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  1. I think they are great partners in drama because Yejin lead him well. Did you remember Yejin said in one of her interview? She said since Haein didn’t have much experience, she felt responsible for leading all the scenes. The director didn’t usually say ‘cut’ so she must use a lot of adlibs. I think since it was Haein’s first lead role, he followed her lead well. They got along well because Yejin is easygoing and let Haein did whatever he felt comfortable. Also, the writer wrote the scenarios based on Haein’s real personality so that’s why the results came out naturally. I don’t personally think Yejin likes Haein as a man because he is not her type. Look at all his promotional activities, he doesn’t fit her mature personality. He’s young and I would say he’s immature at times. He’s like one of the idols. He’s only paying attention at his fans. About the holding hands in public twice, I think it was PR (sorry if I upset anyone) or his own plan to get a buzz. I didn’t think Yejin and So Ji sub have that romantic vibes. Throughout the movie promotion. Ji sub was so attentive to the child actor, at times, he abandoned Yejin on one side. I can’t find that video anymore, but Jisub and the child actor made a heart sign together. Yejin made her heart sign alone. She even looked at them sadly. Maybe because of his age, Hyun Bin was so attentive to Yejin during the movie promotion. Yejin said she wants someone who pays attention at her. I think Hyun Bin and Nam Gil fit her best. She said Nam-Gil and she talked about it and decided to stay as friends. With the grocery shopping pictures, I hope that Hyun-Bin and Yejin are dating since I haven’t seen anything like that since her debut and there is no other reasons for them to go grocery together in US.
  2. HB is so thoughtful. He’s really nice to Yejjn
  3. Who's this lady next to Yejin? Besides Yejin, she knows many sk celebrities
  4. More women on HB's side and more men on SYJ's
  5. It seems Ye-jin has several projects lineups but no definite shooting schedules for them yet. Hope there won’t be any problems with the investors due to the dating rumors. There are a lot of postings about her drama confirmation but hardly anyone mentioning about the “reviewing” article. I guess everyone is looking forward to the pairing of hb-yj. Is it just me seeing more positive responses than negative ones?
  6. Yes same here.. I like them in the same drama not because of the dating rumors. I thought they would make a nice pair onscreen. As far as offscreen, good if they are dating, it’s ok if they are not. I’m sure they know who they want to be their life partners. Just CANNOT wait for the drama confirmation! Boston 1947 movie was added to the movie list in Hancinema and it has Yejin as the female lead. This website is pretty reliable right?
  7. Hopefully what you said will not happen. I really want this pair to be in the same drama for a long time. I hate PR because it really did trick me many times Thanks for your sharing your opinion.
  8. They are more likely to costar in this drama
  9. Just found out L&P cosmetics owned 70% of Manyo Factory. As a result, Manyo Factory has been incorporated as a subsidiary of L&P Cosmetics. Mediheal is L&P Cosmetics main brand
  10. 20190422 Beautiful Son Ye Jin Attended L&P Cosmetics 10th Anniversary Ceremony I went ahead and posted her picture here for this thread I wonder why they invited Son Ye Jin. Was she ever modeled for them? I know Hyun Bin and Kim Ji Won are models for this cosmetics so that's why they attended the event.
  11. Gosh..why are they playing with my heart. ..just confirm already...why do they keep delaying? I can't wait until May 11th. .. so is Sports World or Osen more reliable?
  12. Only 1 article from Sportworld reported HB-SYJ’s drama confirmation so I’m waiting for more articles. Then there was another one but basically reposted and referenced to Sportworld. I hope what I thought is true. Fingers crossed! I think the reason why all the English websites are delaying because of Easter Holiday. So I guess we’ll hear from them on Monday. Yes yes...shocked!
  13. I went through several IGs about his fm but nothing related to a Yejin. If you find one, can you please post them here? I was a litte shocked to find that there are more binshin (Hyun Bin-Park Shin Hye) shippers than I thought. I didn’t think their chemistry on and off screen was anything to brag about. Why are there so many binshin shippers?
  14. Why do I feel not only because of Kim Nam Gil but also because of Yejin. I feel like she's preparing for the upcoming drama. I hope my feeling is true. Anything interesting from hb's fan meeting?
  15. Kim Nam Gil Turns Down “The Pirates” Sequel + Lotte Entertainment Responds To Halted Production Reports The Pirates: Goblin’s Flag” (working title) will be taking time to reorganize as several actors from the original cast of the first movie have decided not to appear in the sequel. Despite Yoo Hae Jin turning down the offer to appear in the sequel, things were running smoothly with Lee Kwang Soo joining the cast. After reports stated that investment companies temporarily halted production once Kim Nam Gil decided not to feature in the film, a source from Lotte Entertainment responded, “It’s true that Kim Nam Gil, who starred in ‘The Pirates,’ turned down appearing in the sequel. There is no change to Lee Kwang Soo and Son Ye Jin being cast. Production has not been suspended. We are planning to start filming after [a time of] reorganization.” “The Pirates,” released in 2014, had great box office success, surpassing 8.6 million admissions. The film is about pirates searching for the royal seal of the Chosun dynasty that was swallowed by a whale ghost. With the great success of the first movie, there were high hopes for the sequel as well. Lotte Entertainment, which was the film investment and distribution company for “The Pirates,” also decided to undertake the sequel. At the 24th Busan International Film Festival held on October 2018, Lotte Entertainment even announced the sequel as one of the films they will be premiering in 2019, raising attention for the movie. Fans of the first movie were excited for the announcement that the sequel is to be made five years after the premiere of the first film. soompi me too, I'm not happy about this news. I think kng would fit better in Pirates 2 though.
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