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  1. Hello, let me make a few points to add to @daloula points. You clearly stated in your post, in which I highlighted, to be claiming the original video belongs to JCW Kitchen, yet you started twisting your words once we pointed out it wasn't the same videos used. If you came in here to ask shippers to credit you on your translations then we would understand as translation credits should be given properly. However, you started claiming the video to be owned by JCW Kitchen (I'm going only based on your own words). Subbing a video (in which doesn't make you become the full owner of the video) without properly buying the copying rights or permission of the original owner is considered illegal including falsely claiming copyright ownership of a video you do not own. In addition, going after people claiming you own the videos and threatening them for videos you have no full right of is harassment. Do not abuse the copyright rules of Instagram and YouTube because you don't have full copyrights of the videos in the first place. You should know that firsthand since you claim to be doing it for a living as stated. Second point, if you were constantly alerted by your so-called video application, then why did it take you years to finally handle the situation? As someone who works in the medical field (since we are already pulling out the occupation, knowledge card) any issues must be resolved ASAP. Clearly, it was at your own hand for not handling the issue in the first place. You waited until your subs were stolen or reposted multiple times (if dear_you really did steal your translations as you claim) before you took action. I'm sure dear_you wasn't the first one either so shouldn't you have handled the situation before it got out of hand? And if you get alerted by your video application, why does the "valid shippers" need to alert you after 2 years? Clearly, things are not adding up from your own words. Third point, your subbed video is considered soft-subbed on Youtube. Your JCW Kitchen logo wasn't even included in your video. Anyone can do soft-subbed on Youtube videos these days. Maybe next time, if you are so strict about people stealing your work, have your videos be in hard-subbed like many subbers do for many years. Why wait until someone steal your work then get worked up at people not properly crediting you? You could have avoided it by releasing your translations in a hard-subbed files, uploading your videos on your blog by making it private and having only members from your blog view it. I hate to break it to you but anything you uploaded on the Internet is out there in the public. Next time, don't release any of your work without taking precautions. Lastly, please don't bring up any issues outside of this platform. If you have any issues outside of this forum, please deal with it by resolving the issues with them. Soompi rules stated multiple times to not bring up issues outside of this forum. Address those issues yourselves without disturbing the peace in this forum. Also, may I remind you, we do not control ALL "JiJi shippers" on whatever they do nor do you control the other fans as you are also considered a fan yourself. As much as we want everyone to be responsible fans, we can't dictate everyone's actions nor tell them what to do. Please don't come in here next time blatantly throwing threats with condescending tone. You have a nice day!
  2. Hello dear, thank you for replying and trying to clarify the issue. I know not properly giving credits to the rightful owners can be frustrating. The Seoul Music Awards video reposted here if it's the video you are referring to is different from the one from JCW Kitchen's Youtube channel. I went to check out the video from your page to see if it was the same video. The one from JCW Kitchen has a logo of KBS W Live However, dear_you's video which is the one reposted here on this page has a logo of KBS Drama Live kind of like this one. Also, I noticed the video is hard-subbed while the one from JCW Kitchen is soft-subbed. In addition, the translations between both videos are different. I don't want to sound rude or anything, however, if we are going to claim the videos and start claiming copyright issues then the original owner of the videos above are through KBS which goes the same way with MBC and other stations. May I ask who those JiJi shippers are? As far as I know, there are many JiJi shippers (especially ex Jiji shippers) who are pretending to be shippers but are actually not shippers or only pretending fans. Maybe you should check out if they are reliable or not. Anyway, like I said in the beginning rightfully crediting is appropriate especially when it comes to the translations. As for rightfully claiming copyright contents, this would have to be under the broadcasting channels themselves.
  3. Hello cherkell, may I ask which video you are referring to in your post? This way we can resolve the problem and give proper credits. As far as I know, the SMA videos are back in 2017, most of those videos have been reposted multiple times so we don't know where some of the videos are from. At least once we know, we can credit the rightful owners.
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