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  1. After watching the new teaser I only can say that I'd love to see the main couple watching the "Reply" series . Thank you for the link @cherkell! We have a lot of new information now! http://program.tving.com/tvn/meltingmesoftly/7/Contents/Html?h_seq=1
  2. I have high expectations for this drama. I love Ji Chang Wook and something very important for me: the writer is the same who wrote my beloved Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. In this interview Won Jin Ah says: "We plan to continue to show exciting scenes, and you should be prepared as it will be difficult to hold in your laughter". I can't wait for discover if this drama will be as funny and adorable as Strong Woman Do Bong Soon was.
  3. It sounds interesting and a bit different, so I'm completely in. We have so little information about this drama and they give it little by little. It's a little frustrating. I hope this week they show us at least, a teaser.
  4. I love it! I hope there are subtitles or a transcription soon (so I can understund something ) . Maybe next week we'll have the first teaser, I'm looking forward to see both main actors together and know more about the plot.
  5. I like 'Touch your heart' but the plot isn't too original, so I choose the most common option in rom-com dramas: Episode 7-8. And now I'm going to be a little bad person and ask: Why there isn't' a bet for 'Never'? After all, it's a K-drama, those things can happen .
  6. OMG! What an episode! I was really afraid for Lee Yoon. And now I'm afraid for a lot of characters. Now that the storm has started, a lot of truths will come out but I think we'll watch some deaths, and I'm not sure if I'm ready for that. And there has not been any Sunny-Won Bin/Wang Shick scene. At this point (Only 3 or 5 hours left, I think there's not confirmation about adding or not 2 more episodes), I'm not sure if they will have any romantic moment like a kiss, a love confession...as I expected when this drama started. I'm a little annoyed about how the writer has developed their storyline.
  7. I'm a little afraid because this project sounds too similar to Pretty Noona who buys me food. I really enjoyed the first half of the drama but the last half disappointed me a little. I hope the writer of Spring Night don't use the cliché of 'her/his mother (or father/grandmother/grandfather...) is against of their relationship'. I'm glad Son Ye Jin has declined the offer. I love her but I think it's too soon to watching her and Jung Hae In as a couple in a drama (especially with the same Producing Director). And Han Ji Min is going to star three consecutive dramas (Familiar Wife, The light in your eyes/Dazzling and Spring night). I really hope she won't be too tired, because everyone knows how hard are some drama shootings.
  8. As we already knew, this couple has amazing chemistry . Probably, the scenes we can see in the long teaser are from the first three-four episodes, which suggests to me that we may well not have long to wait for the romance begins. As was the case with 'What's wrong with Secretary Kim?', I hope we can read some spoilers , since 'Touch your heart' is based on a web novel too (I know there are people who hates spoilers, but i'm not one of them).
  9. I really scared now because I have not idea about how the writer wants to end this. With only 5 hours left (although I wish they add 2 more episodes as it was said), it's time to everything is exposed and this week's episodes have been the beginning. I sometimes think that, at the end, all are going to die except Lee Yoon who will renounce the throne .
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