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  1. The title of the drama has 'beginning' in it. I noticed only now. That means they probably want to make another season if everything goes as planned. How is the rating? So we may only know about the baby in the last ep. I really thought it was Lee Da-hee btw, her dressing shoes and all, but the sound and the build were different could be a trick to confuse us. BTW, what happened in Alice? I don't mind getting spoiled since I won't ever be watching it.
  2. I hope her police sunbaes are not traitors. Also that NFS turned out to have ethics at least towards Geureum. RIP
  3. Yi Son, is he dead for good now? He is a known actor, so I expected his role to be longer. Oh, about her hair, I would like if she can keep it like how she tied up in the last part. When she was handing over her oven cooked phone to her senior. Just read that it is 12 eps only, that makes me happy because even the best of Kdramas falter a bit by 12th ep.
  4. Hey, I see some familiar faces here from Awaken thread. Hopefully, this drama won't go down the hill Awaken went. I have seen the writer's previous work The Guest, so he is experienced with how to mix up two genres, in this case sci-fi and thriller. In Guest it was horror and thriller. I appreciate how much the leads are sacrificing their looks, but still I would appreciate if they can do something about her bird's nest. Isn't Kim Rae Won's hair enough lol. Anyone gets Gil Young vibes from Geu Reum? LOL, I prefer Gil Young's shabby hair to Geu reum's any day.
  5. This is something I have also felt, but thought the contributing factors were her double eyelid (?) she has a type of half-closed eyes and the character has a cool-cold-calm demeanor. They present her as a person who can't be surprised or shocked. LOL the type of script they gave to Jamie/lee Chung ah will make anyone feel sleepy. Agree with your other observations too.
  6. Does that mean she is also Jamie's mother? But she was never interested in Jamie. Makes me think the sibling plot was later added.
  7. This is true. Though Captain doesn't show it much he certainly likes her more than he intended to. I think people on the thread are not fond of her because of the romance aspect. I expected this drama to properly develop the wnv story line and flesh out the characters of the three children. They could have delved deep into the mystery and the abilities of the three children. However, that time was taken away and given to the romance story line. Even if Hyewon was a secondary character who had deep respect and crush on her captain, this would have worked. We didn't need to spend too much t
  8. Just finished the ep and yeah it had less filler than the previous eps. They should have let Jamie atleast throw a punch. It has been a long while since they let Jamie do anything worthwhile. They basically use her as a prop and plot device. LOL atleast one mystery is solved, the super specs. That is cool. And so the monster was all three of them. Makes sense.
  9. I didn't watch the last ep, only read what you guys wrote here. Police force are usually dumb when it is not an investigation based series but if they are dumb in a police thriller then that is only because the writing is DUMB. They almost have Jamie as a prop now. Stalling her and not letting her do anything of importance and on the top of that making her do dumb things is getting on my nerves, wallah. Edit: I like the journalist reporting from the harbor (?) and Jungwoo seeing Jamie on that frame. Now I really want to watch next ep. Makes me eager for the confr
  10. I also want Jamie to remember everything and reunite with Jung Woo. I like the respectful relationship they have now but I really crave for the close bond they had in the past. Just imagine if they become close like before and she calls him oppa. TT TT
  11. Aigoo, what was Jamie doing by bringing Jae woong to police station and even discussing things in front of him? No where in the drama there was any indication that Jae woong (the personality Jamie knows) had a any disability. At the most he was hinted to be anti social. So I don't understand why did Jamie insist on letting him stay there and taking him home by herself? Ofcourse there is no reason for her to doubt him at this point and is obviously blindsided but that doesn't excuse her fleeting these basic precautions an investigative officer is supposed to take. I understand this was ne
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