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[Drama 2018] Something In The Rain / Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food, 밥 잘 사주는 예쁜 누나


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I accidentally discovered this drama. The title put me off and I'm so happy to have stumbled on it on YouTube. 


I watched the female lead's hit historical drama.

My only completed and cherished historical drama:D

Since then I fall in love With her.

Don't know anything about the guy but he resemble that lead guy in my golden life.

I was so engrossed that time was flying by and I didn't notice that.

As per the chemistry, I'm so short of words.

When you bring a seasoned writer, actors and directors together, this is what you get.


Out of curiosity I checked the reception and wasn't disappointed. 

Read there may be continuation.


There are few actresses that I love their physical appearances in k drama and she is one of them.

As per the guy,he has already won me over.

I have a very soft spot for more than average handsome guys and he acts so well. 

Can he appear in variety show pls.

Want to know more about him.

I recommend this drama for anybody looking for quality.

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|News|  2018•12•04 Drama "Something in The Rain" Received Presidential Commendation in 2018 "Korea Content Awards"



The JTBC drama "Something in the rain (pretty sister who buys me food)," starred actors Son ye-jin and Jung Hae-in, receives the presidential Commendation in 2018 "Korea Content Awards."


Organized by the Korean Creative Content Agency and the Ministry of Culture, this annual award ceremony is dedicated to local content creators commemorating their achievements and hard work.  In this year's event, which marks its 10th anniversary, 32 people received awards in five categories including cartoons, animation, excellence in broadcasting, and performance in foreign markets. 


On December 4, 2018 Director Ahn Pan-seok, who directed "Something in the rain (pretty sister who buys me food)," receives the Presidential Commendation in the field of drama in the broadcasting industry. "The Drama Content Grand Prize" winner shares "we have created a great empathy from the viewers by realistically expressing the grief, sexual harassment, and the violence of dating in our society." 


**skipped unrelated**


The JTBC drama "Something in the rain (pretty sister who buys me food)" (written by Kim-eun, directed by Ahn Pan-seok, and produced by Drama House and Content K) was first broadcast on March 30. It was greatly loved by viewers as it showed "real love" between a man and a woman from just knowing each other to really falling in love. Son Ye-jin and Jung Hae-in were starred as the main actors. Following by the audience's rating of more than 8%, the drama was top-ranked in the first half of 2018.



Source (1)


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Finally have started watching this after One Spring Night. Can someone tell me exactly what the age gap is supposed to be here? They say she is 35 at one point. When they go camping, those girls seem to be early 20s. How old is the lead actor supposed to be? He seems to be 26/27?


Also, love both the leads. She is hilarious and he is infectious. He smiles with his eyes. 

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Wow this drama is really good! I remember hearing all sorts of positive things when this drama was airing but didn’t get a chance to watch it until now. I’ve only just finished episode 8 and stayed up all night watching lol can’t wait to watch the second half tonight. 

I’ve never watched a drama with JHI before. He is fantastic and adorable yet incredibly handsome at the same time. He has really great chemistry with SYJ. I remember seeing lots of articles about them potentially dating in real life due to their very natural and believable chemistry and I can totally see what all the fuss was about. SYJ is great as always.


Such an easy to watch drama with lots of romance and realistic components. Wish I had watched back when it was airing with everyone else in here but plus side is that all of the episodes have already aired so I can marathon now :D can’t wait to finish watching and I hope the sweetness continues throughout the drama!

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@stroppyse thanks for the info! :) I’ll have to watch PHI’s other projects. I know he was recently in a drama with HJM and she’s always great too!


I’ll have to check out the directors work too. I always love dramas with realistic components and helps that I’m 30 now too and it feels more relatable haha


Might have to rewatch some of the sweet moments from episode 1-8. There are so many! Great seeing a drama where they don’t hold back on kisses :D 

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I finished watching this drama last night and it was so good all the way to the end!

I love how devoted JA and JH were to each other and how they still continued to see each other despite JA’s mums objections. Their relationship was very realistic. I was surprised that they literally just broke up like that and didn’t keep in contact whatsoever though. I can see why it may have seemed like the right choice when their relationship was put into perspective but it kind of felt like they fought to stay together for nothing. I don’t think JH was wrong in wanting to leave with JA when he could see how down and tired she was but he should’ve consulted with her first before applying to transfer to an overseas branch. In saying that, I get that JA has responsibilities but maybe it wouldn’t have been such a bad idea to get away from everything particularly seeing that she was just broken after JH left and she is an adult after all and entitled to make her own decisions.


JA’s mum was really something wasn’t she.. it was so awful watching her talk down to JH and GS. I get that parents want the best for their kids but my goodness, she helped raised these kids and she knew how kind and genuine they were and yet she still judged them and highlighted their lack of parentage. It was quiet shocking to watch and worse that she tried to guilt trip JH too. I was shocked that she tried to act as though it wasn’t her fault at all for JH and JA breaking up in the end when she was certainly a contributor to their break up. 

I adore JA’s dad and brother but was really disappointed that they tried to keep the brothers wedding from JH given JH and JA’s brother were close friends. I get that they didn’t want to cause further drama and were happy to see JA with a new partner but still, it was pretty sad. 

I was sad when the drama ended. I wished we got more of the angst between them when they saw each other again. You could really feel the longing, angst and tension between them. I would have enjoyed a bit more of that before they finally reunited and then maybe more happy reunited scenes hehe but won’t complain given this drama gave us so many sweet moments. I could just watch JH and JA all day though, so much sweetness!

This drama for me really came down to JHI and SYJ. They were both so good and their chemistry really needs to be applauded. JHI kind of looks like Kim Soo Hyun sometimes, he is so good looking and yet adorable too. When he wore a suit, I was just like :wub::wub: SYJ is just perfection as per usual. I’m currently watching CLOY and am HOOKED! 

I might have to backtrack and read everyone’s comments on this drama now cos I am a bit obsessed lol this will definitely be one that I constantly rewatch!

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5 hours ago, Momo_07 said:

I'm sure this was discussed, but can someone help me figure when JHI comes back from US in episode 16? Is it three months or three years?

It is three years. Yesterday was the second birthday of SITR. I still love this drama.

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