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  1. LOLOL! Namji collection FTW! If they ever launch a collection together.. keke.. i will not miss it for the world. LOL. That said, when W came back fm MS and started the threaded bracelets, we went all awwwww. I guess i should have seen it coming that H will get influenced soon enough and kick start her threaded collection as well. Hehe. If she has another fanmeet and she gives away this.. i will chincha.. LOL. Hahahah. I can't believe i didn't have the time to come post in here for our SP anniversary! So sorry guys~ RL has been really messy and i just lost track of time! I'm still here after 3 years, can you believe it? Haha. These 3 years has been such a meaningful one cos never did i expect my first post here would lead to such great friendships and experiences. Hehe. Hope everyone is doing well during this exceptional times! Take care and stay safe ya'all!
  2. Can't believe its been a year since our W went pabo and Ji-goner~~ happy anniversary to this special day when he finished MS and came back to us!