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[Drama 2018] The Guest, 손


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I would love to watch any BTS of the exorcism scenes. They must be intense.

So far, the exorcism of the office lady is the most intense and I freaked out when black liquid/blood? flowed out from beneath her.



If now Mateo is not able to perform exorcisms sanctioned by the church and decides to go rogue, will it have an effect on his ability to exorcise? I felt a portent of doom when he started hearing voices in the church straight after the other priest told him of the church's decision.

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I suppose even if Mateo is still with the church, once he is on board with it, it is a one way ticket to hell.

I'm looking forward to be wrong and we have a happy ending for the 3 of them.


At the same time, I'm constantly worried for HP's grandfather and his Shaman friend. 

Every time HP encountered the possessed, they were being used to threaten HP and my poor heart can't take it very well.

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Hello everyone! Thank God weekend is coming and now I finally able to share some of my thoughts on both episode 5 and 6. :lol: 


The meeting at the hometown:

The three of them finally disclose to each other who they were on that night 20 years ago in episode 5. It was a necessary scene that brings out the emotions and regrets lies beneath each of their heart. It was heart-breaking to see Detective Kang crying in regret while eating Jjajangmyeon for the first time in 20 years. More importantly, the revelation was essential to open up Detective Kang's perspective towards the existence of supernatural being which also took her mom's life and currently causing innocent people become a murderer; that it is no more a nonsense - of course it was then reinforced by what she saw during the exorcism at the basement. It is a turning point for Detective Kang and thus she is adamant about joining the cause to catch PID with HP in episode 6. Meanwhile for Mateo, he indeed felt guilty to Detective Kang because her mom died while saving him, hence the strong reaction opposing to Detective Kang's wish to join him and HP pursuit of PID. However, it seems that in his inner thought, Mateo kind of resent HP. I think that is why the demon keep poking that part of his thought to weaken his will. Nevertheless, it was such a relief that the meeting scene at their hometown was arranged at an adequate pace, not too draggy, not too fast (I kinda laugh at HP here, being beaten..getting the taste of Detective Kang's fist..twice at that.. LOL! :D). 


Priest Choi is dead (?):

Though I kinda disappointed that it came to this, apparently the forensics confirmed the dental record match that of Priest Choi's. So, he's dead then (though I still have my doubt if he really died, for now, I will just reserve that thought to myself..haha). I was kind of hoping there would be at least an encounter between him and Mateo, you know that kind of heart-wrenching scene between blood brothers settling their feud, and it could serve as the essence that strengthened Mateo's will as an exorcist priest if he perform exorcism on his brother because performing on your own family member makes the process harder by many folds. Alas, as HP said, even if the exorcism succeed, he would not be able to bear the guilt of killing his own family. But, about him being found buried in the ground, I wonder which of these two doing was it: Priest Yang or the Congresswoman? :ph34r:


Priest Yang:

I still hold my suspicion on him as the PID itself or at least PID's worshiper & the main host /vessel. :P  His gestures, actions, words, facial expressions (the smirk, the eye stare, the cheeks movement) all are suspicious to me. :phew:  It became more apparent in current two episodes. "I even saw an exorcist priest who worshiped the devil" - is he referring to himself? :rolleyes:

I have doubted him since he refused to exorcise HP. He only assessed the bruises, then he just dismissed what the grandfather said about HP did it to himself and did not even test HP reaction to any testing tools such as the cross - or perhaps he could have talk to the kid HP to assess further. Why is he being so avoidance?  Oh, anyway, this is just my take. I will apologize to him later at the end of the series if he turns out to be really innocent. LOL! For now, I don't think that Ahn Nae Sang only play a role as an elder priest who  is dispirited from his previous work as exorcist priest and to dissuade Mateo from getting involve with exorcism and PID. There must be something up in his sleeve. :P


The Congresswoman:

My goodness! I jumped from my seat when she suddenly shrieking at the Chief Police! I watched the episode with my earphones. Gosh~!  It was not scary, but man... my ears were ringing for like 10 minutes from her scream. :o  In my opinion, she's definitely connected to either the death of Priest Choi or the teenage girl, or could be both. However, I doubt that she's possessed by PID itself. To me, she's just another "pawn". 

Watching the preview at the end of episode 6, where Mateo said the congresswoman is not possessed as she does not respond to any test (and even praying at the altar), so either she has really serious psychological and anger management issue OR she is possessed by a more superior demon (but inferior than PID). Of course, with the increasing anticipation for the next exorcism scene, I am inclining to the latter. :rolleyes: As in my previous post, the intensity of exorcism depends on types and level of demon(s) possessing the human. I guess in next two episodes, Mateo really need to step up the exorcism intensity to banish the one possessing the congresswoman.


Workplace Bullying:

The worst scums and trashes. Period. (It's wrong to kill him, but I do feel that it serves him right to feel the pain from the bleeding. Heh! :phew:)


The Exorcism Scene:

This is the scene I am most excited about. Clearly, this time the episode addressed what does it looks like to deal with demon of higher level than the previous one, a much more crafty and pretentious at that. Just as I mentioned in my previous post, those who wish to help the exorcist must be strong-willed too, and firstly must be advised and notified to never  look at the possessed eyes and respond to their cries of pain and pleas for help. It plays around with persuasion and pretension. Else, you will be absorbed further into the manipulation game by the demon - Mateo almost falls for the trap when the woman cries in pain; Detective Kang was brought into her deepest regret about her mom. I really salute the possessed actress, an unknown face but great at acting as the possessed. And she runs really well~!  :w00t:





After running so fast and all those physical exertion during exorcism, no wonder so much blood flowed out beneath her. At first i thought it was their hallucinations. But, it turns out the woman is pregnant and it was really a pool of blood~! I hope she does not miscarriage after all that :(  

I am expecting the next exorcism scene with the congresswoman would be doubled, if not tripled in intensity than the woman in episode 6 - well, looking at her crazy demeanor and filthy temper, it would be a joy ride to watch Mateo doing more intensive incantation in next two episodes. :w00t:   I wonder what act would the demon pull off next time (will it be reciting the incantation with Mateo and laughing at everyone without showing reaction in pain?), and am also looking forward to the possessed face of the congresswoman during the exorcism. :ph34r:



Final Thought:

I am assuming that, in order for them to really banish or vanquish PID, there would come the time when HP need to be possessed and using a method which I-don't-know-how-it-would-be, he would be the one who banish or better, vanquish it using his body as the vessel. Perhaps, by that time, he probably regain his ability to see the spirit. Maybe something will trigger him to accept his shaman bloodline - such as the death of his grandfather or maybe Yukgwang the shaman too - and do whatever the ceremony needed to be a shaman.  Who knows~? :phew: 

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MPs are crazy women. Do not understand how she would kill people in her foundation for what? What is the benefit of killing people? It made me want to know even more. Ep.7 felt that young bishop he could not do anything to her. Not sure Park il do it in her body?:o



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I'm super glad to find this topic to talk about The guest. I've decided to watch it out of curiosity and completed 6 eps. Right now, all my suspicion goes to Priest Yang. Hwa Pyung said that the last person who met priest Choi would be the one Park Il Do possessed. The reason why PID can possess Priest Choi because he resent his parents for forcing him become a priest. After his parents, he also probably resent the Priest Yang, who led him into this way. So, after killing the parents, he would come to kill priest Yang for revenge. And Park Il Do possessed Priest Yang. And in that forest,  Park Il Do may saw the dead-lost girl soul, who is killed, and commanded her to possessed Park Joo Hong, the culprit.


Or maybe Priest Yang who noticed the strange behaviors from his assistant after leaving HP house, decided to come to Choi's house to help. But he came late after Choi killed all his family. He saw Choi and chased Choi into the forest for the sake of help but he didn't know the power of PID==> PID possessed him. And in that forest, priest Choi witnessed the accident/crime between Park Joo Hong and the girl Soen something... So he command her to possessed Park Joo Hong, the culprit.              


===> This explained the close relationship between Priest Yang and Park Joo Hong and Sharing Hands.


This is my two cent after finishing 6 eps. I'm really looking forward to the next eps. 1 week suddenly becomes so longggg  

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17 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

If now Mateo is not able to perform exorcisms sanctioned by the church and decides to go rogue, will it have an effect on his ability to exorcise? I felt a portent of doom when he started hearing voices in the church straight after the other priest told him of the church's decision.

I don't think so, it is the strength of his mental, physical and pscychological make up, the strength of his beliefs and determination to carry out his mission that matters most. I think here with the help of his friends, he is more determined to do so. Whether the church sanction or not, he will hear voices. Temptation is always near

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11 hours ago, ellelyana88 said:

Priest Choi is dead (?):

Though I kinda disappointed that it came to this, apparently the forensics confirmed the dental record match that of Priest Choi's. So, he's dead then (though I still have my doubt if he really died, for now, I will just reserve that thought to myself..haha). I

@ellelyana88The question here is what is being possessed the body vs the essence/mental and psychological makeup/the mind/spirit of the of the one being possessed? What is being possesed ...the body that dies or that which does not die? During the exorcism the possesor sometimes refer to "we" so who are the we? Does it comprise of the mind/spirits of those possesed? In that case can it be said that the body of Priest Choi died but where did his essence/mind/spirit whatever one wants to call it, go? 

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@RPM Thank you for the BTS!

Kudos to the actors/actresses who act as the possessed. I am impressed. Daebak.


Nice to see some levity in the BTS and how lightning, positioning and mood music can shape a terrifying moment during the exorcism.

I realise there are a lot of action scenes and it looks like Jung Eun Chae has a double for these scenes. (I had wondered if she learnt hapkido from one of her moves in an earlier episode.)

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 i had a feeling that congresswomen & Priest Yang hiding something mysterious during their past,

cause im sure they are known each other for so long. :smirk:





[The Guest] Ep 6 Kim Dong Wook, Kim Jae Wook, Jung Eun Chae work together to exorcise a possessed woman



Article: Naver 'The Guest' Kim Dong Wook leads Kim Jae Wook X Jung Eun Chae as a team 

1. [+165,-2]
The supporting actors' acting
are really the best. 

2. [+81,-0]
Feels like the people who acted possessed will get body aches.. ㅎ

3. [+48,-0]
Paaaaaaaarkkk Illlllllllll Dooooooooo
weeeeeeennnnnttttt tooooooo his brother? 

4. [+30,-0]
Kim Jae Wook is so charming. 

5. [+29,-1]
This drama is like a movie.... daebak daebak daebak. 

6. [+8,-0]
Because of that brat Park Il Do, my Coffee Prince boys have to work so hard. ㅠㅡㅠ

7. [+6,-0]
Kim Jae Wook seriously.. he fits every role so well. 

8. [+5,-1]
This is more interesting than average movies... 

9. [+3,-0]
It's so scary, it's also interesting.... but scary. 

Article: Naver 'The Guest' Kim Dong Wook, appealing, deep emotional acting 

1. [+100,-5]
Casting Kim Dong Wook is god's work~ It's interesting. 

2. [+50,-0]
The main lead is Paaaaaaaarkkk Illllllllllll Doooooooo. 

3. [+42,-1]
As expected of Kim Dong Wook. He's talented in acting. 

4. [+8,-0]
Could Ahn Nae Sang be Park Il Do? 

5. [+6,-2]
To be honest, the possessed actors are hard carrying this drama. The main leads, not so much

6. [+2,-0]
Kim Dong Wook's acting is so good~~ Time flew by!! He's so cool. 

7. [+2,-0]
The guys are handsome, and they are good at acting too!



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So I had some of my theories that I was too shy to say:sweatingbullets: but I decided to do so today! (Pardon my English)


Theory #1 

Hwa Pyung is or will be possessed


Based on the drama’s highlights, at the end of the video, a more demonic sounding (To what I hear again and again) Hwa Pyung’s normal Voice shouting  “We” before his voice changes into something demonic as he says “Are from the ocean(And something that I couldn’t make up) that audio and the image shown on screen does not match, so I suggest that the audio could be of later episodes (Which? I Don know). 


On Episode 6, I did notice that Hwa Pyung looks like he is hurting or something while Choi Yoon was exorcising the woman.(I could be wrong, but I just find it a little bit weird. Maybe I’m thinking too much)


Theory #2

Yuk Gwang’s Vision


On the second vision, I think we could say that, that would be Yuk Gwang’s possible ending? But then the question is who will kill him? I could say that based on the vision, we see a river/sea so that might means that he might get killed by someone who is possessed.Some how if my Theory #1 matches and that Hwa Pyung gets possessed could he be the one that will ultimately kill Yuk Gwang?


And another thing that I thought of is, the closest person around Yuk Gwang is only Hwa Pyung. What are the chances of this theory? I think it’s pretty high that it could be him, as I Don’t think Yuk Gwang is crazy enough to let strangers into the house. (Plus, The Possessed did say “Everyone around him will die, He is just like us.”)



Literally based on what I see, the genre mainly focus on the dark vibes of things, could Choi Yoon become dark as well after exorcising too many possessed people? And if Hwa Pyung gets possessed again, could the final fight be like a dark vs dark fight? (If so, it will be interesting)  haha but I will take it with a grain of salt, as drama’s always doesn’t work with my theories haha.



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(I'm new here, first post, yeah, so if I do something wrong, tell me; I'm generally not good with the first try with any kind of technology and everything... I'm sorry in advance?)


I really like this drama, even if I'm avoiding usual horror genre (last time I'd watched it was almost a decade ago, so, yeah, not a fan), but this one get me hooked. 



Theroy #1 

Hwa Pyung is or will be possessed


I like this theory, but I've noticed a little different things, and probably just imagining things (well, I like theories that almost never where proved by the original series, but I can always try to make sense with what I'm watching, right? Part of the charm of the ongoing series). I like the dynamics that they're slowly developing. Adding to this and intriguing plot and way too many suspects. And all actors, especially those possesed ones who gives me chill every time. Good show! Can't wait to see more. 


Anyway, let's get it out of my system. I think that Hwa Pyung is an original vesel (too much SPN in the past shows in completly not related situations). What I mean is that he's kind of predestined to be a demon's vesel, which is Park Il Do and the demon is still there, hidden in his mind and waiting, rarely showing, but with Mateo around maybe be more eager to do so. 


So to the point. If Park Il Do is possed a person who he saw last time, then wasn't it Hwa Pyung? Then he'd came to that three? Beside... even as a child he wasn't drastic with his right eye, even if he was posseded. Then, again, he was seeing ghost, so maybe PID (let's it make shorter) was kind of there, but sleeping, and when the demon came he awakened, then fall asleep again? It'd be an interesting plot twist, as much as highly impossible and, well, not too realistic. 


Theory is out, so I'm done for now. Thanks for reading and listening (and be patient).

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