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  1. I love how JTBC is bringing us all these amazing dramas which tackle so many different subjects. Or make what seems like another mundane love story in the beginning into something so special. I think I started noticing JTBC from Misty days, or maybe even before with that travel drama set in France. And then there was my favourite drama of the year - Pretty Noona. And more recently - My Id is Gang nam Beauty etc. I have liked each and every one of them. And am hooked on Third Charm now. The last 2 episodes of The Third Charm really tugged at the heartstrings, when our vulnerable hero started realising that things were not going well, and he could do nothing to stop it. The whole drama has been so beautifully done, especially in the development of the lead characters. JY has the most expressive eyes, and it’s almost painful to watch him cry. And I love YJ too, you can relate so beautifully to everything she is going through. Another brilliant drama - well done JTBC!!
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