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  1. Apart from Mel's story... which she has shared. This too! https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1397995/the-parent-trap
  2. Well... she can be paid in other ways while helping a certain someone to go over his scripts. Buahahahahahahah! Hahahahahahah!
  3. She's busy being a free part timer to ALUU while her orabeoni works hard the whole day when he decided to let her out of his system. Ctto Another update to thank fans! Will we ever get to see this one day? Hurhur
  4. I finally kind of figured out why w is suddenly playing with ig stories so much. Lolol. IG stories became very popular while he was busy with H and MS. Lmao. The poor guy is just catching up slowly after returning fm MS! Hahaha.
  5. Guy has been playing around with ig story. LOLOL. But the black and white pic tho. Lolol.
  6. The both of them were so sleepy on set. Goshhh. But its so cute to put it side by side. Hahaha Use the fire gif! Hahahha @pauliza that edit.. made me do a double take. Im like is that a new pic? Hahahahaha.
  7. LOL. Well.. there seems to be moon and star in his update too. But we have no idea if he was posting abt basketball or the cosmic sky. Hahahahahaha!
  8. Can't believe 2 years have passed just like that. Goshh. @ajboomer28 has been making me go delulu recently. Hahaha. And w updated his ig last night too!
  9. Proposal feels man. Urgh.. i miss SP too! LOL. He didnt sing this song at the fanmeet but left it as a meaningful gesture to his fans about waiting for him and thanking them.. and then sang this as an opening song for the concert. Haha. Technically it doesnt mean anything to be honest.. its just an OST that he has sang before for SP but its still nice to hear him singing it. (:
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