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  1. Yo @thartie *smirk* Why do I get this feeling that the chapters you’ve been “repeating” are the explicitly thirsty ones? Blew your mind away huh? Pffft! Duuuude you have got to share! I need those chapter numbers, STAT! Sharing is caring y’know. Hohohoho! Happy Holidays guys! I am still buried in the previous pages! Hah! It is hard catching up here especially since this is the final week. Just wanna let you guys know that I really really appeeciate the posts (especially the spoilers, love yah @angelangie and @lynne22 hehe) Looking forward to more opinions, discussions in the coming days! Woot!
  2. I loved how SY acted here. When she rubbed her head on the house’s door, it’s as if saying goodbye to an old friend and the way her hand lingered on the shop’s signboard (written/designed by NQ) shows her attachment to it coz that’s THEIR HOME - NQ and hers. Lastly, when she looked back and you can see in her face that look of determination to save her pride as she finally leaves NQ. Yeah. I’m sad coz she’s sad but I am mighty proud coz she finally took that first step for herself. Our baby’s all grown up and being an adult - ditching toxic guys and taking alimony.
  3. Team SangSang VS Team MSS Pick your best fighter. LOL cr seriesfanclub IG
  4. Thank you! And yeah, they shouldn’t have added that part. It’s just pure fanservice for all NQ/MSS shippers who haven’t really read the novel. Scenes like that do take away some important parts that should’ve been included in the drama in the first place. And @Snow Guardian you have to breath sweetie.. relax... hahaha! I like your passion. You’d probably beat some sense to the scriptwriter if and when you happen to see her. I bet Mao Ni would have a word with her too, if he knew what’s been change with his novel. HAHAHA.
  5. Why does it feel like 3rd sr sister is speaking to all of us here as well? It’s as if she’s saying, “ You all made the choice to watch this drama so you all need to live with your choices, whether NQ becomes flirty w/MSS or abandon SS. You all made the choice so you lot should live with it. Do all mah sisters here agree?” LOL
  6. I feel you. We really need to know these things. As for me, it’s to keep me sane. LOL. EverNight has just taken over my quiet Friday night.
  7. Really? HAHAHA! Who imagined it though? *whispers: just put in spoiler too* HEHEHE! I don’t know about you guys but NQ going mad crazy is kinda satisfying. LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thank you dearest @angelangie Now THIS really made me happy... *hugs*
  8. Is this shown in today’s eps? I was just browsing IG so I really have no idea. LOL Yep. That separation and MSS did them good. They can never go back to just being plain platonic bro-sis relationship now. They have to face, NQ especially, the reality that losing each other, whether physically or to other people, is just not a good idea. Just because they are each other’s destiny, they are each other’s life. Oh yeah!!!! Woohoo!!
  9. Just like @UnniSarah said.. BYEEEE Felicia... HAHAHAHAHA!!! I’m sorta happy now. HAHAHAHA!
  10. Yeah. Our baby’s still fair like that. If that was me, I’d take it all. *evil laughs again* And THIS is growth. Them two showing emotions, shouting and just plain fighting it out is definitely growth. Now if only we have an idea what they’re talking about. HAHAHAHA! cr oerhath IG
  11. Payback time. *evil laugh* You have to work it NQ! Cr oerhath IG
  12. And the background music is just.. haha.. and it does.. you’d know that SS leaving him will just open the floodgates of emotion from NQ.. brat as he is but he got it coming... LOL It’s just funny how SS just has that small body bag on her.. and we all know what’s inside.. SILVER!!! She may be an emotional wreck now but she knows her priorities! Money!!! HAHAHA!
  13. This. How can you be like this when you are part owner of the house. It’s like she was thrown away. Aaargh. Crying now. Again. Haha.
  14. This maybe sad but I am hopeful. Go on baby! You can do it! Let him realize you deserve better. Oh my heart. Cr oerhath IG
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