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  1. Hahaha. I can sense that you are on your way to becoming a certified goner! Kekeke. Im still waiting for more episodes before i officially start it. We gotta do what a fan gotta do afterall!
  2. Hello! Welcome to our family dearie! We're glad that you decided to introduce yourself and join us in here! Anyone who genuinely loves SP and namji are especially welcome in here! Just as you like to read our discussion, we would love to hear from you as well! Hehe. Here's hoping our captains will give us more updates so we can continue sailing onwards! Keke..<3
  3. H just keeps on updating Kuki account but not her own. Lmao. She's one proud mama. Hahaha.
  4. Seriously.. SBS shld stop with all the SP related stuffs alr. Its been more than 2 years! Either that or work on giving us another season, or another proj pls. Lmao.
  5. Pls welcome tankuki to the family on ig! Lolol. Here's hoping ggoma and tankuki gets along! Lolol. @tinymel on a side note.. lol. Your story seems to be coming alive!
  6. LOL. I did think about her using the heart emojis instead of the fire.. and tbh it baffles me too why she would choose fire over heart. I even went to check her other emojis and still no hearts. Lmao. Well... rationally speaking.. i can only say her heart is on fire.. with... changwookie.. oops! I mean tankuki! Lmao. Yeapp especially when someone cant be frozen atm. Lmao. Dun think she is interested at all to be an ice queen! Lol!
  7. LOL. Technically she added that fire emoticon cos i think she might take it to mean tankuki and her on fire. Lmao. But i will #neversaynever to her referencing it to something else. ROFL!
  8. I'm waiting for the drama to finish broadcast before watching it. Haha. But if u want to see W acting in a comedy.. u can try.. haha.
  9. The guy.... is literally on fire... ermagawd.. LOL. Was this the reason why H added a fire emoticon to her profile? Lmao. #justkidding #amireally <3 <3 <3
  10. Thank you dearie for updating our projects in here too! Hehe. Fate works in mysterious ways for our group. Hehe. We ended up gifting our truck on H's birthday. Still feels so surreal that it happened! Hahaha. How did we end up working on 3 different projects all happening in the same week is beyond me. Haha. Whatever it is, im just glad we made it! Kekek. That highlight of the day was definitely the seaweed soup. Wahahahha. Group hugs to everyone! And yes.. i'm so proud of us and starmoon too. Let's continue supporting whenever we can! Now that u mentioned it.. lolol!
  11. U guys are on a roll! Sorry RL has been really busy this week with work and us trying to manage 3 of our projects all in the same week. Lmao. 17 Sep has always been so special these 2 years. LOLOL. Will reply u guys when i can, hopefully soon!
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