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  1. she also needs her own time there, filming and enjoying at the same time. I read somewhere that syj and jhi have a project together. what is it about?
  2. I guess syj's manager doesn't have to be with her since she has someone reliable with her already
  3. you mean wi ha joon? his name is not listed in jhi's new movie
  4. Hyun Bin Was Inspired By Son Ye Jin’s Acting Performance in the Movie “Negotiation” Actor Hyun Bin, who played opposite Actress Son Ye Jin in the movie ‘Negotiation’, praised her acting performance, which was shared during his recent interview with Esquire. (https://www.esquirekorea.co.kr/article/40713) Q: It's your second time meeting Son Ye-jin in a work since the movie Negotiation. I heard that actress Son Ye-jin inspired you a lot. I assume that’s why you are working with her again this time. HB: At that time, I thought how good it would be if I could work with her again. I didn't expect the opportunity to come so soon. Q: Why did you want to work with her again? HB: While working with her on the project and doing movie promotion with her, I think we share a lot of similarities. As a result, we have many things we can talk about and we share similar views about a lot of things. When I was shooting <Negotiation>, we filmed in a completely different space using a binary filming technique, so we didn't have much time acting face to face with each other. But when I saw her acting on the small monitor, she showed me unexpected acting that got me curious. Why did she express it that way? Q: Why did she express it in that way (meaning in the unexpected way)? HB: When an actor acts, of course, he will use what he has prepared to immerse into the role, and the acting will be uniquely realistic and you get a sense of thrill watching it. But sometimes, if you encounter an unexpected acting from the other party, you will also feel a sense of thrill. When you are not able to predict how the other person will act or express herself, and you find yourself responding in an unexpected manner to complement or to react to the other person, it is very charming and thrilling. I think I saw that from Ye-jin. So I had wished to work with her again. I thought when that time comes, I want to be able to do so by being in the same space, looking at the eyes and breathing in the same air. This time, I am able to do it. Q: The acting that we see on the screen as an audience and the acting that you experience in the field acting opposite her must be rather different. HB: I think the scene that got me very amazed for the first time is that scene when I shot and killed Ye-jin's boss. Of course, Ye-jin's line was a curse, so I expected her to spit out or explode with the curse but she did the opposite. Instead, she restrained her strong emotions in saying her line. It felt like she was going to explode but she did not and she showed a different kind of emotions. It was very different from what I expected. Q: I remember that scene where she was swallowing her sadness to the point where her eyes were bloodshot. HB: I think that if she hadn't read the script multiple times, and if she hadn't thought carefully about how to express her emotions, then it is not possible that she can show such an expression.I am sure she had thought of other ways of expressing herself. But in the end, she chose to express herself in that way. I also wondered how it would have been and how I would have reacted if she had chosen to express herself in another way. (Cr: translation from HB soompi thread pg 1651)
  5. The "Crash Landing of love" leads actors Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin, Seo Ji Hye, and crews went to Zurich, Switzerland on the 22nd and filming will start on the 26th. Cr (1)
  6. This is a more professional translation of hb's esquire interview it makes my translation so poorly done
  7. I'd like to ask if you would allow me to translate your binnie jinnie Facebook contents to soompi. I like all of your posts :). Though I could try to translate directly from Korean articles but my Hangul sucks.  It's worse than elementary level :D. I have tried to translate a few for international fans but some words are really difficult so it would take me awhile to translate. My Vietnamese is a little better, even though I am not good with slang languages. I know it would be too much for you to translate to both Vietnamese and English.  I'm not trying to be recognized, just want other international fans to know more about hb -yj couple and their upcoming drama. I love this couple. I will put your Facebook as credit.   And if I don't understand your translations, do you mind if I DM you?


    Cảm ơn nhiều lắm :)




    1. bichngoc93



      As stated in the fanpage, everyone is welcomed to translate Binnie Jinnie Couple fanpage's content into English or other languages as long as the translators put the credit and do not twist the contents :). But there are some contents that prefer others do not take out from the page which are put under the posts, hope you can follow :)


    2. thi2018


      Thank you! I just want to make sure it's OK with you :)

  8. @peggygordon I don't know chinese but I can roughly translate Yejin part in Hyun bin's esquire interviews using esquire article. Basically the media already covered most of what he said about her. Are you getting ready for the new drama “Crash landing of love” (working title)? Soon I’ll be going for the first filming day. Did you get tanned? Yes. I did a little bit on purpose for the role as a special officer You should have been on vacation. I couldn’t rest much after the end of the drama “Memories of Alhambra” earlier this year, then selected another project. Is the work you chose “Crash landing of love”? That’s right. This is your second time meeting with Son Ye Jin since the movie “Negotiation”. I heard that you got so thrilled at actress Son Ye Jin’s acting performance so this time you meet with her again. I wished to work together again but the opportunity came sooner than I expected. Why did you want to work together again? I think there are many similarities in what we do now and in the past, with Yejin. As a result, there seemed to be more things to talk about, and there were times when empathy was formed. When filming “Negotiation”, dual-shooting techniques were used in completely two different places so there weren’t much time for us to meet and act facing each other. There were times when questions were raised watching my partner’s performance through such tiny monitors. Why did she express it that way? Why she expressed it that way. While acting, of course, what you have prepared would fuse and express well on camera, but there were moments I can feel a great attraction and excitement when seeing the other party’s unpredictable acting. I also shuddered at my own sudden reactions to the unexpected acting. I experienced that while working with Yejin. So I wished I could work with her again. I hoped to have chance to work with her in the same space for once, we can look into each other’s eyes but not from different spaces, and breath the same air. I thought about it and this time I did it. The acting you see on the screen as an audience and the acting experience as an actor will be different. I think the first time I was surprised during the scene when I shot and killed Yejin's boss, of course since Yejin’s script was to use profanity words, I thought she would spew them all out. But instead of following the script, she ended up doing it completely opposite. I thought she was going to explode, but she was not. That was the scene I imagined differently. I remember. The scene was sad enough to have bloodshot eyes. It was the expression that cannot be conveyed unless you keep reading the scripts and think carefully about how to express it. I thought about exploding expression. That was one of the obvious expression I thought about among various choices she had. Then I wondered what other options she had there. What did Son Ye Jin comment about your acting? Well, I think we should ask Yejin. -------------------- the rest of the article is about hyun bin
  9. This is another translation version of hb 's Esquire interview https://channels.vlive.tv/B938BF/vtoday/1.11715688
  10. @randomlee thanks for the detailed translation. SYJ is somewhat similar to HB in regards to focusing on improving acting skills rather than reaching for popularity. I can see these two are professionals. They have tried many different roles and are not afraid of challenges. SYJ is one of the top SK actresses who won many major acting awards in the past, even HB expressed hIs admiration. I cannot wait to see what kind of story these veteran stars will deliver to us through their epic acting skills this time. I also love all their supportive casts. They are all experienced actors/actresses who have delivered their given roles effectively in the past. Now I'm hoping for the writer to give us an interesting story. Please don't waste their talents.
  11. One of the comment from the above IG that peggygordon posted was "He wished same with Han Ji-min also Shin-hye so it's nothing new." Is this true? Does anyone know which interviews that he said to hjm and psh?
  12. and the way he described "his excitement/thrill when seeing unpredictable acting performance from yejin"...wow ...I agree this man is sooooo romantic. I cannot wait to see them as a couple onscreen...and of course off screen
  13. I feel like he missed the chance to be in the same space with her during the Negotiation filming so he has to work with her again to be in the same space with her...awwww... so sweet! But I kind of like his second part during the interview when he said "I don't have my own family......but I do think I've found stability." Maybe he found something important to pursue
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