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  1. I am surprised by the man who end up with HW, i thought FL will be with first ML. They changed so much the plot since the husband died
  2. I wonder why they show that, it's a huge spoiler, so the entire drama will be a flashback ? Or what?
  3. Seems SML maybe will like NY for now and marry her? I thought they will get married by drunk sex night, seems i was wrond. And later he will divorce her? i just hope he will no like her, this witch NY doesn't deserves this lol, but i think unfortunaly they will all becomes a family at the ending
  4. I love the fact that FL is the RickRoll'D bad guy here. I see already a prison for her lol
  5. I know that NY will fall in love with SML, and they will marry soon but i hope he doesn't love her. I want her to suffer like that. She will live a hell lol. For SJ and UR i don't like the child plot + mama coming to get him it feel so forced but i will understand if FL will break up with him. So for now FL is poor or what, seem she has no money because of her nasty family now or she is too shoot by évents.
  6. I don't know, but i think i will pass this drama for now because it's frustrating. Pretty sure that NY will win again and again, and only around ep 90-99 she will lost. I think the first encounter between her and SML in the beginning has show us their future dynamism, they will probably sleep together and marry, but they will divorce after. Yes we know that soon ML and FL will be together i think it will be around ep 40, but the problem with the child will be here+ the ex girlfriend. I just hope that the Villainess NY will no have a redemption later. I notices that FL has always appeared in a drama where the redemption happen for villain and everyone become family LOL. I know that FL will forgive her but i swear they better no make them close at the ending
  7. NY is a RickRoll'D, Suji will lose her job. I hope that ML will be able to help her. I can't believe that the mom still think about this RickRoll'D. i suppose that later NY with her new succes will want to be with SML.
  8. Suji is gonna be in a accident soon, her sister now hates her so much, i don't think Suji will be safe for now. Her sister is gonba make her life as hell. I think ML still don't know that the RickRoll'D sister likes him. I wonder what's will happen when he knows. I will not surprised if the RickRoll'D sister make him drunk something and sleep with him. I don't know if there are others children in casting People in some comments think that SML is related to FL?? Lol
  9. So because HJ didn't kill JC, she is now a saintess? With all the harm she do to HW and others people, HJ deserves to rotten in hell. I want FL to be a bad guy and start a perfect revenge against HJ. At the ending the two sisters will die lol
  10. Saut dans le temps. Je ne comprends pas, la maîtresse a élevé un enfant FL ? Il semble que la maîtresse soit le nouveau maléfique SFL Et il semble que nous obtenions un nouveau SML. He has a child too. Suspect. et toujours pas de romance entre ML et FL après le saut dans le temps
  11. With the extended of episodes, Grandma will end up in coma or death because of SR.
  12. The drama now add 10 more episodes, so it will be 132 episodes total. I don't know what's to said Lol.
  13. They are really stupid, why ML ask to the child this question in front of SR? Soon Anna will be again missing lol. Grandma can make another DNA without SR know, she is a rich woman. But they are all stupid.
  14. BSC is crazy and stupid, the poor character, his purpose is to be sperm donor for SR's chidren. I can't believe that. He is too stupid. She will sent him to prison again, i hope for good this time
  15. BSC is a idiot, i can't believe how dumb he is, someone said that SR is pregnant again lol, BSC is the dad, but she wants her husband to be the dad lol.
  16. I hink the husband of FL will regret. It will be too late, seems his love for her is no deep. Too bad
  17. I think it's not yet the time for SR to be down, i mean she will probably receive some karma but she still responsable for the dearh of FL's dad and no évidence still against her. I wonder how things will be how she will able to go out of this. I hope wroters will no make her out of the prison to soon There are still 45 episodes left.
  18. I'm sorry, i'm still don't get what SFL want, why create this chaos. I mean she wants to do harm to FL but her motivations are weak. I'm disappointed, i wanted a complex villain with evil mind. Yes i know FL will divorce soon because of her I'm disappointed with this drama. I will only read comments for now sometimes.
  19. DJ starts her revenge, but I feel bad for ML, the woman he loves married his uncle, so I hope that it's a fake/contract marriage i guess she no slept with her husband. Who bet SR will be the first to know who DJ's biological mother is, she'll use that and hide it well to let them kill each other. For the swapp of babies, i think DJ will have some problem, remenber when SR abandon the baby girl she used DJ identity. DJ would have prof it's no her, but with the content plot of these drama and the stupidity of police, we don't know yet
  20. Disappointed they killed the little girl. FL still doesn't the truth about the switch. I bet even she doesn't know that Son yi is dead, i hope ML will tell her
  21. Again a jealous woman, so she is jealous of her sister after many years without see her because her sister rich lol. She is gonna sleep with the father and the son. Two sisters will kill each other
  22. Seems tomorrow the lead couple will know the truth. I disappointed that MG will be with EA, i know that SK is a little immature but she has groin on me
  23. I was about to said this, seems FL will go to prison, but for how many years?? But When she drowning it's when she is out, but I this moment she knows that SR killed her father.
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