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  1. Hahahahah! U are still hoping for pics on for the 12th? Hehee. Better to keep our expectations low so when things like this happen, the surprise is so much the sweeter. Hehe. At this juncture, there are no right or wrong theories dearie, only that it would be much better if it can make logical and possible sense. Hahaha. D-41
  2. Like you said dearie, they are anti shippers so ignore their comments. If W made H uncomfortable in anyway, we wouldn't be seeing all the namji interactions that we have already. Plus all the post sp iv, Hyunni's SBS awards speech, her supporting wookie at his musical even after 1 drama later and almost 2 yrs later. Trust ur gut feelings and ignore the negativity. These antis are there for a purpose, and they aren't aligned with us so they will say anything that suits their narrative. And yes u are right. Her supporting wookie at his musical almost 2 yrs later just shows they have been im contact and thats what matters! Hehe. Welcome to our family dearie! Hahahahaha. Did u go crazy over this one dearie! As if posting abt the musical is not enough, we now have the knowledge on sth even more precious. Hehehe. Now that wookie is almost out, namji is back and bent on driving us crazy. Lol. D-42
  3. No wonder he said his army friends would like it very much if she visited. Im a goner too! Gotta bring myself back to the reality soon before wookie officially finishes his MS!
  4. Yeshhhh dun think. Haha. Im just taking it as a gift for us! Wahahah. And not to make u think even more.. hahaha. For some reason there isnt any videos on 12 mar that surfaced of him leaving the venue when they have it for the rest of the days for the performance this week. D-45 D-44
  5. Now that you mentioned it.. i wonder if his friends who watched the musical bought the tix on their own or he can choose to gift it to some of his close acquaintance. Hahaha. Now im so curious! But whatever it is... im glad that H was either given the tickets or chose to go it together with fairy godma at their expense! Hahaha. Ahaha. Totally! Our ship chincha can sail on its own. We dun have to force any theories at all. Just stating facts and gaps of times of their disappearances. Haha. And yes, u promised u wouldnt leave me alone here so palli palli come back soon! Hahaha. Hahah. Ever since he enlisted and what a timing to choose when he is completing his MS! I would bet she is aware of when his discharge date would be. LOL!
  6. Who would have expected we can actually say H did visit W during MS, albeit in a different way. Hahaha. Wonder if she brought fried chicken and pizzas.
  7. So technically yes, she visited him during MS by watching the musical. Hahah. As for the other private visit, hahaha, no one knows still! :p even though i kinda expected H to share on her ig.. to see her really share it makes my heart soar! Haha. And she and her orabeoni again when the whole world knows she screamed OPPA to the whole world. Lol. It would be funny if pple really think she addressed wookie as orabeoni privately too.
  8. I know right! I almost died cos its so unexpected! Hahahaha. So darn happy cos totally didnt see this coming at all. Goshhhh. Its been a while since we had our namji update! Hehe. If anything, at least we can be sure these two are still in contact despite one half being in the ms! Heheh. Gosh. D-46
  9. We won't know this ans till either one of them choose to share it with us. Or if they do confirm then we could assume she did. Lol. D-47
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