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[Drama 2018] The Guest, 손


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37 minutes ago, marrez1 said:

yesss matteo and gil yoon, there is a sexual tension between them:bawling:, i want a little romance,  maybe matteo is little fall in love for her:tounge_wink::joy: our girl detective maybe will be possessed and she will want to seduce our sexy priest :scream::joy:

Even just a little romance between matteo and gil young, i'll be really happy

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Mateo! He got overwhelmed by the spirits. :cold_sweat:


Lagging stream....urghhh


EDIT: Looks like another good episode and it looks like the team is finally together in their mission. But I need subs to fully understand the information the little girl is giving them.


The little girl saw her father meeting someone - who could be Park Il Do. I can see the silhouette of a man.


Looks suspiciously like Father Yang


And they have ruled out Park Hong Joo as Park Il Do..... they asked the little girl to say what she sees when she met PHJ


And we meet HP's dad who seems to still want kill HP? (not too clear - need subs)


Note to self to avoid tunnels in Seoul.

PHJ met PID (could not see the human form as it mutated into demon form in front of her)

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1 hour ago, Dramanoona said:

Mateo! He got overwhelmed by the spirits. :cold_sweat:


Lagging stream....urghhh

I’ve watched the clips on naver yup. It’s scary! Pretty intense haha


omg. This is really a turn for the worst for the three huh. What can you expect? Knocking on the monster’s doors like that. Wow. Love it.


you know those moments that you really wanted to know what they are saying but you couldn’t understand and therefore have to wait for the subs to come out x.x and you tell yourself, “How I wish I could understand!”

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OST part 2 is coming out soon haha can’t wait!


Since I'm here so I will just leave my review here now.


I love Seo Yeon's acting in this episode,she is such a potential :D Choi Yoon acting in pain makes me feel so sad for him as he is going to suffer. No one would want to feel like they are getting stab , but for Choi Yoon he has to feel it as a permanent thing now.


I can see the chemistry between Choi Yoon and Gil Young(The Crew have spoken, for fans who love them to be together :D) Overall, it's really nice. The three are mixing together despite some fights here and there. 


It's great to see the dad after like 9 episodes haha, we will see what he have to say about Park Ll Do. Father Yang's face is like so suspiscious.

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Me after watching episode 9:


It will be tough after watching episode 10 tonight since we have to wait for another week for new episodes!


After what happened in episode 9, I'm very worried for Mateo.

The "pain" that he is getting now.

Not sure is it psychological or something. :cry:

That sure gonna eats his soul at this rate.

I wouldn't say it's prophecy, it's more like a curse that plays with the mind. 


On a side note, can I be the little girl who gets hugs from him and also get to hold his hand? 

I mean... who can resist right? :love:


As for PHJ.. She is one of those who Priest Yang had said, worshipping the devil. 

She is asking for favour from PID.... I don't think my heart can take it.


But despite all the heavy stuff in episode 9.. I gotta to say it was funny when HP and his Shaman friend went to the car workshop with the knife.

I had a great laugh for that short moment after getting goosebumps at the start of the story.


And not to forget. That look on Mateo when HP tried to stuff the talisman into his pocket. LOL


That's priceless!


P.S: I'm sorry all..  But I don't feel any "romance" between Mateo and GY. It just doesn't feel that way to me as it's really platonic between the 2 of them.

I'm more interested in the bromance between Mateo and HP.

That chemistry is undeniable!

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just finished watching episode 10, have to say this is by far the scariest episode. One thing bothering me is that if Mateo is possessed or something, he really gulped that drink hwa pyung gave him, is this any indicator? And im shocked to see hwa pyung's dad, no indicator whatsoever from the past few episodes so really caught me off guard, really excited for tonight's episode especially after that cliffhanger at the end indicating that Park Il- do is stil in hwa pyung's body (was 80% expecting it to be in the priest's body that kept chugging on the soju). CAN'T WAIT. 

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Eps 9 Afterthoughts:

  • I thought the little girl would end up killing her mom and grandma in the beginning (or our “holy trinity” just end up finding them being murdered), since she was possessed and invite all those ghosts to her house at the end of previous eps.
  • The Director must like making a scene of Kim Jae Wook getting stabs by tons of human in his character's illusion [laughs]. After Mo Tae Gu, even Mateo get the same experience. And he enjoys showing that blood in his IG once again.
  • I like how this horror show keeps giving a 'lil comedy through the duo shaman and psychic. Now, I need Hwa Pyung could melt Gilyoung's cold face. Mateo at least has been priceless three times in the police station, in the possessed woman's house when they're about to enter, and in this eps when Hwa Pyung give him talisman (oh, and also "You're pathetic" LMAO). I like this duo too. 
  • I was right that Park Hong Joo isn't possessed by Park Il Do. Yeah, she's a type of Gilyoung's best criminal to catch; a pure psychopath--kind of Mo Taegu's woman version in my mind.


I don't think a Priest character is shippable but I won't stop you guys to go wild whatever in your mind. I like the chemistry between the three, tho' my fave is Hwa Pyung and Mateo's bromance. But if I have to look for any romance chance, I'm into Hwa Pyung and Gilyoung since both were eating together and having 'boring' conversation' of having a son and divorced twice while eventually, I learn they just joked about that. Don't forget that Yukwang and Gilyoung's friend tease them about their relationship too. And when he's out from jail, while other was picked up by his girlfriend, he smirked knowing she's on the same position hahaha.


2 hours ago, sushilicious said:


A nice fan edit vid I found: The Guest of a lesser god (The Guest x Children of a lesser god)


Mhh... the song isn't the typical song I use to fave but thanks.

Also, I always like crossover fanmade video like that. There's one shared in VOICE2 thread but having no subtitle, well, different video maker.

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Ommo!! What a episode:sweatingbullets: bg music in this episode was creepy!! How come two ppl can't break that damn door...specially our super gil young:D so we are sure now...its not hong joo!! She just worship him lolz evil woman!!! All bets on priest yang...he look already so creepy in preview!!! :sweatingbullets: 


Omg hwa pyung father is alive...seems like hwa pyung and park ill do relationship is like harry potter n voldemort!!!:astonished::tounge_xd:


@pdnim.....screw you don't kill Mateo in this show:triumph: n stupid mateo just take that talisman!!!


I love wookie brothers!:wub: but don't ship them...Mateo is all mine:rolleyes::wub: 

Hwa pyung n gil young should end up together!!! :tounge_xd:


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I taught I just missed something in the way, because I couldn't remember when HP was exorcised after the first try failure. But he actually wasn't, was he? Not right after the death of the shaman that tried to exorcise him. Or maybe Yukgwang had done that? I can't wait the next episode. 


Beside, the moment we have the 'parent killing' plotline, I knew we finally will he HP's father. Yeah, if what they discovered until know about HP was schocked, then there is another painful surprise waiting. Geez, this guy is really scared, if you think about it. 


I like last three episodes, but the last one was a cherry on the top of the cake, and scary. I've felt uncomfortable in long tunnels, but now? Hehe, yeah, not funny.


All actors playiong possesed were good (which one do you think will be possesed sooner - Hwa Pyung or Yoon? Because they're heading this road right now. 


I haven't taught I would excited about horror drama this much. Gosh. And it's still much to go.  

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