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  1. @joonminfan totally agree we want a kissing scene...its ep 5 already i hope there is one ...pls pdnim Can't wait for ep 5 pali pali ...how many hours to go huhu
  2. @triplem really!! Well it doesn't work for me too lolz i thought it will work here Nobody gonna talk about yoo baek abs show in the preview drool....i love how he is going crazy with jealously already haha!!!
  3. Ep 5 preview https://youtu.be/cotBCuedb2g Sorry guys i don't know how to embedd YouTube vid
  4. @alekaonu @xxpeepsxx welcome guys @xxPeepsxx haha welcome to frustration club we all hate the fact that this drama is once a week @joonminfan - thanks for the translations dear I m sure her heart is beating fast because of yoo baek!! Because madol n her both are in different rooms,Poor madol i feel bad for him, hope there is happy ending for him too by the end of this drama. I just hope the twist n turns in coming episode wont be too cliche as i can't stand such dramas where everything turns too melodramatic. Can't wait for the subs!!
  5. In the preview we can see ks crying remembering her parents... So this happens afterwards Done watching ep 3 , thanks for the translation @joonminfan Really appreciated
  6. Ok dear i will try that Yes pdnim no dead fish kisses both somin suk jin are good kisser's but i think ks and yoo baek first kiss will be sweet and intoxicating not bold as ks is naive and inexperienced
  7. There are no subs for ep 3 yet!!!! And the subs available aren't good quality I m just holding back myself waiting for the subs patiently huhu, I m loving this show!! I m not eligible to say this but somin is killing me with her satoori accent haha it sounds perfect to me!! The ep 4 preview is hilarious , can't wait Kang soon drooling over topstarshhi but did anyone notice he is drinking water from that well yes he is looking so smexy
  8. Ep 2 was emotional ...poor mother son!! Kim jae won.....haha i couldn't recognize him....well its getting interesting!! I think kwak and jin woo will become friends in the end hehe!! The mentor thing scares me what happened in last season shouldn't happen again!!
  9. @triplem thanks for the written update I think its going to be really fun show...cast is doing really well!!! N i love the supporting cast, they're very talented have seen them in drama n movies!! Goofy doctor is my fav...she was kim sam soon sister in that drama...one of my favorite drama!!
  10. Done watching first episode!! Absolutely loved it han jin woo is crazy as ever even after getting old love dr jo n jin woo mother son type of relationship... Nothing should happen to her in this season (don't know but getting this feeling) and ofcourse kyung hee and jin woo, also liking the new supporting cast,waiting for subs the next episode!!!
  11. Just seen some clips from the episode.... Its hilarious... hopefully someone will sub this soon!!!
  12. Will this get subbed or not??? God quiz isn't subbed yet dang my two favorite shows have started n not getting subbed heck hate it @akiera - that would be awesome lobster fight part two I became somin fan from running man!! Then watched her previous works she is really talented... I have only watched somin and ha seokjin clips from their show!! Yes their chemistry was sizzling one of the best in kdramaland
  13. Omg there are no subs...n i can't find it anywhere... Is no one gonna sub it dang!!! Pls share link here guys
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