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  1. About the different colors of umbrellas, if the writer was trying to make it relevant and memorable in the drama sad that it didn't. It din't became memorable to this drama.
  2. I'm glad that it they ended up together but it isn't satisfying. The writer started this drama good and ended it a mess. No connection and no proper closures. I'm just thankful JHI became popular because of this drama as for SYJ, this is not a good come back drama for her. Melodrama is SYJ's forte but the writer gave her an inconsistent character. I hope to see her on a better drama next. Didn't find a strong lesson too from this drama because most of the issues were left unanswered. The two main lead could have done better if the story was written with consistency and far from other dramas. Still, congratulations to both, JHI and SYJ. Thank you guys! I enjoyed reading all your thoughts here.
  3. She said on this episode that she learned so much on JH's maturity on handling things that's why she can't leave to US with him. She preferred to stay and work on her self more. But looking at her with another guy and obviously she isn't happy with him looked like she didn't learn anything from JH at all. She remained the same. All she did was trouble to everyone. The writer was not able to connect each stories and characters until the end. The main story and all the sub stories didn't end well or admirable. It's a mess at the end. All left question marks and no proper closure. The only admirable characters for me are JH and his sister. They had the strong and tight characters from start till end. You can really understand their characters and connect with them. Right now, I don't find this a good comeback drama for SYJ. She was portrayed with lack of intelligence or common sense here that people will be really pissed on her.
  4. Her being with another guy makes me wanna throw up. It won;t be good to see her ending with JH anymore. JH definitely doesn't deserve her anymore. What happened to this drama. LOL It started good and imparted good lessons at first and now seems like theyre ending it with a disaster. Everything doesn't seem to connect anymore. Mother evil wins. LOL
  5. JA is with another guy. I don't really understand this drama's lesson anymore. LOL And yes, up to now I don't like JA's character anymore. No growth, no maturity, no anything to be admired after all the hardships she's been through,.
  6. Same here. I can't really understand where JA's character is going. It doesn't even look she's maturing. I really don't understand what to adore on JA right now. Her character is not lovable at all when it should be growing positively by now. About the sexual harassment issue, she was promoted? that's all?
  7. The previous and remaining episodes are kinda disappointing really. I also thought that JH's father will share something significant to the drama but only nonsense scenes that made the episodes a bit boring and draggy. Maybe and I hope the conflict JA has at their office will have a good result in support for the #metoo movement.
  8. seeing the preview for the next episode, I think they will separate. JH will go overseas. My heart is breaking for JA too on what she's going through at work. I'm glad BR is with her. How can a good ending with so many sub stories (needed closure) be told in just 2 episodes?
  9. Ok I think I'm fine now after knowing that theyre back together on the next episode. But I still hate the writer's ideas and JA (not SonYEJin) from ep 12-13.
  10. I dont wanna hate her so much but this writer is making me hate her that much ugh! On this episode, she looked brainless and a trouble maker. As always, JH is the one begging again to her when she should be the one begging to explain her side why she had to do it. Why meet his father. But on tonight's episode, JA is so entitled to show her own emotions when she was the one who did the wrong move again. I don't get it really. The writer made JA look a disrespectful daughter to her parents on the previous episodes, now why is she acting like she's a perfect child and making JH realize that he's being disrespectful to his father when she doesn't know where JH is coming from. Shouldn't JA be more gentle on JH on this situation? How come she is intruding so much. ugh! Writer! why are you making this to Son Ye Jin! She's a great actress. She deserves better.
  11. What's wrong with the writer making JA look stupid on tonight's episode. I mean they could have used better lines for JA. I hate to hate JA, so I'm putting my hate to the writer. I hate the lines she said to JH when she was caught with his father. She is indeed a trouble maker!
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