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  1. They are a loony bunch. I mean omg look at those comments. How lifeless and senseless they can be to do such things under Somin's posts? DO they really think she will be kicked out of RM just because of their spamming? What satisfaction do they get from these is beyond me. The biggest fault RM has done is feeding these crazies. Anyway, despite annoying us and humiliating themselves they are not going to achieve anything. So don't give it much mind.
  2. @minahnoona I saw. I screamed when I read what his reply was. He is usually a shy and uptight guy so I really didn't expect him to say this to her. THey were together in an RM episode but HSJ is not really a funny/body gag show style person. BUt I really really want to see them together in a drama. ALso, 1% of something is now available in netflix japan. THat show must still be popular in Japan.
  3. While counting days to hear a positive news about Somin's next project, maybe we can share our wishes for her. Like what kind of project do you want to see her in? Which actor or actors do you want to see her with? Do you think Melo suits her? I really like that her new profile pics are different from her variety image. What is your perception about her?
  4. Me toooooooo I am really impatient. I really can't wait for her next project. And yeah it makes me so happy to see Sominie jumping around in insta, posting pics, liking fan posts and even commenting on other people's posts. She seems happy and that makes me happy too. But the next project, ah heavens please hear my prayers.
  5. Their first kiss? I think first kiss they shot was actually the last kiss on the show. She wearing that white dress in the chaebol style? I am not sure somebody correct me if I am wrong. Well, if you are interested, you can read through the whole forum here. It was mentioned in detail by some member.
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CAoxPPQBt7W/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  7. Its great that she is back. Can't wait for the next ep. ALso did you saw Somin's message on the new post? In SBS chat room someone sent messages impersonating her. Poor girl. Can't actch a break.
  8. Hahhahah This is so Somin. I wish she was the one who acted in this drama. Didn't agency say something like she was preparing for her next project? I wonder what that is. I hope it is a 16 ep drama with some top actor. She really really suits the vibe of ROm com. Idk why she is not getting roles. (UGH that lazy richard simmons agency) Its sad that productions only announce dramas once the casting and dates are all confirmed. I want to do some detective work and speculate which drama she is going to be in, DO you guys know any dramas which haven't confirmed the FL yet?? Its sad we don't have any update from her yesterday. May 12th was the D-Day. And I really wish we don't have to wait till 31st to see her face.
  9. @Amilia Ami Hmmm I am also interested in Park Jung Min. His RM appearance left me really curious. Esp. how he kept staring at her in that Saw makeup. Now that she got a good agency, I hope she will get good opportunities. It is not like she is lacking in talent, and also Korean films and dramas really love featuring cute characters. Ah if only I had a time travelling machine, I will skip three months forward to see if the world eradicated corona and also Sominie's new projects. I keep expecting King Kong to update Somin's profile.
  10. This is so great and this must make her feel so happy at these times. Anyway, there is also unconfirmed news that Somin will return on early may. But that also means she won't be in RM for next two eps also.
  11. I saw Jeon somin for the first time in 1% of something. I only knew Ha seok jin at that time, anyway I loved JSM after that drama and tried to find out other works of her. That's how I started watching RM regularly. Until then I was an on and off viewer, watching for the guests. 1% is my guilty pleasure drama, it is so cliche but even then I watched it at least three times, read all the recaps and watched the bts, even the fan meet. Ha seok Jin and So-min had amazing chemistry there and I really thought we will get some news from them. If you have watched the drama, go and read the spazzing thread and the drama thread too. I still wonder how nothing came out of it. Haha at-least they are still friends. I really love SM and I can ship her with almost everyone. So I am not too much into one ship. I am afraid it will hurt somin if she turn out to be in another relationship later while having an onscreen rumour with someone else. I am glad she finally got rid of that agency and landed a good one. When will they update her profile pic? Maybe they will do a photoshoot and interview. Can't wait to see what her new project is, I thought her dying her hair was for that purpose. DO you know any dramas in discussion that is probably going to be offered to SM? Why there isn't even any news? I wish she will act with any A lister this time and her new drama will break rating charts. It kinda feels like she was underutilized last two years. Her joining the RM and then top star was such a break for her, I mean she had such positive attention I don't understand how she couldn't get more dramas and cfs.
  12. Hey @minahnoona I am sure we met each other in 1% thread. Glad to meet you again. @kukumarq1 Thanku for creating this forum. I was sad that SM doesn't have enough fans to have a forum for herself. Sorry that I asked for such a forum in the shipping thread. But that was because I saw people posting things about non-shipping topics also there and thought that was the best place to get a response related to that. And it slightly bothered (?) me to think how members will react if someone post non-kookmin related content. I would have liked to do it myself but I am such a newbie when it comes to these things. I think a forum like this has advantages when compared to ig or even reddit. Hope a lot of somin fans or even people who are fond of her will come to this thread and we can all have a nice time loving Jeon Somin.
  13. Aww I didn't know about this. poor jihyo. I just thought she was naturally sleepy like people with low bp. I am glad that she is thriving even through all of this. Thanks for sharing this bit. About, SJH and JSM fan war. I also think we are seeing the beginning of the end. SJH fan pages or neutral fans are forced respond. THe rest, even while trying some sneaky methods, are in a defensive position. My position is defend don't attack. Don't worry much it will be fine. I am sure RM will provide some good interaction of Mongdol. Seeing that JH's agency didn't respond or anything, I guess they are also waiting for it to naturally take it course.
  14. Hey, Guys It has been a long while since I visited soompi forums. I read this thread because of the recent controversy related to SM. ANd there were a lot of nice conversations here I must say. But if you guys don't mind, can I say smthng? Would any of you guys like to make a page for So-min alone? I have seen posts about JSM here but at the end of the day its a shipper's page. So idk how the members here will react to such stuff. Just saying. If you are not interested, that's absolutely fine too.