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  1. Ctto @firstaid even though Lee Jung Jung Hyun is older than Son Ye Jin but I feel like SYJ is more like LJH’s older sister. She seems to take care of LJH a lot. I think she’s pretty mature. That’s why I think she’s more suitable with mature men than younger ones
  2. Son Ye Jin's friend Lee Jung Hyun talked about how close she's with Son Ye Jin and other actresses on "Mom's Diary" show broadcast on Oct 13, 2019
  3. Same thought. It would be strange to go alone to her friend's honeymoon Unless it is an excuse
  4. Yes they are still filming but the whole production team is so secret about it. These are the pictures from CLL soompi page. The team was on the way to Nokkome. It seems many shootings occurred on Jeju Island.
  5. Son Ye Jin’s new ad for Medytox “Time to Neuramis”
  6. They are very good friends From left to right: Oh Yoon-Ah, Lee Min Jung, Uhm Ji Won, Song Yoon-A, Son Ye Jin, Lee Jung Hyun, and Gong Hyo Jin. They went vacation together, attended movie promotions, birthdays, gatherings, ect. Their friendship is making people envious. Many people expressed they would love to have a friendship this strong and some even mentioned their lifetime wish is to join this group of friends.
  7. Son Ye Jin is selected as new spokewoman for a global biopharmaceutical company Medytox. She will be a representative to a hyaluronic acid filler Neuramis. Medytox plans to produce "Time to Neuramis" advertisements using Son Ye Jin images and it will be aired on TV on the 15th. The commercial can be found on youTube, IGs, and in cinemas.
  8. Son Ye Jin updated her personal IG (10/10). Jeju Island #dolcoromtable at sunset **dolcorom table is an Italian restaurant located at Jeju-do, South Korea**
  9. Actress Kim Sung Ryung was the one who said "I would date Lee Min Ho and marry Hyun Bin," she also said. "I want to give love to Lee Min Ho but I want to be loved by Hyun Bin." She played their mom
  10. Son Ye Jin always had something nice to say about her costars. She shared her first impression of Jung Hae In and said "I thought he looked a lot better in real life. His skin is really nice too." She also described his body "hard as a rock" (she had many romantic scenes with him in "something in the rain". Though I like their onscreen chemistry, Son Ye Jin was more like a mentor to him. Why I think so? Because she always said she must lead the scenes since Jung Hae In is a rookie. He listened to her well. With Kim Nam Gil, she shared "I thought he would have the bad guy charisma that he shows in dramas, so I was surprised when I met him for the first time because he was so cute." She said he made her laugh all the time. They played games together while waiting for filming. They became closer through their drama and movie filming which resulted in dating rumors. To be more precise, Kim Nam Gil was very attentive to Son Ye Jin. He held the scripts for her, fixed her microphone, gave her his jacket when she was cold, held the chair for her to sit down. He even said "Son Ye Jin" is #1 in my heart. Are you watching Son Ye Jin?" in one of his interview. He loudly cheered her during one of her movie premiere. I thought the guy was too sweet. They said tbey were close friends. However, Son Ye Jin didn't publicly show any interest towards Kim Nam Gil. With Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin praised his appearance like beautiful skin and silky hair as well as his personality. She said "not only he listened to me, he listened well to other people around him" she also knows he's a reserved person. they clicked well without saying much. Both said they are close friends. What puzzle me was her sweet IG postings of them. I haven't seen anything like that throughout her career. And he didn't have to say in his latest interview about wanting to act with her in the space and breath the same air. He is as sweet as Kim Nam Gil was to her, but the differences were her IG posts, the ways they looked at each otber during the movie promotion, and of course their grocery pictures in LA.
  11. Son Ye Jin updated her personal IG (10/3). The rainbow is very clear and pretty. Have a pleasant day.
  12. Son Ye Jin 손예진 - WKorea Pictorial 2019 http://www.wkorea.com/2019/09/25/now-here-손예진/
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