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[Drama 2018] The Guest, 손


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Episode 5: The women who are possesed scare me more than the men because somehow I perceive women as softer and gentler even when possessed. When they become crazed and unreasonable because they have been "possesed" their actions are more bizzare to me and more frightening. Priest Yang is acting very shady, the priest who founded the "Sharing Hands" charity organization. When he was talking and shaking hands with the lady politician it seemed so suspicious, that even Mateo was looking at the lady and Priest Yang and he asked how Priest Yang knew the lady. Priest Yang explained that the lady is a supporter of the Sharing Hands charity endeavors. But then the lady politician scared the ramen out of me when she yelled at the chief police officer to stop the investigation of the death of Priest Choi the brother of Mateo. I thought Mateo was able to sense something not right with the lady politician when he was looking at her intently as if trying to read her intentions or her mind. The young woman at the ending of 5 was also scary yet pitiful because she could not help herself. The evil spirit possesor is very clever and crafty, it made HP and Mateo look like they were assaulting her. She was recommended for exorcism to Mateo by priest Yang. So why can't priest Yang do the exorcism? Why is it that the people needing exorcism go to the Sharing Hands first? What is the connection?


The meeting of the 3 people in their hometown and clarifying who they are and how their destined entanglement came about through the horrific events of that fateful night was so poignant. They should know whether they believe in a person being possesed or not, that none of them are to blame. They are all survivors of the victims and they were not the perpetrators. It is very sad that somehow they carry enormous guilt and blame themselves or each other. They all suffered because of it. HP was sent to relatives whom he did not even know, Mateo was sent to an orphanage and Gil Young may have been raised by someone else. I think by talking they can help each other recover from their childhood traumas, cooperate better to find PID and support each other get over the emotional trauma of that night. They then can move on together to fulfill thier objective of finding PID. 


So the brother of Mateo, Priest Choi died after all since the body was found. So, did the the possesor PID move on to another body after Priest Choi died? 

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On 9/14/2018 at 12:14 PM, ellelyana88 said:


Who else wait for daytime to watch this drama? Hahahahah :fearful:






I've finally found the courage to watch this and in broad daylight and yet... still screamed at the start of the show. :joy:


I'm liking this so far.... will be going to watch episode 2 soon!


So glad ocn has another nice drama for me to watch after voice 2 ended.


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On 9/13/2018 at 2:53 AM, akiera said:

Since Kim Jae wook is a Catholic priest there won't be any chance to ship him with anybody. right? i am sad.:(

Lol... it's ocn.

They usually do subtle romance or leave us to our wildest imagination. :joy:

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You know what, I will go with the flow enjoying this drama without speculating anything since the mystery also comes more and more. I would save any question for the last eps if there's any that was unanswered. Btw, what I also like in this show is how the emotion between our trio protagonist is also delivered to the audience with beautiful songs. And that point out how great this show not just about gore and supernatural horror. I think I only could praise this drama everytime I watch the new episode so far. [laughs]


Also, the director knows how to expose Kim Jae Wook's beauty with that rain scene.  Haha, he has been knowing that since VOICE. Our priest hero indeed should get the heaven light in this dark show.

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Finally caught up with The Guest. Its good!

Besides the reliable Kim Jae Wook, the other two leads are also good!

The first two episodes were really scary:ph34r:but now the story has developed nicely.

Looking forward to future episodes!


Image result for pictures of the guest OCN drama






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Ok. I 'll begin  with the end. The preview gave me goosepimples!


Thoughts on Ep 5.

- Grossed out by the car seat in the eye replay.

- We meet the mother of the two brothers - What a b*! And we wonder with GY whether it is really demons or the person who is bad.

- As I watch the scene at the noodle stall with GY and HP - I like that GY doesn't try to be pretty (And I think chances of romance in this drama is down to 0% - not sure about the bromance though)

- Father Yang is very suspicious and his organisation seems to pop up everywhere - recognise the reference to Sharing Hands?

- The politician is a character to watch out for and she has been in the same hometown as Priest Choi. And trying to coverup Priest Choi's death? It is possible that she is Park Il Do or maybe a Sohn. (sidenote: it looks like politicians never get a break and are seen as demons - both literally and figuratively)

- I loved the music throughout the episode, especially the mood music when Father Yang was telling Mateo about his brother at the bus station (great instrumental!)


Musing: I suppose if you see demons, you would not be afraid to go to the forest in darkness to stare at the grave of a dead priest.


And finally we come to the point where all three main leads know about each other's role that night 20 years ago.

GY had a lot of guilt about the way she treated her mom on the night she died. I cried along with GY when she was eating jjajangmyeon with her partner.


So we have come to the point where the possessed is a woman. But interestingly, she still have some sense of awareness of herself. When she met Mateo at the church to explain she was possessed, her symptoms do fit with the DSM critieria for schizophrenia. But once she mentioned Park Il Do - game on.


Overall, rather than a scary episode, to me it was more emotional. We learn about the past - what went on between GY and her mother and her regret. And I even felt some sympathy for Priest Choi. I agree with HP's assessment that even if he was exorcised, he would have been consumed with guilt over killing his parents and attempting to kill his brother.


PS. So, if his body was buried in the ground, it is highly unlikely it would be suicide. It would mean someone could have placed the noose around his neck, let him hang and then to hide the body, buried it in the mud. So why didn't he fight back? Maybe the guilt over what he had done after Park Il Do had moved into another body made it easier for Priest Choi to be killed.

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me too waiting for daylight to watch and i’ll make sure there are people around me when i watch it. but the drama not really scared after eps 2. the scariest is eps 1. KJW too handsome i can’t handle it. melting when watching his talking :tongue::wub:

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9 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

sidenote: it looks like politicians never get a break and are seen as demons - both literally and figuratively)

@DramanoonaLOL, thanks for the break, gave something to laugh about amidst a horror drama!!!


so true, yeah there is something shady about priest Yang and he maybe an underling of the politician who obeys her and he is an alcoholic. Ep 6 is the scariest yet. But I like that the 3 heroes are now working together. Have to rewatch episode 6 with subs. Don't want to spoil but seems more mysterious happenings are popping out and someone is angry about it. Be back after the subs in 6. Yes, episode 5 was emotional but I was glad all three of them found out about themselves and their shared history. 

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That exorcism scene. You would feel the emotions of the Three in that room with the possessed woman (Can we call them the Trinity - as they seem to symbolise the holy trinity?)


And my Radar of Suspicion is blaring...


Is it me or can you spot the (slight) smirk?

And you can see that Father Yang realised he might have said more than he intended as he lowered the cup.


EDIT: Ahn Nae Sang is an excellent actor so I think that the nuances he is displaying are of his character. @mrsj3n

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Wow.. episode 5 and 6 are awesome!!


It gave me the chills, the suspense, the intense and yet it managed to let me laugh a little and also managed to pull my emotional heart strings and made me cried for the poor woman and her boyfriend.

What a combo!!!!


It touched on adult bullying which I feel is very real in this world too.


That exorcism was really hard to watch but I thought props should be given to everyone including the poor woman.


I don't know why people are flaming the female lead. I thought she was doing alright as the detective. 

She may has an innocent and pretty face, but circumstances can push anyone to be anything.


Not all female detective should be bulky, tan, or have bushy eyebrows you know.

She wasn't dolled up for the role anyway so I find her believable!


1 hour ago, Dramanoona said:


Is it me or can you spot the (slight) smirk?


No! I thought I saw it too! 

And I was wondering to myself if this is the actor usual acting face or this is a creepy scary smirk that is telling us "you don't know what you are getting into"!


Sigh... Now that I have started this... I have to bear with the agony of waiting for another week to watch the latest episode! 


@Dramanoona thanks! I only know him when I watched Misty and his expression always disturbs me for the rest of the drama that has him as I can never know if he is playing good or bad. My bad!


However... I think everything is connected to the Sharing Hands.


I wonder the big bad will be a male or female this time.


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So now, the three are working together. HP has clairvoyant abilities to see or read who or what the possessed victim intends to do and in this episode he goes into a trance and starts whistling a tune. It was good that Mateo was with him and realized what was happening and got him out of his trance to ask HP what he saw. They then tell Detective Kang who at that moment started to trust in HP's dire predictions and follows his lead to find the possesed victim. It happened twice when they were at the police station and when HP was driving on their way to join Detective Kang, HP starts whistling and in a trance.  He needs to have the shaman or Mateo or even Detective Kang with him when he gets into a trance while tracking down the posessed person especially when he is driving or doing something where he could get hurt. It is interesting that his grandfather can also sense when HP goes into a trance and maybe  sees what HP can see. Detective Kang is now calmed down and not as brash. Because of the confrontation between the three of them and because she has witnessed herself the behavior of those possesed she now trusts in HP's instincts and directions. Yoon Hee whose boyfriend was bullied and hazed at work died because of the bullying. It is interesting also that the victims of abuse and surviving relatives or friends of those victims of bullying and abuse were easy preys of PID because they were emotionally and psychologically depleted and can't protect themselves? 


As for priest Yang, when Mateo tells him that he hears things or what will be considered by others as "auditory hallucinations" Priest Yang says that he left exorcism, because he also had same experiences. When chasing the devil, the chaser becomes despirited so to speak, the spirit becomes tainted and weak, he says. That is why he gave up the fight and became alcoholic. He tells Mateo that he tried to discourage his brother and now tries to discourage Mateo who is more determined than ever to find PID revive the memories of his brother whom Mateo describes as a brother who loved him and protected him and save others from becoming victims. I think the Sharing Hands volunteer organization is being used by PID for his own purposes and Priest Yang is being manipulated by PID. Just my take.


At the ending of the exorcism of Yoon Hee, Detective Kang wants to join them in tracking PID whathever he/she is and Mateo who is concerned that she will get hurt discouraged her and does not want her in the team. HP however does. But Detective Kang for the sake of stopping PID and protecting the citizens is joining the team. No matter what the loner Mateo says she is determined more than ever especially when she found out that the skeletal remains found in the forest in their hometown by HP and the shaman  belongs to the missing girl who was the last case her mother was working on. Her mother had the belongings of that girl and the notebook/findings on the case written by her mother. No way will she stop now. I like the change in Detective Kang's perspective. In the end, I think Mateo will realize that he needs both the psychic HP and his shaman friend, and Detective Kang's help to defeat PID. Mateo aside from cleaning his brother's posthumous reputation and memories will also want to save his brother's mentor Priest Yang. 


I am liking Detective Kang very much in this episode.


I agree about Ahn Nae Sang, he is a great actor and one of my favorites. 

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Guest aoikarin

I've never been this excited watching a thriller and suspense kdrama this year. For me, Hand: The Guest, the show is fantastic! The trio's chemistry is super Daebak!! I love each of them, their interactions and their kick richard simmons actions trying to catch Park Il Do the villain. They really remind me of my all the time fantasy heroes, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger fighting against the dark witches and the dark lord, Voldermort. The ability of Hwa Pyung (HP) reminds me of Harry Potter's ability to connect his mind with the villains. The hot-blooded, intuitive, beautiful Gil Young reminds me hot blooded, smart, beautiful Hermione. The tall, handsome, cynical and loner Choi Yoon (Mateo) reminds me tall, red head, cynical Ron who is Hp's trusty bestie. I'm currently watching #Hand:The Guest, #Ghost Detective, and #LovelyHorribly and I love The Guest the best so far. 


I don't know whether the show will add romance among our 3 leads..eventhough there is, I don't think it will be shown subtle in the show. However after watching ep 5 and 6,  I saw intense unspoken gaze bantering between Choi Yoon and Gil Young. I saw Choi Yoon's eyes who determine to assure Gil Young's safety. He maybe a cold Priest.. But I swear, I think he will protect Kang Gil Young with his life since he thought he owned her mom his own life. And I think Gil Young will do the same to him as she thinks Choi Yoon is the one who her mom save with her life. While, there's a possibility that HP and GY will end up together at the end of the show since I saw hints of marriage issue has been mentioned for both in ep. 6. 


Yes, I watched the show in the evening and watch each episode at least two times using my earphone. The bgm and eerie sounds intensify the show... more thriller and suspense. I love it!


Off topic : I love Ghost detective as well especially for its romance department.. But for the suspense compared to The Guest, Ghost Detective is so much lighter.


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