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  1. I just love this drama. And all the shenanigans which go on in the prosecutor’s office in the little town (a very pretty little town if I may say so - some of the outdoor shots of the sunset, rooftop etc. are really nice). In the beginning I too was looking out for the romance angle, but few episodes down, and its absence didn’t bother me one way or the other. I honestly don’t miss it. Each episode is so wittily done. It is really a slice of life drama. While a lot of humour is thrown in, which no doubt makes it engaging for the viewer, and while it is about prosecutors, the office politics shown there could happen in any corporate setting and internationally at that. It is totally relatable. The characters have all been portrayed very realistically! And then the actors - LSK is such an amazing actor. I have liked him right from my Coffee Prince days, not to mention Pasta where he was the lead. Actually, all the actors have done a great job. I can’t wait for the next episodes
  2. Ode to Dr. John! I haven't posted in Soompi in a very Long while! But I had to resurface to provide support to this wonderful drama ( I'm on my 3rd re-run right now) Back to back While I'm not saying the drama is perfect - not by any means. It tries to do too much and it's all over the place sometimes!! But, I'll save the critique for another time!! Today, let me just sing its praises Ji Sung, wow - that guy can speak volumes with his eyes. He looks so so gorgeous!! And fits the role to a T! I love the pairing - both the leads have performed so well, you just can't get enough of them!! And the soundtrack is awesome. So I'm stuck on Dr. Cha yo Han - just can't seem to move on. I see a 10th re-run coming up on the cards, but hey I'm enjoying it all. For for those who haven't yet seen it - I strongly recommend it!
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