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  1. How can it be? He was still a child at that time, he can't be a donor
  2. Why all of the ost is tragic? Hope they'll have a hapy ending.. They're already suffer for all this time..
  3. I've read some recap, the translation was totally different.. The scientist said "does 'he' not know that his daughter live with 88?" Here the link https://www.dramamilk.com/kill-it-episode-5-live-recap/
  4. Thats right, i'm bit confused 'bout that.. And how 88 escaped?
  5. Is it 16-episode or 12-episode? I've seen some post, that said it'll be 12..
  6. No please no... Even without kisses already depressed me.. Please spare my hearth
  7. I'm with you... I prefer the sassy professor too... I think he's just perfect for the calm ON
  8. Oh noo... I like Kim Kim because he's so caring and sweet, but I don't like the idea of him being the husband... He's too young I like the chemistry between YH and ON
  9. yeah.. It's poor for the crew dan the actors/actress especially YHM.. They already did the best..
  10. well... I don't mind about soul split, as long as the husband is YH.. Cause KG is too young, i prefer he'll be with JS
  11. Yeah..lets enjoyed the drama.. I believe the producer has something great to us..
  12. Indeed, YHM's character a liitle bit over, but it's funny and hilarious... Yeah I hope, the rating keep increase, bcs its good show
  13. Just let the show and enjoy it.. All the cast play really good I like all the character, and how crancky JH, i found it funny..
  14. Usually, the actors/actress seat is based on the match, am i wrong? I'm just already rooting for them Sorry...
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