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[Drama 2018] Something In The Rain / Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food, 밥 잘 사주는 예쁜 누나


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Thank you so much. @stroppyse  for translate BTS


SYJ is very cute. Every time I look at the Making filming. It made me love Son Ye Jin much more the same throughout. SYJ is the one who makes her happy around her smile, her laughter, her work intentions. She loves acting so much as it is her lover. I'm not surprised why everyone who works with her fallen in love her. 




I love SonYeJin & JungHaeIn. :blush:

Perfect Couple...I expect their future both. 

They look good and look great. Time together




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48 minutes ago, Chellsee said:

Saw these photos in twitter.

The cast are now in Jeju airport heading back to Seoul...


Credit to owner.


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is the person on the last picture JA's mom or not? I wonder what I will be doing after this drama ends. Probably I will hybernate again for an unknown period

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Cast and crew of Something In The Rain. Looks like its reallt the last day of their shoot. Ohh I don't know what to do after they end the series:huh:


Check out @_AuroraRain_’s Tweet:



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2 minutes ago, Jusyed said:

Why I think the Director is closer to SYJ than Jung Hae In to SYJ? :grimace:



I see nothing wrong maybe because SYJ is a senior and I'v seen clips too that the Director is fond of JHI too. :) Maybe they want to take care of SYJ more since she's the senior and this is her comeback in small screen. 

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I think the original pic is from this instagram post (I love the red umbrella and the green one are there too). There are some more photos of the staff and, their good-bye dinner maybe?


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Watch: Son Ye Jin And “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” Staff Surprise Jung Hae In For His Birthday




Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In showed off their adorable off-screen chemistry and friendship as well as a sweet birthday surprise in a making video for “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food.”


The making video begins with Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin filming an outdoor scene, where they walk along the street and tease each other with some physical affection. They first practice the scene on their own, laughing and having fun while doing so. The two then begin filming, and Jung Hae In swoops in for a quick peck on the cheek, surprising Son Ye Jin.


more https://www.soompi.com/2018/05/09/watch-son-ye-jin-pretty-noona-buys-food-staff-surprise-jung-hae-birthday/




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I'm new to this thread. I couldn't resist commenting now that the conflict is growing!


They are making very similar mistakes so it's interesting that we are, collectively, more aggravated with JA.  I am enjoying watching the the JA/JH relationship. I relate to them because of their mistakes.  I don't want JH or JA to be perfect. Still, I hope they have a happy resolution.  


Here's my take on her mistakes and their relationship issues. 

A pattern of white lies



They have the same instinct: "I hide the truth to protect you".  It's discussed on the show. They can't build a strong foundation hiding things and that's why cracks are showing. JA did not create this pattern by herself. Both of them have said, on different occasions, that they hide things to protect each other.  The problem is they hide things that have an impact on their relationship. Those lies are easily misunderstood.  At the beginning, JH said they just need to get through any problems together. However, that's not what they do in practice.  How do you "endure" together when you cope with problems alone? It's like saying you don't trust the other person is strong enough to endure it with you. I think they will get there but they need to learn to be honest about painful issues. I'm not angry at JA because I see her latest mistakes as consistent with the established pattern.


- He stole the flowers and didn't tell JA that he smashed up her ex's appartment either. He under played that whole thing. 
- China. China. China. It's only three months. He's willing to throw away a good job and hasn't discussed it with her or asked for advice.  Losing his job wouldn't look good to her mother.  It's unclear if his primary motivation is: a) because he'll miss her, B) because he worried about her safety (danger has passed so I don't think so), or c) because he thinks he needs to babysit the relationship.
- He lied about her mother visiting so she didn't hear the abuse. He must know she'd want to endure it with him.
- He says he's okay, when he's definitely NOT okay. He keeps asking everyone to take it out on him and leave her alone. It's effecting him but he pretends it isn't. It's obvious he's not as confident in himself.


- She didn't call JH when she was confronted by her ex/assaulted. She didn't want him to worry. 
- She lied to him about what she was doing when she comforted KS. She didn't want him to know what her mother had done (confronting KS) or how their relationship was hurting his sister.  She bore that responsibility on her own - this was the pattern of KS/JA youth - hiding KS's pain from JH.    
- She downplays how much her mother is against him in order to comfort him on the phone (after her mother finds out).
- She agreed to the blind date to calm her parents down...but didn't tell JH - she lied and delayed their date. She knows the blind date is basically fake but didn't pre-warn him or give him a chance to understand or object.

They have told many "white" lies. Their first instinct is to protect their partner from knowledge/pain...  





She's violent, controlling and ruthless. We don't know how she became this way. I wish we saw more shades to her character. However, her objections to JH aren't "personal". Her daughter has to "marry up". She says the same rubbish to JS - he needs powerful friends. It's questionable whether she harbours these ambitions for her daughter's benefit or her own. Outside of her ambitions for her children, we don't know much about her. It sounds like this is her only goal in life.  Maybe she's been betrayed too much and doesn't believe in love/ considers it unreliable (her current husband cheated).  She may believe they are just infatuated and it will pass.  JA/JH will get over their disappointment faster if she drives them apart faster. Power is more "reliable". She has twisted values and it's hard to empathize with her. 


However, I want to try and see her through JH's eyes like JA has been trying to do too.  Let's agree, there's other sides to JA's mum. Both KS and JH show a lot of respect to JA's mother.  They know what it's like to lose a mother. She has supported them more than their biological father. I wish we'd seen more evidence but I guess we got that doctor scene and a couple of dinners.


In the scene where she discovered they were dating, the mum was initially worried about JH. She offered to listen/help.  She must have done this in the past.  Dating JA just hits her CRAZY button.  Later, at his apartment, she listened to JH's side more than her daughter's side.  That discussion was painful to watch because it was hard for him to disobey her. It was hard to hear he didn't meet her standards when he loves her daughter so much.  However, I also think it was hard for HER to speak to him like that. She doesn't regret it but she's not enjoying it.  She looked sad when she was watching JH help JA to her car.  The problem is she's been working for years toward one goal. 


JH, unlike JA, thinks this woman is a good parent. JA's mother never abandoned her children.  He respects her love for JA. He doesn't say her attitude is unfair; he wants to meet her standards. She is the exact opposite of his dad; she's too obsessed with her children's future.  The only reason I tried to understand her is because JA said she's learning what love is from JH. She told her father that she was able to take care for her mother, despite all her anger and disappointment, because of JH.  JH told her that the first time she wasn't pretty was when she was spiteful to her mother. He wants her to treat her mother better.






At the dinner, she said no. She refused. However, there was an event that changed her mind. Her mum got angry and started to raise her voice. Her dad yelled at her mum in front of their children for the first time. Everyone started fighting until her mum locked herself in the room - upset.  I think at that moment JA thought about how JH wanted her to treat her mother. Her and JH's relationship was causing a conflict between her parents.  Her father had never spoken to her mum like that. I was cheering for him but, it was unusual to his kids and hurt their mother. It's not a bad thing that JA was distressed by this and wanted everyone to diffuse the situation.


I think that is why she went on the blind date. She wanted to stop her parents from fighting over her relationship.  JH would want that. She figured she could "try" a blind date, say she didn't like him, and that would be better than outright refusing and causing a fight.


However, it was a bad idea.  She realised that as soon as she got there. For one, JH is a jealous guy. For two, she loses KS's support.  Finally, and most importantly, her dad was right. She shouldn't tolerate her mother's control over her life. The only way she gets what she wants, at her home and in her office, is to stand up for herself and say it clearly.  She wasn't diffusing the situation, she was putting up with an uncomfortable situation to avoid conflict.  I think she just doesn't know how to be firm and polite with her mother- when she's firm, they fight.  She fell back on a bad habit.  It's disappointing but habits are hard to break. 






I think this one was the hardest for me. JA is aware of how sensitive JH is about his father.  She helped KS go through all her abandonment issues.  However, she can't really understand those issues. She hasn't been abandoned by a parent.


JH is much angrier than KS. I get the feeling he was closer to his dad, or inherited a lot of his "charming" character traits from his player father. It would hurt to see yourself in someone who could abandon his children.  Even when the dad spoke to KS, he asked more about JH.  I mean...was anyone else interested in how quickly JH's dad deduced they were dating?? The dad saw right through her. 


JA is very angry with her mum. JH is always respectful.  Her mum hit JH and insulted him but JH hasn't bad mouthed her.  It isn't equivalent (see above) but JA could oversimplify it. She wants to treat his dad with the same respect simply because he's JH's father. She thinks JH is a good person who is respectful to her parents.  She knows JH isn't ready to talk to his dad but...she didn't have a lot of time to think before she reacted.


In that moment...I truly just think she was worried he'd never come back if KS/JH push him away. He abandoned them so easily, he won't try hard to reestablish a relationship. KS and JH could regret not speaking to him. I really think JA was just worried he'd never come back. She reacted instinctively and offered to keep in touch with him....it keeps a communication channel open. I understood the impulse....but...


Agreeing to meet him later and lying to JH again...? I had a hard time with that right after the blind date. She should have had a breathing period between these big lies.  It should have been obvious she needs to communicate with JH.


This was the stupidest decision.  She knew it would hurt JH - it's why she hid it from him. It's the pattern of their relationship - but this was different. You could hear it in JH's voice at the end when she wasn't listening to him. Ouch.






We saw so little in the preview. I can't blame her yet. If she says they should end it, it's not because she doesn't love him. It would be because she thinks she's hurting him / making his life harder. She cares about him more than she cares about herself - it's clear that all her bad decisions had good motivations. A cooling off period could be good for their relationship.  


JA's character growth and regression

JA has grown more and that is why relapses are more obvious.  JH is still basically the same person.


I think at her core she is an introverted person. She was fully in her shell at the start of the show - treated like a doormat by her mother, brother, colleagues and lover.  That does something to your spirit.  She doesn't want to be the focus of all this attention when she was getting ready for her blind date. I think that is her basic character. She is uncomfortable in the spotlight: if it gets too intense, she'll hide.  We can't say she's completely regressed - she is much stronger now - that doesn't mean she can be strong all the time.


If we consider that her basic character, it makes sense of the recent episodes.  She has made effort for JH.  She has pushed back at work - made herself the centre of a #metoo storm - all so he doesn't have to worry about her. It is so hard for a woman to do that let alone an introverted woman.  She's standing up to her family and risked a friend she considered a soul mate.  She's definitely trying.


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8 hours ago, sunshinefate said:

is the person on the last picture JA's mom or not? I wonder what I will be doing after this drama ends. Probably I will hybernate again for an unknown period



Yeah! Why is that horrible Mom in idyllic Jeju!!  Don't tell me she followed them there :angry:


I will be hibernating too - I am already experiencing withdrawal symptoms!!  But at least it seems like a happy end - nothing else will do for Jeju (and us loyal fans :wink:




Thank you so much for all the hard work and helping us poor souls out!!


@Belinda Kennedy


Welcome to the club!!  Great analysis - very well said!! 

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