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[OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun Couple (JiBong/JiJi Couple)

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20 minutes ago, songsongdiehard said:


Many of us have not moved on from NamJi, once I thought I'd be able to be back to normal when Wook is in the army. But for some reason, something big or small happened and so we are all back here spazzing. The DVD is gold and it really fed any shipper's heart. When you watch the SP DVD and watch the BTS of Wookie's previous work, it seems like he's a different person. Now we know why SP is number 1 in his choice of drama, it has a special meaning. Those kisses, the hugs and the stares I have seen him give to Hyuni... I have not seen him do that with any co-stars in the past. 


Now if I have to compare them with other couples who also have chemistry... most actors pull out or go in their respective corners after kisses, but NamJi stays close together, hold hands or just touches the other. They give each other a hug after long, steamy (very steamy) kisses!! And I was like, really?? I know that real couple do that  and while I don't think they are a couple yet... there's something there and they are both aware of it.

Really appreciate when this thought /observation came from a 50years old ahjumma who has lotssssss of marriage /love experiences :lol:


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Long time lurker (since the inception of this forum), first time poster. Actually I just opened an account a few days ago. I have been watching other shows, and enjoying them, but I can’t seem to get over Namji. I check this site everyday - and have since it started. And because I foolishly didn’t by the dvd I also check some ig accounts for dcut sightings. Anyway, I have really enjoyed reading all of the posts and analysis, so thank you! I have never really shipped a couple before, but there is just something special about Namji - palpable.

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I was wondering if our otp received the couples disk, and if so how often they watch it and how it makes them feel. 


After I saw the few minutes of bits kissing from the dcut (on ig) my first reaction was “how are they not dating?” I mean really.


Just way too much suspicious behavior- all throughout the bts and the interviews!

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Finally, the dcut is in my hands!!!! Well, my national courier screwed up big time, my dvd got held at custom at the wrong state for almost 2 weeks. The set is sooooooo gorgeous I’m smiling like an idiot. Can’t wait to dig into the videos and I’ll come here if I ever need oxygen. :wub:

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3 minutes ago, daloula said:

 @luvforever this is so pretty and emotional. Plus using JCW’s ost is another plus. But was it newly posted by sbs drama zip?

I was getting emotional watching the video because they used Wookie's OST in the drama plus my favorite clips. Yes it was posted on April 26. I wonder if sbs drama zip has some goodies in their file LOL

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On 4/29/2018 at 3:23 AM, midorinokerochan said:


Have fun, dearie! Make sure you have a fan at hand or the air conditioning swiched on when you watch some parts (I think you already know which ones, based on the comments here:tongue:) and try not to be overwhelmed by the overdose of NamJi sweetness and cuteness for other parts :wub: . And when you  need to stop and come up for air, please don't forget to get back here and share your comments!  :D^_^





I haven't watched all of it hehe.,RL is taking over :tongue: At first,I tried my best to watch everything in order (excluding the drama proper)...I started with Disc 11..the commentary one up to half of Disc 12. I got impatient last night and opened up Bonus Disc 15...and true enough..it did get hot all of a sudden..wahaha :lol: although I would still need to watch it more thoroughly :tongue::lol: 


For now..I'll try to give commentaries on the extent of what I have seen (if there would be issues with regards to copyright or whatsoever..let me know so that I can delete this post :)


1.During the commentary section,I love how the whole ensemble kept on saying that Hyuni's really pretty..to which the recipient shyly replies with a sweet Thank you... (ah JiHyunnah why so cuteeee!!!!)^_^


2.Hyuni lead the commentary part impressively,putting inputs here and there...not leaving out "Changwookie oppa" (her words :D ) to the conversation whenever it is needed. The same goes for the other guys. In a way,I think they did miss his presence on here quite a lot. (Did Camera Director asked at one point where Wookie's  gonna be assigned? To which,Jang Hyuk Jin(Mr. Bang) and Hyuni said Cheorwon...or was it just Mr.Bang? hah :lol:


3.*There was a part in the commentary when CTJ said that on that particular scene or bts(??not sure??) ...that you see the real JCW smile/laugh (I would have to get back at that part again,lol.)

   *Camera director, at one point,said all the casts were real good(first few minutes of the commentary..at least thats what I understood :tongue: )

   *The scene where NJW was rushing to go to where Mr.Bang is...EBH was also in the very same car...when the car turned and focused on JW on the side..BH had to lower her head.(BHs words)


4.I'm pretty positive that the people in the law firm have bonded really well and had a great time during filming,and have been good friends/colleagues after SP. (Lee Deok Hwa will always be sunbaenim and a father figure/teacher to them young ones) Connection between CTJ,NJH,LDH and Mr.Bang ..they are in sync as well besides our OTP. (I would love to see all of them in another project esp..Hyuni and Mr.Bang :lol:   [a comedic one,perhaps]) It's much more evident now how Hyuni is as a person based on their interactions. She's like very easy going,comfortable to be with,a kind hearted one,brainy and brings laughter to everyone.^_^


5.I would have love to understand what Hyuni,Director Park Sunho,camera director and everyone else are saying..in all its entirety esp..that Q & A one. It did asks scenes they liked,right? And I can't help but squeallllll  :wub: when they chose The Proposal part hehehe ..plus camera dir..says that kiss scenes were shot beautifully (just like another fella's answer on a much earlier vlive :tongue: ) ,also the scene when it changes seasons ... ( I could be wrong though...with what they're saying) 


6.The tears on Mr.Bang...ah I so luv him.. NJW and EBH's no1 supporter :heart: ..but I felt he got really touched by the 'please like me back" scene and proposal part,hence the tears. I luv all his reactions on the drama..they were so on point.^_^


7.Couch scene was gold!!! I think JiHyun led that scene quite well (with the help of Dir.Park SunHo and Wookie too) I love how she was shyly (bold? hehe) and how she just naturally falls herself off to Wookie's chest:wub::tongue::lol:   Is it just me..or JiHyun's having a bit of a cold here and not feeling well..that Wookie asked .."are you alright?" twice...which JiHyun replied YES. Or probably that question because they've been rehearsing the scene quite a lot and that she might be feeling tired? (That I'm not sure of)




Question: Are all K-drama dvds packaged like this? Like I'm not sure if I'm gonna tear all the plastics lmao :lol: (I do keep them though,even those little covers in cds/dvds I have..the ones that matter a lot to me,that is hehe)... It's so  BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGED.B)^_^ Just asking coz I was supposed to buy MDBC dvd last time only to backed out at last minute... if there was something I'm missing or did it have its own kind of charm. Anyways,loved everything about it...the artwork,photos,priceless contents  and everything (I'm not even done with it yet) ..but yeah I'm very much happy and contented with the SP DVD...it was definitely worth it. And seeing how filming goes..I have appreciated more not just the wonderful casts..but all the staff and crew who have been so diligent and hard working.^_^


In conclusion for this part though...the feisty EBH role was surely for Nam Ji Hyun to portray (no other actress could have done it better) ...the same goes for the ever dashing NJW role ...real fit for Ji Chang Wook to portray. (He was awesome on SP) Both did justice to their respective roles and we're all happy.B)^_^


Will try to sneak in for comments when I finished the whole set or probably breathe in some oxygen on here (*coughs,coughs*  winks) when in need :lol::tongue: 


This is getting long :tongue: Bye for now! *waves*  


*Again ..please let me know if I have violated something :) 




On 4/29/2018 at 10:58 PM, babyval22 said:


I hope you have been enjoying your dcut just fine! I'm like only halfway through properly watching disc 15 part 2 before RL keeps on sucking me back. Gosh. What i would love to bask in namji loveliness all day~ :wub:


I am enjoying it yes,thankies. ^_^ As much as I would love to finish the Dcut..my RL is taking over..so many things to do at work...gahhh...My eyes are starting to close up last night..but when I inserted the disc..my eyes  were wide open yet again :lol:  If only I could watch 'em all :lol: ^_^ (wishful thinking) 

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7 hours ago, achinawa said:


.The tears on Mr.Bang...ah I so luv him.. NJW and EBH's no1 supporter :heart: ..but I felt he got really touched by the 'please like me back" scene and proposal part,hence the tears. I luv all his reactions on the drama..they were so on point.^_^


I'm seriously saving space here so I will quote where I wanted to comment on. Well, he could also be in tears because like us, he witnessed a beautiful love story (REEL TO REAL). Who would not tear up?

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12 hours ago, masthu said:

Anneyong shippers!


I thought that I had moved on but with the arrival of the Dcut I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to move on for a very long time. I kept my expectations low with regards to the SP Dcut and that was one major mistake. My heart and mind was not prepared for the incoming Tsunami and it’s aftershocks which I’m sure I’ll never recover from! Ottoke how to move on chingudeul! NamJi/JiJi is like a black hole that keeps pulling us into it. 


I originally had my post prepared to share my thoughts with regards to the Dcut but I thought I had to put this all out before I proceed. So Sorry for such a long rant chingudeul 


These past few days I’ve been tearing up all of a sudden remembering uri NamJi and when I watch the Dcut especially the last few BTS of the drama I feel like bawling bcz the sadness they felt was very apparent in the Dcut. Both knew they didn’t have much time left yet they did their best to deliver a beautiful ending for SP yet it had me bawling like a baby and asking them to give me back my happy ending :bawling: (To me their proposal scene was them being totally out of character. We could definitely see them both tearing up in it and trying to console each other.)


The Dcut was another beautiful love story that transpired right before our very eyes but this time around it was all REAL. It was such a beautiful experience. Two beautiful and talented individuals who had a series of coincidences/ a beautiful fate connected to them that made them run into each other either at awards ceremonies or at the salon were casted in a drama as if fate had bought them together at the right time, They became really close friends quickly and as time passed by they started developing feelings for each other that went beyond just close friends or oppa dongsen relationship. One could notice how their gazes, touches, conversations changed over time. It was no more a costar relationship (this does not mean they were not professional) because feeling were involved that made them act out of character and totally like couples in the bts. Their kisses were real, passionate yet beautiful. To me Noh Jiwook’s feelings did not have that kind of intensity towards Eun Bong Hee as shown in the Dcut bts kisses. Every time they kissed they knew they were kissing the real person with real feelings and not the drama character nor was it because of the plot. If you need evidence just go check the court kiss. Did Eun Bong Hee and Noh Jiwook need to have 2 tongue actions and lip biting in that respectful court? Why did they lose control and get carried away forgetting the sense of time and space? :blush: Every time they kissed they were Wookie and hyuni all along and their kinda love goes beyond just physical to the point it’s an emotional connection they have.


You do not need a reason to fall in love and sometimes you’ll be the last one to realize that what you felt was love while others around you had figured it out already. lol Watching the Dcut made me take a trip back in memory lane and had me reminiscing the bombs and connecting every tiny yet precious detail. Amidst the Tsunami like Dcut lets not forget to reminise the beautiful evidences out otp gifted us with :heart:


Wookie who was so firm in his decision not to date while hyuni accepted the role never looking for love seemed to found love at the most unexpected moments in their life. Once SP ended I was worried if they’ll just let go of this connection they felt towards each other and just move on once but their respective post drama interviews gave me more confident that our ship was sailing. Wookie’s MBC interview; where he marked his territory with regards to hyuni in front of the entire nation, his jiscovery concert; where he showed the Bts of the 1st kiss asked his fans if they looked like real couple as in real life, Vlive; SP made him want to date and jakiya don’t cheat were telling indeed.


 Then hyuni’s Vlive; where she mentioned that the necklace was a gift to her, feeling shy to save wookies ost in her mobile afraid of being teased, her radio show and her interview’s where she mentioned that her heart fluttered for wookie and wondered if his fluttered in return, her being worried about wookie’s health since he’ll be enlisting at Cherwon and her promise to visit him made it clear to me that they definitely did not move on and they were very aware of each other’s feelings. 


All the above incidences felt like bombs exploding all over our thread since I never expected such obvious bombs. At times I felt like I was acting over confident but after watching the Dcut, the interviews, them not having couple interviews, not debunking the rumours about this ship sailing, and them being very careful make total sense now. Watching the Dcut and commentary felt like attaining enlightenment with regards to NamJi and all the dots seems to finally connect.  


So I shall go with my gut and believe that wookie made a move and proposed to hyuni and she accepted him with all her heart (just may be someone might have let the cat out the bag already with regards to how wookie proposed to hyuni thanks to our chingu here *screams*. I still cannot move on from what ctj said!!).  and atm they do have a mutual understanding between them with regards to their current situation. If the Almighty wills when the time is right they'll let us know about their love. Until then lets wait patiently :)


Last but not least we see anti’s who keep saying that the bts were scripted bcz our otp kept looking at the bts camera during their bts moments. What they really missed was those moments where hyuni and wookie kept pointing at the Bts camera the moment they noticed it (this happened mostly as the drama progressed and we know their feeling too changed as the episodes progressed) and after noticing it they stopped being all playful and try their best not to look at each other. So now I wonder what anti’s have to say now that uri NamJi had been acting all reserved everytime they spot the BTS.


Seems like everyones mia while enjoying their Dcut. Hope you guys have fun watching it and do drop by when you guys can find the time.


Fighting everyone! :heart:

Love everything you wrote here, dear. Yes we are all emotionally attached to our NamJi and there will be no moving on from SP. 

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2 hours ago, songsongdiehard said:


I had to cut it to save space... remember we can't go beyond 2000 and we have long wait to go. Anyway, let me commend you. Spoken like a true shipper !! Hugsss


After 2000, we will have Thread 2 ... if it goes to more than 1 thread, it shows Namji shipping is really something then (to me that is).  I do hope we do go far and Namji will go far too (until they get married? - wishful thinking)


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1 hour ago, Swanflwer said:


After 2000, we will have Thread 2 ... if it goes to more than 1 thread, it shows Namji shipping is really something then (to me that is).  I do hope we do go far and Namji will go far too (until they get married? - wishful thinking)



I am wishfully hoping they are the next Songs

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6 hours ago, songsongdiehard said:


I'm seriously saving space here so I will quote where I wanted to comment on. Well, he could also be in tears because like us, he witnessed a beautiful love story (REEL TO REAL). Who would not tear up?

True.He's one credible witness after all. ^_^ I teared up too when he did that..and gahhh..I'm not usually like this.Not unless you affect me in some way. :tongue::lol: I'd like to believe too that it became real..we'll just have to wait and see. :)

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