagram Update: "Blue Sky" #CHANYEOL: "It's not 'You can (되) brag', it's can (돼)." #SEHUN: "I brag about you everywhere I go"
  3. twitter? lol no, thats not me, some people spreading negativity?? who do you mean? me? Sry i dont really get what you mean there. and talk bout Jong antis, i dont really bother to debate on their IG, since my fellow Jongaholic has been blocked by them. due to criticized their post. Lastly, since im kinda new here, i hope y'all dont get misunderstood by that, i just be here for our couple.
  4. 190519 #SEHUN Instagram Update: "From morning till night, you can brag about anything." ===== 190519 mihawkback Instagram Update with #KAI (1/2)
  5. 190519 EXO #CHEN x #BAEKHYUN, Youtube subscribers exceeds 1M subsequently. Once again a proof to their unrivaled popularity. ===== | 190519 EXO #SUHO, met with Cho Seung Woo X Park Eun Tae from 'Jekyll'.. "Thank you for the great performance"
  6. honestly im not attacking Jongah, ever, i simply expressing my opinion stated that 'i wish them to have a public dating already, just 'liked' each other post didnt seems big issue to me"' lol (its not like i didnt appreciate it when Jong liked yura's post, in fact I DO, its just i dont really take it seriously, i hope y'all get what i mean here lol) but nvm i guess some people really cant accept others opinion, positively.
  7. well who knows, for me liking post on Instagram doesn't really seems big issue, even hyeri used to liked Ryu's post before they caught dating, i mean people could progressed from being friends to a couple. imho.
  8. TRANS | 190519 matt_wooseok (Actor Kim Wooseok) Instagram Story Update - #KAI: "Crisis of becoming a fan of an idol came into my life."
  9. So, some of jjongah acc blocked me on IG because I had a different, and arguably more correct, opinion than hers. LOL (Its not like i cant check their acc anymore) Its like if you disagree with their different opinion, you'd get immediately blocked. It's 2019 now, im not really surprised.
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