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  1. Thanks @Helena for reconstructing Son Ye Jin soompi page. I always wanted to do it but don't know how Much appreciated!!!
  2. additional info: Baeksang Arts Awards to take place without audience The 56th Baeksang Arts Awards will go ahead on June 5 at KINTEX in Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province, without an audience. Courtesy of the organizing committee: The event will not invite an audience to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), according to the organizing committee, Friday. The event was intially set for May 1, but delayed following the pandemic. The awards will be live-streamed on cable channel JTBC at 5pm kst on June 5th. (1)
  3. is this what you're looking for? full video
  4. Regarding Personal Taste, Actor Kim Ji Suk who played 2nd male lead said: In the interview in 2011 when he was asked the question, “ who was the most beautiful actress you have worked with so far?” He answered, “I recently worked with Son Ye Jin and she was the prettiest.” (1)
  5. Koreans Vote For Stars They Want To Gift Candy On White Day A new survey has revealed which celebrities people most want to gift with candy on White Day this year! In Korea, many people celebrate Valentine’s Day as a holiday on which females traditionally give males chocolate as gifts. On White Day, which takes place each year on March 14, males respond by giving females gifts of their own. From February 12 to March 11, online academy Seven Edu conducted a poll that asked participants to choose “the star you want to gift with candy on White Day.” “Crash Landing on You” star Son Ye Jin came in second with 20.7 percent. (1)
  6. This is the interview for the movie "The Tower" with actors Sol Kyun Gu (one of her besties husband), and Kim Sang Kyun. During the interview, they talked about the picture that had the title "Son Ye Jin was caught picking her nose, but despite doing that she still looked lovable." Son Ye Jin tried hard to clarify that she wasn't picking her nose, her figure was placed nearby her nose.
  7. It’s really hard to have exact translation the word 독신주의자. What she meant was she isn’t the person who thinks “living alone” is happier than “married life” so ended up not getting married. With that being said, she will get married if she finds the right one.
  8. She won the Best Actress Award for "The last Princess" at the 8th Korean Film Reporters Association (KOFRA) Film Awards in 2017.
  9. Kwon Sang Woo & Lee Kwang Soo also in talks for 'The Pirates 2' with Kang Na Neul Actors Kwon Sang Woo and Lee Kwang Soo are also in talks to star in blockbuster action film 'The Pirates 2', alongside Kang Ha Neul. Previously, 'The Pirates 2' garnered attention after media outlets reported that Kang Ha Neul was currently positively considering a role in the upcoming film. Now, representatives from both Kwon Sang Woo's and Lee Kwang Soo's sides have also confirmed that they "recently received the scenario for 'The Pirates 2'" and that they're "considering it positively." 'The Pirates 2' is expected to be a sequel film to the 2014 hit action production 'The Pirates', which starred Kim Nam Gil, Son Ye Jin, Yoo Hae Jin, and more. Originally, 'The Pirates 2' reached out to the lead actors of 'The Pirates 1' to continue the original storyline, but all three stars were ultimately unable to participate in 'The Pirates 2'. Filming for 'The Pirates 2' is slated to begin this July, aiming for premiere some time in early 2021. (1)
  10. Kang Ha Neul In Talks To Appear In Sequel To Hit Film “The Pirates” We may be seeing Kang Ha Neul in a new film soon! On March 2, reports emerged that Kang Ha Neul would be joining the sequel to the 2014 film “The Pirates.” In response, a source from his agency stated, “It’s true that Kang Ha Neul has received an offer to appear in the film and he is currently positively looking over the role.” “The Pirates” was a hit film released in 2014 that attracted more than 8.6 million moviegoers. Plans for the sequel had originally been set in motion in 2018 with a goal of being released in 2020, but the film announced that it would be going under reorganization after lead actor Kim Nam Gil stated that he would not be returning for a second film. However, with news that Kang Ha Neul is considering an offer for the upcoming film, it appears as though the sequel is back on track to be released, albeit at a later date than originally intended. (1)
  11. Me too. I really want her in a movie, instead of drama. Even though I get to see her longer in drama. But somehow, I feel a bit sad after cloy ends. I don't know what but I hope she's happy and travel again. I miss her smiles. Yes I hope she won grand prize this year. I think it's the only award she didn't get. She really did her best for cloy to be successful and I am glad cloy got a lot of attention which paid off her efforts.
  12. It feels good to hear nice things about her. Actor Lim Chul Soo said: (he's actually younger than SYJ) I was really looking forward to senior Son Ye Jin, and when I finally met her, I got really emotional, my tears kept coming out. Senior Son Ye you already know she has been in the acting industry for a very long time, totally a professional actress. Her acting is phenomenal. Somehow... I'm such a huge fan of her...because it might interfere with acting, I couldn't get to say these words until now after the shooting was over that I'm her fan..actually. .I didn't get a chance to tell her that. Then later on I met her in the car as the character Park So was it even possible! was like oh my god I'm going to have a shooting and I couldn't really hold my tears. Of course...(Son Ye Jin is famous for using adlibs)...there were some of senior Son Ye Jin's adlibs scenes that were cut off. There was a part when I was crying she gave me a tissue (adlibs scene).. this got me becoming emotional and I was tearful. I'm still emotional even when I think about it now. I think I was crying alot. I was happy to meet her...she's like my family. (Video message to Son Ye Jin) Senior. .. you really are...I couldn't really say this properly back then: I'm your very truly/heartily fan
  13. @cybertron wow the news spread so fast. It's so scary. This is from MBC today news - today entertainment Roughly translate Actors Hyun bin and actress Son Ye Jin were caught up in the third dating rumor. In the recent drama, the two people who acted as the main protagonists were allegedly caught holding hands secretly while filming. It's from the making of the video capture made by some Japanese netizens that raised some suspicions of dating rumors by claiming the two people were holding hands under the table. Hyun Bin's agency, however, stated even if he's dating, his level of professionalism wouldn't allow him to take such action at the shooting sites. They dismissed the rumor saying that we believe this must be due to the work that was well received, and denied that wasn't what happened with Son Ye Jin. In fact the two had openly denied all previous dating rumors earlier. Their dating rumors kept on flaming up over and over again. The reactions from netizens were mostly supportive of the couple and many agreed the two seeing each other by saying that they are very well suited.