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  1. Dramabeans Recap: One Spring Night: Episodes 12 The ex-boyfriend’s team works behind the scenes to secure his marriage to our librarian, even though she’s told everyone who should matter that they’re not together anymore. When the ex-boyfriend tries to make his marriage plans official, he pushes our kind and patient pharmacist too far and the battle lines become clearer. Even though our lead couple’s friends may be confused by the latest development, our librarian couldn’t be more certain about her choice and she makes a move that leaves no doubt in her man’s mind. read full article>>> http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/06/one-spring-night-episodes-23-24/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Official photos of the new stills from MBC twitter. I can see the 2 pinwheels at daddy Ji Ho's shirt. Eun Woo made two, one for him and one for teacher Jeong In. So sweet little boy! @Pmyonly I think we need loads of tissue paper for the scenes of JI and EW. Can't wait for Episode 13!
  2. Dramabeans Recap: Arthdal Chronicles - Episode 7 Everyone has secrets, but some secrets are too big to be kept under wraps forever. One such secret is tired of being mistreated and decides to enact their own sort of revenge, though their motives are far from clear. As events in Arthdal start to spin out of control, it’s clear to see that the world needs a savior — or three. read full article>>> http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/06/arthdal-chronicles-episode-7/
  3. OMGeeeeee! Never thought of it, but it could be!!! Make my heart very flutter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dramabeans Recap: One Spring Night - Episodes 11 It’s nice when families come together, except when it’s your dad and your ex-boyfriend plotting your life without your input. While the full truth of our lead couple’s relationship isn’t out yet, the dad-ex-boyfriend duo’s unwillingness to accept reality keeps pushing everyone to the edge of that truth, a truth they’re not quite ready to share with everyone. But never fear, our sweet pharmacist gets time with his fiery librarian to grow their relationship in between all the moments of playing phone tag and trying to keep ahead of the opposition. Because while everyone else might have their doubts, these two are growing confident that they’ll be able to weather whatever comes at them. read full article>>> http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/06/one-spring-night-episodes-21-22/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ and thumbs up to these lovely ladies, they are the most supportive individuals!
  4. Yay...the long wait for a family bonding will be coming to us tomorrow!
  5. We are all in cloud 9... These gifs will help me get through until next Wednesday... another waiting week ahead.
  6. I’m sooooo looking forward to this... quality fun time with EU. JI’s boys are so adorable. And this girl turns into a woman. Love you JI for making your man happier!
  7. They are the cutest father and son... and Jeong In is the luckiest! MBC twitter update. More photos of JH and EU under spoiler.
  8. @richelle your instinct is correct... New preview stills. Edit: @richelle you can't concentrate because of the gif or
  9. Episode 12 - preview. The black and white version is equally nice!
  10. Han Ji Min Thanks Kim Go Eun For Thoughtful Surprise Kim Go Eun showed Han Ji Min some love on the set of her latest drama! On June 26, Han Ji Min took to Instagram to thank Kim Go Eun for sending a coffee-and-churros truck to the set of MBC’s “One Spring Night.” The actress posted several photos of herself happily posing in front of the truck, which bore the message, “Cheering on the loveliest, coolest, and most beautiful actress Han Ji Min, as well as Jung Hae In, Kim Jun Han, and the team of the drama ‘One Spring Night’!!” A banner next to the truck also featured a photo of Han Ji Min, along with the message, “Please have a cup of coffee before you go.” Han Ji Min wrote in the caption, “Go Eun! Thank you so much! I’m cheering YOU on, too!” Shortly afterwards, Kim Go Eun responded by commenting on the post, “Love you.” more photos under spoiler...
  11. It breaks my heart too... and so many whys in my mind? But will give the most respect our couple deserves! Sending virtual hugs to everyone!
  12. New from MBC. Jeong In: Eun-u, do you want to meet my sister? EU: Yes. Where is your sister? Jeong In: Ta-da! Jae In: Hi. You're so cute EU: Wow. Your sister is huge. Me: Rolling on the floor.... I love you EU!
  13. @tok-soompi my fave season, love chasing cherry blossoms. I really am looking forward for this part tonight. These two plus the wet hair, white shirt and a back hug! Can’t really wait.
  14. Love it @tok-soompi and also this one. A very sweet kiss. I keep repeating.
  15. It was another great episode.. Hope will get to see the bonding moment of Eun Wu and JI in the coming episodes. Looking forward to everyone’s insights. Good night for now, will back read later. This gif!
  16. BTS kissing scene is much better and longer. LOL!
  17. Curious if the door passcode (140719) of JH’s place is Eun Wu’s birthdate? If so, his boy is turning 5 years old in the next episodes.
  18. Subs now up on Netflix. Happy watching! Such a sweet kiss.
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