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  1. Ok, so I finally watched the last two episodes. Sad, because I loved this drama and it has now ended!! But if I was being honest with myself, the last episode was quite a let down. Though I am sure this was a result of the pressure of having to tie all the lose ends and condense 4 episodes of script into just 1-2 episodes. But even then, there was absolutely no need to give so much airtime to that wimp of a husband of Jisoo. The whole of the last episode seemed to revolve more on that irritating husband and his stupid antics and JS’ device than our leads. Such stupidity, and a complete waste of precious time on the last episode. And what was the need for showing all that histrionics from SW, wanting time apart. All of that again just didn’t gel. But again, I guess this is the result of wanting to keep the original storyline but not having enough episodes to create a flow & explain In detail and make it look natural. i tolerated the last episode because of our lovely couple and because I’m invested in them, but otherwise it was quite a let down episode for me with the exception of 1-2 cute moments. The good thing I guess is that they they made it easier for me to say goodbye to the drama, otherwise I would have had terrible withdrawal symptoms But overall, thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the drama. A big thumbs up!!! Still wishing they had retained all the 16 episodes. Also, Awesome acting from JHI and CSB. I will happily watch JHI even if he took on similar roles any number of times . And agree he and CSB make a lovely pair and would love to watch them act together again. Though i liked JHI with his other lead actress’ in Something in the rain & One Spring Night too Also, Very much enjoyed chatting & commiserating with all of you here. Hope to see you’ll soon in another drama
  2. So true. These are sensitive subjects and need time to explore. Totally agree with you - both JHI & CSB have done a fantastic job portraying their characters and hope they get at least some Culture and Arts awards - truly deserve them (assume mainstream awards are out of the question if based only on domestic ratings). I wish they had filmed the entire series before it aired, so there could maybe be this Long version that fans could purchase - even if they had another edited version for public airing! So much for wishful thinking
  3. Me too But I might have to wait till later in the week/ weekend to watch it. But so unfair that a beautiful warm drama like this gets 4 episodes cut whilst there are many mindless dramas out there which still run till the end. Still think it’s a pity that Netflix didn’t pick this right from the start otherwise I’m sure the outcome would have been different. Anyway just my luck I guess #A Piece of Your Mind - Fighting!!
  4. For me too! It’s these little moments which tug your heart @Kvothe And the same protective instincts and the desire not to cause him any further hurt by reopening old wounds makes SW say, at least initially, that he should not find out. She Is also taken aback when she first comes to know about it and trying hard to process it. and the emotions at such times can overrule logic.
  5. Waah, Episode 10 was awesomeness! Our couple are super fabulous!! But TVN I hate you! How can you deprive us of 4 such episodes! How can you not recognise a beautiful drama and give it its deserved air time!! @visiopeia - they cut 4 episodes, not just 2 !! Ok back to episode 10, and reliving it’s beautiful moments - the beginning of course, with him asking her to stay at his place! The brief - if you blink - you will miss it - kiss Then how does SW put it - “needing some powerful healing“ & proposing “the half look” for their Sakura meeting! Oh and I love how HW plays along and steps out. I love how concerned she is about him and how she goes out of her way to cheer him up! Best of all, I liked how she took a firm stance out of loyalty to HW and asked the other sound engineer to take her place, because she was so disgusted with IW. What a contrast to the so called niece’s behaviour, who betrays her dear uncle by siding with that wimp IW. though I must admit I liked that photo of him and JS at his piano recital (kekekeke ). But for the most part he & SH irritate the life out of me. SH totally disgusted me in this episode. The only positive thing she did was taking SW along to her house and showing her JS letter. @msyuki I agree with everything you say!! And not just our couple, I also want to see EJ & her new housemates bond together more. I am sure that new guy was brought in to the picture for a reason - I want to see more of how their relationships develop and how EJ gets over her heartbreak and finds a new romance! So many areas to explore! In short I really want to watch many more episodes of this drama - just imagine next week is the last 2 episodes already I am not ready to say goodbye yet! I want more of these flirty sweet moments, double entendres, meandering encounters beautiful like melodies and powerful healing... And of course much more of Mr.donothing
  6. While there were some scenes of HW & SW which were adorable, but this whole episode kind of felt rushed to me. Maybe I am in the minority, but I can already feel the effect of the 4 episodes cut eating into the storyline. Where earlier they would have explained more, dwelled on things a little more , gazed into each other’s eyes a bit more - all that I think was hastily put together In order to advance the storyline. At some parts, I felt they were just going through the motions - it didn’t have the same intensity as the previous episodes. I feel cheated of not getting enough Screentime for our cute couple & of their emotional togetherness - all because TVN wants the director to advance the story of the other characters & cram it all in these few remaining episodes. Totally irritated
  7. @LyraYoo Hey nice - thanks for sharing the BTS. I like the playlist too. But some songs seem very familiar - like the one they often play when they are together - it feels like I have heard it previously.
  8. I didn’t think this would be a drama I could rewatch but I am doing exactly that - at least from episode 3 onwards. Even though there are so many other drama options out there, I am still drawn to this one. It’s not perfect by far, but IMO it’s one of the better ones out there. It took some getting used to it, especially in the beginning. The first two episodes are heavy and were a bit dark, Hawon was also creeping me out with his obsession ( which lingered into episode 3) but I was drawn in by then. It is different from a lot of Kdramas (probably accounting for the low ratings) but I still think it is beautifully done, at least so far. Of course, now that they are cutting the number of episodes - might eat into the quality and the pace but hopefully not - fingers crossed. In terms of background, HW’s relationship with JS was built through all those growing years when they were almost like an island in a remote country trying to understand their roots (even visualising it at times). I can understand that this type of relationship can build very deep bonds and especially someone like Hawon who internalises a lot would feel emotionally tied and in some ways responsible for JS happiness. JS had moved on somewhat, but HW was stuck in that same relationship which later on did not even get a proper closure with what happened to JS. I think he needed someone like a SW who came into his life at the right time (with the loss) and was unconditionally supportive (for the most part) for him to come to terms and move on. I can totally see it happening. SW initially was just a messenger, then slowly starts being curious of the relationship and then ultimately being drawn to this devotion of HW. It helps that HW can talk to SW about JS (probably for the first time) and in her case, her helping HW to talk to JS or answer questions about JS meant she had an excuse to hang around him which she wouldn’t have had otherwise, and in this process falling for him even more. Its not that HW didn’t know that he needed to get over JS once she got married, but those old ties were so strong that even though she was not in front of him, she was still very much in his thoughts and I think most importantly he wanted only happiness for JS - did not want her to be miserable. And being the introverted character he is, he probably was not around many other attractive women, at least none that drew him out. And when things culminated with what happens to JS, he does not have closure and it is difficult to let go. There is the struggle with the logic telling you - dude you need to stop and move on - and the painful emotions not wanting to let go. He said it too in that 2 am call with SW that what he has been hearing all these years from everybody is to forget JS and to quit caring for her, but for him he did not know what that means since she was pretty much his existence. And how to explain that to anyone. That’s why i think it helped to have SW hanging around him so he could talk about JS openly with her and that’s a form of catharsis (of course made possible since the device would only talk to SW and did not want to talk to him). And for her, since she was Falling for him more and more, she liked hanging around him. And also, not forgetting that she had also built a relationship with JS and was also shaken by what happened to JS. To me, she was the catalyst he needed to come out of that emotional misery and by then she was already part of his life. I liked how he teased her once he found out about her liking him and how she dealt with that but still maintained her relationship with him. I can understand how something like this (their coming together) can happen naturally. Anyway, I liked the way it’s been done, at least for the most part. It also helps that the two leads have done a great job ( I started watching because of HI and he excels in these kind of roles, but I like the actress too). For me, the weakest link was probably the whole AI part. I don’t think it was well explained and not done so credibly. And much as I like the brooding JHI, they should have shown him working a bit more and more involved in his company ventures, especially in the beginning. I also find the so called niece’s acting very irritating (wish they had another actress play the role) and JS husband irritates me too with his behaviour and mannerisms - I keep wanting to fast forward when they come on the screen. All in all, the only good thing about Mon / Tues is we’ll get new episodes - otherwise I am already suffering from the end of weekend blues. Sorry for the Long post, but just wanted to share positive feelings I have, at least so far, for this lovely drama.
  9. Can’t be helped I suppose. Let’s support it as much as we can while it is running I guess. I wish Netflix had picked it up - it would have definitely done well then.
  10. I like the drama too. I don’t mind the slow pace. TVN & JTBC bring different kinds of drama to the table and that’s part of their appeal. Of course, this is a Hae In drama so I had to watch it to give it a chance. But it’s drawing me in step by little step. Sorry to read here that It is being shortened due to ratings. I would have loved to see it fully develop - it is such an unusual and beautiful emotional drama.
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