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  1. @triplem @joonminfan KJS is guesting on running man next week. They are kind of having a date and the other members are there to crash, it seems. The promo is out, its hilarious.
  2. @triplem @joonminfan @turtlegirl Did you guys watched JSM's Happy together appearance? There she talks about how she attempted to create romance with KJS and LSY but they gave her a cold shoulder. I am sure she is exaggerating for fun but it was really nice.
  3. Surprised that there is no interview from JSM's side. I remember waiting for JEC's interview after Guest was finished. DO you have the video cut off the wild wolf scene the director mentioned in his interview? I don't want to rewatch the whole ep.
  4. I am not that keen on another season. Actually, I am more curious about their next projects. TSYB, though with low ratings, seems to be loved by its audience and I think it must have helped them to strengthen their position. All the actors could portray a different side of them. OKS's satoori, humour and the effort she took to portray the character such as not holding back in anything will benefit her I think. I hope the leads will get a variety of projects now. I think Somin does two dramas per year though this may depend on the project available to her. The shooting was really hard and I think she is going to appear on the second season of Michuri also so her break could be a little longer. KJS, JSM and LSY are all talented actors and I really hope that they will get the deserved attention and fame.
  5. Lee sang yeob and Somin said they had a lot of ad lib battles in the series and it would be fun for the viewers to guess which one was an adlib. But I couldn't guess much at all. Every dialogue seemed like something OKS, TS or MD will say and so natural. Any guesses about those adlibs? I am sure Somin must have some because she likes impromptu roleplaying like she did in Running man and Knowing Brother.
  6. I was actually surprised that stepmom told CWK that sekyung avoided her touch. She even insisted that when CWK brushed away the gesture as part of her seizure. I don't doubt stepmom has some dark side but if so why did she revealed about it to cwk? I am really afraid for Siwan and his family though. If things go wrong nobody including CWK, jiheon or even Siwan will be able to sleep peacefully. Usually, every case ends according to CWK's wish. I still stand by the theory that the GDG is related to cwk's mental health not a fairy or premonition.
  7. If they are going to take it all the way to the marriage and then break it off for the leads to reunite, it will be like those Indian soap operas.
  8. I am sorry that it is not directly related to the thread but I couldn't help myself. Jeon Somin won Top Excellence Awards in SBS Entertainment Awards. Chukhaeyooooo Eonni
  9. I didn't understand? LEH was trying to deflect away the suspicions by saying that, I think. JH also like HaNa and by JH's logic he himself could also be the murderer. I am trying to think about other youngsters in the drama. Soo young and other police officers were together and away from him. I wonder about that child who lee eun ho saved but then it would be a new character yet to be introduced. There was Bitna's tutor but he also seemed a little lean. Kim MinSeok, Psychiatrist sunbae, and everybody else in the drama seem little old for such a kick and all. The person seemed little sporty. About the body proportions, like @bebebisous33 mentioned, they may have used a body double so that the viewers won't find out so easily
  10. Watched the ep raw. I don't think KJH saw the culprit's face. It was most likely a mask. The way he kept beating KJH, it seemed like he had some sort of hatred or anger towards him. But why be angry towards KJH? he and CWk are all on children's side even though they are trying to stop red cry. Eun Ho seems to have some anger towards KJH because he kept being suspicious of him and questioned him again and again. (I should give it to KJH for being persistent with Eun Ho if I was confronted with such an innocent face and confident answers I would have said Sorry to the person and left from there.) However, from what we have seen, Red Cry is a self-righteous person, the way he kept kicking KJH seemed little out of character if he is Eun Ho. I know, it is absurd to expect values/morality in a psychopath. From the back view, it didn't really seem like he was Eun Ho. The person seemed little less tall and little sturdy than Eun Ho, Eun ho is really lean. But it is somebody young from the way he kicked KJH. Anybody watched the ep? Any theories?
  11. Not directly related to MOA but in response to the topic. I am sorry that it is irrelevant to the topic of this thread.
  12. At that time jin woo was unaware of the mess behind this game. he only considered this like any other game and wanted to possess it before CHS. He thought after one or two days Sejoo will appear and since he already offered him the game and sent the email the business will proceed without any harm. His only thought was about being ahead in the competition. I wonder if SJ already figured out that the game is acting erratically before calling JW. If so, that was a rather bad move. Poor guy was unknowingly pulled into the mess and his whole life is under threat. I hope they won't unnecessarily inject romance into this. I actually really like JW's Melo eyes at HJ but inserting a kiss in the next couple of eps will be a rash move. Well, maybe they will get drunk or the game may demand Zinu to kiss Emma or some stuff like that. But that will feel like just fan service. Even with all the flaws, this drama is quite good and I hope they won't go down there so soon. If romance was not initially a part of this drama and was later added to rope in actors that will explain the lack of subtlety in some moments. (somebody mentioned this before) I actually really like this drama (though there are flaws) and will prefer this over KES style aka style over substance dramas. Somebody was saying that since the writer is a female her perspective from male pt of view is not really working. I think JW is a well-written character though on paper he seems like a jerk. It is his perspective, complexity and Hyun bin's acting/charm that is carrying the show.
  13. I was sure that HaNa's dad was a gone case the moment CWK expressed her wish to see him get killed. Lee EunHo seems to be an accomplice at this moment because he seemed guilty when KJH asked him about Bitna. He clearly lied and I think he was guilty because his actions led to Bitna's mother getting killed in front of the child. Maybe, he gave the info to RedCry but he is not feeling happy about how things turned out. If it is revealed at the end that he is THE RED CRY, I will cry foul. I know he is billed as a lead and he has got motive too but the show took extra effort to keep him out of suspicion. At this point, I can only imagine Red Cry thing being a group effort with Eun Ho having an active role. BTW, Eunseo's nightmares gave me little bad vibes. Maybe, all is not going well with her Ex-husband and his family's way of treating her. Though it is a drama about Child abuse, the chances of every child being a victim are little less right? I hope so. Her psychiatrist sunbae being a friend with Minseok and that ballerina music box seems to be some pretty important hints but I don't know where to place them. It is also possible that the former was just to give some background info about how long is their friendship and all. The psychiatrist sunbae seems to be a levelheaded person to me or else he is really cautious. Even when CWK was being so passionate about HaNa and locking up her dad he corrected her. I agree with a post before that CWK's stepmother is her actual mother, most probably.
  14. I could understand that but since they were racing time and there was a killer at loose why didn't they alerted the local police or something? But since MHJ was doing it herself and there was no actual presence of killer at the precinct that would not have been really useful but I wondered why KJH didn't do it.
  15. Just finished watching Ep 8. Jin Woo is one solid character and Hyun Bin is doing full justification to him. I actually don't buy their excuse for not involving the police. But I understand why it is necessary for the story. Police getting involved will have real repercussions and things will get messy than it already is. Along with the AI game and company politics, police interference will be hella confusing. How will he level up if police start investigating him or lock him up? These things are conveniently avoided but I also don't want the show to go their so its fine for me. Director Park seems to be a nice person but I am sure he also has got the ambition within him and Father Cha and he together can kick him out of the company. I was really tensed for JW at that moment but in the preview, he said: "I was about to get kicked out, right?" The way he said calmed me down a lot. There is a serene and melancholic way in which he says things, look at and respond to everything. Each day he is fighting for his life, each day he is checking himself whether he is dead, alive, mad, normal or lost forever. Yup, she asked why did he come today? Then he looked at her and said that he missed her.
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